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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RInJ2Fire Gem A16Adult (f)5,2257751
QFMELFire Gem A17Adult (m)5,3778144
slNoTFire Gem A18Adult (m)5,4438274
txNpoFire Gem A19Adult (f)5,5398332
xz3SwFire Gem A20Adult (m)4,8817403
JegzkFire Gem A21Adult (f)5,3781,0781
1i4uxFire Gem A22Adult (f)4,4119214
UkZTWFire Gem A23Adult (m)4,2371,0151
2JLf7Flamingo A1Adult (f)3,3815491
KplOTFlamingo A2Adult (m)5,4637273
chghDFlamingo A3Adult (m)3,6937031
bQBcYFlamingo A4Adult (m)6,9838861
8AXFzFlamingo A5Adult (f)9,4791,0892
SvRQ6Flamingo A6Adult (m)4,1668722
LaWoYFlamingo A7Adult (f)5,1928281
zV8UeFlamingo A8Adult (f)5,0531,0320
NVFv7Flamingo A9Adult (f)4,0108132
0mdX8Flamingo A10Adult (f)4,6059942
bRfRTFloral-Crowned A1Adult (m)5,8351,1533
f7QycFloret A1Adult (f)6,1791,2922
3JTmxFloret A2Adult (m)4,5321,0472
lHbCPFloret A3Adult (f)5,6749342
iz1lDFloret A4Adult (f)5,9221,0902
v3Bv4Floret A5Adult (f)4,4188131
Q1eI1Floret A6Adult (m)4,1528711
8d3FAFloret A7Adult (m)4,5498622
wxQY5Floret A8Adult (m)4,5509402
ERqY6Floret A9Adult (f)3,4487911
vZIdzFloret A10Adult (m)4,2951,0572
cRJAdFreckled A1Adult (f)6,3051,2761
w6EPxFreckled A2Adult (f)6,2331,2982
aUTm3Freckled A3Adult (m)5,4011,0261
kYuBsFreckled A4Adult (f)4,9959801
VZ34NFreckled A5Adult (m)5,4018781
NNv2NFreckled A6Adult (m)4,4898632
41p92Freckled A7Adult (f)3,5828981
jvBe7Freckled A8Adult (m)3,9657552
JCKmzFrill A1Adult (f)3,7096932
jJTD2Frill A2Adult (m)3,9646943
XW7FEFrill A3Adult (f)3,9177090
5vzNwFrill A4Adult (f)3,8676960
tinNvFrill A5Adult (m)3,8248922
9jAQ2Frill A6Adult (m)5,2058191
18kdtFrill A7Adult (m)3,5137533
dd8UdFrill A8Adult (m)3,6197413
uMHaUFrill A9Adult (m)3,7147612
YJglbFrill A10Adult (f)5,6768201
WIEb7Frill A11Adult (f)4,5808574
3hDuZFrill A12Adult (f)3,5384740
t9erRFrill A13Adult (m)5,0921,0372
HiTBhFrill A14Adult (f)3,9118342
VgZTqFrill A15Adult (m)4,8789213
mypcHFrill A16Adult (m)4,5598031
jcAPiFrill A17Adult (m)5,2877122
dRLYGFrill A18Adult (f)7,9349351
WOUCPFrill A19Adult (f)4,6368032
NRCJqFrill A20Adult (f)3,3966842
Uq57rFrill A21Adult (m)4,5688441
Wq7upFrill A22Adult (m)3,3216321
SJBc6Frill A23Adult (f)7,5149691
PmKlnFrill A24Adult (f)6,2558631
i2qQ6Frill A25Adult (f)9,0411,3712
LKabHFrill A26Adult (f)6,7078021
47odQFrill A27Adult (m)7,5771,1783
TxNpzFrill A28Adult (m)6,1939293
xszIAFrill A29Adult (f)6,1321,0582
GAlxIFrill A30Adult (f)7,5891,3211
WGvfXFrill A31Adult (m)4,4038261
