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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qLMqzTri-Horn A8Adult (f)4,4448491
F1BoSTri-Horn A9Adult (f)4,3688563
LKRGsTsunami A1Adult (f)3,2105941
8K4KhTsunami A2Adult (f)3,1565381
MFX8LTsunami A3Adult (f)4,9869422
gaikQTsunami A4Adult (m)3,3776671
nCdDSTsunami A5Adult (f)5,3469841
Spiu9Tsunami A6Adult (m)4,4458733
IST9yTsunami A7Adult (m)5,2441,0222
2W7LJTsunami A8Adult (f)3,7557301
FdSlLTsunami A9Adult (m)3,6958101
vbY7DTurpentine  A1Adult (f)5,1148622
VGIZnTurpentine  A2Adult (m)3,7905473
3XfDxTurpentine  A3Adult (f)3,1216191
SqLRsTurpentine  A4Adult (f)3,9997590
EcPMTTurpentine  A5Adult (f)4,4838741
wz0j1Turpentine  A6Adult (m)8,5781,3094
E7LopTurpentine A7Adult (f)4,1167703
egsI2Turpentine A8Adult (f)5,4451,0892
rIUEbTurpentine A9Adult (f)4,4428131
dniogTurpentine A10Adult (f)4,1128772
ymCPUTwo-Finned Bluna A1Adult (f)8,4641,2721
DuzprTwo-Finned Bluna A2Adult (m)5,0241,1181
H8wy6Two-Finned Bluna A3Adult (m)5,5569731
9IHLaTwo-Finned Bluna A4Adult (f)4,8929122
LyQFdTwo-Finned Bluna A5Adult (m)4,8369251
INvepTwo-Finned Bluna A6Adult (f)3,9699021
XdkAZTwo-Finned Bluna A7Adult (m)3,4958011
kZMASTwo-Headed A1Adult (f)4,9151,0217
SK3i0Two-Headed A2Adult (m)4,3965060
oHCAXTwo-Headed A3Adult (m)4,3187082
b8DoFTwo-Headed A4Adult (m)4,8704963
Rphz0Two-Headed A5Adult (m)4,6698632
SmtiLTwo-Headed A6Adult (m)5,6439411
aXQwtTwo-Headed A7Adult (f)5,5961,0022
WTzfaTwo-Headed A8Adult (f)4,8571,0282
6vbsdTwo-Headed A9Adult (m)3,6748890
97zADTwo-Headed A10Adult (m)5,6301,1252
JVBSqTwo-Headed A11Adult (f)4,3369000
lr4ivTwo-Headed A12Adult (f)3,1078273
nGDJBTwo-Headed A13Adult (f)3,4758010
weVkBTwo-Headed Lindwyrm A1Adult (m)4,0528881
LXQ41Two-Headed Lindwyrm A2Adult (f)4,1406391
j8bsATwo-Headed Lindwyrm A3Adult (f)3,5446952
uZi3lTwo-Headed Lindwyrm A4Adult (f)3,8097401
dgR1sTwo-Headed Lindwyrm A5Adult (m)3,6417081
ZrenMTwo-Headed Lindwyrm A6Adult (m)4,6398802
HAKF5Two-Headed Lindwyrm A7Adult (m)3,5687241
hfqMZTwo-Headed Lindwyrm A8Adult (m)6,1791,2913
zvlNyTwo-Headed Lindwyrm A9Adult (f)5,3698481
k7d4bTwo-Headed Lindwyrm A10Adult (f)5,7139193
B00M5Two-Headed Lindwyrm A11Adult (m)4,7388971
Jnlt1Two-Headed Lindwyrm A12Adult (m)4,8348021
UTdbPTwo-Headed Lindwyrm A13Adult (f)4,4248501
x93Y1Two-Headed Lindwyrm A14Adult (f)3,9118312
0fhCkUltraviolet A1Adult (f)3,5306941
2HCArUltraviolet A2Adult (m)3,4856721
hjnRjUltraviolet A3Adult (m)4,3107943
lNhgLUltraviolet A4Adult (m)5,0089892
aVZUxUltraviolet A5Adult (m)5,2088871
