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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FKeu2Boreal A1Adult (m)5,7381,1052
drCRuBoreal A2Adult (f)4,5258991
kGeVABoreal A3Adult (f)4,5988411
8xNauBoreal A4Adult (f)4,9099012
LNfPiBoreal A5Adult (f)4,3911,0311
l2qEpBoreal A6Adult (f)4,2848382
8EUXJBoreal A7Adult (f)4,6209122
7fC1mBoreal A8Adult (m)3,9249313
SCbx7Boreal A9Adult (m)3,8349083
7Xz4LBright-Breasted Wyvern A1Adult (m)4,2398152
25tk7Bright-Breasted Wyvern A2Adult (f)4,0867811
vcqR8Bright-Breasted Wyvern A3Adult (f)5,6939022
xwZykBright-Breasted Wyvern A4Adult (m)5,0617511
CcNmEBright-Breasted Wyvern A5Adult (m)6,6039221
YDqfDBright-Breasted Wyvern A6Adult (f)7,6001,0222
qNz9yBright-Breasted Wyvern A7Adult (f)6,3638602
NYUP8Bright-Breasted Wyvern A8Adult (m)6,6818283
DxYC2Bright-Breasted Wyvern A9Adult (f)6,7128282
GwVrJBright-Breasted Wyvern A10Adult (f)6,6798493
7Tm6DBright-Breasted Wyvern A11Adult (m)6,5928373
dO8EDBright-Breasted Wyvern A12Adult (m)9,0951,3431
M85ZwBright-Breasted Wyvern A13Adult (f)8,6101,3191
xZDRmBright-Breasted Wyvern A14Adult (m)6,6788601
cWJUTBright-Breasted Wyvern A15Adult (f)11,9151,2712
9kWcuBright-Breasted Wyvern A16Adult (m)4,0987623
APDSsBright-Breasted Wyvern A17Adult (f)4,0527362
0ghcDBright-Breasted Wyvern A18Adult (m)4,2717552
wm4BtBright-Breasted Wyvern A19Adult (m)6,2929911
zYW0LBright-Breasted Wyvern A20Adult (m)7,1571,1732
9tj39Bright-Breasted Wyvern A21Adult (f)6,7191,1332
8ZvNSBright-Breasted Wyvern A22Adult (m)7,1861,0781
qkjPCBright-Breasted Wyvern A23Adult (m)6,3481,0321
W2jleBright-Breasted Wyvern A24Adult (f)4,9929101
PqNLJBright-Breasted Wyvern A25Adult (f)5,8299352
fj8IHBright-Breasted Wyvern A26Adult (m)5,1849501
ZHmaeBright-Breasted Wyvern A27Adult (f)5,3728981
YZ3AtBright-Breasted Wyvern A28Adult (f)5,4338900
V5ZweBright-Breasted Wyvern A29Adult (m)5,1158850
DPT0oBright-Breasted Wyvern A30Adult (m)5,3489151
rg2GeBright-Breasted Wyvern A31Adult (m)5,0219261
OLH8NBright-Breasted Wyvern A32Adult (m)5,1049541
cOF9kBright-Breasted Wyvern A33Adult (m)5,6601,0345
5VRK0Bright-Breasted Wyvern A34Adult (f)6,1001,0741
DPGvyBright-Breasted Wyvern A35Adult (m)6,3591,0682
9Z46WBright-Breasted Wyvern A36Adult (f)8,3491,1833
uJJuyBright-Breasted Wyvern A37Adult (f)8,7781,1942
rePniBright-Breasted Wyvern A38Adult (m)8,6391,2403
3dqXVBright-Breasted Wyvern A39Adult (m)9,1469082
m3f0wBright-Breasted Wyvern A40Adult (f)9,6741,0833
BdMxzBright-Breasted Wyvern A41Adult (f)9,4848961
WGLkeBright-Breasted Wyvern A42Adult (m)9,4959101
