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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5uK7vBright-Breasted Wyvern A196Adult (f)4,8061,0241
CFkHjBright-Breasted Wyvern A197Adult (f)5,1541,0160
q5wh1Bright-Breasted Wyvern A198Adult (f)4,4871,0251
fxzubBright-Breasted Wyvern A199Adult (m)4,4179792
GxWnlBright-Breasted Wyvern A200Adult (m)4,5169962
ePcSzBrimstone A1Adult (m)4,6658152
syDGiBrimstone A2Adult (f)3,7006599
NjmfTBrimstone A3Adult (f)5,0376362
ntStyBrimstone A4Adult (m)5,0829451
xy6WSBrimstone A5Adult (m)6,0328652
lPnoSBrimstone A6Adult (m)7,0398731
p1E8zBrimstone A7Adult (f)6,5941,1022
5mXu9Brimstone A8Adult (f)5,7171,0962
HNtdMBrimstone A9Adult (m)9,8281,2871
Ge1nGBrimstone A10Adult (m)4,2639861
czjZQBrimstone A11Adult (f)4,2159902
Wpi3vBrimstone A12Adult (f)4,3039553
fTnAHBrimstone A13Adult (m)4,4409372
13vwBBrimstone A14Adult (f)6,0569232
DI2rNBrimstone A15Adult (f)4,2198391
rkXBRBrute A1Adult (f)3,4215572
HZRYWBrute A2Adult (f)3,0386231
MymOhBrute A3Adult (m)3,1448134
ldvXbBrute A4Adult (m)3,3246431
oGU5ABrute A5Adult (m)9,7851,3311
ZaOfvBrute A6Adult (m)5,1529991
huvTvBrute A7Adult (m)3,7278781
1SF2RBrute A8Adult (m)4,9978720
3m4SMBrute A9Adult (f)4,9469533
ubmRvBrute A10Adult (m)4,1848701
mZECNBrute A11Adult (f)4,6019341
4l0gcBrute A12Adult (f)4,6058997
hkUodBrute A13Adult (f)3,9699191
yHtX8Brute A14Adult (m)3,9038891
Q1ECaBrute A15Adult (m)3,7598940
eOjufBrute A16Adult (f)3,7738901
ZzV6dCaligene A1Adult (f)3,0777701
TXfNICaligene A2Adult (m)3,0907792
lQQrsCaligene A3Adult (f)2,9697731
BLYiaCaligene A4Adult (m)3,5318731
t2cW6Caligene A5Adult (m)3,4808612
dwbFKCaligene A6Adult (m)2,4026981
5dULQCaligene A7Adult (f)2,3326871
SP4YeCaligene A8Adult (m)2,3446841
hbBfSCaligene A9Adult (f)6,2141,2691
9DEkUCaligene A10Adult (f)3,0648342
ASffcCaligene A11Adult (m)2,8928472
Fef3fCaligene A12Adult (m)3,3128743
MpgCNCaligene A13Adult (f)3,4357332
bXH0vCaligene A14Adult (m)3,6987152
SssiBCaligene A15Adult (m)3,3028701
Wrh44Caligene A16Adult (m)3,2848691
zrjZCCaligene A17Adult (f)3,2358050
kwIL1Caligene A18Adult (m)3,4089152
jbQk1Caligene A19Adult (m)3,1629222
xslVZCaligene A20Adult (f)3,3559272
5id9WCandelabra A1Adult (m)3,6575311
aSLBACandelabra A2Adult (f)2,5275682
4CG56Candelabra A3Adult (m)3,1654643
j4DTaCandelabra A4Adult (f)6,2888731
A5S6iCandelabra A5Adult (f)3,8398481
8ArN2Candelabra A6Adult (f)3,9579041
rx7sCCandelabra A7Adult (f)3,5119111
UcgxlCanopy A1Adult (f)4,3756139
r4SzHCanopy A2Adult (f)4,9858492
