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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
u4rmfGreen A7Adult (f)4,6098721
n7SfiGreen A8Adult (m)5,0509561
Ybb3kGreen A9Adult (m)4,5718711
uYfrzGreen A10Adult (m)4,4629522
27gaQGreen A11Adult (m)5,0811,0332
vUEp1Green A12Adult (f)6,8448722
NREPrGreen A13Adult (m)3,8948482
TY1eKGreen A14Adult (m)5,1061,0410
K62TmGreen A15Adult (m)3,8888742
7K8BXGuardian A1Adult (f)3,6357561
FvCABGuardian A2Adult (f)3,4946091
j8BljGuardian A3Adult (m)2,4786252
ff80bGuardian A4Adult (m)3,2316062
G6Ys4Guardian A5Adult (f)4,9636942
YiR6sGuardian A6Adult (f)3,8556512
2PXFvGuardian A7Adult (m)3,7757822
SnQNsGuardian A8Adult (m)4,7257912
a3cewGuardian A9Adult (f)4,8419052
b9BCOGuardian A10Adult (f)3,7576731
8AxvdGuardian A11Adult (m)6,3258591
xkY5NGuardian A12Adult (f)4,3048992
5nzMyGuardian A13Adult (m)4,8739841
X78rZGuardian A14Adult (f)5,7621,1631
sAz14Guardian A15Adult (m)4,8939861
qYbKzGuardian A16Adult (m)3,9188981
MS6PLGuardian A17Adult (f)3,4568100
wEyZoGuardian A18Adult (f)4,3077481
hxi9qHarvest A1Adult (f)2,9646441
LNDp9Harvest A2Adult (f)3,8428042
PtvPpHarvest A3Adult (f)4,5818112
tT9awHarvest A4Adult (m)5,2479994
DutDNHarvest A5Adult (m)3,4476761
Bv1JWHarvest A6Adult (f)4,3448811
FMJlBHarvest A7Adult (m)5,5358311
mXmzzHarvest A8Adult (m)3,0915792
dKHxoHarvest A9Adult (m)3,9249693
4zMRCHarvest A10Adult (m)4,1778461
4BB99Harvest A11Adult (m)3,9879332
Ka7L3Harvest A12Adult (m)3,8628060
SjXbEHarvest A13Adult (m)4,1858591
Vr35uHeartseeker A1Adult (m)4,3281,0682
51y2WHeartseeker A2Adult (m)4,3271,0051
q2ikwHeartseeker A3Adult (m)4,8587693
9lwBjHeartseeker A4Adult (m)2,4227262
74B8EHeartseeker A5Adult (m)4,6277834
Z0Tn9Heartseeker A6Adult (m)4,3578981
xu4ziHeartseeker A7Adult (m)2,5627061
cEdtvHeartseeker A8Adult (m)4,5439101
uxT6hHeartseeker A9Adult (m)4,5369992
L4bLvHeartseeker A10Adult (m)4,1151,0091
Ut6MyHeartseeker A11Adult (m)4,3959561
TjMPTHeartseeker A12Adult (m)3,9949780
C5l2RHeartseeker A13Adult (m)4,3089171
nUjmlHeartseeker A14Adult (m)4,9871,0866
UZKyHHeartseeker A15Adult (m)4,4311,0263
GSxX1Heartseeker A16Adult (m)4,1878201
He0zBHeartseeker A17Adult (m)3,2008651
KWeRnHeartseeker A18Adult (m)3,3168741
JXY7BHeartseeker A19Adult (m)3,7779672
R8poRHeartstealing A1Adult (f)6,1801,2353
IZqnbHeartstealing A2Adult (f)2,8447202
GYrR3Heartstealing A3Adult (f)4,5617691
ARA3WHeartstealing A4Adult (f)3,4719101
kfHzwHeartstealing A5Adult (f)4,3111,0041
k5USVHeartstealing A6Adult (f)8,8761,5673
hipVGHeartstealing A7Adult (f)4,4461,1061
0UdRBHeartstealing A8Adult (f)4,4699281
