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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
E7f5hDark Green A37Adult (f)4,5116763
tMsOjDark Green A38Adult (f)4,3348781
23itgDark Green A39Adult (f)5,1949032
EqF1gDark Green A40Adult (m)4,7509542
uCHemDark Green A41Adult (f)6,2921,1723
a3hcbDark Green A42Adult (m)3,7988872
IWuZbDark Green A43Adult (m)4,0418752
42lRtDark Myst Pygmy A1Adult (f)3,8627661
Bk8EBDark Myst Pygmy A2Adult (m)4,1396981
g269HDark Myst Pygmy A3Adult (f)3,7368914
3lt4GDark Myst Pygmy A4Adult (f)4,1137662
qLC2PDark Myst Pygmy A5Adult (f)7,7119461
WmaYEDark Myst Pygmy A6Adult (f)4,1336562
Xb1D9Dark Myst Pygmy A7Adult (m)3,8759320
1EuSbDark Myst Pygmy A8Adult (m)4,5518951
CyePkDay Glory  A1Adult (f)4,3617481
coCsMDay Glory  A2Adult (f)4,7659391
DWjcCDay Glory  A3Adult (f)4,7218901
irwOuDay Glory  A4Adult (f)4,4619482
Z0M7oDay Glory  A5Adult (m)5,3651,1411
aCcWwDay Glory  A6Adult (m)3,6089111
PWiioDay Glory  A7Adult (m)3,8158540
FF2n1Day Glory  A8Adult (f)3,6378130
qMU2rDay Glory A9Adult (m)4,3028471
hxEPIDaydream A1Adult (m)4,5877614
s18reDaydream A2Adult (m)5,0508451
XbYgWDaydream A3Adult (m)5,5938131
4UMMkDaydream A4Adult (m)3,7776871
NPbiaDaydream A5Adult (f)3,7676762
w47XGDaydream A6Adult (m)4,2937792
iOWl3Daydream A7Adult (m)3,0247133
Y9qldDaydream A8Adult (m)6,2528221
N0b3MDaydream A9Adult (m)3,7715732
WB8I4Daydream A10Adult (f)5,0869733
y3zjjDaydream A11Adult (m)4,7469371
p1SsXDaydream A12Adult (m)4,5468912
doZwWDaydream A13Adult (f)4,3718760
y7pX9Daydream A14Adult (m)4,0081,00922
DR3FjDaydream A15Adult (f)3,7118001
817h8Deep Sea A1Adult (m)6,9671,2023
wCMeQDeep Sea A2Adult (m)4,1568093
DmDcTDeep Sea A3Adult (m)4,8107872
FCI5kDeep Sea A4Adult (m)4,5497522
87stxDeep Sea A5Adult (f)5,7841,0322
J61dzDeep Sea A6Adult (m)5,2199191
dG3H8Deep Sea A7Adult (f)4,6899791
moCf8Deep Sea A8Adult (m)4,3598971
g3AW6Deep Sea A9Adult (f)3,8228002
9pu8jDeep Sea A10Adult (f)4,5799281
lgAECDeep Sea A11Adult (m)4,2218721
4WEeODeep Sea A12Adult (f)4,0779242
CqGoEDesipis A1Adult (f)2,9897011
S5V9BDesipis A2Adult (m)2,9057171
Hha12Desipis A3Adult (f)2,9026912
lDYokDesipis A4Adult (f)2,1705211
0I7IDDesipis A5Adult (m)2,6246082
CvV9pDesipis A6Adult (m)2,8077283
1ScwWDesipis A7Adult (f)3,3388242
7nvpaDesipis A8Adult (f)6,7211,2805
mJCCyDesipis A9Adult (f)3,2348621
RCcedDesipis A10Adult (f)3,4377234
rqPSfDesipis A11Adult (m)3,0608413
5E4fGDesipis A12Adult (f)2,7715971
2PbhmDesipis A13Adult (m)5,5361,4282