WZViZUltraviolet A6Adult (m)4,6431,0141
23O39Ultraviolet A7Adult (f)3,8819022
ZUDfxUltraviolet A8Adult (m)3,9028763
aji5XUndine  A1Adult (m)4,1677572
VRKppUndine  A2Adult (f)4,4716713
WHLXsUndine  A3Adult (f)4,3746772
ik3DcUndine  A4Adult (m)3,3186290
3Sd8DUndine  A5Adult (f)3,3776701
cfppyUndine  A6Adult (m)3,5036751
tXAvGUndine  A7Adult (f)3,3046452
5XIFoUndine  A8Adult (f)6,1706842
HHkBYUndine  A9Adult (f)4,9077521
i3FbgUndine  A10Adult (f)7,8331,0793
qdwXXUndine  A11Adult (f)6,7868641
eAJLYUndine  A12Adult (m)4,8607894
bhe1zUndine  A13Adult (m)4,8178931
kqdslUndine  A14Adult (m)4,7338351
v8tAhUndine  A15Adult (m)4,9548731
4hUYpUndine  A16Adult (f)4,0139172
s2IiwUndine  A17Adult (f)3,9791,0243
sKGA7Undine  A18Adult (m)6,1071,1093
jXDSGUndine  A19Adult (f)5,2078102
TlNcUUndine  A20Adult (m)3,6539202
Roe70Valentine '09 A1Adult (f)4,1218991
g86yvValentine '09 A2Adult (f)3,6038591
3EAVWValentine '09 A3Adult (f)4,0908661
L8Bb0Valentine '09 A4Adult (f)3,8609621
JySsFValentine '09 A5Adult (f)2,9297061
vWJzkValentine '09 A6Adult (f)5,7091,1351
gPq5hValentine '09 A7Adult (f)9,1051,5532
uvXsRValentine '09 A8Adult (f)4,0969031
rc4idValentine '09 A9Adult (f)5,3371,1123
YR2AHValentine '09 A10Adult (f)4,1808091
FqZ7bValentine '09 A11Adult (f)5,1251,1282
lFGSwValentine '09 A12Adult (f)4,0691,0642
06uAuValentine '09 A13Adult (f)3,7859631
9XtjQValentine '09 A14Adult (f)3,7519551
xa7S6Valentine '09 A15Adult (f)4,2111,0081
AYt7QValentine '09 A16Adult (f)4,3721,0042
IAaY5Vampire A1Adult (f)3,9317724
mBuYkVampire A2Adult (m)2,9936331
TtiyxVampire A3Adult (m)3,8547102
rmLZeVampire A4Adult (m)2,5886413
fbx3dVampire A5Adult (f)2,7806393
bhzWpVampire A6Adult (m)3,8107473
jCGhCVampire A7Adult (f)3,8116872
d24B2Vampire A8Adult (m)3,7496921
IKSlyVampire A9Adult (m)4,6928380
LIhtEVampire A10Adult (f)5,0771,0551
f96TmVampire A11Adult (f)4,7697974
7uwa7Vampire A12Adult (m)4,1256432
MIB0uVampire A13Adult (f)6,0008023
Mn2CzVampire A14Adult (m)4,1847255
ON5zMVampire A15Adult (m)3,2576283
8Zy4XVampire A16Adult (m)2,9947633
AGbaUVampire A17Adult (m)3,5857671
Tw6GMVampire A18Adult (f)5,9438062
2PVQmVampire A19Adult (f)8,9181,2903
pk4zOVampire A20Adult (f)4,0505681
yCKThVampire A21Adult (m)4,2506052
4QlelVampire A22Adult (f)7,4979873
99vjmVampire A23Adult (f)5,9798243
itop8Vampire A24Adult (m)4,9011,0082
f0V86Vampire A25Adult (f)4,6591,0351
6CDX2Vampire A26Adult (m)5,2779841
DfdzIVampire A27Adult (m)4,2958700
FgZj2Vampire A28Adult (m)3,8778271
6zuGDVampire A29Adult (f)4,6678782
NhCz3Vampire A30Adult (f)5,5591,2242
