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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rqwNeNeotropical A6Adult (m)6,9288972
yHsXMNeotropical A7Adult (f)3,6669072
iDGDZNexus A1Adult (f)2,7425811
ZhDgcNexus A2Adult (m)3,9568941
BVIs7Nexus A3Adult (f)3,8088391
lh1t6Nhiostrife A1Adult (f)5,3017882
3Ft4rNhiostrife A2Adult (f)4,0357930
Z5bbQNhiostrife A3Adult (f)5,8059481
BoMMKNhiostrife A4Adult (m)7,4009442
3ESCzNhiostrife A5Adult (f)5,4079081
mK8O2Nhiostrife A6Adult (f)4,9501,0131
M7MM3Night Glory  A1Adult (m)3,3245211
aSrylNight Glory  A2Adult (f)4,5367132
Cs45VNight Glory  A3Adult (m)6,9789271
gIvN6Night Glory  A4Adult (f)4,9229371
ymhyKNight Glory A5Adult (m)4,2508883
Ih9ywNight Glory A6Adult (m)4,7988903
R6hf7Night Glory A7Adult (f)4,7658802
TyUiRNight Glory A8Adult (m)3,5888802
e0qWKNilia Pygmy A1Adult (m)4,4758371
E5GGNNilia Pygmy A2Adult (f)3,6897632
sdGlANilia Pygmy A3Adult (m)4,3998171
mGRqYNilia Pygmy A4Adult (m)5,7111,0312
DFqxZNilia Pygmy A5Adult (f)7,1069531
8bvXNNilia Pygmy A6Adult (m)6,9339691
mEVNZNilia Pygmy A7Adult (f)6,7159722
Hm3bfNilia Pygmy A8Adult (m)6,9989861
SRsRbNilia Pygmy A9Adult (f)9,0131,0221
W68BTNilia Pygmy A10Adult (f)8,5091,0531
3hYDDNilia Pygmy A11Adult (f)8,3061,0441
sJ0EGNilia Pygmy A12Adult (m)8,3011,0552
nVnvZNilia Pygmy A13Adult (m)7,3059711
nxnOxNilia Pygmy A14Adult (m)7,1299841
efBYaNilia Pygmy A15Adult (f)6,0789311
DBej8Nilia Pygmy A16Adult (f)6,1919781
g7JwfNilia Pygmy A17Adult (f)6,1059441
bevebNilia Pygmy A18Adult (m)6,0179471
hamh9Nilia Pygmy A19Adult (m)7,5488392
gYy7rNilia Pygmy A20Adult (f)7,8948882
b0EuDNilia Pygmy A21Adult (f)4,4321,0171
XVfhDNilia Pygmy A22Adult (f)6,0801,0942
erE5aNilia Pygmy A23Adult (m)5,2249381
anbWwNilia Pygmy A24Adult (f)5,1638673
9AcqQNilia Pygmy A25Adult (m)3,8828571
fjYooNilia Pygmy A26Adult (f)4,0958631
h1xJfNilia Pygmy A27Adult (m)3,2488141
5LygCNocturne A1Adult (m)5,2258352
Phm5xNocturne A2Adult (m)3,3328961
IARh2Nocturne A3Adult (m)3,3057991
Cim1CNocturne A4Adult (m)5,9341,0232
vUs7nNocturne A5Adult (f)5,9581,0840
sQqQVNocturne A6Adult (m)6,0501,0700
CKA19Nocturne A7Adult (f)5,4991,0102
RtupGNocturne A8Adult (m)4,1299121
dkcg3Nocturne A9Adult (m)2,6915102
H7bHBNocturne A10Adult (m)4,2479072
NPGGyNocturne A11Adult (m)4,6618441
ZKmPGNocturne A12Adult (m)4,5588720
Shv5DNocturne A13Adult (f)4,5358612
9GI1vNocturne A14Adult (f)4,3728560
S7sJ5Nocturne A15Adult (f)4,4588870
