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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zM3tIStripe A4Adult (f)3,5245421
jZrqtStripe A5Adult (m)3,4585271
ip1BnStripe A6Adult (f)4,0958083
IcgKyStripe A7Adult (m)4,4628093
b36Z9Stripe A8Adult (f)3,3726221
LJatYStripe A9Adult (m)3,3536383
x0IYfStripe A10Adult (f)3,4296331
aVFt1Stripe A11Adult (f)5,9786471
v3x0AStripe A12Adult (m)5,4217501
UyrAPStripe A13Adult (f)5,9148873
tlBkIStripe A14Adult (m)7,9069532
84vk0Stripe A15Adult (m)6,0398183
PWE9sStripe A16Adult (f)4,8897902
0yltsStripe A17Adult (f)12,6701,1331
mDkWKStripe A18Adult (f)4,7448744
8eXL3Stripe A19Adult (f)4,6048652
XymU5Stripe A20Adult (f)6,5911,0161
fepWVStripe A21Adult (m)8,3241,2072
cuFceStripe A22Adult (f)4,8708871
FZVm6Stripe A23Adult (m)6,2571,1801
o09hvStripe A24Adult (m)4,5509402
juZMHStripe A25Adult (m)6,1538614
gSMGqStripe A26Adult (m)4,6479422
yFxtKStripe A27Adult (m)4,3859161
RBbluStripe A28Adult (f)4,8559641
DnktJStripe A29Adult (m)4,4589632
KBjvpStripe A30Adult (f)4,1079001
QHf78Stripe A31Adult (f)4,7651,0062
O3Ah7Stripe A32Adult (m)4,0759132
nGqYWStripe A33Adult (f)4,2779721
85IhHStripe A34Adult (f)4,3489440
MMM83Stripe A35Adult (m)4,2009340
x1VIwStripe A36Adult (m)4,9648990
mmirJStripe A37Adult (m)4,1018981
yfxRVStripe A38Adult (f)4,1108631
nXBQeStripe A39Adult (f)4,0788240
Ugy01Stripe A40Adult (f)4,0608641
RmQQ1Stripe A41Adult (f)4,3111,0182
hvnRUStripe A42Adult (f)3,7478612
ckgsZStripe A43Adult (f)3,2928781
tG9dOStripe A44Adult (m)3,8458752
wQcKJStripe A45Adult (f)3,5068792
hFEAsStripe A46Adult (f)4,1498591
148xhStriped-river A1Adult (m)4,1448281
d6gt9Striped-river A2Adult (f)4,3309191
WUZ8LStriped-river A3Adult (f)4,8948671
p27NlStriped-river A4Adult (f)4,8008982
3iNGlStriped-river A5Adult (m)3,9467812
RRoWFSunrise A1Adult (m)7,4561,1425
okmWcSunrise A2Adult (m)5,0648231
4yrm7Sunrise A3Adult (m)4,3858633
Wb0xUSunrise A4Adult (f)4,5488071
acuagSunrise A5Adult (m)6,3859193
sPZGFSunrise A6Adult (m)12,9441,3702
A4i2DSunrise A7Adult (m)6,0011,0642
Ly80fSunrise A8Adult (f)6,4779691
9lAu1Sunrise A9Adult (f)7,1151,0677
PcG9xSunrise A10Adult (m)8,9041,3602
qARkESunrise A11Adult (m)5,1319162
I4vtfSunrise A12Adult (m)5,9699771
gLNV0Sunrise A13Adult (m)5,7959442
dJdIxSunrise A14Adult (m)8,8371,0282
ZtfTySunrise A15Adult (m)4,0819003
JjBp4Sunrise A16Adult (m)4,3918730
4rqasSunrise A17Adult (m)4,4258771
mwKQqSunrise A18Adult (m)5,0038921
hDq3OSunrise A19Adult (m)3,4318481
