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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Dl3VCYou help me through it allAdult (m)2,8838371
u8TjeI'm always strong whenAdult (m)5,0703861
XB5pcYou're beside meAdult (m)4,2273471
8BkCPI have always needed youAdult (f)4,7363192
RRSIhI could never make it  aloneAdult (f)5,0533371
lupukJust like a knight inAdult (f)5,0553371
iHMlgShining   ArmorAdult (m)1,4496352
AEW9PFrom a long time agoAdult (f)1,4347092
0g5OoJust in time I willAdult (m)4,6319293
tvGhYSave  the  dayAdult (m)4,6699685
FP8b1Take you to my - CBAdult (m)2,9938491
OhRTTCastle far awayAdult (f)2,6258033
m3sc7I am a man whoAdult (f)2,8788422
5LNVPWill fight for your honor-CBAdult (m)2,6268292
y4hjcI'll be the hero - CBAdult (f)2,6968062
QBCi7You're dreaming ofAdult (m)3,4328824
pxCBQWe're gonna liveAdult (f)6,3041,1335
6h6dRForever knowing togetherAdult (f)3,2299221
yGFAXThat we did it allAdult (m)2,2855576
5bsDuFor the  Glory of LoveAdult (f)2,5585654
D5miTWe did it all for LoveAdult (f)2,4125644
oHoEThey-call-him-FlipperAdult (m)3,72580911
aakRFlipper-faster-than-lightningAdult (m)4,9141,08515
qmg7No-one-you-seeAdult (f)3,90996412
usrjIs-smarter-than-he-IBAdult (m)7,2311,2464
G6RnAnd-we-know-FlipperAdult (m)10,6991,2895
qlTGLives-in-a-world-full-of-IBAdult (m)5,8511,0801
BkUAWonder-flying-there-under-IBAdult (m)6,7106682
fmVfUnder-the-sea-IBAdult (f)10,2489492
l0VDEveryone-loves-IBAdult (m)1,4944182
AZ6glThe-King-Of-The-SeaAdult (f)3,5666882
e1Z37Ever-So-Kind-And-Gentle-IBAdult (f)3,9519962
R8TZ8Is-he-Tricks-He-Will-Do-IBAdult (f)4,5705111
sIff7When-Children-AppearAdult (f)4,9441,0132
Ab6loAnd-how-they-laughAdult (m)3,0478554
1SgRHWhen-he's-nearAdult (f)2,6248422
j8NCOThey-call-him-Flipper-FlipperAdult (m)2,3497473
eEAc4Faster-than-lightningAdult (m)4,4589811
UpFY1No-one-you-see-isAdult (m)4,7279143
cZE8cIs-smarter-than-he-andAdult (f)4,9241,1632
UF6psWe-know-Flipper-lives-in-aAdult (f)3,9721,0181
or1vHWorld-full-of-wonder-flyingAdult (f)3,9721,0134
3ZBIHThere-under-under-the-seaAdult (m)3,9111,0591
4dnAgThe city is a jungle - CBAdult (m)1,3706584
WzPP2You better take careAdult (f)2,2147731
QJiGzNever walk aloneAdult (m)2,9568622
Ak65sAfter    MidnightAdult (m)2,1275203
QNVHXIf you don't believe itAdult (m)2,9409403
kxnpKYou better beware of meAdult (f)2,6258801
WQgVsThe city is a nightmareAdult (m)2,9119712
ybO6mA horrible dreamAdult (m)3,3287664
FkTkJSome of us willAdult (m)2,5527952
EngsGDream it foreverAdult (m)2,6558392
VkHp1Look around the corner andAdult (f)1,5797342
pk39pTry not to scream - it's meAdult (m)2,1228654
Ew2K4The city is a prisonAdult (m)2,6118022
K2SpIYou never escapeAdult (m)2,0387362
sntwbYou're forever trappedAdult (m)2,3657803
ClD1JIn the alleysAdult (f)2,2677222
ei3fxLook into the shadows andAdult (f)2,2917792
qB6IRYou'll see the shape of meAdult (m)2,1386913
vnKr1Yellow eyes are glowingAdult (f)2,0167272
33CJNLike the neon lightsAdult (f)1,9526421
Srn3gYellow eyes the spotlightsAdult (f)2,9147102
c0nXCOf the city nightsAdult (f)3,3277322
