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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
m921rThat we can get it all againAdult (m)3,9101,0402
Ib4sZBrick by brick we can buildAdult (f)4,3883502
MDpr2It from the floor - if weAdult (m)3,8183352
2ggL7Hold on to each other we'll beAdult (m)4,8393412
4BOjBBetter than beforeAdult (m)4,0453472
sSgL0And brick by brick we'll getAdult (f)4,1789162
lo4FaBack to yesterday when I madeAdult (f)4,2409111
R0ZleYour body shiver and when youAdult (m)4,5698772
GRIHNTook my breath awayAdult (f)1,9337041
oTXrkYou took my breath awayAdult (m)3,7341,0511
sCF6Buddy you're a boyAdult (m)6,3661,19112
SHCsMake a big noiseAdult (m)4,7331,06514
t3tsPlayin' in the streetAdult (m)4,4599411
KQrNGonna be a big man somedayAdult (m)4,8299594
SpCsYou got mud on yo' faceAdult (f)3,4938164
v7GbYou big disgraceAdult (f)3,8388162
mcRUKickin' your canAdult (f)7,0021,0492
Pg9sAll  over  the  placeAdult (f)8,1861,5945
viQXWe  will  we  will  rock  youAdult (m)6,6231,0193
2ROjBuddy you're a young manAdult (f)11,1921,3383
HBFBHard manAdult (f)10,7441,2914
SjmiShoutin' in the streetAdult (f)4,1858052
dBX69Gonna take on the world somedayAdult (f)4,6224061
Ia5o8You got blood on your faceAdult (f)3,6098801
Ep6XSYou big  disgraceAdult (f)3,5849101
eSSIOWavin' your bannerAdult (m)5,6227360
hJbr7All over the  placeAdult (m)5,2887270
6Dc04Buddy you're an old man poor manAdult (m)6,6719193
prZGgPleading with your eyesAdult (m)3,8419323
D9v4TGonna make you someAdult (m)2,5588192
1ARdIPeace somedayAdult (f)2,5099063
obPNqYou got mud on your face youAdult (f)2,5608931
iuuaCBig disgraceAdult (m)3,5991,1003
evmQjSomeone better put you backAdult (m)4,1921,0562
hlNDLInto yo' placeAdult (f)5,7481,0512
fk1imSingin' we will we will rock youAdult (m)3,3239913
lRDUOSilver   WingsAdult (f)2,6128282
ObNM1Shining in  the sunlightAdult (m)3,0197563
Ej8APRoaring enginesAdult (f)3,0587293
Q0NXpHeaded somewhere in flightAdult (m)4,5537803
RSyjrThey're taking you awayAdult (m)4,5077625
qnS4vAnd leaving me lonelyAdult (m)5,9171,1282
hT3KOSilver Wings slowlyAdult (m)5,0718503
B5c7mFading out of sightAdult (m)4,7939063
uidPwDon't leave me I cryAdult (m)5,6511,1683
nsXKMDon't take that airplane rideAdult (f)5,1401,0561
oNeYMBut you've locked meAdult (f)3,9918532
pwiJ2Out of  your mindAdult (f)4,0598692
Gv2FwAnd left me standingAdult (f)4,1568775
PvxcDHere behindAdult (m)3,9787561
rsC2RSilver    WingsAdult (f)4,5549071
ekmlfShining  in the sunlightAdult (m)4,4989426
87qfPRoaring  enginesAdult (m)4,4309545
i59jEHeaded  somewhere in flightAdult (f)4,5149587
1y1mAThey're  taking you awayAdult (m)4,5989464
jrjjWAnd  leaving me lonelyAdult (f)3,7387522
WY2HZSilver Wings slowly fadingAdult (m)3,7147521
gZxE7Out   of   sightAdult (f)3,8337391
ArLVI got my headAdult (m)4,2341,00913
ToR1But my head is unravelingAdult (f)3,93188612
FSi2Can't keep controlAdult (f)4,9929902
dijsCan't keep track ofAdult (m)4,1577492
vufTWhere it's travelingAdult (m)5,2941,0634