ImwUHCanopy A3Adult (m)3,4456842
s4cqrCanopy A4Adult (m)4,4708402
6jrrYCanopy A5Adult (f)6,9771,2071
iXLdPCanopy A6Adult (f)3,4026321
mfvh7Canopy A7Adult (m)4,5688172
p8GCoCanopy A8Adult (m)7,3799262
gzaO0Canopy A9Adult (f)4,8678042
pd8v2Canopy A10Adult (m)6,6201,1262
m5uOgCanopy A11Adult (m)3,7479161
fCulOCanopy A12Adult (f)4,3291,0120
1swfeCanopy A13Adult (f)5,3831,1123
V5r1MCanopy A14Adult (m)3,4878561
pcRuzCanopy A15Adult (m)4,1308710
nbxcACanopy A16Adult (m)5,9511,3963
Pl7giCanopy A17Adult (m)3,6168550
B0iBFCarina A1Adult (m)5,7971,0851
a4QKDCarina A2Adult (f)5,8161,0855
pdIXZCarina A3Adult (m)6,2798143
VrhOQCarina A4Adult (m)5,8298202
TqO5MCarina A5Adult (m)6,3768184
mRcnvCarina A6Adult (f)5,7627972
7xxjCCarina A7Adult (m)6,5121,0663
UUQmECarina A8Adult (f)3,8788691
sEp1vCarina A9Adult (m)4,9449551
BHEdGCarina A10Adult (f)4,0157601
avSqtCarmine A1Adult (m)4,5958433
apc4mCarmine A2Adult (m)6,0566591
8ELzWCarmine A3Adult (m)5,9239741
Bk6igCarmine A4Adult (f)4,8778761
PuRHqCarmine A5Adult (f)4,5128931
PM9V6Carmine A6Adult (f)4,3738881
SKDF5Carmine A7Adult (f)3,7897671
v2sYfCassare A1Adult (m)3,0236132
Rzy7pCassare A2Adult (f)2,7096993
GNC5ICassare A3Adult (m)12,4361,1061
LRttkCassare A4Adult (m)5,4578252
aTqP2Cassare A5Adult (f)3,9118920
UzQXvCave Lurker A1Adult (m)2,7696781
i9qq4Cave Lurker A2Adult (m)2,5245821
1ZrVNCave Lurker A3Adult (f)4,1688852
7coZ9Cave Lurker A4Adult (f)4,3349142
zZlWoCave Lurker A5Adult (f)4,0459142
U6A4GCave Lurker A6Adult (m)3,6538823
Pf7MiCave Lurker A7Adult (f)2,2366742
pWYd2Cave Lurker A8Adult (m)2,5116531
2oRo7Cave Lurker A9Adult (m)6,2351,2952
tH5obCave Lurker A10Adult (f)3,9717662
8QW2CCave Lurker A11Adult (f)5,6141,4252
6e9LeCave Lurker A12Adult (m)3,5478932
LpvAGCave Lurker A13Adult (m)3,1849503
z3A8yCave Lurker A14Adult (m)3,5258573
9gQ7DCave Lurker A15Adult (m)2,9758141
oyHWnCave Lurker A16Adult (f)2,2476521
6aQWhCelestial A1Adult (f)5,0519331
VoRZICelestial A2Adult (m)5,1309211
8lE3rCelestial A3Adult (f)3,5997111
3SmxICelestial A4Adult (f)3,8907081
2GJVrCelestial A5Adult (f)3,9377132
zVh4wCelestial A6Adult (f)5,4189401
bZGKTCelestial A7Adult (f)5,3029043
ezJMiCelestial A8Adult (m)3,7987031
167v9Celestial A9Adult (f)3,6337241
G7TL3Celestial A10Adult (f)4,2397343
DvnVDCelestial A11Adult (m)5,6198764
6KmXiCelestial A12Adult (f)5,7569374
aQWxUCelestial A13Adult (f)5,6909034
Ls2KaCelestial A14Adult (f)4,4867631
Vnw2DCelestial A15Adult (m)4,3377321
fZisdCelestial A16Adult (m)4,4536671
