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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
k8GTKLunar Herald A22Adult (f)5,6411,0143
wWYuxLunar Herald A23Adult (f)5,8109571
O16lzLunar Herald A24Adult (f)5,7151,0161
WDzUwLunar Herald A25Adult (m)2,9977432
eZZqCLunar Herald A26Adult (f)3,7027051
NKbx5Lunar Herald A27Adult (m)4,3167671
WxCijLunar Herald A28Adult (m)2,9696021
BGAhmLunar Herald A29Adult (m)5,3588241
pfu8xLunar Herald A30Adult (m)3,0995292
Ol9rcLunar Herald A31Adult (f)3,4835334
R2HsPLunar Herald A32Adult (m)3,9948031
s1Fq8Lunar Herald A33Adult (f)3,9318191
bfZHxLunar Herald A34Adult (m)5,1987724
HQPUqLunar Herald A35Adult (m)4,2528092
ECuahLunar Herald A36Adult (f)3,3426451
R20QdLunar Herald A37Adult (m)5,0457661
s239cLunar Herald A38Adult (f)7,3041,1302
W1iIoLunar Herald A39Adult (m)6,3001,0641
vZ517Lunar Herald A40Adult (f)8,1531,2161
b4r0QLunar Herald A41Adult (m)6,1421,0712
aOE7DLunar Herald A42Adult (m)4,9658131
4coy8Lunar Herald A43Adult (f)5,4738931
0TdTDLunar Herald A44Adult (f)4,6858171
Tn4PALunar Herald A45Adult (f)5,4509671
xsZKyLunar Herald A46Adult (f)5,2001,2322
hEV7SLunar Herald A47Adult (m)3,8569082
4a6nOLunar Herald A48Adult (m)4,3428763
ojuy1Lunar Herald A49Adult (f)3,8708902
d2WxFLunar Herald A50Adult (f)4,7979661
g26wCLunar Herald A51Adult (m)3,1627232
9zMtxLunar Herald A52Adult (f)3,7697822
ViqhXLunar Herald A53Adult (f)3,7518391
xh8XgLunar Herald A54Adult (f)3,7268342
Fo3YWMagelight A1Adult (m)4,3358493
QeEA0Magelight A2Adult (m)3,7996621
WD5UVMagelight A3Adult (m)3,3256931
4LXAoMagelight A4Adult (f)3,6655372
Bo33LMagelight A5Adult (f)5,9321,0792
6LSrWMagelight A6Adult (m)3,8728761
tACtKMagi A1Adult (f)4,5877881
PO5XzMagi A2Adult (f)2,5825602
chFZXMagi A3Adult (m)3,1997601
5CIIGMagi A4Adult (m)3,7516652
exseOMagi A5Adult (m)4,1188324
bTv9qMagi A6Adult (m)4,8649313
MouXqMagi A7Adult (m)4,5337831
gcNALMagi A8Adult (f)6,0497482
n8OO5Magi A9Adult (m)4,5728241
wIzswMagi A10Adult (f)3,5527093
yCQFjMagi A11Adult (f)5,3858060
6ebYJMagi A12Adult (m)4,5948402
NQ0bpMagma A1Adult (m)3,7567801
noGSwMariner Pygmy A1Adult (m)4,1279211
GDoWFMariner Pygmy A2Adult (f)3,6808101
33PGlMariner Pygmy A3Adult (f)3,7787760
fkm3JMelismor A1Adult (f)5,9668291
gPkxeMelismor A2Adult (f)6,3731,1261
EwtZlMelismor A3Adult (m)4,8318891
lljhjMelismor A4Adult (f)3,8908893
0LjAHMelismor A5Adult (m)4,5689340
oHTY1Melismor A6Adult (f)4,8479331
nXzyXMelismor A7Adult (f)3,7067763
