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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ycbkcAsh  A3Adult (f)5,4448631
OqYYcAsh  A4Adult (m)4,2669041
Jz8EkAsh  A5Adult (m)4,2158972
IzDW1Ash  A6Adult (f)4,3959431
oteLRAsh  A7Adult (m)3,8368271
pekeZAsh  A8Adult (m)3,9788751
cmWrVAsh A9Adult (m)3,0057781
MlYNcAsh A10Adult (m)3,6558522
abdrvAvatar of Change A1Adult (f)4,8481,0035
Qb5xIAvatar of Change A2Adult (m)6,8579267
rSrh2Avatar of Change A3Adult (f)5,6761,0294
1ElLZAvatar of Change A4Adult (m)5,9441,0782
ny0AmAvatar of Creation A1Adult (m)7,5251,0179
VvBGIAvatar of Creation A2Adult (m)6,4119151
cYzALAvatar of Destruction A1Adult (m)7,0098997
QMmieAvatar of Destruction A2Adult (m)7,2717153
0FHHUAvatar of Destruction A3Adult (f)5,3218424
GcHDVAvatar of Destruction A4Adult (m)6,1791,1052
JROFHAvea Pygmy A1Adult (f)4,3929831
rOU7JAvea Pygmy A2Adult (m)4,5841,0203
3Bj6aAzure Glacewing A1Adult (m)3,6877392
CJs0TAzure Glacewing A2Adult (f)4,5218941
gcublAzure Glacewing A3Adult (f)4,5257461
Qz05WAzure Glacewing A4Adult (f)4,7027241
gCWDqAzure Glacewing A5Adult (f)5,7469672
UFtv2Azure Glacewing A6Adult (m)5,2719413
4P3MoAzure Glacewing A7Adult (f)4,4127573
hzOCNAzure Glacewing A8Adult (m)5,0977161
frRfoAzure Glacewing A9Adult (m)5,0459462
3ssTaAzure Glacewing A10Adult (m)6,2841,0423
6B70GAzure Glacewing A11Adult (m)5,9721,1054
VA0ibAzure Glacewing A12Adult (m)5,6359973
X48olAzure Glacewing A13Adult (f)4,2818690
bK03HAzure Glacewing A14Adult (f)4,3488591
InzMeAzure Glacewing A15Adult (f)3,7468671
lNnFIBaikala  A1Adult (m)5,7236354
JyHnjBaikala  A2Adult (m)3,7935541
AoDtiBaikala  A3Adult (m)3,5307893
E4wQOBaikala  A4Adult (f)4,7468161
bB7xHBaikala  A5Adult (f)6,2251,0521
Xj598Baikala  A6Adult (f)5,3739290
XkhNZBaikala  A7Adult (f)5,8939961
XAcoxBaikala  A8Adult (f)4,7161,0113
S2dcLBaikala  A9Adult (f)4,5989942
MwCPxBaikala  A10Adult (m)7,0488961
uOrXbBaikala  A11Adult (f)4,0888773
BmsJkBaikala  A12Adult (m)3,8818230
mWJFuBaikala  A13Adult (f)3,9147711
nYlozBalloon A1Adult (m)3,3257674
YV7w0Balloon A2Adult (f)3,4638462
D6TfpBalloon A3Adult (m)12,3211,1391
surnWBalloon A4Adult (f)3,8238511
anzTiBauta A1Adult (m)6,6358721
4959fBauta A2Adult (f)6,8818811
VAqDIBauta A3Adult (m)6,9739031
sVQGGBauta A4Adult (m)6,4268282
tJE83Bauta A5Adult (f)4,7048442
lanLeBauta A6Adult (m)4,5461,0542
2aA9KBauta A7Adult (f)4,3659102
NQXaBBauta A8Adult (f)5,5711,0951
vP6dcBauta A9Adult (m)3,7158541
AQxdhBlack A1Adult (f)5,8199952
E4FzVBlack A2Adult (m)4,4638593
guoydBlack A3Adult (f)5,1629593