tPz42Heartstealing A9Adult (f)3,3388670
mh2QyHeartstealing A10Adult (f)3,5439331
LxcRgHeartstealing A11Adult (f)3,7949421
hIOUqHeartstealing A12Adult (f)3,7391,0592
R4iwWHeartstealing A13Adult (f)4,2771,0822
9vTeIHellfire A1Adult (f)3,5187081
nl1XCHellfire A2Adult (f)3,6326973
bpOjfHellfire A3Adult (m)2,7076452
VC8tHHellfire A4Adult (f)4,0708003
ni8S2Hellfire A5Adult (m)4,2408461
RCre5Hellfire A6Adult (f)4,0198593
TXAF1Hellfire A7Adult (m)3,7077511
LbLnBHellfire A8Adult (m)4,7618731
aXUzfHellfire A9Adult (m)4,8179211
gqMVTHellfire A10Adult (m)3,5548032
tkQpjHellfire A11Adult (f)3,7167622
k6N12Hellfire A12Adult (m)3,4966001
KJNpAHellfire A13Adult (m)3,4575671
bn6JtHellfire A14Adult (m)3,9826561
L6dEJHellfire A15Adult (f)4,2356751
tGLDFHellfire A16Adult (m)7,4579921
SgaMVHellfire A17Adult (f)12,5581,1151
mjyS6Hellfire A18Adult (m)5,3059922
sajf9Hellfire A19Adult (f)6,7771,0431
iQraNHellfire A20Adult (m)4,8389011
qcsgNHellfire A21Adult (f)3,6187321
nuQI7Hellfire A22Adult (m)4,5978351
4bsdzHellfire A23Adult (m)6,0189622
w0MVfHellfire A24Adult (f)5,2368981
e4iQ5Hellfire A25Adult (f)4,0629011
W8ruLHellfire A26Adult (f)4,0988361
Gn0e2Hellfire A27Adult (f)3,9938470
H1EXNHellfire A28Adult (f)3,8199170
nQj5FHellfire A29Adult (m)3,6168532
gnmNtHellfire A30Adult (m)3,9488571
wGWuIHellfire A31Adult (m)4,1438451
JlnpVHellhorse A1Adult (f)3,7036752
g6vRCHellhorse A2Adult (f)5,8068554
EyHfgHellhorse A3Adult (m)6,5428962
zI1eTHellhorse A4Adult (f)3,5835972
Kx9V5Hellhorse A5Adult (f)3,5535973
pH9KVHellhorse A6Adult (f)6,0631,1683
EPbiNHellhorse A7Adult (f)8,2061,0841
kLP9uHellhorse A8Adult (m)7,3929812
oZiPnHellhorse A9Adult (f)7,3289562
kkgtIHellhorse A10Adult (m)7,5149692
ZpZlRHellhorse A11Adult (f)6,1109242
r7lYJHellhorse A12Adult (f)6,1019703
DwYA2Hellhorse A13Adult (f)6,1869482
706UWHellhorse A14Adult (f)6,0479522
W8s1PHellhorse A15Adult (f)7,6638304
DVXqfHellhorse A16Adult (m)7,4038192
Qgk3iHellhorse A17Adult (m)7,5061,2874
VIi0dHellhorse A18Adult (m)5,3711,0033
brfxAHellhorse A19Adult (f)4,1979052
3GArYHoliday '07 A1Adult (f)4,5159624
ShGdBHoliday '07 A2Adult (f)4,5229813
uvRbwHoliday '07 A3Adult (f)4,6009773
amQ8yHoliday '07 A4Adult (f)4,5059685
NjA4PHoliday '07 A5Adult (m)3,4728843
jYxnjHoliday '07 A6Adult (m)3,1638462
ytl8RHoliday '07 A7Adult (m)3,0987962
WPXEQHoliday '07 A8Adult (m)3,2897461
jR3UXHoliday '07 A9Adult (m)4,1838312
RinluHoliday '07 A10Adult (m)3,9397662
I7l76Holiday '07 A11Adult (f)3,7858532
jDrCuHoliday '07 A12Adult (f)3,5928302
Q4l5QHoliday '07 A13Adult (m)3,2738602
MtYDDHoliday '07 A14Adult (m)3,6426933