0iUUzMimic Pygmy A1Adult (f)6,2901,2111
PcBCTMimic Pygmy A2Adult (f)4,2784953
bDFfNMimic Pygmy A3Adult (f)4,1838542
ElIGaMimic Pygmy A4Adult (m)4,1117241
32CjMMimic Pygmy A5Adult (f)3,5588162
y5kHqMimic Pygmy A6Adult (m)3,9138611
M71yLMimic Pygmy A7Adult (m)4,1638941
nDsBpMimic Pygmy A8Adult (f)3,8639330
1n4jEMimic Pygmy A9Adult (f)4,1948663
2fpWUMint A1Adult (f)2,9445701
xpV2bMint A2Adult (m)3,5366961
wzL7XMint A3Adult (m)4,9209552
2iTpMMint A4Adult (f)3,5546992
seRu4Mint A5Adult (f)4,6048820
BqNLXMint A6Adult (f)6,8081,0713
gvcdVMint A7Adult (f)4,9529621
zC8h4Mint A8Adult (m)3,5927141
I3mrHMint A9Adult (f)4,1748482
7xMJZMint A10Adult (m)4,9181,1401
oAs3xMint A11Adult (m)4,6719531
suUjwMint A12Adult (f)3,5258842
YvCayMisfit Pygmy A1Adult (f)3,8417191
gSLmdMisfit Pygmy A2Adult (m)3,7767632
DnGb3Misfit Pygmy A3Adult (m)7,7659591
mXNIcMisfit Pygmy A4Adult (m)4,6528922
lKcNiMisfit Pygmy A5Adult (m)4,3939021
UBF9hMonarch A1Adult (f)2,4995882
8hFewMonarch A2Adult (f)2,8325752
Y31AmMonarch A3Adult (m)4,2127191
3Htv7Monarch A4Adult (m)4,3988571
BpQjIMonarch A5Adult (m)3,3535402
OtDlzMonarch A6Adult (f)3,7229051
EfZ5bMonarch A7Adult (m)4,6928971
1Y7XBMonarch A8Adult (f)3,2528341
6DTW7Monarch A9Adult (m)3,8369330
u9FE1Moonstone A1Adult (f)2,5586092
nKUiKMoonstone A2Adult (m)4,2187231
DIPF5Moonstone A3Adult (f)3,7157351
DzQLNMoonstone A4Adult (f)3,4686961
vuZfWMoonstone A5Adult (f)8,0679371
CR6tTMoonstone A6Adult (m)6,4097971
9m2TQMoonstone A7Adult (m)4,2537551
jkBydMoonstone A8Adult (m)7,1169641
gxbjlMoonstone A9Adult (m)6,7391,1213
ZanF4Moonstone A10Adult (m)7,0421,2391
JPue5Moonstone A11Adult (f)5,2099712
12smOMoonstone A12Adult (m)5,2938930
wNxfIMoonstone A13Adult (f)4,0478441
oKqVLMoonstone A14Adult (f)4,3128982
P4vWrMoonstone  A15Adult (f)3,9907712
JIjCRMoonstone A16Adult (m)3,3758001
G7KOpMoonstone A17Adult (f)3,8768741
NokaNMorphodrake A1Adult (f)4,0089592
T0zOwMorphodrake A2Adult (m)3,9939201
4ta5TMorphodrake A3Adult (m)3,6287194
Cu0MlMorphodrake A4Adult (m)3,4556481
G5ItsMorphodrake A5Adult (f)3,0045852
BGrrcMorphodrake A6Adult (f)3,8947543
0E5FUMorphodrake A7Adult (m)4,7278682
50330Morphodrake A8Adult (f)6,8421,0642
JoZg2Morphodrake A9Adult (f)3,8735581
aV09BMorphodrake A10Adult (f)6,9439811
WuEvCMutamore A1Adult (m)4,5057892
MX6btMutamore A2Adult (m)4,7608992
ERmFrMutamore A3Adult (m)4,6039591
AzZCpMutamore A4Adult (m)9,0571,5693
JwJdEMutamore A5Adult (m)4,5681,1621
QJHwmMutamore A6Adult (m)5,7541,1183