yyauxBlack A4Adult (m)4,6257362
HI84FBlack A5Adult (f)3,3716563
Jh9nxBlack A6Adult (f)4,1297772
vl841Black A7Adult (f)4,5498481
KXF2qBlack A8Adult (m)4,6438381
4po1vBlack A9Adult (f)4,1697593
VeQZ0Black A10Adult (m)4,3966793
qpLtYBlack A11Adult (m)4,6877951
Wy1VzBlack A12Adult (f)4,6236711
FPhhABlack A13Adult (f)3,3226812
pXwIxBlack A14Adult (m)3,2116851
YW4a5Black A15Adult (m)2,9007041
kA1eMBlack A16Adult (f)4,3528202
suzKFBlack A17Adult (m)5,0417771
3TBsqBlack A18Adult (f)2,6964963
PBLR8Black A19Adult (m)4,6818682
ZkDDmBlack A20Adult (m)4,6458831
5tFlrBlack A21Adult (m)4,3579321
MdN6ZBlack A22Adult (f)7,9321,1724
G3Zm9Black A23Adult (f)5,6101,1093
d41nuBlack A24Adult (m)4,0639371
OKhM4Black A25Adult (m)3,9368651
ffK0zBlack A26Adult (m)5,2677991
2FnljBlack A27Adult (f)3,5488262
N9KlCBlack A28Adult (m)3,5568721
AolSwBlack A29Adult (f)3,0734793
W37pqBlack A30Adult (m)4,1729662
IGc5iBlack A31Adult (f)3,3848182
k5h4DBlack Capped Teimarr A1Adult (f)5,9791,0674
seOWhBlack Capped Teimarr A2Adult (f)5,8821,0693
ncp54Black Capped Teimarr A3Adult (m)5,9301,0492
GV5cCBlack Capped Teimarr A4Adult (m)5,1519611
WMWgABlack Capped Teimarr A5Adult (f)4,9421,1171
nbJNHBlack Capped Teimarr A6Adult (f)9,5131,3762
DGEGBBlack Capped Teimarr A7Adult (m)4,4999102
BbJ8eBlack Capped Teimarr A8Adult (m)3,5969944
8dCnxBlack Capped Teimarr A9Adult (m)4,0249241
zvTHhBlack Marrow A1Adult (f)2,6776911
zAZWKBlack Marrow A2Adult (m)2,6947971
gr2TsBlack Marrow A3Adult (f)2,8058251
0navEBlack Marrow A4Adult (m)2,4015873
tyBT1Black Marrow A5Adult (f)2,0105341
YqtZPBlack Marrow A6Adult (f)2,7115934
UMXPeBlack Marrow A7Adult (f)4,2158782
P4YBABlack Marrow A8Adult (f)4,0009003
7NECuBlack Marrow A9Adult (m)4,0829283
TDR52Black Marrow A10Adult (f)2,4196932
4XfPyBlack Marrow A11Adult (m)2,3156462
iCTIfBlack Marrow A12Adult (f)2,5686502
tJixvBlack Marrow A13Adult (f)2,5656451
FoibLBlack Marrow A14Adult (m)3,0168571
UUs7jBlack Marrow A15Adult (m)3,7507112
bAMzpBlack Marrow A16Adult (f)3,1328043
8UKDaBlack Marrow A17Adult (m)5,6411,3702
wIGQOBlack Marrow A18Adult (m)3,5108591
wq7aABlack Marrow A19Adult (m)2,9938662
UJrmbBlack Marrow A20Adult (m)3,3638311
6HS8dBlack Marrow A21Adult (f)3,8561,1242
G8hOkBlack Marrow A22Adult (m)2,3796803
SLw3bBlack Marrow A23Adult (m)2,7298692
XFJXTBlack Tea A1Adult (f)3,9015301
EwNiRBlack Tea A2Adult (m)4,2277471
7fmqfBlack Tea A3Adult (f)5,0217153
ZDo0MBlack Tea A4Adult (f)4,4577783
WgcIgBlack Tea A5Adult (m)7,5951,2732
ho8fzBlack Tea A6Adult (f)5,4651,0472
ZFvIjBlack Tea A7Adult (f)5,7508612
