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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZjlSpAnd your heels so highAdult (f)5,16695814
vvnIzThat you can't evenAdult (f)6,0849219
ennr0Have a  good timeAdult (f)5,4409864
aL1O9We need to take it backAdult (m)7,1571,0634
XGInaIn  timeAdult (f)7,9421,1685
Go532When music made usAdult (f)5,7611,0525
dBds5All UNITEAdult (f)7,6049706
kuZ8DAnd it wasn't low blowsAdult (f)5,9921,0688
NqzrBAnd video hoesAdult (f)5,1571,0954
m0CUgAm I  the only oneAdult (f)5,7391,0288
9htfHGettin' tiredAdult (f)5,9818989
n1H12Why is everybody soAdult (m)6,5239414
tDy1jObses'sedAdult (f)5,0921,0183
pKIcSMoney can't buy usAdult (m)6,6579044
FRbthHappi'nessAdult (f)5,4569783
K2K9eCan we all slow downAdult (f)5,0941,0443
XAHbNAnd enjoy right nowAdult (f)5,0211,0115
tYnpyGuarantee we'llAdult (m)5,0601,0083
n99hIBe feeling alrightAdult (m)7,0971,0493
Cb07lEverybody look to their leftAdult (m)6,8571,0484
3EAKrEverybody look to their rightAdult (m)7,0041,0532
wIjqHCan you  feel thatAdult (f)6,3379987
4Pu8XWe're paying  with love tonightAdult (m)5,7851,0203
hIRhoIt's not about  the moneyAdult (f)5,2779482
uNWZ4We don't  need your moneyAdult (f)5,7408672
h928SWe just wanna makeAdult (m)6,8906975
LImDFThe world danceAdult (m)5,8929574
JAgnhForget about  the Price TagAdult (m)5,2229192
51BfWAin't about theAdult (m)5,8249823
KOwMFCha-Ching Cha-ChingAdult (f)5,6549222
cgbm8Ain't  about theAdult (m)5,5349351
f5MX5Ba-Bling Ba-BlingAdult (m)5,6739643
HWdCdWanna make  the world danceAdult (f)5,4969181
8wxfwForget aboutAdult (f)7,2629041
NEYOwThe Price TagAdult (m)7,0638761
etArThere's  a  lady  who's  sureAdult (f)4,5371,54261
gLcbAll  That  Glitters  is  GoldAdult (f)5,4161,44263
U6VhAnd she's buyingAdult (m)5,0221,30621
PSrNA stairway to heaven-IBAdult (m)4,9631,33633
vhEGWhen she gets there-IBAdult (m)5,6431,05411
sDq1She knowsAdult (m)4,0519284
193lIf the stores are all closed-IBAdult (f)4,0979294
3NBjWith a word she can getAdult (m)4,0067113
k3P2What she came for-IBAdult (m)3,9096972
OFLkOoh ooh ooh ooh ooh-IBAdult (m)4,2187133
AsFoAnd she's buying aAdult (f)6,3281,2576
LeLCStairway to heaven-IBAdult (f)6,0091,0835
Me3oThere's  a  sign  on  the  wallAdult (f)6,5429132
ucWHBut she wants to be sure 'causeAdult (m)7,5587553
ChGqYou know sometimes words haveAdult (m)6,9156623
tpCVTwo meanings-IBAdult (f)5,3921,1965
EKB0In a tree by the brook there'sAdult (f)5,4941,2661
QeDuA songbird who singsAdult (m)7,7751,3252
Ls1cSomtimes all of our  thoughtsAdult (m)7,1921,2123
eKBFLAre  misgivenAdult (f)2,8218643
hr60UOoh it makes me wonderAdult (m)3,4101,0783
6G5qMThere's a feeling I get whenAdult (f)2,7948404
GZjeBI look to the westAdult (m)2,9318665
Cc8CYAnd my spirit isAdult (m)6,1549106
41aVCCrying for leavingAdult (f)5,5731,0694
meMGEIn my thoughts I have seen ringsAdult (m)7,0351,1723
usjieOf smoke through the treesAdult (m)2,3688132
EAqtaAnd the voices of those who-IBAdult (f)2,9929482
