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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sgBGqHoliday '13 A14Adult (f)3,6536811
OfYhqHoliday '13 A15Adult (f)3,8347202
aMVSYHoliday '13 A16Adult (f)5,2561,2593
o1zPRHoliday '13 A17Adult (f)7,5181,5594
BjuPoHoliday '13 A18Adult (f)7,5671,5262
4PTJ5Holiday '13 A19Adult (f)4,7638631
c8KZrHoliday '13 A20Adult (f)4,7608891
ZJKzMHoliday '13 A21Adult (f)3,6569972
UQuUlHoliday '13 A22Adult (f)3,5109982
eTAtxHoliday '13 A23Adult (f)3,5371,0301
SHwHTHoliday '13 A24Adult (f)3,5701,0211
WuVWmHoliday '13 A25Adult (f)3,3691,0364
Gj0PgHoliday '13 A26Adult (f)3,5319971
yTEUtHoliday '13 A27Adult (f)3,5099962
FPvJxHoliday '13 A28Adult (f)2,9678141
yWJUZHoliday '13 A29Adult (f)3,7147770
pAT35Holiday '13 A30Adult (f)3,0178081
2K5x1Holiday '14 A1Adult (m)3,6138051
SBvDTHoliday '14 A2Adult (m)4,1438363
6Nu94Holiday '14 A3Adult (f)3,7148704
yZVSpHoliday '14 A4Adult (m)3,4108651
hZ1F6Holiday '14 A5Adult (f)3,2038462
nBb28Holiday '14 A6Adult (f)4,8059061
hAgp9Holiday '14 A7Adult (f)2,8768581
l12FFHoliday '14 A8Adult (f)3,9841,0393
kBdcbHoliday '14 A9Adult (m)3,0837461
BjdLXHoliday '14 A10Adult (m)3,7669702
PXq9OHoliday '15 A1Adult (m)3,9298942
p0MLfHoliday '15 A2Adult (m)3,4928562
k3KHEHoliday '15 A3Adult (m)4,0837191
NpccWHoliday '15 A4Adult (m)5,1431,2153
fNIPsHoliday '15 A5Adult (m)7,4271,5182
AgCbrHoliday '15 A6Adult (m)5,8151,2753
z7MPIHoliday '15 A7Adult (m)4,5121,1862
Ey8U6Holiday '15 A8Adult (m)5,0778881
kKDSMHoliday '15 A9Adult (m)4,2321,0332
jnu65Holiday '15 A10Adult (m)5,4751,2871
ew1QsHoliday '16 A1Adult (m)7,5561,5003
oVhq0Holiday '16 A2Adult (m)5,3781,2602
U01HjHoliday '17 A1Adult (f)3,9521,0273
fZwZRHoliday '17 A2Adult (f)5,5591,2783
xIXXoHoney A1Adult (f)3,0237032
bTVuIHoney A2Adult (m)3,8247211
fW7DQHoney A3Adult (m)2,5796072
CeeVSHoney A4Adult (m)4,7739622
IhLewHoney A5Adult (f)3,7864884
1SfyYHoney A6Adult (f)4,9689028
LpUbpHoney A7Adult (f)6,0551,2991
nb9Y0Honey A8Adult (f)5,1768612
dJnp4Hooktalon A1Adult (f)3,4697021
FeGqfHooktalon A2Adult (m)4,7228603
ysHaEHooktalon A3Adult (f)4,7128922
NlDnSHorse A1Adult (f)3,6977816
PEfk2Horse A2Adult (f)3,0436933
vTP0BHorse A3Adult (f)3,8097123
8bIqeHorse A4Adult (m)3,0117493
TmEjDHorse A5Adult (m)3,6297363
kdRTmHorse A6Adult (f)4,4231,0062
aGQTSHorse A7Adult (m)4,3194691
o6dbtHorse A8Adult (f)4,2896831
nYmxPHorse A9Adult (m)12,1011,0611
yQ29lHorse A10Adult (f)5,8891,1171
9nM8wHorse A11Adult (f)4,6158621
Byx6FHorse A12Adult (f)4,6838433
aV53LHorse A13Adult (m)4,6999381