EiiUsI am behind youAdult (m)3,88496222
3AywJI'll always find youAdult (m)2,6798234
EFczQI am the tigerAdult (m)2,4727488
Wfj6BPeople who fear meAdult (m)3,0218105
FKS0mNever go near meAdult (m)4,9221,1673
CFdoAI am the  tigerAdult (m)3,1827112
db6E7And if I meet youAdult (m)2,7907602
nGUiYWhat if I eat youAdult (m)2,7957305
VoHKTI  am the tigerAdult (f)5,4291,01811
V89g7I am  behind youAdult (m)5,1079751
LeQZVI'll always  find youAdult (m)4,4499642
0jRHkI  am  the tigerAdult (f)4,5648744
HikN1Tiger tiger tigerAdult (f)4,7109315
4AvqoBeneath the white fire-CBAdult (m)1,3285992
1nEWLFire  of the moon - CBAdult (m)1,4416591
xcXk5Love's wings are broken-CBAdult (m)1,2985871
T7XTWAll too soon - CBAdult (f)1,4466642
c6La4We never learn - CBAdult (m)1,5886692
V8nmQHurt together - CBAdult (f)1,2886312
YvbaiHurt alone - CBAdult (m)1,2376341
fODn8Don't you sometimes - CBAdult (m)2,6148481
fUuIHWish your heart was - CBAdult (m)1,2836471
sNXUfMade of   stoneAdult (f)1,7355742
5gVmWWe turn the wheel - CBAdult (m)1,9466983
kqy9WAnd break the chain - CBAdult (f)1,7205582
6LQclPut steel to steel - CBAdult (f)1,3856551
3sG1UAnd laugh at pain - CBAdult (m)1,6437392
9zZb5We're dreamers in castles-CBAdult (m)1,4666781
X2rsiMade of sand - CBAdult (f)1,3416531
jEsNCThe  road  toAdult (m)1,3396321
jlT5hEden's Overgrown - CBAdult (m)1,2816091
UEb9hDon't you sometimes wish - CBAdult (m)1,2705881
e6B02Your heart was made - CBAdult (f)1,3296171
vHzciOf stone - CBAdult (m)2,9358562
7EenyLook at the headline - CBAdult (m)3,0148402
NTGVFBig crowd at - CBAdult (m)2,4477824
yHzYSLong queue forAdult (m)3,5427435
SPFfCThe crazy houseAdult (m)3,2447374
ham9xThe joker's shoesAdult (m)2,1517042
I4z0NTen rounds in theAdult (m)2,1477011
6mqs8Ring with love - CBAdult (f)3,9961,1643
2UoZ5Do you lose and winAdult (f)3,0348662
U6icVOr win and loseAdult (f)2,2858573
GiDDWSweet rain likeAdult (f)3,6799283
ihfADMercy in the nightAdult (f)2,3938002
taqZ3Lay me  downAdult (f)2,7598672
dmUvNWash away the sorrowAdult (m)2,7758654
yPKyRCaress the worldAdult (m)2,4508501
txjzrAnd set it rightAdult (m)3,2476744
bi9YrLay me down showAdult (f)3,9731,1052
edIphMe your tomorrowAdult (f)2,2167621
VTdWOSummers tears winter andAdult (f)3,9638213
0xMINThe moment's flownAdult (m)3,8776781
08ZjxDon't  youAdult (m)4,2381,1304
hJvmrSometimes wish yourAdult (m)2,2357302
LtFG1Heart was made  of  stoneAdult (f)2,4879892
k0B37Mercy mercy  wish yourAdult (f)1,9441,1421
UW5zHHeart was a heart of stoneAdult (m)3,9999741
dbubqYou get the pictureAdult (f)2,3468921
LqoGFNo room for the innocentAdult (m)1,7796441
Q8CwvPeak season in lonely townAdult (m)2,0787803
CCt7PKnocked out ofAdult (f)1,7326533
0263MThe ring by loveAdult (m)1,6846251
olZ8aAre you down and upAdult (f)1,7446501
EQPTpOr up and downAdult (m)2,5916213
UWlpRI ask the riverAdult (f)2,4896233
PMhHYFor a signAdult (m)4,9871,0863
BTLU7In a dreamAdult (m)3,0418662
J2DNnWe go on togetherAdult (m)2,4727961
oWjIXHow long is loveAdult (f)2,1046833
6Txx3Supposed to shineAdult (m)3,3759431
4XBd5In a dream diamondsAdult (f)2,0156771