kSPmI got my heartAdult (f)6,0711,1103
KC8ABut my heart is no goodAdult (f)6,1181,0411
NfIZAnd you're the only oneAdult (m)5,9158514
jS0JThat's understoodAdult (m)6,5239006
WfVEI come along but I don't knowAdult (f)6,5031,1877
YYE9Where you're taking meAdult (f)5,4205062
X8XCI shouldn't go but you'reAdult (m)7,2661,0782
U5StReaching back and shaking meAdult (f)7,6237542
uZCXTurn off the sunAdult (f)9,0611,2441
WHQKPull the stars from the skyAdult (m)9,0701,1994
Ib0dThe more I give to youAdult (m)8,5511,4183
dqQTThe more I dieAdult (f)8,1551,2802
Of3lAnd I want youAdult (f)8,2311,3353
I8mYYou are the perfect drugAdult (m)6,2657391
4joqYou make me hardAdult (m)4,1915362
bXgiWhen I'm all soft insideAdult (f)10,1441,1652
aRKBmI see the truthAdult (f)5,4776571
t77tBWhen I'm all stupid-eyedAdult (f)3,6216961
gKoqKThe arrow goes straightAdult (m)3,6337131
e1r3MThrough my heartAdult (m)3,9671,0131
fLqm2Without you everythingAdult (f)3,9034731
6ALlrJust falls apartAdult (f)5,2181,0892
1JmDVMy blood just wants to sayAdult (f)3,5403991
h4vTLHello to youAdult (f)3,3236131
mq16BMy feelings want to getAdult (m)2,7897643
ecKiIInside of youAdult (m)6,7791,1402
R2qmBMy soul is so afraid to realizeAdult (f)6,9509644
u7RJ7How every little bitAdult (f)2,7409164
8dcUDIs left of me-IBAdult (m)6,5708792
Oj1GtAnd  I  want  youAdult (m)2,5427413
lr5CHYou  are  the  perfect  drugAdult (m)2,4537122
dK3dtTake me with youAdult (m)4,3791,0443
JsAj9Without you everything justAdult (m)2,9427333
Tl2kpFalls  apartAdult (f)2,5499024
sqNknIt's not as much fun toAdult (f)2,7769226
AGRaXPick  up the piecesAdult (f)3,0361,1592
KO1fcPillow Talk Pillow TalkAdult (m)1,6116046
qHIM2Another night of hearingAdult (f)1,7845941
6ZmPnMyself talk talk talk talkAdult (m)2,5117596
AeXbpWonder how it would beAdult (m)1,8487384
vnWZSTo have someone toAdult (f)2,5738402
27skTPillow talk with meAdult (f)4,1281,0593
VMDPJI wonder howAdult (f)2,4305923
SRNuZI wonder whoAdult (m)3,4657985
NLUPTPillow talk  pillow talkAdult (f)2,1448331
uuEynAnother night of beingAdult (f)3,5347802
3pbJbAlone with pillow talkAdult (m)1,6207551
O1urTWhen it's all said andAdult (f)2,1868113
dyNc7Done two headsAdult (f)2,5448643
txCxMTogether can be betterAdult (m)2,0217302
oAvTPThan  oneAdult (f)1,9227274
Yi2aZThat's what they sayAdult (m)1,9276812
yVqVWThey always sayAdult (m)3,7111,1292
DdNVGAll I do is talkAdult (m)2,5497864
vvzbNTo my pillowAdult (f)2,5037871
3vEDvTalk to my pillowAdult (f)2,6428953
6v85OMy pillow talk about theAdult (f)2,9657952
pWbdpBoy I'm gonna marryAdult (m)2,5967692
bqOOlSomeday somehowAdult (f)2,2697352
m0pd7Someway sometimeAdult (f)2,8327235
hWQxIPillow  talk pillow  talkAdult (m)2,0227322
ByiGnAnother night of gettingAdult (f)3,2107496
E7CBOMy fill of pillow talkAdult (m)2,9736244
a9M8AYou and I both agreeAdult (m)3,5666247
1Ywn3There must be a boyAdult (m)3,6156316
bmSFXMust be a pillowAdult (f)4,14295722
OuObgMust be a pillow-talkingAdult (m)3,30892221
31nCmBoy for meAdult (m)3,34395530
