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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wends,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
95EWWBBW 196Adult (m)4,2427310
eP90PBBW 197Adult (f)4,5947861
h54VABBW 198Adult (f)3,2776241
ATDXkBBW 199Adult (f)4,5358253
KpIO6BBW 200Adult (m)4,7778162
B4lmfBBW 201Adult (f)3,6757932
xGhgEBBW 202Adult (m)4,8227902
fKs1MBBW 203Adult (f)5,8896822
OVC7cBBW 204Adult (m)4,3616371
XWVc0BBW 205Adult (f)4,2856322
FZoKpBBW 206Adult (m)6,1071,0082
uyEbnBBW 207Adult (f)5,9679572
mWyt6BBW 208Adult (m)6,0491,0001
e57cEBBW 209Adult (m)6,0799843
rZSzCBBW 210Adult (m)6,0741,0102
8XY5VBBW 211Adult (f)4,9308551
ip1gfBBW 212Adult (m)4,9568491
nEVXZBBW 213Adult (m)5,0088401
sITtRBBW 214Adult (f)5,2468482
FpqceBBW 215Adult (m)5,1188652
8tN5sBBW 216Adult (m)6,1321,0112
KRF0oBBW 217Adult (m)4,2537712
oOrvzBBW 218Adult (m)5,4138861
Yer3iBBW 219Adult (m)7,9139621
VdkoqBBW 220Adult (m)7,6569223
5rhTJBBW 221Adult (f)7,6289422
VhTC9BBW 222Adult (f)7,6209532
4ZNtaBBW 223Adult (f)7,6289401
P4NAJBBW 224Adult (m)7,6289322
F1dVgBBW 225Adult (f)7,5389522
sfwhZBBW 226Adult (m)6,2531,1313
JTJsnBBW 227Adult (f)4,3511,0132
4MGomBBW 228Adult (f)4,2519931
m1QckBBW 229Adult (f)3,7418972
nRQraBBW 230Adult (m)4,0449250
tkja2BBW 231Adult (m)3,8839773
6WCUIBBW 232Adult (m)4,0239521
GSjzDBBW 233Adult (f)4,1251,0412
JgCK5BBW 234Adult (m)4,0921,0252
FMiTQBBW 235Adult (f)4,1831,0381
HxLF4BBW 236Adult (f)4,8039972
lyjfMBBW 237Adult (m)4,0938445
qYRcBBBW 238Adult (m)4,0748472
SSA9DBBW 239Adult (f)4,5448792
k9GH6BBW 240Adult (m)3,8378782
uosD2BBW 241Adult (f)4,1738882
4Y6hdBBW 242Adult (f)3,8458411
5UuVbBBW 243Adult (m)3,8618552
kXFp3BBW 244Adult (f)4,1118733
i5qrJBBW 245Adult (f)3,6178532
OF7wNBBW 246Adult (m)4,1278701
jcbNuBBW 247Adult (m)3,9138981
J3twgBBW 248Adult (m)3,7107621
xgLYkBBW 249Adult (m)3,7167652
jlhgkBBW 250Adult (m)5,1059592
lT5T5BBW 251Adult (m)5,0749543
y3qOYBBW 252Adult (f)5,1189672
zHbtaBBW 253Adult (m)4,8959381
bcMPfBBW 254Adult (m)5,4991,1483
rgDSmBBW 255Adult (m)4,1728271
4y7X8BBW 256Adult (f)4,0968790
ipOjDBBW 257Adult (f)9,5111,3634
P8EqrBBW 258Adult (f)3,9368631
DDpJSBBW 259Adult (m)4,1849111
hU6W9BBW 260Adult (m)4,4039640
In7m9BBW 261Adult (m)4,3559660
UiYJ2BBW 262Adult (m)4,3619780
RDpjRBBW 263Adult (m)5,4259993
BWGELBBW 264Adult (f)5,2059082
fftmhBBW 265Adult (f)4,5699410
Y5zdpBBW 266Adult (f)3,8858522
KijLMBBW 267Adult (m)3,9048492
hCfCiBBW 268Adult (f)3,6198111
xTZSrBBW 269Adult (m)3,8098011
wocWEBBW 270Adult (m)7,5121,3274
kkhwcBBW 271Adult (m)4,9691,0000
