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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iXmDlPyralspite A21Adult (m)4,5448742
o6zJePyrovar A1Adult (f)4,9218771
BjOgWPyrovar A2Adult (f)6,3871,1761
MDuRqPyrovar A3Adult (f)11,1661,4963
alC3JPyrovar A4Adult (f)5,6141,1012
or1w0Pyrovar A5Adult (m)5,6638820
LpFlEPyrovar A6Adult (m)5,7931,0893
TK1moPyrovar A7Adult (f)5,3251,1411
48dcyPyrovar A8Adult (f)3,7378891
8J0BMRadiant Angel A1Adult (m)6,2971,2523
gYS1ZRadiant Angel A2Adult (m)6,2891,2272
fLzg2Radiant Angel A3Adult (m)4,2459971
VYdt4Radiant Angel A4Adult (m)3,7519041
Fa2VFRadiant Angel A5Adult (m)4,3948931
ISjT3Radiant Angel A6Adult (m)3,9088831
StIhlRadiant Angel A7Adult (m)4,1078871
3YB3CRadiant Angel A8Adult (m)4,0598531
6jMUqRadiant Angel A9Adult (m)3,8198981
pLLd4Radiant Angel A10Adult (m)9,2211,6013
lPckvRadiant Angel A11Adult (m)4,4701,1361
RI3iARadiant Angel A12Adult (m)4,9001,1341
Jh6eIRadiant Angel A13Adult (m)4,9671,0871
zWVy6Radiant Angel A14Adult (m)4,1738270
UKNRZRadiant Angel A15Adult (m)3,8888250
xK0xDRadiant Angel A16Adult (m)3,9228271
JxTtBRadiant Angel A17Adult (m)3,7531,0512
l7UGjRadiant Angel A18Adult (m)3,8311,1092
k9YfbRadiant Angel A19Adult (m)3,6981,0183
k3l9SRadiant Angel A20Adult (m)3,8219641
G9vdtRazorcrest A1Adult (m)5,2839683
QIW1hRazorcrest A2Adult (f)3,4058031
8TJT6Razorcrest A3Adult (m)3,5408301
YQqoPRazorcrest A4Adult (f)6,5291,1881
Lu8LfRazorcrest A5Adult (m)6,6951,1921
jVHAxRazorcrest A6Adult (f)4,8108951
HGAl4Razorcrest A7Adult (m)5,5609001
Gbp8GRazorcrest A8Adult (m)3,3708523
LecniRazorcrest A9Adult (f)3,8638562
qug9QRazorcrest A10Adult (f)3,7978944
vdSWdRed A1Adult (f)5,9459791
I4PPTRed A2Adult (f)4,4958971
wYrheRed A3Adult (f)3,3447371
wdfTBRed A4Adult (f)3,6926411
jhDfoRed A5Adult (m)4,2327692
HUxRgRed A6Adult (m)2,6136051
neJEtRed A7Adult (m)2,6236012
phLf2Red A8Adult (m)3,0686571
y2wUCRed A9Adult (f)2,8286492
uNx0KRed A10Adult (f)2,8676401
uImuXRed A11Adult (m)2,5736451
mDCncRed A12Adult (f)2,5956212
AIR5oRed A13Adult (m)3,1386401
jN8C0Red A14Adult (f)3,1306472
EiN7rRed A15Adult (f)3,7466851
rwPd2Red A16Adult (f)4,5008161
mE9anRed A17Adult (m)3,0936891
AVEXCRed A18Adult (m)7,0421,0881
ul0k8Red A19Adult (f)5,9786922
fccYjRed A20Adult (m)4,6357973
WoANeRed A21Adult (f)5,1357352
xXr3KRed A22Adult (f)5,8619831
clWCIRed A23Adult (f)6,8791,0901
g7KO1Red A24Adult (m)6,0401,0512
EPnh6Red A25Adult (m)4,8499534
Xb0mKRed A26Adult (f)4,1886821
bsRKwRed A27Adult (m)3,7696331
