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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3Ms7hSiyat A3Adult (m)4,4719891
KgUsySiyat A4Adult (m)4,5829821
tOCKnSiyat A5Adult (f)5,5499311
by61fSiyat A6Adult (f)4,0018040
QJpklSiyat A7Adult (m)3,7317950
oyI9SSiyat A8Adult (f)4,0378010
oBOCtSiyat A9Adult (m)3,8218070
PxrPNSiyat A10Adult (f)5,5198571
FDZedSiyat A11Adult (m)5,4708421
LvRb0Siyat A12Adult (f)5,4018242
PDWfjSiyat A13Adult (m)5,4168490
g8y0ISiyat A14Adult (f)4,8679581
44GdxSiyat A15Adult (m)5,4101,0152
sBOEpSiyat A16Adult (m)4,4639200
KzX1kSiyat A17Adult (f)5,3741,1401
YTrPMSiyat A18Adult (m)6,0199561
6X3qnSiyat A19Adult (f)3,9688451
xzrOkSiyat A20Adult (f)4,6988241
RMLs3Skysilk A1Adult (m)3,7528091
Nfnc4Skysilk A2Adult (f)3,7668661
9pE2oSkysilk A3Adult (f)3,2988812
7QpXZSkysilk A4Adult (m)3,7917590
xEyxZSkywing A1Adult (f)3,4106031
2n9VkSkywing A2Adult (m)3,9057182
NfnQMSkywing A3Adult (m)2,5865943
N2jA5Skywing A4Adult (f)4,6426842
l7CagSkywing A5Adult (m)3,6536982
cvSiDSkywing A6Adult (f)2,5946182
Ncgb2Skywing A7Adult (f)3,1937611
Gz8SsSkywing A8Adult (m)5,4579045
sGsicSkywing A9Adult (f)4,7728722
V9dJMSkywing A10Adult (f)3,5765642
ZrqW1Skywing A11Adult (f)4,3818504
8yfTxSkywing A12Adult (f)6,3178301
FCSVhSkywing A13Adult (m)5,4309861
Qtb2DSkywing A14Adult (f)5,4961,0263
5cEUaSkywing A15Adult (m)5,0009410
NhJ53Skywing A16Adult (f)3,9586214
BUGqpSkywing A17Adult (f)3,3736921
22Tt1Skywing A18Adult (f)4,5449562
pOSxcSkywing A19Adult (m)3,4198212
uxTffSkywing A20Adult (m)3,9369261
o7clkSkywing A21Adult (m)3,9019102
PnFCySoulpeace A1Adult (f)3,5336054
3WbpxSoulpeace A2Adult (m)4,3948704
sfMA9Soulpeace A3Adult (m)4,3257931
g7ZP8Soulpeace A4Adult (m)5,3891,0243
mpNOnSoulpeace A5Adult (f)7,0011,2042
PnhEeSoulpeace A6Adult (f)4,7239051
A1RFmSoulstone A1Adult (f)9,6111,6391
rphYtSoulstone A2Adult (f)9,1941,6071
hRsVBSoulstone A3Adult (f)3,4518950
m82vGSoulstone A4Adult (f)3,3601,0191
LNw2QSoulstone A5Adult (f)5,7561,1561
oV3CbSoulstone A6Adult (f)3,6971,0482
3S7vcSpeckle-Throat A1Adult (f)6,3111,0927
QtJKRSpeckle-Throat A2Adult (m)3,0256711
QF0ehSpeckle-Throat A3Adult (f)4,4327343
7FvriSpeckle-Throat A4Adult (f)3,1655151
UZcUoSpeckle-Throat A5Adult (m)4,6187217
aMQJqSpeckle-Throat A6Adult (m)4,8398973
OXP4GSpeckle-Throat A7Adult (f)4,3327651
A1tQVSpeckle-Throat A8Adult (m)9,7481,3401
C3sGWSpeckle-Throat A9Adult (m)5,3261,0201
Y0Bw6Speckle-Throat A10Adult (f)4,6348189
ujUFgSpeckle-Throat A11Adult (m)3,8068930
