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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Wdbm7Witchlight A7Adult (f)5,5301,4193
CLrNCWitchlight A8Adult (f)2,7598481
j5u40Xenowyrm-Astrapi A1Adult (f)5,6681,1183
6Y7jJXenowyrm-Astrapi A2Adult (m)3,4076723
zpBtsXenowyrm-Astrapi A3Adult (m)2,6325862
LK6ADXenowyrm-Astrapi A4Adult (f)3,7207625
SbRhxXenowyrm-Astrapi A5Adult (f)4,4538973
XIJzfXenowyrm-Astrapi A6Adult (f)6,2989872
zZCRnXenowyrm-Astrapi A7Adult (m)3,7305452
OFVtTXenowyrm-Astrapi A8Adult (m)5,2401,0332
USwGlXenowyrm-Astrapi A9Adult (f)4,3599173
HqtrSXenowyrm-Astrapi A10Adult (f)4,6188464
rKaT2Xenowyrm-Astrapi A11Adult (f)6,1511,1481
6tJjkXenowyrm-Astrapi A12Adult (f)3,8327562
VVjuJXenowyrm-Astrapi A13Adult (m)4,1106732
L8ePUXenowyrm-Astrapi A14Adult (m)3,9697434
LXRGoXenowyrm-Astrapi A15Adult (f)4,3218482
ZhVIRXenowyrm-Chrono A1Adult (f)3,4633692
DDytFXenowyrm-Chrono A2Adult (m)3,1786672
MENjTXenowyrm-Chrono A3Adult (f)3,1886801
2c0EpXenowyrm-Chrono A4Adult (m)4,1438773
U8WcLXenowyrm-Chrono A5Adult (f)4,6677472
DzRflXenowyrm-Chrono A6Adult (f)5,0077951
LMk3qXenowyrm-Chrono A7Adult (m)6,1101,0091
kAG32Xenowyrm-Chrono A8Adult (f)5,2007812
so5EeXenowyrm-Chrono A9Adult (f)6,2451,1602
4rrMoXenowyrm-Chrono A10Adult (f)4,7329903
sVLTMXenowyrm-Chrono A11Adult (m)5,0438700
ymjbRXenowyrm-Gaia A1Adult (m)4,5697601
MDsK7Xenowyrm-Gaia A2Adult (m)5,0411,0264
Khrx4Xenowyrm-Gaia A3Adult (f)4,6737112
KRiuEXenowyrm-Gaia A4Adult (f)4,5578481
C0cd2Xenowyrm-Gaia A5Adult (f)5,9468673
r8BSGXenowyrm-Gaia A6Adult (f)4,8469471
IM51JXenowyrm-Gaia A7Adult (f)3,1688491
l5YTmXenowyrm-Mageia A1Adult (f)5,2718171
XLGxgXenowyrm-Mageia A2Adult (m)2,6215611
2B8tHXenowyrm-Mageia A3Adult (m)5,1159802
zP9TPXenowyrm-Mageia A4Adult (f)4,7988442
Y13sZXenowyrm-Mageia A5Adult (f)3,7198641
veeovXenowyrm-Mageia A6Adult (m)4,1398122
oNegnXenowyrm-Pyro A1Adult (m)4,3568262
T1QbIXenowyrm-Pyro A2Adult (m)3,8348211
NdxLCXenowyrm-Pyro A3Adult (m)3,9988392
5LizyXenowyrm-Pyro A4Adult (m)4,8987822
ezdTkXenowyrm-Pyro A5Adult (f)4,9377641
sLJaAXenowyrm-Pyro A6Adult (m)4,7137651
tn6rfXenowyrm-Pyro A7Adult (f)5,0609373
HY8rCXenowyrm-Pyro A8Adult (m)6,3621,0681
BYj0XXenowyrm-Pyro A9Adult (m)6,0301,0061
Wu0VAXenowyrm-Pyro A10Adult (f)4,8868591
3V5jIXenowyrm-Pyro A11Adult (f)4,8358593
aunURXenowyrm-Pyro A12Adult (f)6,4221,1613
mrxoUXenowyrm-Pyro A13Adult (m)6,6731,1571
xdtIdXenowyrm-Pyro A14Adult (f)3,9268992
