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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
oEdlN(oEdlN)Adult (m)2,4708083
u4GG0Stargazer LilyAdult (f)3,14484030
KFqCyAmethyst StarfyreAdult (m)3,2327414
Dn72J(Dn72J)Adult (f)3,1399232
RsOnq(RsOnq)Adult (m)4,6379642
wrlSNStarbright RoseAdult (f)3,7569882
nCI6i(nCI6i)Adult (f)3,28179310
ncRtB(ncRtB)Adult (f)3,5458201
rsae0(rsae0)Adult (m)3,4838686
gkibC(gkibC)Adult (f)3,49282714
5Vs6O(5Vs6O)Adult (f)3,8091,1169
sWAa5(sWAa5)Adult (f)1,8574189
WLR5p(WLR5p)Adult (m)3,6407923
oqoFgStarfyre BlissAdult (f)4,0767834
vqumz(vqumz)Adult (f)4,4876735
Vpa3u(Vpa3u)Adult (m)2,4588173
VLmjd2nd gens of Silver FatherAdult8,1371,7518
b64DJZilver FlowerAdult (f)5,7837973
QvSJW(QvSJW)Adult (f)4,4389264
TrvmD(TrvmD)Adult (f)5,5368893
SIB3X(SIB3X)Adult (f)3,8827842
awMj5(awMj5)Adult (f)3,0094673
MsY8f(MsY8f)Adult (f)4,1357913
NNtM4(NNtM4)Adult (f)4,8121,0777
59Ydy(59Ydy)Adult (f)2,7437281
vqgh8Serenade of SilverAdult (m)6,3671,0107
v9q2oMoonlit SonatinaAdult (f)3,0379025
oAPRTTara StarfyreAdult (f)3,7498956
H2jAwSilver Moon StarfyreAdult (f)3,0609934
ecIDu(ecIDu)Adult (m)2,8058813
wb7Nv(wb7Nv)Adult (f)2,6038161
ClE6yPearl RoyalAdult (f)3,0317443
e9EZDHalcyon DraconisAdult (m)2,6977594
bQ3kXSparkling ArtemisiaAdult (f)5,3551,4343
HRc6t(HRc6t)Adult (f)4,2748343
1FpTLAzure EleganceAdult (f)5,2471,0126
8zbdi(8zbdi)Adult (f)4,6858112
y4otH(y4otH)Adult (f)3,4439083
DN4o2Silver ScissorTailAdult (f)3,2908703
vB9ST(vB9ST)Adult (m)3,4991,0932
RD3BlLil DreamerAdult (f)3,2367843
UYClP(UYClP)Adult (f)4,2507332
v7bUP(v7bUP)Adult (f)3,9888515
g8X0E(g8X0E)Adult (f)3,5459282
JGuszMoonlit SentinalAdult (f)2,8607943
1KOo6Deviant GleamAdult (f)4,7547844
h8wY1(h8wY1)Adult (f)3,9399182
KX2jv(KX2jv)Adult (f)4,2268115
dSwZYDawn ShadowlakeAdult (f)3,0948362
LXnaeLynnae SadiAdult (f)2,9021,1195
q8YrgSunset StoryAdult (f)3,4677353
KgIis(KgIis)Adult (f)3,4577432
c3o81Midnyght GlitterAdult (f)3,1218552
mI18D(mI18D)Adult (f)4,6479161
RnBGh(RnBGh)Adult (f)5,1811,0331
aclGQ(aclGQ)Adult (f)2,1701,1982
vF5zp(vF5zp)Adult (f)3,0278583
Yf6kd(Yf6kd)Adult (f)3,7049702
y0RrL(y0RrL)Adult (f)5,8879774
aajBB(aajBB)Adult (f)5,7051,0152
3FUku(3FUku)Adult (f)3,7748822
Yi6wC(Yi6wC)Adult (f)3,9008632
MXliH(MXliH)Adult (f)4,0348582
m2Lnj(m2Lnj)Adult (f)5,6909543
bciyx(bciyx)Adult (f)3,9938691
qaSg8(qaSg8)Adult (f)4,0539603
uuErl(uuErl)Adult (f)3,1328042
W4khLDevil of the DeepAdult (f)2,9948524
mSeqh(mSeqh)Adult (f)4,5488682
uJXlQ(uJXlQ)Adult (f)4,4259654
HExX7Seventh HexAdult (f)4,1038493
gT23H(gT23H)Adult (f)5,1438771
pAAKQ(pAAKQ)Adult (f)3,5497831
txrvv(txrvv)Adult (f)3,5517271
Unjko(Unjko)Adult (f)4,3147663
DcEDG(DcEDG)Adult (f)4,1999143
jGQWcMoon Touched DraconisAdult (f)2,5847565
N0T77(N0T77)Adult (f)2,7518082
XPjFFFine FrostAdult (f)3,0898474
