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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
g1hHAnd then I saw youAdult (f)3,8819354
YV8MI couldn't believe itAdult (f)5,9411,0513
tvhJYou  took  my  heartAdult (f)3,8898641
1e2NI couldn't retrieve itAdult (m)6,1591,2752
cQQZSaid to myselfAdult (m)6,5529004
r5MsWhat's it all aboutAdult (m)5,6159042
fbJsNow I know there can be no doubtAdult (m)2,3504862
1ZAMYou  can do  magicAdult (f)2,4264601
A8LQYou can have anythingAdult (m)8,0361,2224
kH2JThat you desire-IBAdult (m)7,9581,2162
GpguMagic and you knowAdult (m)7,4641,2132
0D8LYou're the one who canAdult (m)2,1804663
mIoCPut out the  fireAdult (m)9,2071,1071
UXMDYou know darn wellAdult (f)6,5817532
Zr1fTWhen you cast your spellAdult (m)4,8136632
XLuu4You will get your wayAdult (f)5,4316372
dBtRRWhen you hypnotizeAdult (f)3,6536941
B07c1With your eyesAdult (m)3,9419953
YjsXlA heart of stone canAdult (m)3,9499731
N1ASvTurn to clayAdult (m)4,0134892
3JncSAnd when the rain isAdult (f)5,1535041
WsJh7Beatin' upon the window paneAdult (f)3,4008441
6NuKUAnd when the nightAdult (f)5,1391,0804
K4Kl3It gets so coldAdult (f)5,0659441
4g1WCWhen I can't sleepAdult (m)4,9669441
GZNtAAgain you come to meAdult (m)3,2825931
r4A8OI hold you tightAdult (f)2,6125431
M3s44The rain disappearsAdult (f)4,8091,0221
kPZPiWho would believe itAdult (m)4,8681,0371
3G7K4With a word you dry my tearsAdult (f)2,6696411
7ABqtAnd if I wanted toAdult (f)3,9059301
lFW0DI could never be freeAdult (f)3,9191,0221
9GMW2I never believed it was trueAdult (f)3,9721,0061
Ak3sKBut now it's so clear to meAdult (m)5,7831,2881
T4DpbYou  can  do  magicAdult (m)2,8139743
iWaOkYou  can  have  anythingAdult (m)6,5668934
cVOHHThat  you  desireAdult (m)2,0419072
piuJDMagic and you know you'reAdult (f)2,5817622
9LFB5You're the one whoAdult (f)3,3169733
hjJXvCan put out the fireAdult (m)5,4359652
V2letYou know darn well when youAdult (m)4,0429942
CZUaJCast your spell you willAdult (f)4,5919261
iLAipGet your wayAdult (f)4,1939231
fMa1AWhen you hypnotize withAdult (m)4,1029401
QS5ouYour eyes a heart of stone canAdult (m)4,7659196
7FPRQTurn  to  clayAdult (m)4,4049284
9OuoaYou're the oneAdult (m)2,5849313
Ep6YVWho can put out the fireAdult (f)3,2881,0116
eS0jCI woke up this morningAdult (f)2,2627293
kSNgWLooking for something to wearAdult (m)2,2707812
71wWTAnd I realized that it wasAdult (f)2,2647622
sqYnMSaint Patrick's  DayAdult (m)2,2267593
Caew7So I put on myAdult (f)2,2047553
R4BywGreen  underwearAdult (f)2,6267623
LaMq5I met up with the milkmanAdult (m)3,0677532
DU0CFHe said 'how come you ain'tAdult (m)2,6507523
OQveywearin' no green' andAdult (f)3,9047592
cQu6qI said 'you must be reallyAdult (m)2,5407332
cNfEecrazy man' and pulled downAdult (m)2,4987733
In3PMThe zipper on my jeansAdult (f)2,5088131
IjFm6As I got on the busAdult (f)2,8577121
5PhS0I sat down in my seatAdult (f)2,8047181
xWiapThere was this old ladyAdult (f)2,8497522
7b4rnSitting next to meAdult (m)3,1427714
2jNwgShe started kickin' meAdult (m)3,4557558
C51ROWith her feetAdult (m)2,8347262
INCQLShe said 'Don't you knowAdult (m)3,2028331