uCQBTXenowyrm-Thalassa A1Adult (m)3,2577691
yDDTTXenowyrm-Thalassa A2Adult (f)4,5538652
yVbPCXenowyrm-Thalassa A3Adult (m)4,8687303
YbICIXenowyrm-Thalassa A4Adult (f)4,9277892
TUYB0Xenowyrm-Thalassa A5Adult (m)3,8617812
9jGm2Xenowyrm-Thalassa A6Adult (m)5,5301,0922
FLIZrXenowyrm-Thalassa A7Adult (f)5,3118970
3OcYpXenowyrm-Thalassa A8Adult (f)4,0001,0002
r7bYWXenowyrm-Thalassa A9Adult (f)4,3939313
PbrX4Yellow-Crowned A1Adult (f)4,3988301
UfCxAYellow-Crowned A2Adult (f)6,7621,1061
9yoUKZyumorph A1Adult (m)8,4857161
MU9yEZyumorph A2Adult (f)6,1431,0443
nymgxZyumorph A3Adult (m)6,1121,0302
OAF94Zyumorph A4Adult (f)5,9581,0303
86gH4Zyumorph A5Adult (m)6,1141,0374
my4SbZyumorph A6Adult (f)5,6791,1241
FHF46Zyumorph A7Adult (f)5,8721,1171
yt4bgZyumorph A8Adult (f)5,3855985
Vpf7EZyumorph A9Adult (f)5,4205641
GLeWuZyumorph A10Adult (f)5,4216232
jyK6nZyumorph A11Adult (f)5,7496165
tRqkzZyumorph A12Adult (m)6,2641,0722
JrvxUZyumorph A13Adult (m)6,0031,0922
aIauwZyumorph A14Adult (f)5,9331,0761
Q14l1Zyumorph A15Adult (m)7,2359361
QQ5QdZyumorph A16Adult (f)6,8601,0961
bqS5xZyumorph A17Adult (m)6,1461,0843
MdhCXZyumorph A18Adult (m)6,1411,0911
hAEvsZyumorph A19Adult (m)8,2399586
bvT6vZyumorph A20Adult (m)7,5709225
TflfyZyumorph A21Adult (m)6,3041,1111
ibvfDZyumorph A22Adult (m)5,7701,0014
MfklQZyumorph A23Adult (m)5,8441,0063
ETe3SZyumorph A24Adult (m)6,0951,0602
ObpNfZyumorph A25Adult (m)6,3891,0733
Gr70BZyumorph A26Adult (m)5,8021,0042
9ll7pZyumorph A27Adult (m)5,9331,0302
EyE8LZyumorph A28Adult (m)6,0011,0032
x65zBZyumorph A29Adult (m)7,6379312
QvsIcZyumorph A30Adult (m)8,3819952
gfUkUZyumorph A31Adult (f)6,5509143
mBnC8Zyumorph A32Adult (m)7,3311,1742
fCVwrZyumorph A33Adult (m)8,3911,1383
9O1L7Zyumorph A34Adult (f)5,9728303
lhvksZyumorph A35Adult (f)6,3251,0352
YQLWHZyumorph A36Adult (m)6,0331,0552
gaoRDZyumorph A37Adult (f)9,1926132
63XsVZyumorph A38Adult (f)7,0651,1161
peNg3Zyumorph A39Adult (f)5,9071,0750
1lKOOv-----The Future is Bright-----vHatchling (F)2,2104401
I40GbBBW 1Adult (m)2,8996010
MCoG9BBW  2Adult (f)3,1446310
NRkWuBBW 3Adult (m)4,3309541
axTBKBBW  4Adult (f)4,4709301
IfL2ABBW  5Adult (m)5,7031,1302
XdIa5BBW  6Adult (m)4,8118302
Uc68NBBW 7Adult (m)4,7558351
aJ2SrBBW  8Adult (f)3,2586242
39PNpBBW  9Adult (m)2,9526113
sacFfBBW 10Adult (m)3,3366271
L61enBBW 11Adult (m)3,9526781
80sAnBBW 12Adult (m)4,0306661
TwXnSBBW 13Adult (f)4,5418975
NfjLdBBW 14Adult (m)2,6296382
7NN47BBW  15Adult (m)2,6446412