EZYVRDesipis A14Adult (f)3,2908160
vUYalDesipis A15Adult (f)3,4077951
CnICEDesipis A16Adult (m)3,4779511
HishyDiamondwing A1Adult (f)3,5776831
0nzigDiamondwing A2Adult (m)3,4577502
GMCaBDiamondwing A3Adult (m)3,6475292
sLTcyDiamondwing A4Adult (f)3,2156451
mawP7Diamondwing A5Adult (f)3,9378723
j2wqsDiamondwing A6Adult (f)4,4918432
y1DmuDiamondwing A7Adult (m)4,6019061
6XxroDiamondwing A8Adult (f)4,0297562
1own3Diamondwing A9Adult (f)3,5758534
jcyedDiamondwing A10Adult (m)3,4528451
5bY1iDiamondwing A11Adult (m)4,0635731
SGcxsDiamondwing A12Adult (m)5,1087121
JNOsgDiamondwing A13Adult (f)5,1067121
PMMvrDiamondwing A14Adult (m)6,4281,1032
cgDSIDiamondwing A15Adult (m)5,9421,0051
IzwyyDiamondwing A16Adult (m)5,7421,0842
74WqBDiamondwing A17Adult (m)4,9739771
zKu2BDiamondwing A18Adult (f)4,9928562
7lwXlDiamondwing A19Adult (m)5,1339103
3aPbeDiamondwing A20Adult (f)3,9284571
NQEn5Diamondwing A21Adult (f)4,5728791
R6WYbDiamondwing A22Adult (f)5,0908800
Z1PVRDiamondwing A23Adult (m)5,3258941
MszKbDiamondwing A24Adult (m)3,0726252
IOY6aDiamondwing A25Adult (f)4,1398351
lCTFIDiamondwing A26Adult (m)3,7028681
GIbdhDino A1Adult5,7608224
9EfBjDorsal A1Adult (m)3,8908274
joR5rDorsal A2Adult (f)4,6756471
4FdniDorsal A3Adult (f)4,1296582
ymj14Dorsal A4Adult (m)2,9735852
TqZtEDorsal A5Adult (m)4,6278301
OmAb3Dorsal A6Adult (f)5,4188371
WsAY6Dorsal A7Adult (f)5,9811,1091
90ayODorsal A8Adult (f)4,6708333
WR1KtDorsal A9Adult (f)4,7871,0342
5y6KdDorsal A10Adult (f)4,1068813
Xn8XcDorsal A11Adult (f)4,3408811
JqDqDDorsal A12Adult (m)4,2579842
0KTr0Dorsal A13Adult (f)3,8398201
4xn9BDuotone A1Adult (m)3,5685951
Sx9GwDuotone A2Adult (m)5,3998053
zXh61Duotone A3Adult (m)9,9541,1033
yh4OjDuotone A4Adult (f)3,6997432
uFeI7Duotone A5Adult (f)5,8149470
9eY5YDuotone A6Adult (m)4,8709632
g8AIJDuotone A7Adult (m)5,1099152
5WeNsDuotone A8Adult (f)4,4628590
0hgLsDuotone A9Adult (f)4,0529121
vPPsuDuotone A10Adult (m)4,1037632
L2huDDusk Pygmy A1Adult (f)5,5978234
OHDndDusk Pygmy A2Adult (m)5,5158252
uYlHkDusk Pygmy A3Adult (f)5,7871,0462
4XpYQDusk Pygmy A4Adult (m)6,7381,0643
DHikPDusk Pygmy A5Adult (m)5,9961,2854
xVY9mDusk Pygmy A6Adult (m)4,7249361
2JPf8Dusk Pygmy A7Adult (f)3,3998641
YpJW6Electric A1Adult (f)3,6537091
jU9rTElectric A2Adult (f)12,5341,0863
F8edCElectric A3Adult (m)5,8539901
Oz71RElectric A4Adult (f)4,3778061
S8dlUElectric A5Adult (m)5,3111,0052
1yjsGElectric A6Adult (f)4,6828801
e93m7Electric A7Adult (f)3,8588221
