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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nAfzMCelestial A88Adult (f)6,6628421
NCJtCCelestial A89Adult (m)7,4779171
7oihZCelestial A90Adult (f)6,3857722
dGUl7Celestial A91Adult (f)9,6911,0473
I0Xb7Celestial A92Adult (m)6,5247701
L8IexCelestial A93Adult (f)6,6668102
OKipICelestial A94Adult (m)6,5238021
G6NEiCelestial A95Adult (m)6,5971,0734
yABhaCelestial A96Adult (f)6,5471,0471
n2clOCelestial A97Adult (f)6,1221,0412
hWsqeCelestial A98Adult (m)6,5687621
emPXoCelestial A99Adult (f)7,6571,3192
7anypCelestial A100Adult (m)7,0311,1892
Jw5hhCelestial A101Adult (m)8,2031,2171
octPGCelestial A102Adult (f)6,2231,0111
t7UHnCelestial A103Adult (m)6,2221,0771
PvFUbCelestial A104Adult (f)6,0421,1101
MsvsSCelestial A105Adult (f)6,0321,0841
JBX3mCelestial A106Adult (f)4,5518611
ifgFKCelestial A107Adult (m)4,5638632
qxzYuCelestial A108Adult (m)4,9449211
ynEkoCelestial A109Adult (m)5,2871,0283
w2IH4Celestial A110Adult (f)4,9398394
SwTaQCelestial A111Adult (m)4,9408733
kp2siCelestial A112Adult (m)4,9798622
lvgsYCelestial A113Adult (m)4,2098474
0DDXICelestial A114Adult (m)5,6529331
gOfHECelestial A115Adult (f)3,4037533
zFWnVCelestial A116Adult (f)3,3297591
jOxFQCelestial A117Adult (m)5,0418731
G0TKvCelestial A118Adult (m)4,1386215
D19mLCelestial A119Adult (f)4,9748251
4XQpHCelestial A120Adult (f)5,1888791
6ZC9WCelestial A121Adult (f)4,8028353
wU3fkCelestial A122Adult (m)4,8588391
g879sCelestial A123Adult (m)3,2538395
wWTffCelestial A124Adult (f)3,3896772
ComvGCelestial A125Adult (f)5,8269692
UevZdCelestial A126Adult (m)5,1798321
wX4gDCelestial A127Adult (m)4,7988901
zYorlCelestial A128Adult (m)4,7808911
NGT1YCelestial A129Adult (f)4,9459391
vd9PFCelestial A130Adult (m)4,2016532
NWmO7Celestial A131Adult (m)6,4931,1872
OLU5wCelestial A132Adult (f)4,9608934
vBuMyCelestial A133Adult (f)5,0038901
PcscWCelestial A134Adult (m)4,6198931
UrWs0Celestial A135Adult (f)4,5324161
u5I7lCelestial A136Adult (m)6,0861,1564
11Ij5Celestial A137Adult (f)5,4528412
BZUgXCelestial A138Adult (f)4,8418693
nP2wiCelestial A139Adult (f)5,3208982
aUogPCelestial A140Adult (m)5,3199520
dGFUKCelestial A141Adult (f)5,0769261
SC6B6Celestial A142Adult (f)4,3368943
R9Z7iCelestial A143Adult (f)4,0629281
FwmWECelestial A144Adult (m)4,2768912
lSauDCelestial A145Adult (m)4,2539242
nu4ljCelestial A146Adult (m)2,7475192
WlDBoCelestial A147Adult (f)3,7748950
WcVRyCelestial A148Adult (m)3,9388851
xq99tCelestial A149Adult (f)3,3658601
RiFdVCelestial A150Adult (f)3,9828751
cWuIKCelestial A151Adult (m)4,7059231
NVMoWCelestial A152Adult (m)5,2291,1851