X6Ch7Bright-Breasted Wyvern A43Adult (f)9,7199402
jDbJJBright-Breasted Wyvern A44Adult (f)9,5639341
WxGncBright-Breasted Wyvern A45Adult (m)9,5629431
XgsxMBright-Breasted Wyvern A46Adult (m)9,5549161
UtGxZBright-Breasted Wyvern A47Adult (m)9,7941,1072
PdGPXBright-Breasted Wyvern A48Adult (f)6,2969952
4oZ5hBright-Breasted Wyvern A49Adult (f)5,0577531
mGqZhBright-Breasted Wyvern A50Adult (f)5,9391,0165
FmCPoBright-Breasted Wyvern A51Adult (m)5,6781,0481
BA2hGBright-Breasted Wyvern A52Adult (m)5,7651,0881
9FLYtBright-Breasted Wyvern A53Adult (f)6,1531,0131
4TMXkBright-Breasted Wyvern A54Adult (f)6,2721,0252
Mk1KtBright-Breasted Wyvern A55Adult (m)7,8191,1641
66mT0Bright-Breasted Wyvern A56Adult (f)7,7151,1531
IJU8gBright-Breasted Wyvern A57Adult (f)8,0281,1991
2rwzhBright-Breasted Wyvern A58Adult (f)4,8819191
9DF5uBright-Breasted Wyvern A59Adult (f)5,2581,0091
1qfRuBright-Breasted Wyvern A60Adult (f)5,3601,0362
KwbAvBright-Breasted Wyvern A61Adult (f)6,4639942
wmWf0Bright-Breasted Wyvern A62Adult (f)6,4431,0001
GpDbwBright-Breasted Wyvern A63Adult (f)6,5139901
RjSnvBright-Breasted Wyvern A64Adult (m)5,1839341
aVtnGBright-Breasted Wyvern A65Adult (f)5,8791,0223
GLytBBright-Breasted Wyvern A66Adult (m)5,2919843
8zLPOBright-Breasted Wyvern A67Adult (f)5,8621,0851
Rxbd2Bright-Breasted Wyvern A68Adult (f)4,7028651
ngKs7Bright-Breasted Wyvern A69Adult (f)4,7508711
r5Sy7Bright-Breasted Wyvern A70Adult (f)4,6508881
5rG5OBright-Breasted Wyvern A71Adult (m)4,6258381
fedl6Bright-Breasted Wyvern A72Adult (f)4,7598501
0nSCmBright-Breasted Wyvern A73Adult (f)4,8548911
QNmRUBright-Breasted Wyvern A74Adult (m)5,0829441
XdEiJBright-Breasted Wyvern A75Adult (f)6,1121,0571
2Ym5ABright-Breasted Wyvern A76Adult (m)6,0461,1003
KLSBZBright-Breasted Wyvern A77Adult (f)7,6321,3322
frbgABright-Breasted Wyvern A78Adult (m)7,9281,3232
c3UUQBright-Breasted Wyvern A79Adult (f)5,8291,0432
2IOfjBright-Breasted Wyvern A80Adult (f)6,0131,0072
XEUKXBright-Breasted Wyvern A81Adult (m)6,8631,3673
0assHBright-Breasted Wyvern A82Adult (f)6,8861,3961
M6sPnBright-Breasted Wyvern A83Adult (f)4,5739801
N3DjpBright-Breasted Wyvern A84Adult (m)4,5058992
SipMzBright-Breasted Wyvern A85Adult (m)4,2629201
84ewhBright-Breasted Wyvern A86Adult (m)4,6558821
xUeZqBright-Breasted Wyvern A87Adult (f)5,4741,0381
ygh2pBright-Breasted Wyvern A88Adult (m)4,7738451
TwZqMBright-Breasted Wyvern A89Adult (m)4,3808242
nNMgJBright-Breasted Wyvern A90Adult (f)4,4328502
QFHhLBright-Breasted Wyvern A91Adult (f)4,2488163
kHnpqBright-Breasted Wyvern A92Adult (f)5,9771,0122
