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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ioDUKScript A18Adult (m)4,9999784
XtrTDScript A19Adult (f)5,7499950
fZbkRScript A20Adult (m)4,2348561
IzUmXScript A21Adult (f)5,5469302
me52qScript A22Adult (m)3,5927112
KZt44Script A23Adult (m)5,0109511
dtf6oScript A24Adult (f)5,6398181
oaikXScript A25Adult (f)4,5929502
LahRUScript A26Adult (m)3,9478981
yhDHmScript A27Adult (m)4,7739271
wtlRFScript A28Adult (f)4,2939311
F7KvQScript A29Adult (m)4,4698802
e2ME4Script A30Adult (f)4,9129201
AaELKScript A31Adult (m)4,6679622
tWpGgScript A32Adult (m)4,7419352
nrLObScript A33Adult (f)3,8118922
np5mUScript A34Adult (m)3,6587970
e4dZBScript A35Adult (f)3,5828870
ItNltScript A36Adult (m)3,5748602
R0oQHSeasonal Spring A1Adult (f)5,0851,0002
tP21LSeasonal Spring A2Adult (f)5,1739802
nVbFeSeasonal Spring A3Adult (m)4,9541,0211
GcwpASeasonal Spring A4Adult (f)5,0011,0161
P4EWNSeasonal Spring A5Adult (f)2,9656192
cz4iNSeasonal Spring A6Adult (f)2,9726194
4EMkISeasonal Spring A7Adult (f)3,0546362
2YYz0Seasonal Spring A8Adult (f)3,7486901
ROtQeSeasonal Spring A9Adult (f)4,2107422
DlIy1Seasonal Spring A10Adult (m)5,2938532
efuy5Seasonal Spring A11Adult (f)8,1861,2812
ZFcKBSeasonal Spring A12Adult (m)4,7488451
T2f0ASeasonal Spring A13Adult (f)4,5568031
UGJ78Seasonal Spring A14Adult (m)5,5058872
LvGp2Seasonal Spring A15Adult (f)5,4088671
MW3VmSeasonal Spring A16Adult (m)5,4098772
0qW6tSeasonal Spring A17Adult (m)5,1828451
55Sj8Seasonal Spring A18Adult (f)5,3708711
1AC9HSeasonal Spring A19Adult (m)5,4058541
JLijjSeasonal Spring A20Adult (m)5,4968721
NivOjSeasonal Spring A21Adult (m)5,2618542
6UltzSeasonal Spring A22Adult (m)4,3968942
gLFtSSeasonal Spring A23Adult (m)5,3781,1614
MRJjeSeasonal Spring A24Adult (m)5,0979901
SUSF9Seasonal Spring A25Adult (m)3,0695094
fBVmPSeasonal Spring A26Adult (m)2,7064973
Hl8ArSeasonal Spring A27Adult (f)4,4498801
nyVeESeasonal Spring A28Adult (m)5,0269801
p5Lx6Seasonal Spring A29Adult (f)3,7338041
XWIWySeasonal Spring A30Adult (f)4,0217912
tWcAGSeasonal Spring A31Adult (f)3,7007941
v2e5PSeasonal Summer A1Adult (f)4,9238982
lEGCSSeasonal Summer A2Adult (m)6,4861,1401
z6maUSeasonal Summer A3Adult (f)4,2337211
AWccDSeasonal Summer A4Adult (m)4,2837221
zF5hKSeasonal Summer A5Adult (f)4,3177331
wehDYSeasonal Summer A6Adult (f)3,8596772
UzJJBSeasonal Summer A7Adult (m)3,9427283
hrwnKSeasonal Summer A8Adult (m)2,8645933
e4TDfSeasonal Summer A9Adult (m)5,6149813
ZWNSkSeasonal Summer A10Adult (m)3,0587441
VTSa9Seasonal Summer A11Adult (f)3,1367181
wVcewSeasonal Summer A12Adult (m)3,3136462
OdDSOSeasonal Summer A13Adult (m)2,6375881
CzYSZSeasonal Summer A14Adult (m)3,4166422