Y8P72Black Tea A8Adult (m)4,9989041
kszRABlack Tea A9Adult (f)5,0401,0001
B1AusBlack Tea A10Adult (m)4,0147853
zYgVXBlack Truffle A1Adult (m)6,1771,1682
XUzTcBlack Truffle A2Adult (f)6,4361,2131
odGsYBlack Truffle A3Adult (f)5,8141,0864
U8ROjBlack Truffle A4Adult (f)5,3518303
w6ZKEBlack Truffle A5Adult (m)5,1669303
nlEV5Black Truffle A6Adult (f)4,4929161
ziFaDBlack Truffle A7Adult (m)2,8278081
qPw88Black Truffle A8Adult (f)4,4418451
0j9gsBlacktip A1Adult (m)5,0908332
L4ukrBlacktip A2Adult (m)5,6469832
ApRe4Blacktip A3Adult (m)4,2439431
lukW5Blacktip A4Adult (m)4,0808251
wX0LnBlacktip A5Adult (f)4,0638951
9vzH6Blacktip A6Adult (f)4,6398531
eHS0YBlacktip A7Adult (f)4,8888540
GcvUWBlacktip A8Adult (f)3,5817710
1MgUeBlancblack A1Adult (m)3,7298741
ALlx2Blancblack A2Adult (m)5,3321,0801
yVVYLBlancblack A3Adult (f)5,4931,0532
p3pZQBlancblack A4Adult (f)3,7787821
NZFjRBlancblack A5Adult (f)3,8297482
VvOmjBleeding Moon A1Adult (f)4,3727361
YjjmmBleeding Moon A2Adult (m)3,0046393
GtNBvBleeding Moon A3Adult (m)4,6469081
ITzmaBleeding Moon A4Adult (m)6,8108742
Zm51bBleeding Moon A5Adult (f)4,6571,0612
novKYBleeding Moon A6Adult (m)5,6581,0943
cVrMRBleeding Moon A7Adult (f)5,3487971
sX5TKBleeding Moon A8Adult (m)3,12151113
TgTUkBleeding Moon A9Adult (f)2,7765163
kx6I8Bleeding Moon A10Adult (f)3,7388850
wZ0NzBleeding Moon A11Adult (f)3,7849350
QPdM6Blue-Banded A1Adult (f)3,4656762
cSIQHBlue-Banded A2Adult (m)4,5898661
EpduuBlue-Banded A3Adult (m)3,8679112
6dvkrBlue-Banded A4Adult (m)4,5339283
W6P1KBlue-Banded A5Adult (f)4,5958992
lFcKtBlue-Banded A6Adult (f)5,3701,1571
wdIs0Blue-Banded A7Adult (m)3,7947432
jtj5cBlusang A1Adult (f)3,2147054
0gsUTBlusang A2Adult (m)3,6476462
91UclBlusang A3Adult (f)3,5164822
zulsJBlusang A4Adult (f)5,2188515
RnMNQBlusang A5Adult (f)3,6368673
aOGLzBolt A1Adult (f)4,9458932
l5qr2Bolt A2Adult (m)4,9838651
IBP6WBolt A3Adult (m)2,8686542
UmzzfBolt A4Adult (m)2,6506381
wJhDGBolt A5Adult (f)2,6356401
NxvOaBolt A6Adult (f)5,3448652
PRvWkBolt A7Adult (m)3,7467172
UmVRfBolt A8Adult (m)4,2247495
CsXIaBolt A9Adult (f)3,0946531
LH9AkBolt A10Adult (f)4,8707522
bUWnVBolt A11Adult (f)3,6985931
ZWwBVBolt A12Adult (f)3,9325702
J66uIBolt A13Adult (m)4,2438751
6v7HjBolt A14Adult (f)7,8391,0161
b8nJoBolt A15Adult (f)4,6848551
q9sOpBolt A16Adult (m)5,5589250
MQ37YBolt A17Adult (f)4,7479391
NCfeBBolt A18Adult (m)3,5218542
OcMjuBolt A19Adult (m)4,4468704
veNqGBolt A20Adult (m)4,4008991
CBIsSBolt A21Adult (f)5,3241,1431
WKjJbBolt A22Adult (f)3,9207823
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