Z2dW2Stand lookingAdult (f)3,3198791
RaJW4And it's whispered that soon ifAdult (f)5,7471,0875
YuufAWe all call the tune - IBAdult (m)6,6351,1266
Qn2oeThen the piperAdult (f)5,2471,0632
m7lNOWill lead us to reasonAdult (m)4,3121,0986
diHGJAnd a new day will dawn forAdult (m)4,3461,1193
HGQHJThose who stand longAdult (f)4,1211,1571
AGfgWAnd the forests willAdult (m)4,0521,1733
UBmu3Echo with laughterAdult (m)4,0981,2191
JOGLKIf there's a bustle in-IBAdult (m)4,1481,1971
8DBMlYour hedgerowAdult (m)4,0781,1693
2qPkUDon't  be  alarmed  now-IBAdult (m)6,5961,1905
iMvEKIt's just a spring clean for-IBAdult (f)6,7061,2328
sTGGLThe May queenAdult (f)6,5391,1194
hG8eWYes there are two paths-IBAdult (m)7,0831,1003
PYl1ZYou can go by but in the-IBAdult (m)6,5101,0752
0RUNTLong run there's still time-IBAdult (m)4,9971,0641
aMFkcTo change the road you're on-IBAdult (m)6,0611,0902
9HW5sYour head is humming and it-IBAdult (m)5,8901,0213
Ott4rWon't go in case you-IBAdult (m)6,7591,0383
OdBp6Don't know the piper's-IBAdult (m)6,7621,0687
ZXQMmCalling you to join him-IBAdult (m)7,0251,0134
KCJlQDear lady can you hear-IBAdult (f)6,5011,1261
JWlCcThe wind blow and did you knowAdult (m)4,3731,0413
t1cUdYour stairway lies on theAdult (m)3,0117825
K5MEQWhispering wind - and as we windAdult (m)3,6671,1012
CVR4gOn down the road our shadowsAdult (m)3,6181,0602
sJU01Taller than our soulAdult (f)3,6531,0903
2RZOVThere walks a lady  we all knowAdult (f)4,4399248
G5XsvWho shines white light and wantsAdult (m)3,8041,1553
CReWcTo show how everything stillAdult (m)2,5621,0233
sELkHTurns to gold - And if youAdult (f)2,9961,0961
JOsHBListen very hard - The tune willAdult (f)4,2201,1951
3Pai6Come to you at last - When allAdult (f)4,2851,2421
No5CYAre one and one is all - To beAdult (m)2,3568471
hUqTUA rock and not to roll - AndAdult (f)2,3978552
6cA9FShe's buying a StairwayAdult (m)2,4028601
D7RqETo  HeavenAdult (m)5,1381,2153
cPGNwWe're no strangersAdult (m)2,8827202
9rcrjTo  LoveAdult (f)2,3075985
tbAECYou know  the rulesAdult (m)3,1948923
3DxUMAnd so  do IAdult (f)2,9567114
VYxwIA full  commitment'sAdult (m)3,88289610
fOH4BWhat I'mAdult (f)6,7311,1441
7qDdtThinking  ofAdult (m)4,1556784
S5OV2You wouldn'tAdult (f)3,9851,0532
LwFmCGet this fromAdult (m)6,7501,1552
07OiKAny other  guyAdult (f)3,9941,1253
vSItmI  justAdult (m)4,4867412
WQcKSWanna tellAdult (f)3,3428591
G8LUqYou howAdult (m)2,6898842
CPBg1I'm   feelingAdult (f)4,5431,0091
T0C1nGotta makeAdult (m)4,0521,0804
B1LPMYou  understandAdult (f)4,6068962
sahBiNever  gonna giveAdult (m)3,8128793
WWLJlYou  upAdult (f)5,2809993
DldUgNever  gonna letAdult (m)4,2338732
s7ooCYou  downAdult (f)4,3149693
MQFgZNever  gonnaAdult (m)4,2629991
4qgOnRun aroundAdult (f)3,9899342
dP9vqA'ndAdult (m)2,9787191
WQA8JDesert youAdult (f)5,3889985
sfoIVNever  gonna makeAdult (m)4,2309261
7cdxoYou   cryAdult (f)3,9948962
5cOzONever  gonna sayAdult (m)5,2299924
hS0RzGood''byeAdult (f)4,6108385
x9t6bNever gonna  tellAdult (m)3,1757512