mAMwPSeasonal Summer A15Adult (f)3,7276531
TX3F7Seasonal Summer A16Adult (m)3,6556781
Xi2E6Seasonal Summer A17Adult (m)3,3886111
pCvaSSeasonal Summer A18Adult (f)3,2216521
nl9SXSeasonal Summer A19Adult (m)3,4926771
wSx8hSeasonal Summer A20Adult (f)5,0088592
HiqC8Seasonal Summer A21Adult (f)5,0538752
0VOnbSeasonal Summer A22Adult (f)4,0716591
pc1J5Seasonal Summer A23Adult (f)4,8769041
pv3FgSeasonal Summer A24Adult (m)5,2878721
lMYwFSeasonal Summer A25Adult (f)5,0058891
ZRGN4Seasonal Summer A26Adult (f)4,2074155
z9fIuSeasonal Summer A27Adult (f)4,6559431
60oBcSeasonal Summer A28Adult (m)4,3148662
nls7nSeasonal Summer A29Adult (f)5,3919031
8KmmgSeasonal Summer A30Adult (f)4,6719362
c4WJpSeasonal Summer A31Adult (f)3,1895532
dxXgOSeasonal Summer A32Adult (f)3,9738781
luja9Seasonal Summer A33Adult (m)4,0248731
awG8lSeasonal Summer A34Adult (f)3,5897661
k9RCySeasonal Summer A35Adult (m)4,4531,0102
fVhBOSeasonal Autumn A1Adult (f)3,7157411
reVXCSeasonal Autumn A2Adult (f)3,8907842
CdUY7Seasonal Autumn A3Adult (f)3,7527111
IrfkSSeasonal Autumn A4Adult (f)4,4738701
2UZlbSeasonal Autumn A5Adult (m)4,4248522
qHZ1nSeasonal Autumn A6Adult (m)4,3558601
NSOgHSeasonal Autumn A7Adult (f)3,1966231
a0aQ5Seasonal Autumn A8Adult (f)6,4951,2154
j3NFnSeasonal Autumn A9Adult (f)3,4876831
Ni3hUSeasonal Autumn A10Adult (m)2,3215473
XJa17Seasonal Autumn A11Adult (f)2,8896561
GVzmxSeasonal Winter A1Adult (f)4,7208791
hkzmMSeasonal Winter A2Adult (m)4,5338901
3SQ7tSeasonal Winter A3Adult (m)4,4218552
rtR9nSeasonal Winter A4Adult (f)4,3898141
tcmWkSeasonal Winter A5Adult (f)3,3104563
4IhtLSeasonal Winter A6Adult (f)4,4748511
mxTeYSeasonal Winter A7Adult (m)5,6879821
bqyskSeasonal Winter A8Adult (f)5,7699991
YvzB3Seasonal Winter A9Adult (f)5,8999722
AGFi2Seasonal Winter A10Adult (f)6,1321,0801
zUmRGSeasonal Winter A11Adult (m)5,4691,0211
FU6kuSeasonal Winter A12Adult (m)4,1368332
tANWqSeasonal Winter A13Adult (f)3,8708852
6G14YSeasonal Winter A14Adult (f)4,2749273
5lkDMSeawyrm A1Adult (f)4,3308041
vHiGpSeawyrm A2Adult (m)3,3666791
rayG3Seawyrm A3Adult (m)5,1599021
vVB4QSeawyrm A4Adult (f)4,2697381
pDRTWSeawyrm A5Adult (m)2,9066351
frqlQSeawyrm A6Adult (m)3,7097942
CtffkSeawyrm A7Adult (m)3,5114880
Wz2LTSeawyrm A8Adult (f)4,2167111
GRLyUSeawyrm A9Adult (m)4,1518803
3NF1YSeawyrm A10Adult (f)3,7647980
q03b1Seawyrm A11Adult (m)4,2218781
niGLUSeawyrm A12Adult (f)3,3668050
CqcKQSeragamma A1Adult (m)4,5128363
RLXyoSeragamma A2Adult (f)4,1747161
T9WYjSeragamma A3Adult (f)3,6627892
uowPbSeragamma A4Adult (m)6,2128053
eUMBZSeragamma A5Adult (m)4,5948901
Rv8LPSeragamma A6Adult (f)4,9738611
jIQRMSeragamma A7Adult (f)2,5395101
Zu5lESeragamma A8Adult (f)4,3618422
JbPKRSeragamma A9Adult (f)4,2718712