cmposFrill A32Adult (f)4,1479780
bXVVlFrill A33Adult (m)3,5287381
RuygYFrill A34Adult (m)4,3346554
bPh2zFrill A35Adult (f)5,5889263
A7NhsFrill A36Adult (m)5,2597733
THo5EFrill A37Adult (m)4,5298691
eEqRSFrill A38Adult (m)4,0601,0062
GRTqQFrill A39Adult (f)4,0009161
NrJUoFrill A40Adult (f)5,0159371
mldX8Frill A41Adult (m)3,8508171
epYOgFrill A42Adult (f)6,2459254
YrzVNFrill A43Adult (m)3,8108892
pWeRHFrill A44Adult (m)3,9998201
QYSCQFrostbite A1Adult (m)4,2207672
GtCH8Frostbite A2Adult (m)3,4943772
KzjSrFrostbite A3Adult (m)3,0526692
5LtjSFrostbite A4Adult (f)4,4738011
RdeBPFrostbite A5Adult (f)4,4337981
9HHJYFrostbite A6Adult (f)4,6308301
XhqaAFrostbite A7Adult (m)4,5538723
zS4WIFrostbite A8Adult (f)4,7119372
OPvrVFrostbite A9Adult (m)5,2818922
EXbatFrostbite A10Adult (m)4,3909512
m6oNVFrostbite A11Adult (f)3,4068461
3ESMVFrostbite A12Adult (m)3,9058492
ppgzZGalvanic A1Adult (f)2,9814781
OEk2cGalvanic A2Adult (m)2,6374561
QUB9mGalvanic A3Adult (m)3,5129241
tncUUGalvanic A4Adult (m)3,9547540
UFPeFGalvanic A5Adult (m)2,7084761
saqQtGalvanic A6Adult (f)3,9509021
coPZwGalvanic A7Adult (f)3,9298551
rOyXiGeminae A1Adult (m)2,6744851
ljSWEGeminae A2Adult (f)3,4959311
EplOLGemshard A1Adult (f)3,8466011
TNeZ0Gemshard A2Adult (m)5,0868322
uiLimGemshard A3Adult (m)3,8054910
EI48vGemshard A4Adult (f)5,8816202
IJ9sWGemshard A5Adult (m)4,5548083
GG7LKGemshard A6Adult (m)5,2567411
mNFapGemshard A7Adult (f)4,8417451
FCEvAGemshard A8Adult (m)4,8097622
31qZgGemshard A9Adult (f)4,8867681
dbuPQGemshard A10Adult (m)4,9207571
UrNX9Gemshard A11Adult (m)3,0047164
KR0jbGemshard A12Adult (f)6,9481,4193
EHsxKGemshard A13Adult (m)4,6838672
yDRF1Gemshard A14Adult (m)5,3928881
IXs5UGemshard A15Adult (m)5,3178541
uONuHGemshard A16Adult (m)5,7919821
A2s8bGemshard A17Adult (m)3,8297842
HdxObGeode A1Adult (m)2,8835982
CWzRzGeode A2Adult (m)2,8865932
wljHPGeode A3Adult (f)3,2716031
dI1lVGeode A4Adult (f)3,6418822
7yRtZGeode A5Adult (m)3,8188822
9uz0vGeode A6Adult (f)2,7334803
PRO8iGeode A7Adult (f)3,8547122
SEHLeGeode A8Adult (f)4,1224602
8EkBiGeode A9Adult (f)6,0708401
x2akmGeode A10Adult (m)6,9371,1633
fNnGNGeode A11Adult (f)5,3368312
WeLb6Geode A12Adult (f)5,1089381
FBnlRGeode A13Adult (m)4,5149521
x3YunGeode A14Adult (f)3,3518281
UEbSEGilded Bloodscale A1Adult (m)4,0248894
2QZ7XGilded Bloodscale A2Adult (f)5,0518391
LKE2wGilded Bloodscale A3Adult (f)5,7008151
0CwpLGilded Bloodscale A4Adult (f)4,3508881
JzjrXGilded Bloodscale A5Adult (m)3,7848792