j46QuBleeding SilvermoonAdult (f)2,7837881
KZDZ8(KZDZ8)Adult (f)5,3629032
MWrgd(MWrgd)Adult (f)2,8629482
uWdSGSundew Two FlowersAdult (f)5,8321,2363
P5USR2nd gens of Silver MotherAdult2,7587443
fmEY3(fmEY3)Adult (m)5,8308533
D2sZm(D2sZm)Adult (m)3,0279322
SR8ai(SR8ai)Adult (m)3,8728572
7Hv8VHolmes' NemesisAdult (m)3,1847955
ZKrF2Sundew MithrilAdult (m)4,6917623
LisZo(LisZo)Adult (m)2,8529422
fDMM7(fDMM7)Adult (m)2,37681521
9breU(9breU)Adult (f)2,8868496
n60bu(n60bu)Adult (f)2,1948582
lPtCW(lPtCW)Adult (m)2,94693319
NCZrh(NCZrh)Adult (m)3,1099051
2kGYO(2kGYO)Adult (m)3,0249642
Nivo7(Nivo7)Adult (m)4,6988723
1YocvYorgosAdult (m)3,2791,1355
xpBsQ(xpBsQ)Adult (m)2,6248191
8oIAT(8oIAT)Adult (m)3,1457622
o8RFM(o8RFM)Adult (m)4,0819071
mJkG9(mJkG9)Adult (m)3,3198861
3EdJH(3EdJH)Adult (m)3,4937635
MXYDVVyd DuskAdult (m)4,4121,01218
tKZR4(tKZR4)Adult (m)4,9219021
yjRvh(yjRvh)Adult (m)5,5979114
dbNov(dbNov)Adult (m)4,7618201
T0fXFWinter's GlowAdult (m)2,5989571
9ieRv(9ieRv)Adult (m)4,8651,0052
sleWqSeattle's SlewAdult (m)4,0138554
YN8xvTapestry in the DeepAdult (f)1,5866292
5GfrI(5GfrI)Adult (m)4,2118181
9repmEsterlina AzulAdult (f)3,4861,1383
gZbhUPerchance EgglingAdult (m)3,9791,1603
Ha98BFirewave LoopsAdult (m)3,4809303
FCxkj(FCxkj)Adult (m)2,1178151
N01DC(N01DC)Adult (m)2,4097451
jhs3e(jhs3e)Adult (m)5,1639782
YKhjo(YKhjo)Adult (m)2,9459075
PCWg8Random Silver CheckersHatchling (m, F)5,0548236
vf01D(vf01D)Adult (m)3,7048032
CXVqVDivine MistAdult (f)4,9579301
rESAy(rESAy)Adult (f)4,1729033
BkvEv(BkvEv)Adult (f)4,8749081
1SWfT(1SWfT)Adult (m)6,9151,06216
cIGo6Gleaming DepthsAdult (f)5,2859992
GScM9(GScM9)Adult (m)3,7388923
PvzyF(PvzyF)Adult (m)4,2098081
HvmV9Thing's SerenadeAdult (m)4,3357446
oy4V2(oy4V2)Adult (m)5,0119241
by1Bt(by1Bt)Adult (m)5,9911,0851
ZbDYK(ZbDYK)Adult (f)4,8979031
CUs8wCharming ZephyrAdult (m)2,8049352
JVGn8(JVGn8)Adult (m)4,1089654
v0WUA(v0WUA)Adult (m)3,5341,0661
GD4uF(GD4uF)Adult (m)3,7941,0423
1VhDR(1VhDR)Adult (m)3,6021,1303
KYjbX(KYjbX)Adult (m)3,6758424
9KCwu(9KCwu)Adult (f)4,3688425
8uwP6(8uwP6)Adult (f)4,8538286
DYDbg(DYDbg)Adult (m)3,1558574
TrRzZ(TrRzZ)Adult (m)3,4818551
QrBsc(QrBsc)Adult (m)3,7048973
8VF3b(8VF3b)Adult (f)4,1009934
QvH4fMisty RiverbankAdult (f)4,8869391
7lUEv(7lUEv)Adult (m)2,8749082
kMOuGIsfel PrincessAdult (f)3,2538767
iAo5o(iAo5o)Adult (f)4,8418574
hibRFSilver BreakerAdult (m)3,6401,0015
zbxlj(zbxlj)Adult (f)6,0321,0153
sRTX1Code dragon TXAdult (m)5,3088222
wRS8r(wRS8r)Adult (m)4,0858193
fpbnpRoyal ArgentumAdult (f)3,8279353
eYUCKEmi YuukiAdult (f)4,0479741
lt1PuApril Fool SpringAdult (m)2,9409095
bIdXQ(bIdXQ)Adult (m)3,8901,0462
G3Du0(G3Du0)Adult (m)3,8739382
UIG8KForest DanceAdult (m)3,2617213
PZRBz(PZRBz)Adult (f)4,9148904
KDRAW(KDRAW)Adult (f)3,8539458
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