kGs4jHoliday '07 A15Adult (f)3,6706751
VVdhUHoliday '07 A16Adult (m)3,9837542
tTSkMHoliday '07 A17Adult (m)5,8001,2892
5MgysHoliday '07 A18Adult (m)7,5211,5602
1FUp8Holiday '07 A19Adult (f)7,9121,5713
njFYtHoliday '07 A20Adult (m)8,0621,5422
YATsQHoliday '07 A21Adult (m)7,4641,5552
UDfFBHoliday '07 A22Adult (m)5,3491,2592
n2oqXHoliday '07 A23Adult (m)5,2831,2323
q9khkHoliday '07 A24Adult (f)3,7109722
C9jnjHoliday '07 A25Adult (m)3,9429913
8m7OkHoliday '07 A26Adult (m)4,0589992
U0aC0Holiday '07 A27Adult (m)3,2887643
taJoVHoliday '07 A28Adult (f)5,5971,25813
90cgXHoliday '07 A29Adult (m)2,4975061
qObEqHoliday '07 A30Adult (f)3,3977612
zxDR6Holiday '07 A31Adult (f)3,2637501
bEkQWHoliday '07 A32Adult (m)3,0437822
mWlKEHoliday '07 A33Adult (m)2,8677812
Ba5BTHoliday '07 A34Adult (f)2,8597973
u2zSZHoliday '07 A35Adult (m)3,0328311
JXeV3Holiday '07 A36Adult (f)2,7348772
mgOcoHoliday '07 A37Adult (m)2,6588692
Ap2hNHoliday '07 A38Adult (f)2,7959012
LVO26Holiday '07 A39Adult (f)2,9348982
0FfhAHoliday '08 A1Adult (m)2,9487341
1CR47Holiday '08 A2Adult (m)4,0307722
IGibfHoliday '08 A3Adult (m)3,8298882
QVJGZHoliday '08 A4Adult (m)2,8066671
pBGx3Holiday '08 A5Adult (m)3,9456232
4XmyvHoliday '08 A6Adult (m)7,0251,5332
zPndFHoliday '08 A7Adult (m)3,7949972
kH4pJHoliday '08 A8Adult (m)3,7331,0032
gi44QHoliday '08 A9Adult (m)4,9438331
NmSN4Holiday '08 A10Adult (m)3,2787441
huA4THoliday '08 A11Adult (m)3,3387312
WLuhBHoliday '08 A12Adult (m)5,2731,2952
u7mMQHoliday '09 A1Adult (f)3,8797972
ENqgmHoliday '09 A2Adult (f)3,6947841
TS5jYHoliday '09 A3Adult (f)3,7136192
MTQOgHoliday '09 A4Adult (f)4,7869061
xSju5Holiday '09 A5Adult (f)5,2511,2082
UFC97Holiday '09 A6Adult (f)3,8167671
sbwRSHoliday '09 A7Adult (f)2,7508962
Xbh03Holiday '10 A1Adult (f)4,3418362
QOvaSHoliday '10 A2Adult (f)3,0198112
j2bjiHoliday '10 A3Adult (f)4,1577923
rkNezHoliday '10 A4Adult (f)4,2226671
wXb2IHoliday '10 A5Adult (f)4,6918241
nKJjEHoliday '10 A6Adult (f)5,7031,2542
GzdB5Holiday '10 A7Adult (f)4,8218972
h6jCCHoliday '10 A8Adult (f)3,4897661
j0Mq0Holiday '10 A9Adult (f)3,4287521
qa9LEHoliday '10 A10Adult (f)5,3491,2312
Wtp6SHoliday '11 A1Adult (m)3,1368282
ZSFPYHoliday '11 A2Adult (m)3,5307842
DNGzGHoliday '11 A3Adult (m)3,6786421
CeB9oHoliday '11 A4Adult (m)4,9508941
ef3t8Holiday '11 A5Adult (m)5,3391,2682
Gz6oGHoliday '11 A6Adult (m)3,0488664
H6VU0Holiday '11 A7Adult (m)3,4577724
kbZ40Holiday '12 A1Adult (m)4,6109721
bDFmcHoliday '12 A2Adult (m)4,4058363
HQsjFHoliday '12 A3Adult (m)3,6507563
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