QDrWtBright-Breasted Wyvern A93Adult (m)4,7538732
VkeX2Bright-Breasted Wyvern A94Adult (f)5,4179272
8MvZvBright-Breasted Wyvern A95Adult (m)5,1168391
VLsbYBright-Breasted Wyvern A96Adult (m)5,1538661
dWz6nBright-Breasted Wyvern A97Adult (m)4,5018522
4En7LBright-Breasted Wyvern A98Adult (m)4,7168432
23sWCBright-Breasted Wyvern A99Adult (f)4,6088683
x9QIjBright-Breasted Wyvern A100Adult (m)4,8818413
pO1B6Bright-Breasted Wyvern A101Adult (m)4,6018592
y1PoxBright-Breasted Wyvern A102Adult (m)4,8978831
aMc6fBright-Breasted Wyvern A103Adult (f)3,6908891
jS9tBBright-Breasted Wyvern A104Adult (m)4,1189391
yaCLdBright-Breasted Wyvern A105Adult (f)4,0728313
uqhXcBright-Breasted Wyvern A106Adult (m)4,2218672
QvMCHBright-Breasted Wyvern A107Adult (f)3,4947422
OjBMxBright-Breasted Wyvern A108Adult (f)4,6348501
NuKBmBright-Breasted Wyvern A109Adult (f)4,4978591
IDuYWBright-Breasted Wyvern A110Adult (f)5,0606965
kUr4ABright-Breasted Wyvern A111Adult (m)3,4607442
tJ3eBBright-Breasted Wyvern A112Adult (m)4,8991,1083
YOHBMBright-Breasted Wyvern A113Adult (f)3,8016184
cK8yCBright-Breasted Wyvern A114Adult (m)3,9116172
JblKYBright-Breasted Wyvern A115Adult (f)4,2166482
oCSwPBright-Breasted Wyvern A116Adult (f)2,8656642
iecrBBright-Breasted Wyvern A117Adult (m)2,9166912
76SdmBright-Breasted Wyvern A118Adult (f)4,3839630
ipWnhBright-Breasted Wyvern A119Adult (f)5,9631,1083
4ioWLBright-Breasted Wyvern A120Adult (f)4,9859752
G7lwLBright-Breasted Wyvern A121Adult (m)4,9669811
bnUCrBright-Breasted Wyvern A122Adult (f)4,5678941
XE61gBright-Breasted Wyvern A123Adult (m)5,5038413
UTQumBright-Breasted Wyvern A124Adult (f)4,2828742
X5kPvBright-Breasted Wyvern A125Adult (m)4,4608981
bxI57Bright-Breasted Wyvern A126Adult (f)4,5218821
0CLxGBright-Breasted Wyvern A127Adult (f)4,6188871
TY7b7Bright-Breasted Wyvern A128Adult (m)4,7228761
bM3XqBright-Breasted Wyvern A129Adult (f)5,0389160
y0sPvBright-Breasted Wyvern A130Adult (m)4,5238952
ofIVnBright-Breasted Wyvern A131Adult (f)4,8219130
2UnPqBright-Breasted Wyvern A132Adult (m)4,7488371
goOioBright-Breasted Wyvern A133Adult (f)5,0438711
A3auMBright-Breasted Wyvern A134Adult (m)4,3418663
Kw7YJBright-Breasted Wyvern A135Adult (m)4,5586822
0JuKUBright-Breasted Wyvern A136Adult (f)4,6439032
wt4UkBright-Breasted Wyvern A137Adult (m)4,8979102
8lXySBright-Breasted Wyvern A138Adult (m)4,6778953
0CmwmBright-Breasted Wyvern A139Adult (f)4,7668942
PUMehBright-Breasted Wyvern A140Adult (m)4,8749222
qd38jBright-Breasted Wyvern A141Adult (m)4,7318851
d5PVPBright-Breasted Wyvern A142Adult (m)5,2458584
