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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vtkivVepkhiaAdult (m)3,6839682
TZmPF(TZmPF)Adult (f)5,3337903
9EeSr(9EeSr)Adult (m)4,2178413
09PWc(09PWc)Adult (f)4,4378533
eaDWc(eaDWc)Adult (m)3,5668091
6iUv7(6iUv7)Adult (f)4,2267481
L1Ope(L1Ope)Adult (m)4,2147471
noDeN(noDeN)Adult (f)4,8987917
3YEo6(3YEo6)Adult (m)2,1683661
vLYSS(vLYSS)Adult (f)3,5688041
JQqZH(JQqZH)Adult (m)4,9501,0411
ErLPc(ErLPc)Adult (f)4,3818753
pcnoA(pcnoA)Adult (m)3,8818152
2R5KR(2R5KR)Adult (f)4,2156995
FOt5v(FOt5v)Hatchling (f, F)4,3808782
AuGZCGyozynth of Drakul's HeartAdult (m)5,3569243
N0diO(N0diO)Adult (f)3,5198731
M8Oo6(M8Oo6)Adult (m)4,0658322
nea0h(nea0h)Adult (f)4,8898999
XA3nG(XA3nG)Adult (m)3,8428243
rKmMT(rKmMT)Adult (m)3,6538909
i1lg1(i1lg1)Adult (m)2,8248142
YV8L8(YV8L8)Adult (f)4,8217643
XGWo2(XGWo2)Adult (f)3,7137754
vkofH(vkofH)Hatchling (m, F)3,8867793
MHpOpChocolate LavaAdult (m)3,3511,0345
29nktHeart of DrakulAdult (f)4,4641,0363
BXsaMGlowing Mirage of Drakul's HeartAdult (f)3,8081,1536
pPzTk(pPzTk)Adult (f)3,9547782
jHa8cSkies of DiabloAdult (f)2,8997711
la1ic(la1ic)Adult (m)6,8681,1812
UCQnTColotlAdult (m)6,2851,0923
q64skIvy's GiftAdult (f)3,6081,0931
2UUV1(2UUV1)Adult (f)2,9538704
3uPPO(3uPPO)Adult (m)9,1421,2567
AmqQYAmy QuinyzthAdult (f)3,4179823
gVLLN(gVLLN)Adult (m)3,5221,1293
PMqq4(PMqq4)Adult (f)3,0458373
mY5u7(mY5u7)Adult (m)5,6631,1392
Z0QDq(Z0QDq)Adult (f)5,7218043
fN8aR(fN8aR)Adult (m)2,2401,1271
NxdVI(NxdVI)Adult (f)4,3288712
sJwG5(sJwG5)Adult (f)3,8908431
2cO2lBloodscales Were Unable To BreedAdult (f)2,8209661
TZz5k(TZz5k)Adult (m)2,7609961
baesyBessy and MaeAdult (f)3,6348532
zS4bv(zS4bv)Adult (m)2,9619282
7MMv4(7MMv4)Adult (f)3,6977355
qlJf3(qlJf3)Adult (m)3,0768914
aO7SO(aO7SO)Adult (f)3,8539894
CjYe4(CjYe4)Adult (m)3,1968763
dcN2a(dcN2a)Adult (f)1,8157342
cT2ru(cT2ru)Adult (m)4,9831,0172
uxTRk(uxTRk)Adult (f)3,7779112
ei6Y8(ei6Y8)Adult (m)4,5009712
xEq43(xEq43)Adult (f)3,6667481
Pm7bY(Pm7bY)Adult (m)5,8786994
WKegN(WKegN)Adult (f)4,4326934
Zuu2p(Zuu2p)Adult (m)5,9841,1293
GCaxV(GCaxV)Adult (f)3,7599704
NndNj(NndNj)Adult (m)4,7208373
AHTxP(AHTxP)Hatchling (f, F)5,0189282
R7qzP(R7qzP)Hatchling (m, F)5,4798413
cPI8n(cPI8n)Adult (f)3,061753119
bAIHK(bAIHK)Adult (m)3,1431,0061
s89EX(s89EX)Adult (f)2,9461,0307
Cu88M(Cu88M)Adult (m)4,2931,1102
HT6TP(HT6TP)Adult (f)3,2819384
3cX4F(3cX4F)Adult (f)4,1641,1232
7CDv7Ordered ChaosHatchling (m, F)5,22595419
ewYMa(ewYMa)Adult (f)3,8851,0234
GASWc(GASWc)Hatchling (f, F)4,5178544
Tbm0D(Tbm0D)Adult (f)4,5699741
NQnm7(NQnm7)Adult (m)3,6317205
NXMTx(NXMTx)Adult (f)6,0039393
Dsa9j(Dsa9j)Hatchling (f, F)4,8178111
1J9im(1J9im)Adult (f)4,4469847
pioRf(pioRf)Adult (m)3,7215942
VOp76(VOp76)Adult (m)5,2288912
SOOYD(SOOYD)Hatchling (m, F)4,9051,1156
RGftr(RGftr)Adult (f)4,9818142
ArgfQ(ArgfQ)Adult (m)4,0539011
rnZ6R(rnZ6R)Adult (m)5,1591,1052
rRB8p(rRB8p)Hatchling (f, F)3,6298904