mcjeaHorse A14Adult (m)3,5658773
cVzG3Horse A15Adult (m)4,9198801
ilfZxHorse A16Adult (f)5,1961,0522
CMXZKHorse A17Adult (m)4,3451,0032
u0AJJHorse A18Adult (f)3,8488741
fuiAWHowler A1Adult (f)4,8278632
tdv7xHowler A2Adult (f)6,0821,0033
zrjacHowler A3Adult (f)4,4686742
HeNfJHowler A4Adult (f)4,1859292
KWRDEIce A1Adult (f)4,4577894
0SfstIce A2Adult (f)4,0307292
PZpl1Ice A3Adult (m)4,1917264
Ueb6AIce A4Adult (m)3,6197414
dcx2OIce A5Adult (m)4,4059641
Ucoy4Ice A6Adult (f)4,7001,0541
Bd4YAImperial Fleshcrowne A1Adult (f)4,6869193
g7KgnImperial Fleshcrowne A2Adult (f)3,6197325
S6FkPKhusa A1Adult (f)5,7831,0751
AWN6xKhusa A2Adult (m)5,6421,0221
PlcrQKhusa A3Adult (f)5,6019592
VxVkUKhusa A4Adult (f)6,8171,1702
z4fYCKhusa A5Adult (f)6,7871,0383
RlJwEKhusa A6Adult (f)5,6499251
fUCVWKhusa A7Adult (f)4,5289903
T94foKhusa A8Adult (f)6,1501,1412
c9N9qKingcrowne A1Adult (f)2,8676791
L6N16Kingcrowne A2Adult (m)2,5915892
eYIzGKingcrowne A3Adult (m)3,8846611
MK9fhKingcrowne A4Adult (m)4,2958683
UPRRfKingcrowne A5Adult (m)6,3478251
phqq4Kingcrowne A6Adult (f)5,0369333
bYeqoKingcrowne A7Adult (f)5,2579402
z5s6oKingcrowne A8Adult (f)5,3269913
7EMgRKingcrowne A9Adult (m)4,0288642
gPRdgKovos Pygmy A1Adult (f)2,2774451
6BLVtKovos Pygmy A2Adult (m)3,4059233
dqUPOKovos Pygmy A3Adult (f)3,7078133
P6xxBKovos Pygmy A4Adult (m)3,8548331
mKNjOKovos Pygmy A5Adult (m)3,9617920
SMLpBKyanite Pygmy A1Adult (m)2,8826611
lyzdhKyanite Pygmy A2Adult (f)5,0258492
b9z5qKyanite Pygmy A3Adult (m)2,7726533
6lN0CKyanite Pygmy A4Adult (f)3,5126901
3PFSnKyanite Pygmy A5Adult (f)8,9421,3373
UB4C9Kyanite Pygmy A6Adult (f)5,2358903
9hjejKyanite Pygmy A7Adult (f)6,2878332
AD12eKyanite Pygmy A8Adult (m)6,8701,1971
1FcjuKyanite Pygmy A9Adult (f)4,6368451
Bwl2LKyanite Pygmy A10Adult (m)4,8248971
C6YDVKyanite Pygmy A11Adult (f)4,0958942
YleQxKyanite Pygmy A12Adult (f)4,2871,0821
h4h4yLacula A1Adult (f)4,2589271
Eu9F4Lacula A2Adult (m)6,2281,1601
gXo41Lacula A3Adult (f)4,5668781
FqlOULacula A4Adult (m)3,8428021
ibjlPLacula A5Adult (m)4,2938811
6lMNULacula A6Adult (m)4,4669312
giOgTLacula A7Adult (m)3,5899021
jpzeKLeodon A1Adult (m)5,1818711
vdGU1Leodon A2Adult (m)4,8399362
nDgGGLeodon A3Adult (f)6,2691,2733
d3rJYLeodon A4Adult (m)4,7399361
iaFx7Leodon A5Adult (f)5,5541,0321
Zv4agLeodon A6Adult (m)3,8028151
3AIe7Leodon A7Adult (m)4,1128251
pcKxBLeodon A8Adult (f)3,7697932
B3Ny4Lihnseyre A1Adult (m)3,6538171
qvgoyLihnseyre A2Adult (f)3,5518791
34QfhLihnseyre A3Adult (m)3,1094951
YW2avLihnseyre A4Adult (f)2,8984901