Ee1hXRed A28Adult (f)3,8416830
NQWFpRed A29Adult (f)3,9336710
bA2mJRed A30Adult (m)3,6276930
osFP9Red A31Adult (f)4,1506850
ocymgRed A32Adult (f)4,1339551
3qx3BRed A33Adult (f)4,3316591
VopqWRed A34Adult (m)4,7889011
hgXYpRed A35Adult (f)4,8758951
mqTNPRed A36Adult (m)5,4218420
GhO9HRed A37Adult (m)4,1439081
34CsdRed A38Adult (f)3,9858770
npkB7Red A39Adult (f)4,1929451
eUZmpRed A40Adult (m)4,3678901
yfpsmRed A41Adult (f)4,4198841
85sL9Red A42Adult (f)3,8288202
OSzdARed A43Adult (f)4,0441,0450
BJMU6Red A44Adult (m)4,1201,0191
zKRjLRed A45Adult (m)4,1528901
k8MspRed A46Adult (f)4,1748530
tuIOLRed A47Adult (m)7,1079281
ddTi3Red A48Adult (m)5,4631,1282
CZBX4Red A49Adult (f)4,0418591
xAfb8Red A50Adult (m)4,0578630
2sEIYRed A51Adult (f)5,3761,0321
1jLW8Red A52Adult (f)4,6989661
XbZa0Red A53Adult (f)4,5598860
K5Eb4Red A54Adult (f)4,1938731
1umZrRed A55Adult (f)4,1369381
6LZ2dRed A56Adult (f)4,5368581
uIx0zRed A57Adult (f)4,7469291
ioljORed A58Adult (m)4,5879300
ZTp0aRed A59Adult (m)4,6219550
TOGjHRed A60Adult (m)3,7598572
aHKZURed A61Adult (f)3,7058563
isrNjRed A62Adult (m)3,6718801
dVHeuRed-finned Tidal A1Adult (m)4,2428581
c3Gv5Red-finned Tidal A2Adult (f)4,3088423
9eXthRed-finned Tidal A3Adult (m)6,7681,1472
YJYCjRed-finned Tidal A4Adult (m)4,7929532
nbz9LRed-finned Tidal A5Adult (f)3,3607042
u0BuaRed-finned Tidal A6Adult (f)6,1439811
yWzRYRed-finned Tidal A7Adult (f)4,2588613
3gjYcRed-finned Tidal A8Adult (f)4,4768261
OnRWwRed-finned Tidal A9Adult (f)4,2818952
hXxONRed-finned Tidal A10Adult (f)3,9589172
ebBpxRed-Tailed Pygmy A1Adult (f)5,5471,0521
nv795Red-Tailed Pygmy A2Adult (m)5,6061,0621
CozEpRed-Tailed Pygmy A3Adult (f)3,7368141
lt8lZRed-Tailed Pygmy A4Adult (m)4,4439473
rMXv9Red-Tailed Pygmy A5Adult (f)3,7527900
4XSTGRed-Tailed Pygmy A6Adult (m)5,0429141
9iSPjRed-Tailed Pygmy A7Adult (m)5,2531,0182
1mxF4Red-Tailed Pygmy A8Adult (m)3,6108150
0nRaFRidgewing A1Adult (m)4,4476724
bsDThRidgewing A2Adult (f)3,5853815
sNpR0Ridgewing A3Adult (m)4,8446512
KNAdHRidgewing A4Adult (f)5,2401,0063
CxWhTRidgewing A5Adult (m)4,9661,0242
BY6XcRidgewing A6Adult (m)4,2017232
t0mJ6Ridgewing A7Adult (f)3,9206442
DZlDoRidgewing A8Adult (f)5,9408313
MKxOxRidgewing A9Adult (m)9,7931,3151
puXOORidgewing A10Adult (m)6,7931,1942
fRqikRidgewing A11Adult (f)6,6621,2153
WZY5KRidgewing A12Adult (m)6,2301,0080
NXhebRidgewing A13Adult (f)4,0899102
bBOFtRidgewing A14Adult (m)4,5949521
6dStURidgewing A15Adult (m)4,4028770