KVbw6Speckle-Throat A12Adult (f)4,0828291
Rxy9hSpinel A1Adult (m)6,3468442
BL4hKSpinel A2Adult (m)7,9979331
o5RFWSpinel A3Adult (f)7,5929271
U7y3aSpinel A4Adult (f)6,4699201
mUHV3Spinel A5Adult (f)7,3779372
TSHKRSpinel A6Adult (m)7,4869731
7QOGKSpinel A7Adult (f)6,1331,1632
07yInSpinel A8Adult (m)5,5559801
e4d89Spinel A9Adult (m)6,8049593
RbT87Spinel A10Adult (f)8,2961,1782
2FPROSpinel A11Adult (f)9,7991,0732
n0I0mSpinel A12Adult (m)5,0008023
ya8o0Spinel A13Adult (f)9,6421,0723
fuDUzSpinel A14Adult (f)6,9051,1203
eZFnuSpinel A15Adult (f)7,6091,2091
26br1Spinel A16Adult (m)4,9399612
9xuoWSpinel A17Adult (m)5,5449120
SvzQuSpinel A18Adult (m)4,6409030
xForhSpinel A19Adult (m)4,4989742
s3Mq8Spinel A20Adult (m)5,3659093
nQy9ISpinel A21Adult (f)5,4649912
rNRBkSpinel A22Adult (m)4,2968831
vFm1pSpinel A23Adult (m)4,1118991
PBu5kSpinel A24Adult (f)4,5028961
SchPBSpinel A25Adult (m)5,3801,1581
LhkIpSpinel A26Adult (m)3,4387841
9NTK5Spirit Ward A1Adult (m)3,0296022
FFJQVSpirit Ward A2Adult (f)4,2617792
ciEl9Spirit Ward A3Adult (f)5,8501,0622
fR0IqSpirit Ward A4Adult (f)5,8171,0242
Px2BiSpirit Ward A5Adult (m)5,8591,0143
6vS6qSpirit Ward A6Adult (m)2,6216313
iKK6YSpirit Ward A7Adult (m)3,7395751
L3qhoSpirit Ward A8Adult (m)3,6895861
ynoBLSpirit Ward A9Adult (f)4,1136761
6uXyNSpirit Ward A10Adult (f)3,8897270
7nMWTSpirit Ward A11Adult (m)7,1851,0633
3VjZkSpirit Ward A12Adult (f)4,0659033
ucsIJSpirit Ward A13Adult (f)5,5478271
oGeN6Spirit Ward A14Adult (f)3,9117143
TBOOTSpirit Ward A15Adult (m)2,5606261
sTCXrSpirit Ward A16Adult (m)4,6548835
76NbbSpirit Ward A17Adult (m)4,4928333
xBAMwSpirit Ward A18Adult (m)3,1357241
mIYTASpirit Ward A19Adult (f)3,9735042
6kWjWSpirit Ward A20Adult (f)4,8309672
XTHEQSpirit Ward A21Adult (f)4,5518882
pF4n4Spirit Ward A22Adult (f)6,1676734
TMPqYSpirit Ward A23Adult (m)3,9457312
Hz8MySpirit Ward A24Adult (m)6,3351,0024
u8rDMSpirit Ward A25Adult (m)4,5729542
HKbmYSpirit Ward A26Adult (f)5,9539953
2L3iUSpirit Ward A27Adult (f)5,0299761
OK0kySpirit Ward A28Adult (f)5,6758543
gNryTSpirit Ward A29Adult (m)6,0338283
lpCFbSpirit Ward A30Adult (f)6,5541,1683
HJYeLSpirit Ward A31Adult (m)3,7033922
Ckc8GSpirit Ward A32Adult (m)4,6277842
X8j8zSpirit Ward A33Adult (m)4,1897251
0PII9Spirit Ward A34Adult (m)4,9109352
nAWFVSpirit Ward A35Adult (f)4,4331,0023
zwnewSpirit Ward A36Adult (f)4,2518711
vp1nFSpirit Ward A37Adult (f)5,3501,1381
Dy0bNSpirit Ward A38Adult (m)4,1351,0291
ktALTSpirit Ward A39Adult (f)4,1741,0540