M4wctwhat it's all aboutAdult (f)3,2718481
9cGD1It's the Irish time ofAdult (f)3,1227913
zopWzthe year' and she nearlyAdult (m)2,7287211
XL47hHit the floor when I droppedAdult (f)3,0976732
yDRzUMy drawers and showed herAdult (f)3,1267413
zvBicMy green underwearAdult (m)4,6331,08416
0n6urEarly in the eveningAdult (f)4,3491,2606
VWvBVRight after workAdult (f)3,4768673
6qIOvI went to say my prayersAdult (m)3,4728651
F0Gb4In my local churchAdult (f)3,6518813
umXwsSister Catherine kneeledAdult (f)4,7949702
vxxGANext  to meAdult (m)4,5149203
EFTEKShe said 'It's a sacrilegeAdult (f)4,5619282
h5F2Ynot to wear green' butAdult (m)4,4507281
Krof5Her frown changed to a smileAdult (m)5,0178653
wKFDWAs I pulled down the zipperAdult (m)5,0968474
y4msjOn my jeansAdult (m)5,0358374
7Ji8VSo we all got togetherAdult (m)7,4521,2083
uTes0On that Saint Patrick's nightAdult (m)4,9349692
aiu53The milk man old lady andAdult (f)5,1231,0513
HDbzTSister Catherine ohAdult (m)5,6761,0705
LqOD0We were such a sightAdult (m)5,5769901
003F1We caught up and drank theAdult (m)4,1387292
3v0o8Night away downtown all inAdult (f)4,5447252
FKp71The square and we shockedAdult (m)4,3919731
6INnPThe shorts off of ClevelandAdult (f)5,3181,2261
q0TssDancin' in our green underwearAdult (m)5,1341,1951
MotTLGreen   underwearAdult (m)4,8969632
Ty5tkThat's all I heard her sayAdult (f)4,4119481
RUdK2Yeah you get meAdult (m)5,2071,0252
BRdqIA pair to wearAdult (m)4,8641,0032
gzbiJOn Saint Patrick's DayAdult (f)3,3659262
XH67I can't believe the news todayAdult (m)4,6091,54360
Om4hOh I can't close my eyesAdult (m)3,5058109
0VL7And make it go awayAdult (m)3,7867021
ENZ7How long-IBAdult (f)6,9491,1873
WcU8How long must we sing this songAdult (f)6,0291,2522
idH2How long  How longAdult (m)6,5739275
bCpACause tonight we can be as oneAdult (f)4,8749482
Kia8Broken bottles underAdult (m)7,1568481
qCvRChildren's feetAdult (f)7,7821,3321
mEegBodies strewn across theAdult (m)10,0821,1624
tNYt1Dead end streetAdult (m)5,4536681
DsqleBut I won't heed the battle callAdult (m)5,4686471
SdM1tIt puts my back upAdult (f)2,8377953
9kQSTPuts my back up against the wallAdult (m)5,5669192
Mu1NjAnd the battle's just begunAdult (m)6,6481,1253
52v45There's many lost but tell me-IBAdult (f)6,6501,1344
3rvKHWho has wonAdult (m)3,7731,1082
1GnboThe trench is dug-IBAdult (m)6,1231,2421
kqc4kWithin our heartsAdult (m)5,2691,1235
l2uKSAnd mothers children-IBAdult (m)6,2751,0664
EuDHDBrothers sisters torn apart-IBAdult (m)6,3741,0893
4st2LWipe the tears from your eyes-IBAdult (f)7,9651,3793
VtR0iWipe your tears awayAdult (f)6,7341,1884
clcT6Oh wipe your tears awayAdult (f)5,5021,0343
n2WrtOh wipe your bloodshot eyesAdult (m)6,7569363
SXUF7And it's true we are immuneAdult (f)6,3899531
YVrckWhen fact is fictionAdult (f)6,7429791
52bmsAnd TV reality-IBAdult (f)5,1841,0453
3mjVsAnd today the millions cryAdult (f)5,9151,1433
cS2UTWe eat and drink-IBAdult (f)6,0591,0462
OdA8PWhile tomorrow they die-IBAdult (m)6,1311,0662
OiLopThe real battle just begun-IBAdult (m)6,1491,0763
uInVITo claim the victory-IBAdult (f)6,5201,0852