8eJWaElectric A8Adult (f)5,0381,0583
Uj6waElectric A9Adult (m)3,6758951
WJwnOEmber A1Adult (m)4,6977911
uuYHeEmber A2Adult (f)9,2141,2233
fwIZHEmber A3Adult (f)4,9858472
o8Ea3Ember A4Adult (f)5,5738191
d4otaEmber A5Adult (f)3,1066491
D6V3NEmber A6Adult (m)6,7721,0763
ntiirEmber A7Adult (m)6,5561,0603
I7rxkEmber A8Adult (f)5,8101,0122
ibvFFEmber A9Adult (f)5,1921,0022
z7TUeEmber A10Adult (f)4,3819901
tx6nbEmber A11Adult (f)3,7967930
QxvzzEmber A12Adult (f)3,2847683
fImMREmber A13Adult (f)4,2539502
NrNiGEmber A14Adult (m)5,0288600
LLAFqEmber A15Adult (m)3,7088272
5srpuEmber A16Adult (f)10,2141,6452
2vh7mEmber A17Adult (f)4,1229141
aaqH5Ember A18Adult (f)3,9128063
vHnl7Falconiform A1Adult (m)2,9365813
GVlgxFalconiform A2Adult (f)6,1201,1132
4L9J5Falconiform A3Adult (f)4,6088491
GER1HFalconiform A4Adult (m)3,8118401
JiKmCFalconiform A5Adult (m)3,8988590
y4cpwFalconiform A6Adult (f)3,7869032
P2Y2bFalconiform A7Adult (f)4,3218084
ugwmIFell A1Adult (m)4,3038194
QpqvnFell A2Adult (m)4,9667201
3kbevFell A3Adult (m)4,7088462
IsWdVFell A4Adult (f)5,9691,0801
4YoWCFell A5Adult (f)4,8038881
hqGnVFell A6Adult (m)3,9088442
KlP17Fell A7Adult (m)3,7168735
uboYPFell A8Adult (m)3,5408921
WEWMvFell A9Adult (f)2,9465392
O1sQNFever A1Adult (f)5,0378972
YSRc1Fever A2Adult (m)4,3224141
ZEK5UFever A3Adult (m)5,5949622
VjaYdFever A4Adult (f)6,0389821
95YuhFever A5Adult (m)6,7981,2262
5WEAqFever A6Adult (f)4,7221,0174
Zea4BFever A7Adult (f)4,6339191
inEydFever A8Adult (f)4,9199963
wKBidFever A9Adult (f)3,6937942
jmSGtFire Gem A1Adult (m)4,7749211
pmpxuFire Gem A2Adult (f)5,4081,0312
cj8NVFire Gem A3Adult (m)4,5649583
nTAhHFire Gem A4Adult (m)3,6048051
BBVPEFire Gem A5Adult (m)5,6449421
DUpoOFire Gem A6Adult (f)6,0631,0561
WjpkzFire Gem A7Adult (f)5,9166881
fkH8GFire Gem A8Adult (f)5,3828412
24mTDFire Gem A9Adult (m)6,9761,1023
bNEqDFire Gem A10Adult (f)8,5411,2052
tXxb3Fire Gem A11Adult (m)5,4851,0372
m1nz9Fire Gem A12Adult (m)5,7909880
vmrL4Fire Gem A13Adult (m)7,3369242
yzXuvFire Gem A14Adult (f)5,4548201
Zld1SFire Gem A15Adult (f)5,0388173
RInJ2Fire Gem A16Adult (f)5,2257751
QFMELFire Gem A17Adult (m)5,3778144
slNoTFire Gem A18Adult (m)5,4438274
txNpoFire Gem A19Adult (f)5,5398332
xz3SwFire Gem A20Adult (m)4,8817403
JegzkFire Gem A21Adult (f)5,3781,0781
1i4uxFire Gem A22Adult (f)4,4119214
UkZTWFire Gem A23Adult (m)4,2371,0151
2JLf7Flamingo A1Adult (f)3,3815491
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