FzELXSeragamma A10Adult (m)4,0699370
wko06Setsong A1Adult (f)6,2828711
BibyQSetsong A2Adult (f)5,9208502
WPPaHSetsong A3Adult (f)4,8828654
eOUMtShadow Walker A1Adult (m)2,7417982
CgSJaShadow Walker A2Adult (f)2,7658133
dD35BShadow Walker A3Adult (m)4,1578732
rynrZShadow Walker A4Adult (m)3,7748811
N5w2QShadow Walker A5Adult (f)2,4957084
Aoc2VShadow Walker A6Adult (m)2,3817023
25sMFShadow Walker A7Adult (m)2,1856232
DMuZgShadow Walker A8Adult (m)2,6736461
bnKgAShadow Walker A9Adult (f)4,7621,1224
8DVdBShadow Walker A10Adult (m)5,8261,2263
9xbSsShadow Walker A11Adult (m)3,0068661
ax01rShadow Walker A12Adult (m)3,4517601
w7E8dShadow Walker A13Adult (f)2,8397714
RGfThShadow Walker A14Adult (m)2,7565991
kfsHVShadow Walker A15Adult (f)3,0839242
AfsSTShadow Walker A16Adult (m)3,0949362
jQ2JxShadow Walker A17Adult (f)3,6558782
Tmr4yShadow Walker A18Adult (m)3,4118491
4BuanShadow Walker A19Adult (f)3,3988642
ISMFwShadow Walker A20Adult (m)1,9575703
xHiubShadow Walker A21Adult (m)3,4118071
mRKCSShadow Walker A22Adult (m)2,4115551
JIyQQShallow Water A1Adult (m)4,0557671
HnTflShallow Water A2Adult (f)4,4948761
hKybUShallow Water A3Adult (m)3,6554062
0em2yShallow Water A4Adult (m)7,4911,0122
HlkliShallow Water A5Adult (m)4,3599203
wKpOoShallow Water A6Adult (f)4,1819041
uR5NAShimmerscale A1Adult (f)7,6219883
N7sbjShimmerscale A2Adult (f)10,8109662
mepdRShimmerscale A3Adult (m)7,4591,0733
TR81iShimmerscale A4Adult (m)6,9971,0371
Vf2MiShimmerscale A5Adult (m)6,3481,1952
DH5AQShimmerscale A6Adult (m)6,5071,2115
99c3xShimmerscale A7Adult (f)6,0991,1315
RHGDsShimmerscale A8Adult (f)7,6738312
5VPFQShimmerscale A9Adult (f)7,1919774
BREHjShimmerscale A10Adult (m)6,9559792
2XGPMShimmerscale A11Adult (m)7,8491,0092
sFAYPShimmerscale A12Adult (m)6,9821,0042
HTGO5Shimmerscale A13Adult (m)7,4911,0055
hhe8tShimmerscale A14Adult (f)7,0099701
ifiOsShimmerscale A15Adult (m)5,8761,0324
u0K5FSilver A1Adult (m)6,6591,0713
AdXneSilver A2Adult (f)4,4058522
dZmebSilver A3Adult (m)4,4718611
TjwFjSilver A4Adult (f)4,8146692
pZ24KSilver A5Adult (m)4,0597362
dgOuVSilver A6Adult (f)3,0676641
non4HSilver A7Adult (m)3,1286762
UNEzISilver A8Adult (f)3,0666911
UOcOkSilver A9Adult (f)5,6929422
2DjS7Silver A10Adult (m)6,6969294
dn2VpSilver A11Adult (f)3,7396052
Pn28PSilver A12Adult (m)5,1539312
pzWtYSilver A13Adult (f)5,4918251
bCmNXSilver A14Adult (m)5,3518634
yMrqWSilver A15Adult (f)5,8528253
tVNktSilver A16Adult (f)5,5448582
pdbiBSilver A17Adult (f)5,5828651
aisNBSilver A18Adult (m)5,4808981
JLJ7FSilver A19Adult (f)6,2611,2122
ErDs8Silver A20Adult (f)4,4037721
VuQUZSilver A21Adult (m)4,4799122
9B6f7Silver A22Adult (f)3,7387442
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