Bi1PUJesus won onAdult (m)6,5668953
KPO55Sunday  Bloody  SundayAdult (m)6,6709082
KwkgTHold your body close to mineAdult (f)6,7121,06411
3llAQLeave behind all of theAdult (m)5,1249687
ilcHGWorries on your mindAdult (m)3,1198922
Y3W50I can see it  in your eyesAdult (f)3,4471,0208
dq5mBWe've been waiting for thisAdult (m)6,0088639
tj0fDMoment to arriveAdult (f)4,74991911
5TnL4Love me in that special wayAdult (f)7,53278111
pZKafLet your lips say whatAdult (f)7,1478477
emgUlNo words can ever sayAdult (m)7,6499003
Lx3s2Let's not waste another dayAdult (m)7,0811,1156
dsEA9Lock the door and we'llAdult (m)5,6661,1522
u5TfjThrow the key awayAdult (m)5,8048626
0GmxWAnd you make me feelAdult (m)4,9839453
5CpUbSo shiny and newAdult (m)5,8318691
iIvuULike I'll never be blue againAdult (f)6,5298795
GKGIXAnd all magic momentsAdult (m)5,2001,0723
iI2azFeel so rightAdult (m)5,3909912
tZefjI want to spend the restAdult (f)6,0779232
Jbq0XOf my life with youAdult (m)5,6588575
46gxmOh girl only you makeAdult (f)5,6568691
c5qCKMe feel brand newAdult (m)6,6341,0031
rqFDSOh girl you make meAdult (f)6,6831,0522
SQwEkFeel  brand  newAdult (f)6,9271,0361
abCMVv-----Extra Breeding Stock-----vHatchling (F)1,2085063
ihuN9John  DoggettAdult (m)7,2009362
dUY5gWings of Gold and Silver ThuwedAdult (f)6,0251,0176
F7CBrResplendent DazzlerAdult (f)5,0346876
j8XbcSylverGratuityAdult (f)2,4177883
9LXT1SylverBlessingAdult (f)4,2139004
mC7VnSylverSensationAdult (f)3,0098223
x0APLSylverFestivitiesAdult (f)2,5787903
UbqYrSylverTreasureAdult (f)3,3787501
gfpShBronzed Icicle CoilsAdult (f)4,8461,03011
SNwb5NomNomNom PuuuumpkinsAdult (f)2,5139879
2NAJkSmells Like Pumpkin SpiceAdult (m)2,4959124
nR98QFleshy ScreamerAdult (f)2,5129454
uE3gzGooey GlopAdult (m)2,4379083
H1M6CScreaming MarrowAdult (f)2,6059438
t9AtwI will slurp your marrowAdult (m)3,2588314
X6EfgStinky Pile of RotAdult (f)2,69095710
wybwVFestered MarrowAdult (m)2,6819854
OXQ0ABony Marrow MuncherAdult (f)4,2881,3291
Y5hnLSlinky StriderAdult (f)3,4148716
id1yuI was a Halloween Winter MagiAdult (m)2,6991,00410
N9qRwGlad the other guy glitchedAdult (f)2,4909537
AT7ByShadowy RegretsAdult (m)2,3859073
WDPrWInternet Meme TrollAdult (m)2,7571,0132
0H8L5Ultimate TROLLAdult (m)2,5819711
sjNBSI was a Radiant AngelAdult (m)2,6209377
f8AnDRadiance is lost in ShadowsAdult (m)2,5919775
NSHjxGrievous GhostAdult (f)2,3539052
GVF1UZoopery Proponent - CBAdult (m)2,5019293
KaI5vXanthippe - CBAdult (f)2,4109062
CPg0cSilent Night  Deadly NightAdult (m)3,0179061
CZF1ZOwl get you my prettyAdult (f)3,2749521
OxGxOAnd your little dragon tooAdult (m)3,2279542
qjcwgAngel HeraldAdult (f)3,8621,2854
oC3bBAngel of  the SnowAdult (f)2,9989864
OIs6WHeart Seeking Angel in the SnowAdult (f)2,7449703
GTafpShiny Gold Wrapping PaperAdult (m)3,0461,0375
TmPFMWrapping Paper SparklerAdult (m)1,3847381
PwTMJMystic Winter MagiAdult (m)1,3637421
zL2zZSilver  MagiAdult (m)2,9969975
CmkY3Dancing Ribbons of JoyAdult (f)1,3737382
OTex7Ribbon-wrapped HeartAdult (f)3,0881,0221
soyzcSoyz C YuleAdult (m)3,5531,2784
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