VqsptNocturne A16Adult (f)4,4928880
v0bKrNocturne A17Adult (m)3,7728612
nPlFQNocturne A18Adult (m)4,7578680
tWU54Nocturne A19Adult (f)3,7189591
YmipcNocturne A20Adult (f)3,9267684
op6s8Nocturne A21Adult (m)4,0908161
LeX4JOchredrake A1Adult (f)5,7321,0452
9la0uOchredrake A2Adult (f)6,9779562
rRc79Ochredrake A3Adult (m)8,3291,0781
tb1DtOchredrake A4Adult (f)8,2061,0131
XlusHOchredrake A5Adult (m)8,2001,0712
b8ryQOchredrake A6Adult (m)4,0308853
NgpqIOchredrake A7Adult (f)3,9189160
uX51qOlive A1Adult (m)2,7426353
1XDH2Olive A2Adult (f)3,7825401
XcZ0qOlive A3Adult (m)3,2908181
qpmkpOlive A4Adult (f)3,6357682
kizSWOlive A5Adult (m)5,9851,0253
YHYB2Olive A6Adult (m)5,5599161
mwG30Olive A7Adult (m)4,1639052
VwZUkOlive A8Adult (m)4,1858992
pBOj5Olive A9Adult (f)3,8658912
5z34POmen A1Adult (f)4,2891,0662
vymwFOmen A2Adult (m)4,3261,0472
iFNNBOmen A3Adult (m)4,2651,0623
LXyx1Omen A4Adult (m)4,2581,0342
2uZ2lOmen A5Adult (f)4,2551,0702
6C5aiOmen A6Adult (f)4,2221,0702
LPca5Paper A1Adult7,7519782
cofIZPillow A1Adult (f)4,1087173
lP0P4Pillow A2Adult (m)3,8146722
zYGYaPillow A3Adult (m)3,2147121
9ekvmPillow A4Adult (m)3,3787011
BeLwUPillow A5Adult (m)3,3086761
K9OulPillow A6Adult (m)5,4387681
LySl0Pillow A7Adult (f)4,9539641
UC5D5Pillow A8Adult (f)4,8598712
7ibfXPillow A9Adult (f)4,8778801
3fY60Pillow A10Adult (f)6,1871,2663
C3yjDPink A1Adult (m)2,8775921
wqwnfPink A2Adult (m)2,9865822
8Kl9IPink A3Adult (f)4,6039293
Z8THSPink A4Adult (m)3,6056681
N6lqPPink A5Adult (f)3,0744310
3cz7jPink A6Adult (f)4,1448731
6kXzAPink A7Adult (m)3,0777231
huV76Pink A8Adult (m)4,2898462
LZN3FPink A9Adult (f)5,9599821
DTOsnPink A10Adult (m)12,6641,1141
7V20QPink A11Adult (m)5,3651,0241
YbB0HPink A12Adult (m)6,0221,0011
hkFEFPink A13Adult (f)4,7009581
WQx1TPink A14Adult (f)4,1538850
LooYVPink A15Adult (f)6,9628762
FnKNBPink A16Adult (m)5,6381,1542
uGB1BPink A17Adult (m)4,0788550
HgWLLPink A18Adult (f)4,2368240
cPbAuPink A19Adult (m)4,2238530
c35UXPink A20Adult (f)4,4858721
vJnrBPink A21Adult (m)3,7918151
fZALiPipio Pygmy A1Adult (f)6,3091,2091
BNZMlPipio Pygmy A2Adult (f)6,1521,1732
freLHPipio Pygmy A3Adult (f)3,8938662
Fd6ANPipio Pygmy A4Adult (f)2,9277931
0QFMnPipio Pygmy A5Adult (f)2,9777892
trRVUPumpkin A1Adult (f)2,7648101
wnzQ7Pumpkin A2Adult (f)2,8097691
Kat79Pumpkin A3Adult (f)2,1535512
gECRDPumpkin A4Adult (m)2,8047712
xoBDKPumpkin A5Adult (f)2,7667361
m5mj3Pumpkin A6Adult (f)3,8579193
iJlSAPumpkin A7Adult (m)2,1107442