4gyJxCelestial A17Adult (f)3,7096002
i2eVNCelestial A18Adult (m)3,3926453
NCkVECelestial A19Adult (m)3,4578281
TkRPgCelestial A20Adult (f)3,5147102
RP811Celestial A21Adult (f)2,7015811
vofWcCelestial A22Adult (m)2,6385731
qKpTvCelestial A23Adult (f)2,9385951
6EjZTCelestial A24Adult (m)2,4436232
Gh13WCelestial A25Adult (f)3,5786202
QEDEgCelestial A26Adult (m)3,1535735
Ck9g0Celestial A27Adult (m)3,4635882
seaKHCelestial A28Adult (f)3,0536142
KUYqNCelestial A29Adult (f)2,7655781
gX9m8Celestial A30Adult (f)3,0946081
9AqxrCelestial A31Adult (m)3,2156011
8vX9RCelestial A32Adult (f)3,7026912
DENP4Celestial A33Adult (f)3,7577631
PhwmhCelestial A34Adult (m)3,4777341
nZAHiCelestial A35Adult (f)3,6887262
LEwVMCelestial A36Adult (m)3,0517671
M7edRCelestial A37Adult (f)4,1216871
oLlJNCelestial A38Adult (m)3,8227191
jnsNFCelestial A39Adult (m)4,2567495
tBMDvCelestial A40Adult (m)4,0617622
EfXEVCelestial A41Adult (m)3,9857583
xNkxeCelestial A42Adult (m)4,2757863
YagnDCelestial A43Adult (f)4,2037562
GGdDeCelestial A44Adult (m)5,4957735
ZzBeBCelestial A45Adult (f)5,7617763
g0lBcCelestial A46Adult (f)5,4037632
saLp5Celestial A47Adult (m)5,7907834
K7OYWCelestial A48Adult (m)3,2516232
0BTxrCelestial A49Adult (f)3,1496601
611gTCelestial A50Adult (m)3,3597004
4dzT3Celestial A51Adult (f)3,4896742
t4eqMCelestial A52Adult (m)3,2076552
BO38SCelestial A53Adult (f)3,2576802
I1EauCelestial A54Adult (f)3,3186782
QFvlyCelestial A55Adult (f)3,4497061
cnhBnCelestial A56Adult (m)3,4186922
KcC5eCelestial A57Adult (m)4,3148691
2a1jmCelestial A58Adult (f)4,4108611
OjIGGCelestial A59Adult (m)3,4966743
fF6LyCelestial A60Adult (m)3,6747153
JSkKTCelestial A61Adult (f)2,5066331
YO6GTCelestial A62Adult (f)3,7947291
Dto0TCelestial A63Adult (m)4,5017991
j89PiCelestial A64Adult (f)4,8228851
sDCNkCelestial A65Adult (f)4,4737475
mZUItCelestial A66Adult (m)3,9778632
Sgk1LCelestial A67Adult (m)5,0199001
T4qUCCelestial A68Adult (m)4,2648672
hT2mECelestial A69Adult (f)4,5698062
XL5pkCelestial A70Adult (m)3,5865741
b5MWrCelestial A71Adult (m)5,3086912
ICWAMCelestial A72Adult (m)4,5208002
uEnmiCelestial A73Adult (f)4,4417893
e7bb9Celestial A74Adult (f)4,5297772
h5TddCelestial A75Adult (f)4,5457842
IxtPmCelestial A76Adult (m)5,5607091
22ndXCelestial A77Adult (m)5,8447481
2zrcfCelestial A78Adult (f)4,6538551
rvTFcCelestial A79Adult (m)5,3837442
Az8qECelestial A80Adult (m)3,1315871
WPzD1Celestial A81Adult (m)3,4876152
lFHsZCelestial A82Adult (m)3,1176291
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