Q5osuAre foreverAdult (m)3,2318183
Gf8adBut you and I hurtAdult (m)3,9291,1312
uijZ8Together hurt aloneAdult (f)2,9338572
BhlgkDon't  you  sometimesAdult (f)2,1066791
Db3bVWish your heart was madeAdult (f)2,9587563
uvQEEOf   stoneAdult (f)2,4377121
FY5E3Mercy mercy wishAdult (f)1,8026832
DniWWYour heart was a heartAdult (f)2,1147472
BuUduMade  of  stoneAdult (f)2,3286391
fC5jwWith a heart  of stoneAdult (f)2,3086472
VfzGHYou'll be well protectedAdult (m)3,2417471
6awuNDon't you sometimes  wishAdult (f)3,0627202
m57OdYour  heart  wasAdult (f)3,3556372
vtCBMMade   of   stoneAdult (f)2,4696722
d81tcWith a  heart  of stoneAdult (f)2,3946563
LhtEKYou'll be well connectedAdult (f)2,4346431
DlRoThe dust-IBAdult (m)3,8547852
HGT4Has finally settled down-IBAdult (m)4,0228583
rkAJThe sun is shining on-IBAdult (f)5,7189692
ZlqvThese pieces that are-IBAdult (m)6,1831,1222
mrv6Scattered all around-IBAdult (f)7,1581,2066
YZ0CThis house-IBAdult (m)7,1601,2443
ruLDWas everything we knew-IBAdult (f)5,2289652
fjn1It's where we kept our love-IBAdult (f)7,2491,1886
Ite9And every single memory-IBAdult (m)2,05071342
TJYKOf me and youAdult (m)8,1601,3214
hJVXEvery letter Every noteAdult (m)9,9471,1393
dNvGEvery dress you neverAdult (f)5,9157891
GDDcCWore under your coat thrown awayAdult (f)4,0241,0052
S9RJpBrick by brickAdult (m)4,8574802
d20cVWe can build it from the floorAdult (f)3,4198241
FqmNcIf we hold on to each otherAdult (m)5,2911,0525
oBGiEWe'll be better than beforeAdult (m)5,0309391
YKdgAAnd brick by brickAdult (m)5,0539370
6VQZoWe will get back to yesterdayAdult (m)3,6108901
kYQonWhen I made your body shiver andAdult (m)5,5077311
V9F8sWhen you took my breath awayAdult (f)2,6038601
Za82CThe sky has made it back to blueAdult (f)6,2829113
McbRfEverything that's leftAdult (f)3,0228046
2jOphIs telling us the worst of itAdult (f)4,6749661
Zh7DVIs throughAdult (f)3,6961,1213
h1ivmHome has never felt so rightAdult (m)3,6941,0942
n5FNYThere's nothing in the wayAdult (f)2,6081,0373
3FWprThere's nothing in between usAdult (m)2,6011,0072
uplf4Knowing where we're goingAdult (m)2,7851,0412
iRTeVIs inside - All the picturesAdult (m)3,2439422
trNTDThat we've taken and the songsAdult (f)3,8459922
vHY11That we have playedAdult (f)3,3689582
CQmrGThey have all kept track andAdult (f)3,8541,0342
9juFcFollowed back the love thatAdult (f)3,8079942
HnU7sWe have made - now they'reAdult (f)4,6731,0113
SLnjsSpread out on the surface whereAdult (m)3,9651,1152
gYehDWe can try to congregateAdult (m)3,9001,0782
K6gr1It's not too late to believeAdult (m)3,9291,0721
m921rThat we can get it all againAdult (m)3,9101,0402
Ib4sZBrick by brick we can buildAdult (f)4,3883502
MDpr2It from the floor - if weAdult (m)3,8183352
2ggL7Hold on to each other we'll beAdult (m)4,8393412
4BOjBBetter than beforeAdult (m)4,0453472
sSgL0And brick by brick we'll getAdult (f)4,1789162
lo4FaBack to yesterday when I madeAdult (f)4,2409111
R0ZleYour body shiver and when youAdult (m)4,5698772
GRIHNTook my breath awayAdult (f)1,9337041
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