SpTq5Celestial A153Adult (m)3,9228532
uXOkHCelestial A154Adult (f)4,0551,0431
oQPtLCelestial A155Adult (f)4,2489352
fQj4ZCelestial A156Adult (m)3,8338813
Yg84zCelestial A157Adult (m)4,1988471
A1Z5DCelestial A158Adult (m)4,5769502
6jIeHCelestial A159Adult (m)4,8759401
d4i7TCelestial A160Adult (m)4,1168521
4nDjcCelestial A161Adult (m)3,9758903
Ik4mSCelestial A162Adult (f)5,1259010
R0fBmCelestial A163Adult (m)7,0121,2062
zRvQVCelestial A164Adult (m)4,7979172
lDpAvCelestial A165Adult (m)4,4078870
2QQSxCelestial A166Adult (m)4,5518801
SV2tWCelestial A167Adult (m)3,8468693
aBvx3Celestial A168Adult (f)4,2438651
UwHFRCelestial A169Adult (m)4,7189822
Er64WCelestial A170Adult (f)4,7728411
WzBmbCelestial A171Adult (f)4,8318471
SVULtCelestial A172Adult (f)4,9448721
HwHrkCelestial A173Adult (f)4,9328821
17i9KCelestial A174Adult (m)4,6598951
vFwcZCelestial A175Adult (m)4,6919252
EnKMeCelestial A176Adult (m)4,1201,0854
sOCRbCelestial A177Adult (f)3,5928840
q93OxCelestial A178Adult (f)3,4717855
4La1MCelestial A179Adult (m)4,9448542
10LCoCelestial A180Adult (m)3,7757402
nDPDaCelestial A181Adult (f)3,6298021
SGQ8VCelestial A182Adult (f)3,5745451
TnAAWCelestial A183Adult (f)6,1621,0842
OLMS5Celestial A184Adult (m)3,9678162
3HB9zCelestial A185Adult (f)4,1048491
puCGoCelestial A186Adult (m)4,2939102
o1W3MCelestial A187Adult (m)5,0079521
d8bJXCelestial A188Adult (m)4,7238984
zNEhfCelestial A189Adult (m)4,6518961
dXlMaCelestial A190Adult (f)3,9247713
8nb3BCelestial A191Adult (m)3,4597722
3j8OGCelestial A192Adult (m)3,9107781
WyvK5Cheese A1Adult3,9598535
koi0aCheese A2Adult3,4908361
Ef17QCheese A3Adult6,5497781
m0BxmCoastal Waverunner  A1Adult (m)2,6895073
o2T61Coastal Waverunner  A2Adult (f)5,7371,2325
mt1W5Coastal Waverunner  A3Adult (f)4,2898494
tnMk3Coastal Waverunner  A4Adult (f)9,8371,3581
HVuceCoastal Waverunner  A5Adult (f)4,4008421
p9MijCoastal Waverunner  A6Adult (m)4,6228282
prJaYCoastal Waverunner  A7Adult (f)4,4559142
T3ifaCoastal Waverunner  A8Adult (f)4,0568511
2sgQHCoastal Waverunner  A9Adult (m)8,3601,3091
hHbHmCoastal Waverunner  A10Adult (f)3,6878362
kQ9h9Coastal Waverunner  A11Adult (f)3,4338601
6tyknCoastal Waverunner  A12Adult (f)3,6277424
OCyUmColossus A1Adult (m)4,6658662
xytUkColossus A2Adult (m)5,5981,0641
AQnT3Colossus A3Adult (m)5,6231,1341
6mWiUColossus A4Adult (m)5,4971,0982
z1sbCColossus A5Adult (f)3,5866942
zkJqPColossus A6Adult (m)3,7926751
3mH2xColossus A7Adult (m)5,1971,0444
LSJEvColossus A8Adult (m)4,3516661
xz7mJColossus A9Adult (f)3,4417041
uDXHaColossus A10Adult (f)4,6657281
Va9P0Colossus A11Adult (f)3,4937054
JH75aColossus A12Adult (m)4,2967584