0GGMGGilded Bloodscale A6Adult (m)4,8211,0161
zuVhSGilded Bloodscale A7Adult (f)3,4988100
O0rXlGilded Bloodscale A8Adult (f)4,2969521
gtNc5Glaucus Drake A1Adult (f)3,9457891
Y4q8NGlaucus Drake A2Adult (m)3,3285464
k0qmzGlaucus Drake A3Adult (f)4,5777463
dPuOAGlaucus Drake A4Adult (m)3,8526672
i6HQpGlaucus Drake A5Adult (f)4,1278961
WwqjGGlaucus Drake A6Adult (f)4,9101,0302
eHdJ6Glaucus Drake A7Adult (f)2,9228121
HsvahGlowback Pygmy A1Adult (f)3,6509671
O7TeuGold A1Adult (f)5,9708512
oZn4GGold A2Adult (m)6,2771,1715
fcrmiGold A3Adult (m)4,5629622
d6OrzGold A4Adult (m)3,4249451
25iPHGold-horned Tangar A1Adult (m)3,5078355
ucS0fGold-horned Tangar A2Adult (m)4,3616893
kkPm3Gold-horned Tangar A3Adult (f)5,8578451
UAT20Gold-horned Tangar A4Adult (f)4,0747361
7zw0sGold-horned Tangar A5Adult (m)8,2071,1931
FM2EsGold-horned Tangar A6Adult (f)4,5588842
oTvZIGold-horned Tangar A7Adult (m)4,5999461
NwMAkGold-horned Tangar A8Adult (m)3,6308352
kkN0gGold-horned Tangar A9Adult (m)5,9121,3773
CFFg2Golden Wyvern A1Adult (f)3,9867322
SDKQLGolden Wyvern A2Adult (f)4,5028560
usT5OGolden Wyvern A3Adult (f)4,1678571
QUB7SGolden Wyvern A4Adult (f)4,6938233
K2hbiGolden Wyvern A5Adult (f)6,5151,0552
4UneoGolden Wyvern A6Adult (m)5,6571,0522
poI7nGolden Wyvern A7Adult (m)5,5381,0751
NGEyYGolden Wyvern A8Adult (m)5,0878852
aTRBxGolden Wyvern A9Adult (f)5,5761,0702
QD4WpGolden Wyvern A10Adult (f)4,5219441
nkcSbGolden Wyvern A11Adult (m)4,3308472
MQW0rGrave A1Adult (m)2,7466772
WWPOYGrave A2Adult (m)3,3018233
2O3ZnGrave A3Adult (f)2,9447193
8Gh6rGrave A4Adult (f)3,0807821
m4CDXGrave A5Adult (m)3,4338452
R5HHmGrave A6Adult (m)2,1217732
WoWquGrave A7Adult (m)2,6576602
4abcyGrave A8Adult (f)5,8751,2212
3w8qiGrave A9Adult (f)3,8038733
LsgCBGrave A10Adult (m)3,0318383
3GqXAGrave A11Adult (f)3,1868683
zyKBDGrave A12Adult (f)5,4301,4083
eDJANGrave A13Adult (f)5,7431,4572
q6svZGrave A14Adult (m)3,3908010
Yc3PaGrave A15Adult (f)3,1489712
tzQyJGrave A16Adult (f)2,3136713
9B7mfGrave A17Adult (m)3,4798622
ra5bBGreater Spotted Drake A1Adult (m)8,2461,2102
JZc8MGreater Spotted Drake A2Adult (m)6,1191,1233
oBSVQGreater Spotted Drake A3Adult (m)5,4198442
U4YPRGreater Spotted Drake A4Adult (f)3,0728432
r9CaRGreen A1Adult (f)4,8677781
YwvHPGreen A2Adult (m)3,9077573
a4EqaGreen A3Adult (f)4,2436681
djdbvGreen A4Adult (m)3,7757292
Y2n4zGreen A5Adult (f)5,4851,0081
Td1fpGreen A6Adult (m)5,2379831
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