1wpZXSunrise A20Adult (f)3,4497221
aQl2JSunrise A21Adult (f)3,4287361
RwET8Sunset A1Adult (m)3,3636635
pKEiDSunset A2Adult (f)3,2777452
gdiAjSunset A3Adult (m)2,8565972
yF3mRSunset A4Adult (f)3,6867211
AHS6ySunset A5Adult (f)2,8856712
jGZ9VSunset A6Adult (m)5,0197631
6Vfo8Sunset A7Adult (f)10,9331,4393
Ryc8VSunset A8Adult (f)6,1301,0363
v6tyqSunset A9Adult (m)5,8621,0863
Us7EFSunset A10Adult (f)4,6409273
sshD8Sunset A11Adult (f)4,5529830
2WYwvSunset A12Adult (m)4,6578003
cQU5rSunset A13Adult (f)3,8169203
mFqnRSunsong A1Adult (m)3,3576613
wK3SkSunsong A2Adult (m)4,5038003
3Gs0OSunsong A3Adult (f)3,2177652
ioHTwSunsong A4Adult (f)4,3908401
zau0tSunsong A5Adult (m)3,2688031
2ZQx9Sunsong A6Adult (f)3,6067424
BDWCiSunsong A7Adult (f)6,1468212
uYRVMSunsong A8Adult (f)4,3328253
XLEOtSunsong A9Adult (f)5,7771,1033
4bMWfSunsong A10Adult (m)4,7058722
9sg2rSunsong A11Adult (m)4,4739952
wyw4bSunsong A12Adult (f)4,4308883
ekeNoSunsong A13Adult (f)4,1769071
tK2F5Sunsong A14Adult (f)5,0851,0641
Xpb4kSunsong A15Adult (f)3,7369531
j0OLPSunstone A1Adult (m)5,5738361
CySmASunstone A2Adult (m)3,6187373
Oo88wSunstone A3Adult (f)4,1387231
okhUCSunstone A4Adult (m)5,9509732
Z9b8USunstone A5Adult (m)5,9491,0692
X6lNWSunstone A6Adult (f)4,4168132
UJn7hSunstone A7Adult (f)4,3151,0131
sE8IwSwallowtail A1Adult (f)3,0586062
ls9nRSwallowtail A2Adult (m)4,3717910
rc2gtSwallowtail A3Adult (f)4,0997292
YYDvpSwallowtail A4Adult (m)3,9667691
orZHDSwallowtail A5Adult (m)3,8535131
9ZXrhSwallowtail A6Adult (m)3,8538213
APYMYSwallowtail A7Adult (m)4,7997655
gNzvQSwallowtail A8Adult (f)3,8445661
oTSLOSwallowtail A9Adult (m)3,7575711
2M1ZESwallowtail A10Adult (m)4,6078401
xCw5ASwallowtail A11Adult (m)4,6698001
ZWcSvSwallowtail A12Adult (m)4,5614811
UgkCPSwallowtail A13Adult (m)6,8568631
ClhrXSwallowtail A14Adult (m)9,5561,0641
bekgTSwallowtail A15Adult (f)5,1419981
t0UkkSwallowtail A16Adult (f)4,2888221
y5J5FSwallowtail A17Adult (f)3,6677882
whqxSSwallowtail A18Adult (m)4,6911,0072
lGecHSwallowtail A19Adult (m)4,2099890
4CsWBSwallowtail A20Adult (m)5,2391,0260
Eqm9GSwallowtail A21Adult (f)5,2071,0460
gLqD2Swallowtail A22Adult (f)3,6869110
Cpw1YSwallowtail A23Adult (f)4,9818490
20X3kSwallowtail A24Adult (m)3,8948990
aAjyISwallowtail A25Adult (m)3,8488031
LESCgSwallowtail A26Adult (f)3,6407391
lPvQtSweetling A1Adult (m)6,0561,2583
hz5s4Sweetling A2Adult (m)5,7961,2033
JT3uuSweetling A3Adult (m)6,0691,2542