m2mdNVampire A31Adult (m)3,6829413
APV4JVampire A32Adult (m)7,6371,4003
WreozVampire A33Adult (m)3,5008100
UuU55Vampire A34Adult (m)3,9908742
j11fUVampire A35Adult (m)2,8328032
2R9pmVampire A36Adult (f)4,1989713
BCQu0Vampire A37Adult (m)3,8228102
z0tbLVampire A38Adult (f)3,9377851
viLT4Vampire A39Adult (m)4,1278252
bi1TKVampire A40Adult (f)3,9199666
PZaKkVremya A1Adult (f)3,9598921
6sJTfVremya A2Adult (m)2,8484551
32yTsVremya A3Adult (f)2,2805462
X6iDWVremya A4Adult (f)3,3938961
YGvPUVremya A5Adult (f)2,9514711
guWJXVremya A6Adult (m)2,9354811
15uPfVremya A7Adult (m)4,4989802
cUpdlWater A1Adult (f)4,3356039
lSdvjWater A2Adult (m)3,9516671
AaQDBWater A3Adult (m)4,5538401
FbKyWWater A4Adult (f)8,7208352
BqHfZWater A5Adult (m)4,3799082
QxECNWater A6Adult (m)4,7658840
Bkz8aWater A7Adult (m)4,7461,0333
WSHvtWater A8Adult (m)3,5519201
vYgbJWater A9Adult (m)3,6418932
RaMm3Water Walker A1Adult (f)3,5308835
Xn4TuWater Walker A2Adult (m)6,4991,0412
Q55eUWater Walker A3Adult (m)4,6651,0221
hYCXxWater Walker A4Adult (m)3,5858812
ou1DjWaterhorse A1Adult (f)4,6438272
rMnD3Waterhorse A2Adult (m)4,5996911
ZdSrtWaterhorse A3Adult (m)3,1616681
A5lXSWaterhorse A4Adult (f)4,0476961
NdFTPWaterhorse A5Adult (f)3,2135991
k2rBEWaterhorse A6Adult (f)5,9429832
Yff85Waterhorse A7Adult (m)4,5619101
af4hFWaterhorse  A8Adult (f)4,8378881
05Q9pWaterhorse A9Adult (m)3,9418921
gXhq3Whiptail A1Adult (f)3,4016443
d5jGFWhiptail A2Adult (f)3,8587221
ngX4eWhiptail A3Adult (m)3,1516153
tcGXnWhiptail A4Adult (m)3,7997644
p6Q8JWhiptail A5Adult (f)6,5439503
EkPlVWhiptail A6Adult (m)8,7271,2862
jC0iRWhiptail A7Adult (m)5,1171,0043
hzTOAWhiptail A8Adult (f)6,2341,1273
gibYtWhiptail A9Adult (f)5,2999022
wCaznWhiptail A10Adult (f)5,1038562
eRFlHWhiptail A11Adult (f)4,1268461
y7WcwWhiptail A12Adult (m)3,7189401
3Ck9MWhiptail A13Adult (f)2,2875314
ZPdQsWhite A1Adult (f)3,6428405
8ArGKWhite A2Adult (f)2,5615851
BVH4iWhite A3Adult (m)4,8127021
r3hGzWhite A4Adult (m)5,0259252
7MAqIWhite A5Adult (f)4,4428962
fkXL6White A6Adult (m)4,1307441
mRLvgWhite A7Adult (f)4,2064812
RkZrVWhite A8Adult (m)4,0847993
mmMffWhite A9Adult (f)5,1861,0041
62v30White A10Adult (f)3,6088121
occ2wWhite A11Adult (m)4,7639002
SubBdWhite A12Adult (f)5,2557991
1J5VQWhite A13Adult (m)4,1599041
QtpqdWhite A14Adult (m)5,5161,1063
K0Z1iWhite A15Adult (m)4,7949301
oCtNlWhite A16Adult (m)4,8338662
3zSOkWhite A17Adult (m)5,4741,0913
WI747White A18Adult (f)4,2999520
NXX6VWhite A19Adult (m)4,9228661
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