y43bxA lieAdult (f)4,1967272
XM1OlAnd   hurt   youAdult (m)4,4748802
sQaXvWe've known  each otherAdult (m)3,4688642
Zn80CFor  so  longAdult (f)4,2338722
kLvMgYour heart's beenAdult (m)4,9241,0851
JHOTeAching butAdult (f)4,1248645
0XWOKYou're too shyAdult (m)4,2688871
AXrfaTo  say itAdult (f)4,8199234
yd83RInside we both knowAdult (m)4,1181,0412
skfXYWhat's been going onAdult (f)5,3359516
WNstqWe know the gameAdult (m)4,0911,0183
r70tgAnd we're gonna play itAdult (f)5,2569425
1Y3JWAnd  if youAdult (m)4,3421,0182
P742NAsk me howAdult (f)5,0909311
DTFunI'm  feelingAdult (m)4,0871,0261
S4H1UDon't tell me  thatAdult (f)4,6148652
Eqid9You're tooAdult (m)4,8319522
L8bMkBlind to seeAdult (f)4,9438801
74V8TNever-gonna-giveAdult (m)4,7631,0043
W4RZQYou-upAdult (f)4,6471,0311
5RCG3Never-gonna-letAdult (m)4,6971,0122
1L0O1You-downAdult (f)3,7907541
lmZ37Never - gonnaAdult (m)3,8667112
v8w8CRun-aroundAdult (f)5,3419904
T6eefA'n'dAdult (m)3,5527561
hu2tiDesert-youAdult (f)3,4637721
hHRPxNever-gonna-makeAdult (m)3,5647931
UMeGsYou-cryAdult (f)4,0629471
QhgvINever-gonna-sayAdult (m)3,0627251
8SDtmGood - byeAdult (f)4,4828442
eZ8rcNever-gonna-tellAdult (m)4,6358452
PaFjbA-lieAdult (f)4,2667323
usOBLAnd-hurt-youAdult (f)4,4158602
ngZoJump back - CBAdult (m)7,8961,50158
Gc7XWhat's that soundAdult (m)4,9391,08612
EkASHere she comesAdult (f)3,7198791
8DP7Full blast and top downAdult (f)3,3588392
r5F6Hot shoe burnin' down the avenueAdult (f)7,3541,1046
EmEcModel citizen zero disciplineAdult (m)11,1251,3513
UYNXVDon't ya know she'sAdult (f)3,6237002
m8dDpComing home with meAdult (m)3,5698992
KphJZYou'll lose her in that turnAdult (m)4,9301,0053
WXDJGI'll get herAdult (f)4,1491,0166
sQUTIAin't nothin' like itAdult (m)2,5489011
gMcbaHer shiny machineAdult (m)4,7781,1643
q2JggGot the feel for the wheelAdult (m)3,8299914
8rmUkKeep the moving parts cleanAdult (f)4,0511,0572
FPD43Hot shoe burnin'down the avenueAdult (m)2,9784042
EA01jGot an on-rampAdult (f)2,4528473
cvopFComin' through my bedroomAdult (f)2,4966441
AA30SYeah we're runnin' a little bitAdult (m)2,3798901
ABFIfHot tonightAdult (f)2,3758491
l9OMiI can barely see the roadAdult (m)3,0628971
K2BaRFrom the heat comin' offAdult (f)5,1013411
QAKg5You know what I'm sayingAdult (f)5,1903941
rUHdqAhh I reach down between myAdult (m)4,9973761
WcPeiLegs n'  ease the seat backAdult (m)4,3783601
9cpVbShe's runnin' I'm flyinAdult (m)4,3783572
2NILRRight Behind In TheAdult (m)4,7093281
H2CcPRearview mirror nowAdult (f)1,5006690
j65iUGot the fearinAdult (m)1,5236722
25w3ePower steerinAdult (f)2,9377125
VKWjBPistons poppinAdult (m)1,4827303
mijiiAin't no stoppin' nowAdult (f)1,4807272
u9qLHPanema PanemaAdult (m)1,4616932
zYiP0Oh oh oh oh PanemaAdult (f)1,4267182
oU9STonight It's Very ClearAdult (f)2,51392727
7pt0As we're both lying hereAdult (m)4,9191,12614
JqnCThere's so many thingsAdult (f)4,7571,07316
n1F0I wanna sayAdult (f)5,2009083
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