iTmjmSpirit Ward A40Adult (f)3,7158133
Y83dTSpirit Ward A41Adult (m)3,5869152
xooJySpirit Ward A42Adult (f)3,0215371
2eKttSpirit Ward A43Adult (f)3,2678352
IeCxrSpirit Ward A44Adult (m)4,2957611
6iPDcSpirit Ward A45Adult (f)4,3849482
an3ciSpitfire A1Adult (m)3,0256173
mfTtzSpitfire A2Adult (m)3,7586941
r3lg1Spitfire A3Adult (m)4,9189331
of0L8Spitfire A4Adult (f)6,2968802
jJRqsSpitfire A5Adult (f)5,0141,0323
rbV4mSpitfire A6Adult (m)4,8769181
E2oGZSpotted Greenwing A1Adult (m)2,5455111
xI8FOSpotted Greenwing A2Adult (m)3,4576991
ab0TJSpotted Greenwing A3Adult (m)6,0751,0752
jNYyGSpotted Greenwing A4Adult (f)5,8321,0002
zYO7CSpotted Greenwing A5Adult (m)9,8551,3362
DtctJSpotted Greenwing A6Adult (f)4,5708040
Yw9iSSpotted Greenwing A7Adult (m)4,4459241
HO4NgSpotted Greenwing A8Adult (m)4,1399091
CR4z0Spotted Greenwing A9Adult (m)4,0849091
8bYozStone A1Adult (m)3,0355653
aDoIfStone A2Adult (m)3,6647052
cMS4fStone A3Adult (m)3,3836612
GvG5pStone A4Adult (m)3,6336232
3QNYNStone A5Adult (f)7,0091,2173
PK5JnStone A6Adult (m)5,5219911
AjV7VStone A7Adult (f)5,5211,0421
DztSYStone A8Adult (m)5,5121,0661
J0WI9Stone A9Adult (f)4,6748911
XDcx1Stone A10Adult (m)3,6318441
nt419Stone A11Adult (f)5,3931,0753
hJjROStone A12Adult (f)3,8678921
bwAO5Storm A1Adult (f)7,2191,0843
xx2pPStorm A2Adult (f)3,7957081
gfGQSStorm A3Adult (f)3,8306494
xvFlCStorm A4Adult (m)3,4286662
Qg1XdStorm A5Adult (m)4,4937552
SDGo8Storm A6Adult (f)4,1824761
3j73rStorm A7Adult (m)5,8969772
b5iIxStorm A8Adult (m)4,8338992
Z8LkmStorm A9Adult (m)4,8518921
QCxTrStorm A10Adult (m)4,7418991
i4XI4Storm A11Adult (f)4,1529420
R7G6SStorm A12Adult (m)5,0408671
xZ5aWStorm A13Adult (m)4,8948812
NBsi2Storm A14Adult (m)4,1949772
0vvSJStorm A15Adult (f)3,4447171
ethRvStorm A16Adult (f)4,0458252
31zMOStorm-Rider A1Adult (m)5,0538773
B9k3zStorm-Rider A2Adult (f)2,3685942
RezfbStorm-Rider A3Adult (m)2,6226401
YIjDEStorm-Rider A4Adult (m)2,9186573
mbgvDStorm-Rider A5Adult (f)4,5609691
SZ2xCStorm-Rider A6Adult (f)4,6499251
OHNsyStorm-Rider A7Adult (m)4,5719092
Czc0jStorm-Rider A8Adult (f)4,8069503
HMSx7Stripe A1Adult (m)4,4448450
4mQpYStripe A2Adult (m)4,6517951
SCKntStripe A3Adult (f)5,0178333
zM3tIStripe A4Adult (f)3,5245421
jZrqtStripe A5Adult (m)3,4585271
ip1BnStripe A6Adult (f)4,0958083
IcgKyStripe A7Adult (m)4,4628093
b36Z9Stripe A8Adult (f)3,3726221
LJatYStripe A9Adult (m)3,3536383
x0IYfStripe A10Adult (f)3,4296331
aVFt1Stripe A11Adult (f)5,9786471
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