j9qSTI hope I'm rightAdult (f)3,2008699
6cF1DI'd better be rightAdult (f)3,1278516
RwupXOh there must be aAdult (f)3,0737424
MH9n6Pillow-talkin' boy for meAdult (m)2,8647926
qdMhUWe hope she's rightAdult (m)2,7547268
iEq3rShe'd better be rightAdult (f)5,4359707
gGB9NThere must  be a boyAdult (m)4,2849081
f9qXCThere  MUST  be a boyAdult (m)4,5009052
gSG5rThere MUSTAdult (f)3,7098876
uxhipCan't you see  over thereAdult (m)5,1531,0611
ryALJSuch a  horrible sightAdult (f)4,8859274
IMe73They're devouring all like youAdult (m)5,6789892
RJHrkHere come the giant handsAdult (m)6,0321,0182
rTYiUBreaking through the wallAdult (f)4,0061,0264
LsWOmAs dawn arrivesAdult (m)4,3961,0655
fIOXQWe still surviveAdult (m)3,8819952
d7SQGNobody knows what'sAdult (f)5,2409943
vuuMGGoing  onAdult (f)5,4619462
00BuPTearing my townAdult (m)4,3509953
Th79ULimb by limbAdult (m)4,6279704
KNVs9Where are your mom and dadAdult (f)4,6069942
NQRonWas it shocking for youAdult (m)4,6871,0091
KvLD4Something is scaring youAdult (f)5,0011,0783
spMuMEnemies will hunt youAdult (m)4,4571,0452
H5lR4No matter  what you doAdult (m)4,9178883
7wp9hBut we'll fight for youAdult (f)3,4938551
wRQdaTil we defeat them allAdult (f)4,2829641
FOBFLIf notAdult (m)5,0249883
fiXotThere's  no way outAdult (m)4,3258674
mMYo8Keep your weapons aimedAdult (f)4,6929434
qiSx2Here comes the chilling faceAdult (m)4,9321,0552
nwm2LPushing down your fearsAdult (f)4,6919493
Mf0jXJump on the necksAdult (f)5,1129393
FDErjOf the monstersAdult (f)6,9481,0342
13PIfYou can't hide yourselfAdult (f)4,6718863
I8i2JYou can't runAdult (m)4,1148632
vowixWe're fighting for our livesAdult (f)4,7407611
Hw6lmAnd we just cannotAdult (m)4,6168032
jPQaRLose againAdult (m)3,6038883
uIt7DThere's not much timeAdult (f)3,7508582
7mGNWBe ready to fightAdult (m)4,0138591
u11XTDo   itAdult (f)3,3657751
qlcTiI know how you feelAdult (m)3,4347802
5sUxUBut we knowAdult (f)3,6316821
BIH61What we must doAdult (f)3,7717351
ALW6DI know  how you feelAdult (f)3,4886651
jfzKbBut we know whatAdult (f)3,9077081
3RWVXWe must doAdult (f)3,7437112
tr3b5Keep your  weapons aimedAdult (f)3,8367032
uy8lSHere comes theAdult (m)4,7649011
LV94iChilling faceAdult (f)4,4188513
ofUgPPushing downAdult (m)5,0288311
kxlYjYour fearsAdult (f)4,7318444
I4MIIJump on theAdult (m)5,2876933
0xqwGNecks of the monstersAdult (f)5,5036794
axxh4You can't  hide yourselfAdult (f)4,9876842
NEouoYou  can't  runAdult (m)5,2606663
buJ0eWe're fighting forAdult (f)5,0217064
xiLusOur  livesAdult (f)5,3807262
JX0czAnd we justAdult (f)5,1966834
cN42ACannot lose againAdult (m)4,9867823
oEC9sThere's not  much timeAdult (m)5,0857742
D5a8YBe ready  to fightAdult (f)4,9228042
yussQDo    itAdult (m)4,9067683
k6qsI never believed in thingsAdult (f)4,8481,09710
lFs1That I couldn't seeAdult (f)3,5418548
N8PVI said if I can't feel itAdult (f)3,27488310
vWAlThen how can it beAdult (m)4,6386591
tcGaNo no magic could happen to meAdult (m)5,0411,0693
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