m3CHvColossus A13Adult (m)5,7628934
6zjJlColossus A14Adult (f)4,6009042
1iANYColossus A15Adult (m)8,8691,3002
aacKnColossus A16Adult (m)5,8389251
K8fK2Colossus A17Adult (f)6,7998232
sNezJColossus A18Adult (m)6,7657862
l8BEJColossus A19Adult (f)5,9821,0061
EJBdaColossus A20Adult (f)6,1141,0701
7bu7RColossus A21Adult (m)6,8121,3903
rfWn4Colossus A22Adult (f)4,1899372
PxtYwColossus A23Adult (f)4,7189462
tnEqgColossus A24Adult (f)4,9641,0112
UwE5oColossus A25Adult (m)4,7579573
5jJydColossus A26Adult (m)4,0289161
Ln0c9Colossus A27Adult (m)4,0529412
Fw9SBColossus A28Adult (f)4,2619421
bKAQKColossus A29Adult (m)4,9318753
m5TDOColossus A30Adult (f)4,4309431
jC475Copper A1Adult (m)4,6727922
uyno8Copper A2Adult (f)3,5556111
knSq8Copper A3Adult (f)3,7225961
5xdfACopper A4Adult (f)4,7849553
MlRJ7Copper A5Adult (m)4,0207632
SKTHBCopper A6Adult (m)4,0919242
pZrMOCopper A7Adult (f)3,4838760
mMmtMCrimson Flare A1Adult (f)4,2324231
jXWQaCrimson Flare A2Adult (m)5,7147791
KMzkNCrimson Flare A3Adult (f)5,7121,1292
iFXjWCrimson Flare A4Adult (f)5,2128511
jTzpGCrimson Flare A5Adult (f)5,2198911
rOFcRCrimson Flare A6Adult (f)3,7168061
ZojtFCrimson Flare A7Adult (f)3,9067963
9V08vDark Green A1Adult (f)4,7678801
ZhSF2Dark Green A2Adult (f)4,0236453
pXEc7Dark Green A3Adult (m)3,3255511
SPiMgDark Green A4Adult (m)4,0996461
wTae6Dark Green A5Adult (m)4,6496891
cWdx3Dark Green A6Adult (f)4,6627001
LysbhDark Green A7Adult (f)2,7525902
wN0nYDark Green A8Adult (m)2,6285841
ayVWqDark Green A9Adult (m)2,8216012
ssxLLDark Green A10Adult (m)2,8106034
uDxrRDark Green A11Adult (f)3,1356431
Ozw5sDark Green A12Adult (m)3,5636772
GRsX0Dark Green A13Adult (f)3,4896731
A0pDEDark Green A14Adult (m)3,3716771
nIP3MDark Green A15Adult (m)3,6066941
eK6QdDark Green A16Adult (m)4,3618813
ymemZDark Green A17Adult (f)4,3199034
RpJ4eDark Green A18Adult (m)3,2127891
FE6QBDark Green A19Adult (f)4,2268692
2pPRYDark Green A20Adult (m)3,9638201
tSfh0Dark Green A21Adult (f)4,7316841
RCKHsDark Green A22Adult (m)6,2926422
4vr8mDark Green A23Adult (f)3,0567303
3IrmdDark Green A24Adult (f)4,6447971
ypKVuDark Green A25Adult (f)8,0859652
RIUz4Dark Green A26Adult (f)6,1438472
TnjI9Dark Green A27Adult (m)8,3801,2051
EccCzDark Green A28Adult (m)6,8891,1522
cWgCEDark Green A29Adult (m)5,1459763
LLrfJDark Green A30Adult (f)5,3211,0201
dHYaYDark Green A31Adult (m)5,0351,1085
5vLEPDark Green A32Adult (f)2,8604992
1WdtTDark Green A33Adult (m)4,9259132
ojxD0Dark Green A34Adult (m)3,9809161
GTpyxDark Green A35Adult (f)5,3219581
fp7t6Dark Green A36Adult (m)5,3888401
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