hr7pXBright-Breasted Wyvern A143Adult (m)5,3839131
msSC2Bright-Breasted Wyvern A144Adult (f)5,1048912
qy4VYBright-Breasted Wyvern A145Adult (f)5,0618732
Z1QWFBright-Breasted Wyvern A146Adult (m)4,8948683
mhG65Bright-Breasted Wyvern A147Adult (f)4,6928811
t2WLjBright-Breasted Wyvern A148Adult (f)6,2481,1611
QYDooBright-Breasted Wyvern A149Adult (m)3,7004493
zAYoHBright-Breasted Wyvern A150Adult (f)4,5174312
xDAflBright-Breasted Wyvern A151Adult (m)5,1088941
Hvoa7Bright-Breasted Wyvern A152Adult (f)5,1188731
f7lEOBright-Breasted Wyvern A153Adult (m)5,1128681
XDu88Bright-Breasted Wyvern A154Adult (f)4,4317151
v02z2Bright-Breasted Wyvern A155Adult (f)4,7408952
QiBMIBright-Breasted Wyvern A156Adult (m)4,6839081
HfWhYBright-Breasted Wyvern A157Adult (f)4,7068633
Q88gaBright-Breasted Wyvern A158Adult (m)5,0568891
e5OD2Bright-Breasted Wyvern A159Adult (f)5,0898901
EldgjBright-Breasted Wyvern A160Adult (f)6,5159231
kzcIqBright-Breasted Wyvern A161Adult (m)4,3579201
KlhmyBright-Breasted Wyvern A162Adult (f)4,5349201
AzTuSBright-Breasted Wyvern A163Adult (f)5,7419160
gCL0VBright-Breasted Wyvern A164Adult (m)4,1554033
bKfdyBright-Breasted Wyvern A165Adult (m)4,6144172
10TElBright-Breasted Wyvern A166Adult (f)3,7923862
iNmmiBright-Breasted Wyvern A167Adult (f)5,3437963
PYoVMBright-Breasted Wyvern A168Adult (m)4,4738423
w3BAcBright-Breasted Wyvern A169Adult (m)5,2419281
BB018Bright-Breasted Wyvern A170Adult (f)5,3579311
z9DZrBright-Breasted Wyvern A171Adult (f)5,2989211
Vhm4qBright-Breasted Wyvern A172Adult (f)5,2819221
wDpMzBright-Breasted Wyvern A173Adult (f)5,3518940
AK90VBright-Breasted Wyvern A174Adult (m)5,3689641
XnrXEBright-Breasted Wyvern A175Adult (f)5,2008931
1HsQTBright-Breasted Wyvern A176Adult (m)4,9389011
pLcwuBright-Breasted Wyvern A177Adult (f)4,3489041
iRJQ9Bright-Breasted Wyvern A178Adult (m)4,3859012
wezfyBright-Breasted Wyvern A179Adult (f)4,5439562
no9WKBright-Breasted Wyvern A180Adult (f)4,2607412
hlKR6Bright-Breasted Wyvern A181Adult (m)3,9808871
YZ9HKBright-Breasted Wyvern A182Adult (f)4,1661,0173
Uo7uqBright-Breasted Wyvern A183Adult (f)4,2051,0191
s37PZBright-Breasted Wyvern A184Adult (m)4,2369831
fRPZuBright-Breasted Wyvern A185Adult (f)3,3948390
W2PdhBright-Breasted Wyvern A186Adult (m)4,5629281
GH7ZYBright-Breasted Wyvern A187Adult (f)4,8378362
ukrPMBright-Breasted Wyvern A188Adult (m)4,7828951
SkoTQBright-Breasted Wyvern A189Adult (f)3,7778421
Dfw54Bright-Breasted Wyvern A190Adult (f)3,7677960
o9sT9Bright-Breasted Wyvern A191Adult (f)5,5198803
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