PXtVQMutamore A7Adult (m)3,9171,0632
vJbXDMutamore A8Adult (m)3,3258951
9dJduMutamore A9Adult (m)3,5148962
kDXTeNebula A1Adult (m)2,7225815
j9jksNebula A2Adult (f)4,1806664
XV5jrNebula A3Adult (m)4,5308353
7FfWXNebula A4Adult (m)3,6526377
3shl8Nebula A5Adult (m)4,3808752
fIXWZNebula A6Adult (m)2,8996761
1uRXkNebula A7Adult (m)3,5697122
PcCJoNebula A8Adult (f)3,4857022
WZnLuNebula A9Adult (m)4,7137021
ekyVQNebula A10Adult (f)3,5035841
Y2N2mNebula A11Adult (f)3,0807341
yUkSkNebula A12Adult (m)3,1647482
Oc9JmNebula A13Adult (f)2,5676112
5PjkONebula A14Adult (m)2,6836341
S96bLNebula A15Adult (m)2,6265812
SfxD1Nebula A16Adult (m)3,6847521
gOh5LNebula A17Adult (m)5,6338051
hO5AhNebula A18Adult (f)3,0387281
oGgHGNebula A24Adult (f)4,6767901
GyLeMNebula A19Adult (m)2,9796832
w52ZQNebula A20Adult (f)3,7615302
Mh6XzNebula A21Adult (m)3,4927111
9bztiNebula A22Adult (m)2,8375082
1LPitNebula A23Adult (f)3,3287931
bTyy6Nebula A25Adult (m)3,2538191
847MmNebula A26Adult (m)4,8289471
kH6ARNebula A27Adult (m)3,9685662
r79LYNebula A28Adult (m)3,1756200
GegL1Nebula A29Adult (m)3,4446331
J3duLNebula A30Adult (m)4,7307793
vS6uXNebula A31Adult (f)3,3227272
iHDzqNebula A32Adult (m)3,4196482
zgETUNebula A33Adult (f)3,6707943
tbuZrNebula A34Adult (m)6,0398744
xlLFGNebula A35Adult (f)4,2878362
b8RdONebula A36Adult (m)5,0907622
D9CnwNebula A37Adult (m)8,6551,2942
zLgWyNebula A38Adult (f)6,6508442
QwIkPNebula A39Adult (f)4,5098591
TW0JYNebula A40Adult (m)6,7621,1043
zYFz3Nebula A41Adult (f)4,3069591
WZxTZNebula A42Adult (f)6,0651,0203
43tp2Nebula A43Adult (m)4,7679341
oKP4yNebula A44Adult (f)5,3449174
vuzBiNebula A45Adult (m)4,8079322
7yFX4Nebula A46Adult (f)4,0103751
kaG80Nebula A47Adult (f)4,7559181
jgy7yNebula A48Adult (m)4,3599282
D5jg6Nebula A49Adult (f)5,0299693
GTMEDNebula A50Adult (m)4,5848842
7m94wNebula A51Adult (f)5,8991,1903
ydPXONebula A52Adult (f)3,9748574
uJ8MUNebula A53Adult (f)4,1928921
BoCmQNebula A54Adult (m)4,1148921
EdyKPNebula A55Adult (m)3,8467781
9SDwCNebula A56Adult (m)4,5599054
H8l4cNebula A57Adult (f)4,1018961
rACM4Nebula A58Adult (f)4,4799221
i2mPONebula A59Adult (f)4,5729022
KOavRNebula A60Adult (f)4,6629161
9pyE0Nebula A61Adult (f)3,9978722
i2wpfNebula A62Adult (f)4,4318992
ozAVMNebula A63Adult (f)3,9758960
GjYsdNebula A64Adult (f)3,5719763
YLw4zNebula A65Adult (f)3,7009521
ApYNQNebula A66Adult (f)4,9499182
ae7RgNebula A67Adult (f)4,2219081
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