AuVLPBBW 272Adult (f)5,1209770
JP13dBBW 273Adult (f)3,4978222
ECvKQBBW 274Adult (m)3,7168131
jexZLBBW 275Adult (f)3,8298371
9wcsOBBW 276Adult (f)3,9639142
wJ1P7BBW 277Adult (m)3,6919381
1USQoBBW 278Adult (m)3,3888610
mgoFRBBW 279Adult (m)3,4938920
oUHSsBBW 280Adult (m)3,9028451
jp05IBBW 281Adult (f)3,8638642
wNA0xBBW 282Adult (f)3,5518992
erxg7BBW 283Adult (f)3,6858851
OW3e5BBW 284Adult (m)3,6578782
4rBPgBBW 285Adult (m)3,7199031
bryipBBW 286Adult (f)4,4558812
kskQQBBW 287Adult (m)3,6308200
w65nBBBW 288Adult (m)3,6377751
lbjNbBBW 289Adult (f)4,8009691
yLFuLBBW 290Adult (f)3,4348712
NhpEKBBW 291Adult (m)3,1668341
oJpo4BBW 292Adult (f)3,1918481
SIWe9BBW 293Adult (f)3,7298583
PUwu3BBW 294Adult (f)3,3836994
SqrWyBBW 295Adult (f)3,4837082
UljjsBBW 296Adult (m)3,4226933
Gy51OBBW 297Adult (f)3,2588371
1gHCtBBW 298Adult (f)3,2538422
o8SOyBBW 299Adult (f)3,4018593
5YGqSBBW 300Adult (m)3,1028151
oI40BBBW 301Adult (f)4,8619771
uX3fIBBW 302Adult (f)4,9299701
aSyAmBBW 303Adult (m)4,8769841
h03aLBBW 304Adult (m)3,3318132
EerPXBBW 305Adult (m)3,6878652
Ke9Kqv--------Zombie Fodder--------vHatchling (F)2,5994021
kDkuMInfluence can in fact failAdult (f)6,6419023
LOcCCThe sod above gendered wrongAdult (m)2,7049131
HLpDSSome of these were projectsAdult (f)4,2901,1431
CrbXrThis was an unclaimed giftAdult (m)3,2099496
QTGcJAnd this guy's kind of inbredAdult (m)3,2261,0735
bdUEBAnd here's another normalAdult (f)4,8999962
hRa3oAnd  anotherAdult (f)2,5088681
4Rk1eForever and Ever and EverAdult (m)2,1547621
rpSmvHey I bet I can tell the futureAdult (f)3,4838263
t0sTAI bet the next black hatchlingAdult (f)2,1358533
NH7IbWill also be a normal blackAdult (f)4,6741,1007
4qpeMHa ha Toldja soHatchling (F)1,4045451
HgZq6Breeding for more altsAdult (f)2,6297932
J6VJATo give away is a real painAdult (m)2,0018082
bWLDGAaaaaarghHatchling (F)1,2894772
l8Vn9And here is another oneHatchling (F)1,0084001
NGPrQThe alt fails are never endingAdult (f)2,3067981
aTI8SSee toldja soHatchling (F)1,1914382
MjuMVBut these aren't wasted even nowHatchling (F)8584231
Z6zmlEven as they wait to dieAdult (f)2,6458093
bs7lEAt least they can be usedAdult (m)3,9841,1181
nsrHAFor that ridiculous encyclopediaHatchling (f, F)1,9558422
49gHqThis matured and ruined my plansAdult (m)3,4618824
G1lyvThe guy below was holding a nameAdult (f)2,3538234
DigyMBut  not  anymoreHatchling (m, F)2,0817313
AtVz2This guy should've been frozenAdult (m)3,7168434
QVAeHAnd this one gendered wrong tooAdult (f)4,0009294
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