Gy4SfLihnseyre A5Adult (f)2,9274922
QvfDmLihnseyre A6Adult (f)4,0049421
gC79qLihnseyre A7Adult (f)3,9519021
4GudnLumina A1Adult (m)4,7218311
3OcnRLumina A2Adult (m)5,5815012
wo3HRLumina A3Adult (f)3,7857521
6UDu1Lumina A4Adult (f)3,9097192
6MLUkLumina A5Adult (f)4,6636432
wuvJvLumina A6Adult (f)5,5439031
gY2l4Lumina A7Adult (f)4,9797611
crwv1Lumina A8Adult (m)4,3177072
WdXnnLumina A9Adult (m)5,4828152
zrHkgLumina A10Adult (m)6,2278472
QrFCNLumina A11Adult (m)7,5738741
woCCULumina A12Adult (m)7,1787092
CzpESLumina A13Adult (f)8,5451,3273
gYuZqLumina A14Adult (m)5,0427692
8hYibLumina A15Adult (m)6,2811,0731
ipZZVLumina A16Adult (f)5,3538112
1OW85Lumina A17Adult (f)5,5761,0062
xZ0dRLumina A18Adult (f)5,4381,0411
Cj4AqLumina A19Adult (m)4,3629882
mI4p0Lumina A20Adult (m)6,0271,1534
lEpLuLumina A21Adult (f)4,6459692
EMtcoLumina A22Adult (f)5,3449793
GIYezLumina A23Adult (f)4,5559811
DIIOULuminox A1Adult (f)4,1931,0791
zZrkkLunar Herald A1Adult (m)4,1979181
8uYAWLunar Herald A2Adult (m)3,9197731
qcTtYLunar Herald A3Adult (f)4,8688731
b19UpLunar Herald A4Adult (m)5,0218712
GbOaMLunar Herald A5Adult (m)4,7458631
KgYanLunar Herald A6Adult (f)5,0338782
yyLb1Lunar Herald A7Adult (f)4,5951,0201
OrZkHLunar Herald A8Adult (f)4,4671,0031
ExttpLunar Herald A9Adult (m)4,8511,0241
mY3UULunar Herald A10Adult (f)4,2849721
S8sjJLunar Herald A11Adult (f)4,2869401
BOm7XLunar Herald A12Adult (f)4,1779801
LizjKLunar Herald A13Adult (m)4,1238571
odXHbLunar Herald A14Adult (m)4,0799121
BPCgdLunar Herald A15Adult (m)3,9959051
v7Oc9Lunar Herald A16Adult (f)4,0729191
q6CjPLunar Herald A17Adult (m)4,0719021
mrWwALunar Herald A18Adult (m)4,3988891
xwkedLunar Herald A19Adult (f)4,3177072
7ox1pLunar Herald A20Adult (m)4,2217131
g9FwLLunar Herald A21Adult (f)4,2377341
k8GTKLunar Herald A22Adult (f)5,6411,0143
wWYuxLunar Herald A23Adult (f)5,8109571
O16lzLunar Herald A24Adult (f)5,7151,0161
WDzUwLunar Herald A25Adult (m)2,9977432
eZZqCLunar Herald A26Adult (f)3,7027051
NKbx5Lunar Herald A27Adult (m)4,3167671
WxCijLunar Herald A28Adult (m)2,9696021
BGAhmLunar Herald A29Adult (m)5,3588241
pfu8xLunar Herald A30Adult (m)3,0995292
Ol9rcLunar Herald A31Adult (f)3,4835334
R2HsPLunar Herald A32Adult (m)3,9948031
s1Fq8Lunar Herald A33Adult (f)3,9318191
bfZHxLunar Herald A34Adult (m)5,1987724
HQPUqLunar Herald A35Adult (m)4,2528092
ECuahLunar Herald A36Adult (f)3,3426451
R20QdLunar Herald A37Adult (m)5,0457661
s239cLunar Herald A38Adult (f)7,3041,1302
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