KpTdxRidgewing A16Adult (f)4,1318982
qhejjRidgewing A17Adult (f)3,4308321
c2M8HRidgewing A18Adult (m)4,2249742
0te5SRidgewing A19Adult (m)3,9818042
hi1WURift A1Adult (m)4,4179913
yyqZHRift A2Adult (m)3,8648311
v4ehTRisensong A1Adult (f)5,8791,0694
1clXyRisensong A2Adult (m)6,5071,0251
yZxRDRisensong A3Adult (m)3,6937683
urcB1Rosebud A1Adult (f)3,6388643
sgvlJRosebud A2Adult (f)4,5227862
5xq0VRosebud A3Adult (f)4,3611,1062
3v8M1Rosebud A4Adult (f)4,0071,1363
ItgboRosebud A5Adult (f)3,4649242
3PZI8Rosebud A6Adult (f)3,3339021
et3mVRoyal Blue A1Adult (f)2,5256172
XvLcSRoyal Blue A2Adult (f)4,6436741
lD1MaRoyal Blue A3Adult (m)3,6165601
lR7nlRoyal Blue A4Adult (f)5,6151,0872
jPJ4QRoyal Blue A5Adult (f)9,9611,3531
NqKRqRoyal Blue A6Adult (m)5,0689172
kU3vURoyal Blue A7Adult (m)3,6788990
lK6L9Royal Blue A8Adult (m)4,5541,0002
6NEp6Royal Blue A9Adult (m)3,8838941
7JHxbRoyal Blue A10Adult (f)3,9997750
eQkUFRoyal Crimson A1Adult (f)4,4738282
7khvnRoyal Crimson A2Adult (f)4,4608462
HLhSjRoyal Crimson A3Adult (m)4,9929013
rRYxSRoyal Crimson A4Adult (f)4,3308731
r7enmRoyal Crimson A5Adult (m)3,7228871
WO2rGRoyal Crimson A6Adult (f)4,6839370
DfsgsRoyal Crimson A7Adult (f)4,1018462
TwlhXRoyal Crimson A8Adult (m)4,1699391
0fq3eSapphire A1Adult (f)5,0599621
HIMjOSapphire A2Adult (m)5,1438561
orUb7Sapphire A3Adult (m)5,2617252
2qhjoSapphire A4Adult (m)4,3339511
wALsVSapphire A5Adult (m)5,3021,1021
tqzpZScimitar-wing A1Adult (f)6,7801,0341
UARpTScimitar-wing A2Adult (f)6,2308362
6eXgJScimitar-wing A3Adult (f)4,8799321
gDO1cScimitar-wing A4Adult (m)4,0578711
H1PmlScimitar-wing A5Adult (m)4,9839151
ysBqkScimitar-wing A6Adult (f)4,0028711
xOLHFScimitar-wing A7Adult (f)3,0408181
k8nRZScript A1Adult (f)5,8469971
wnlIAScript A2Adult (m)3,5517511
rEguTScript A3Adult (f)3,9568181
eRmN3Script A4Adult (f)5,9941,0511
f84LJScript A5Adult (f)5,5941,0314
5opjgScript A6Adult (f)5,3549021
HOoAuScript A7Adult (f)5,8499361
dK3hNScript A8Adult (m)6,7969611
qbXzXScript A9Adult (f)6,7719442
6SgVQScript A10Adult (m)7,5519833
TigwMScript A11Adult (m)7,4319652
2JoIUScript A12Adult (f)7,0109653
jJif9Script A13Adult (f)7,6868711
VPTmlScript A14Adult (f)7,3818271
gB3kbScript A15Adult (f)5,9049891
gNf7WScript A16Adult (f)8,2441,2281
SZzUhScript A17Adult (f)7,3121,2242
ioDUKScript A18Adult (m)4,9999784
XtrTDScript A19Adult (f)5,7499950
fZbkRScript A20Adult (m)4,2348561
IzUmXScript A21Adult (f)5,5469302
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