DONX2Sweetling A4Adult (m)4,3591,0251
y1fDZSweetling A5Adult (m)4,3161,0701
b6mqBSweetling A6Adult (m)3,6458292
gCGSrSweetling A7Adult (m)4,4197352
gXSBkSweetling A8Adult (m)4,3298951
yJnhmSweetling A9Adult (m)4,0169062
dl2WoSweetling A10Adult (m)3,9609091
ZsdE5Sweetling A11Adult (m)2,9087121
9sm9xSweetling A12Adult (m)4,3249281
F4mceSweetling A13Adult (m)8,9061,6062
1uPJsSweetling A14Adult (m)8,7411,6483
B0QatSweetling A15Adult (m)4,3768343
6qqRcSweetling A16Adult (m)3,3879811
Y5dTRSweetling A17Adult (m)3,6841,0191
EWZIaSweetling A18Adult (m)4,3841,0381
7WZG6Sweetling A19Adult (m)4,9091,0874
fAD5xSweetling A20Adult (m)3,6579361
hN9NjSweetling A21Adult (m)4,1089951
3N1nXTarantula Hawk A1Adult (f)3,9489101
0VsKKTarantula Hawk A2Adult (m)4,0339031
jwGdsTarantula Hawk A3Adult (f)4,6397132
Cpgj7Tarantula Hawk A4Adult (f)4,4819422
m60ldTarantula Hawk A5Adult (f)3,9918821
KNy3TTarantula Hawk A6Adult (f)2,8847971
9axxoTatterwing A1Adult (f)5,3941,0051
rkZcmTatterwing A2Adult (m)3,7098241
YpLnTTatterwing A3Adult (m)3,5778031
2FO3JTatterwing A4Adult (m)4,6759192
BoZbxTatterwing A5Adult (m)3,7443643
K4XYETatterwing A6Adult (m)3,2838632
A0AYUTerrae A1Adult (f)4,5507363
rW9J4Terrae A2Adult (m)5,0305063
D7G7FTerrae A3Adult (m)7,5521,3022
uNfJeTerrae A4Adult (f)5,0149502
40vYpTerrae A5Adult (m)5,5999141
NW8iDTerrae A6Adult (m)5,1348771
2FE0PTetra A1Adult (m)4,7108792
NevkJTetra A2Adult (m)4,5768952
0hPo1Tetra A3Adult (m)5,2609272
ZmVPnTetra A4Adult (f)6,3529531
r3Q0zTetra A5Adult (m)4,9798611
TBAtBTetra A6Adult (f)8,1969321
b6s5cTetra A7Adult (f)5,5409771
9XDAETetra A8Adult (f)5,8429723
TQOR6Tetra A9Adult (m)5,1027492
kLJNsTetra A10Adult (m)4,7808871
DOpTiTetra A11Adult (f)4,3199343
Va58tThunder A1Adult (m)3,0776201
FiIlqThunder A2Adult (f)3,4407412
hOsjpTinsel A1Adult (f)5,7881,0074
XZjFQTinsel A2Adult (f)6,5889452
C9RmZTinsel A3Adult (m)6,8879694
wH4FvTinsel A4Adult (m)10,5209652
Q1KJbTinsel A5Adult (f)6,4681,1933
s7tBcTinsel A6Adult (m)6,3161,0395
Uf1HTTinsel A7Adult (f)8,2658825
scrMcTinsel A8Adult (m)7,0981,0932
Rtsu2Tinsel A9Adult (m)6,0671,1421
xNp81Tinsel A10Adult (m)7,4781,0483
s85qiTinsel A11Adult (f)5,7389593
blc7iTri-Horn A1Adult (f)4,5478002
0O5KQTri-Horn A2Adult (f)2,6906633
7SmK4Tri-Horn A3Adult (m)4,0818122
CqFIGTri-Horn A4Adult (f)6,4368272
DgtJSTri-Horn A5Adult (f)5,9071,0191
UdFF9Tri-Horn A6Adult (m)4,3818132
J927dTri-Horn A7Adult (m)8,7951,3343
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