htaQDBBW 16Adult (f)2,7076692
L55zXBBW  17Adult (m)4,5287691
ILE0lBBW  18Adult (m)4,5787941
lFI4KBBW 19Adult (f)4,5408081
xoeDiBBW 20Adult (f)4,5558011
vuMudBBW 21Adult (f)3,4287281
qmPrfBBW 22Adult (m)3,2997131
Tm2wOBBW 23Adult (f)3,2156973
qJNkrBBW 24Adult (m)3,4397281
33xWUBBW 25Adult (m)3,1297403
HuUcABBW  26Adult (m)2,9417921
U1ga1BBW 27Adult (m)3,8876502
CodfFBBW 28Adult (f)3,1596171
zbMFfBBW 29Adult (f)3,1556762
CZIL4BBW 30Adult (m)2,8476331
cQnbVBBW 31Adult (f)5,5219151
wcnm5BBW 32Adult (m)4,0357361
BZ4UABBW 33Adult (f)3,9705391
lbax3BBW 34Adult (m)3,7195553
dCjpqBBW 35Adult (f)3,3495663
oMzzxBBW 36Adult (f)3,9395891
STrRiBBW 37Adult (m)3,4953981
52tzuBBW 38Adult (f)3,3813981
BOCaiBBW 39Adult (f)3,7157372
Nb0DKBBW 40Adult (f)3,4906001
QldTdBBW 41Adult (f)3,2296121
2eDHLBBW 42Adult (m)3,1315891
h6F0jBBW 43Adult (f)3,6355903
pMsMFBBW 44Adult (f)3,6995852
Ig1FtBBW 45Adult (m)4,3068174
FsoHeBBW 46Adult (m)4,3038280
ea5T8BBW 47Adult (f)5,0951,0213
1Rr9vBBW 48Adult (m)4,2277111
HfBO3BBW 49Adult (m)4,3106961
KY1EzBBW 50Adult (m)3,5746862
njMWeBBW 51Adult (m)3,3137071
7uHVeBBW 52Adult (m)3,5357322
Knr9cBBW 53Adult (m)4,4348571
8s1eNBBW 54Adult (f)3,8237682
VIJmgBBW 55Adult (f)3,6927311
otTqSBBW 56Adult (m)5,5921,0222
xEcNHBBW 57Adult (m)5,7151,0152
PMRk5BBW 58Adult (m)5,7319892
M7MSRBBW 59Adult (m)3,3706953
SBLUqBBW 60Adult (f)4,4888742
GB71gBBW 61Adult (f)3,0076401
30CleBBW 62Adult (f)3,0556081
SOI5XBBW 63Adult (f)2,7565992
qadyqBBW 64Adult (m)2,7295551
BJSsuBBW 65Adult (m)3,1466171
uZGWOBBW 66Adult (f)2,8755872
6nB8zBBW 67Adult (m)2,8845922
Z1t2RBBW 68Adult (f)3,6697112
dd7p9BBW 69Adult (m)3,8577062
GIvKaBBW 70Adult (m)3,5167001
kdAPtBBW 71Adult (f)3,7247272
pp8xHBBW 72Adult (f)4,1817582
15qqYBBW 73Adult (f)3,2895331
DozGUBBW 74Adult (m)3,3445701
4n13QBBW 75Adult (f)4,0286371
xOHy4BBW 76Adult (m)4,5406972
y8ApDBBW 77Adult (f)3,7886142
6s9FABBW 78Adult (f)3,6426161
4ZdekBBW 79Adult (f)4,3315954
scqrdBBW 80Adult (m)4,2777072
BKEDfBBW 81Adult (m)3,1146393
sqMWaBBW 82Adult (f)3,5036371
W4iC9BBW 83Adult (m)3,5776501
8iOCJBBW 84Adult (f)3,7146571
VnPHvBBW 85Adult (f)4,2447312
JA6yDBBW 86Adult (f)4,2937422
pYp0fBBW 87Adult (m)4,2367442
9uvqHBBW 88Adult (f)4,2587851
qQuQ4BBW 89Adult (m)5,2608251
fAFb2BBW 90Adult (m)5,2338182
vdZInBBW 91Adult (f)4,3507182
Gku8LBBW 92Adult (f)5,7578611
3oIrMBBW 93Adult (f)3,2416612
mPDGmBBW 94Adult (m)3,1387082
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