oQteiPumpkin A8Adult (m)2,0917382
oUgwjPumpkin A9Adult (m)2,1697793
YSuRLPumpkin A10Adult (m)1,9297072
EAvAmPumpkin A11Adult (m)2,0627583
9itJYPumpkin A12Adult (m)2,1147561
V9u5lPumpkin A13Adult (m)4,7001,0782
OreubPumpkin A14Adult (f)3,6968753
7lsdSPumpkin A15Adult (m)3,2648412
pmf9BPumpkin A16Adult (f)3,3676942
le3YrPumpkin A17Adult (f)3,3307370
8IrAYPumpkin A18Adult (m)3,3317541
tDtcVPumpkin A19Adult (m)3,0396211
z6TShPumpkin A20Adult (f)2,5595771
TVQF4Pumpkin A21Adult (m)3,5228712
GdKVEPumpkin A22Adult (m)2,9178992
nhMKJPurple  A1Adult (m)3,1926211
6JaskPurple A2Adult (f)2,8765701
a0cfbPurple A3Adult (f)3,7987792
u489iPurple A4Adult (f)4,3046200
ncyUrPurple A5Adult (f)12,6651,1172
qtxSIPurple A6Adult (f)6,1361,0922
kkeoBPurple A7Adult (f)5,7729391
h8SWdPurple A8Adult (m)4,7571,1002
7gCEAPurple A9Adult (f)5,7331,1482
5jblSPurple A10Adult (f)3,9389220
Gc6ZBPygmy A1Adult (m)5,6149364
a1LqrPygmy A2Adult (m)3,8086801
Zgwz4Pygmy A3Adult (m)4,0118391
9xB88Pygmy A4Adult (f)3,7667212
ODWgEPygmy A5Adult (m)5,7397631
ky1ufPygmy A6Adult (f)4,3198103
tksfRPygmy A7Adult (f)5,2949921
VbeWVPygmy A8Adult (m)5,2351,0083
fZLHcPygmy A9Adult (f)4,2878393
8sUv9Pygmy A10Adult (f)5,7778574
hmibBPygmy A11Adult (f)4,9408971
yzAMSPygmy A12Adult (f)4,8359061
TnWchPygmy A13Adult (m)4,0879080
SeHo3Pygmy A14Adult (m)4,3928531
FYO5wPygmy A15Adult (m)3,6158981
lx8bmPygmy A16Adult (f)3,8378182
MbfSxPygmy A17Adult (f)4,1297981
vONsCPyralspite A1Adult (f)4,3347821
df0PvPyralspite A2Adult (f)5,1848622
0Z06HPyralspite A3Adult (m)5,3328381
yBOfXPyralspite A4Adult (m)4,0508292
PrnznPyralspite A5Adult (f)4,2117183
iij7XPyralspite A6Adult (f)4,4077462
fx9pMPyralspite A7Adult (f)3,9807131
hgwGPPyralspite A8Adult (f)4,6548633
yOgjsPyralspite A9Adult (f)3,7888541
3bk8aPyralspite A10Adult (m)3,9728042
flZqaPyralspite A11Adult (f)6,4636862
WMX3ZPyralspite A12Adult (f)3,3397663
Gq7GbPyralspite A13Adult (m)5,4681,0131
qRRBVPyralspite A14Adult (m)5,1929131
KXJMyPyralspite A15Adult (f)5,8051,0431
aWtIHPyralspite A16Adult (f)7,4601,2056
cWL7YPyralspite A17Adult (m)4,1449861
uUjKcPyralspite A18Adult (m)4,5428703
BpYXoPyralspite A19Adult (f)3,8679044
uAdWsPyralspite A20Adult (f)3,9789041
iXmDlPyralspite A21Adult (m)4,5448742
o6zJePyrovar A1Adult (f)4,9218771
BjOgWPyrovar A2Adult (f)6,3871,1761
MDuRqPyrovar A3Adult (f)11,1661,4963
alC3JPyrovar A4Adult (f)5,6141,1012
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