B5e6hIt Was Two-Headed MadnessAdult (m)3,6631,1175
h788R(h788R)Adult (m)5,9267264
yU8hZJungle RogueAdult (m)4,4069391
HnlMX(HnlMX)Adult (f)4,2538451
vMV0M(vMV0M)Adult (m)4,4379302
I6LaM(I6LaM)Adult (f)4,2808801
4l6ch(4l6ch)Adult (m)4,5009023
45dNG(45dNG)Adult (f)5,6569382
clLn2(clLn2)Adult (m)5,7911,0181
BJp76(BJp76)Adult (f)5,9731,0182
IEcdl(IEcdl)Adult (m)4,8869252
Xosue(Xosue)Adult (f)5,9439204
vgOiR(vgOiR)Adult (m)3,8638764
hR2SV(hR2SV)Adult (f)3,8128593
2ScQB(2ScQB)Adult (f)3,2558162
CT6jG(CT6jG)Hatchling (f, F)3,6888332
AkzgN(AkzgN)Hatchling (m, F)4,1287646
P44puGreen Baikala are freshwaterAdult (m)4,5409143
fQBGo(fQBGo)Adult (f)3,9577851
DVrdd(DVrdd)Adult (m)3,1539022
vLs8N(vLs8N)Adult (f)5,0167593
aviQO(aviQO)Hatchling (f, F)4,0217802
kxK3Y(kxK3Y)Hatchling (m, F)4,1989451
JOClk(JOClk)Adult (m)3,8577622
k7Qu87-17-17 Perfect DayAdult (f)3,7737981
bYKAG(bYKAG)Adult (m)4,7718732
4frTv(4frTv)Adult (f)3,9078073
S9X7f(S9X7f)Adult (m)4,3618171
UomjK(UomjK)Adult (f)3,9977991
2JQh5(2JQh5)Adult (m)3,3418443
UmXZ2(UmXZ2)Adult (f)3,7249343
o1Zex(o1Zex)Adult (f)3,6619811
DF4Ju(DF4Ju)Adult (m)3,2171,0141
aoEk2(aoEk2)Adult (f)2,92582612
ZF8cm(ZF8cm)Adult (m)3,64791811
BNYRR(BNYRR)Adult (f)3,9578352
1MZGe(1MZGe)Adult (m)2,6837157
z9oQr(z9oQr)Adult (f)7,3301,3515
LUKG8(LUKG8)Adult (m)3,6219154
lUubW(lUubW)Adult (f)3,9979043
vVSjc(vVSjc)Adult (m)3,7999232
ldfoU(ldfoU)Adult (f)2,9888012
Vj3qO(Vj3qO)Adult (f)7,9791,0522
ng0QT(ng0QT)Adult (m)8,0201,0463
IeT9G(IeT9G)Adult (f)6,5031,0694
Fpr1g(Fpr1g)Adult (m)5,4359321
AEYfR(AEYfR)Adult (f)5,6248243
jLuOD(jLuOD)Adult (m)4,8129341
9ZUFy(9ZUFy)Adult (f)5,0189233
friV6(friV6)Adult (m)4,0377747
Mf0tP(Mf0tP)Hatchling (m, F)3,7998462
Iyp0p(Iyp0p)Adult (m)3,1488543
XNNrG(XNNrG)Adult (f)3,1458882
MXSRM(MXSRM)Adult (m)3,3817892
e6GGi(e6GGi)Adult (f)3,4347802
4PWoK(4PWoK)Adult (m)3,9497813
xntig(xntig)Adult (f)4,6481,1751
8mmtG(8mmtG)Hatchling (m, F)4,2718592
YgvWL(YgvWL)Adult (m)4,1418872
QsCknNexus came on DC's 10th BirthdayAdult (f)4,2469364
zEWJc(zEWJc)Adult (m)3,9318252
nUWJA(nUWJA)Adult (f)3,9338272
z1W5u(z1W5u)Adult (m)3,7768981
P0vhd(P0vhd)Adult (f)4,4757773
vmuulOn DC's 9th BirthdayAdult (m)3,2609113
pDYsL(pDYsL)Adult (f)3,8218593
LQo6r(LQo6r)Adult (m)3,0488231
ndHe3(ndHe3)Adult (f)3,5479572
ukIk3(ukIk3)Adult (f)4,1668321
ni3wB(ni3wB)Adult (m)3,6767351
hN650(hN650)Adult (f)3,3086863
GiWgx(GiWgx)Adult (m)5,5349934
tqK4C(tqK4C)Adult (f)4,6799252
mS1AI(mS1AI)Adult (m)3,7978203
gMoGM(gMoGM)Adult (f)4,4018185
BQrlZ(BQrlZ)Adult (m)5,4729673
kurAK(kurAK)Adult (f)3,8397983
2WRar(2WRar)Adult (m)6,1177953
oiH4ZEmpathy and ApathyAdult (f)3,5659713
bj67FThe Carter FamilyAdult (m)4,3967712
ykHcA(ykHcA)Adult (f)3,1816523
ygaKn(ygaKn)Adult (m)3,3926672
l2zSu(l2zSu)Adult (f)4,2648952
TCgB9(TCgB9)Adult (m)4,0369221
zKEOe(zKEOe)Adult (f)6,6287881
1P638(1P638)Adult (m)3,3467451
AIlzd(AIlzd)Adult (f)4,9908242
ZLKgx(ZLKgx)Adult (m)3,1757671
GFUal(GFUal)Adult (m)4,0078721
5SIft(5SIft)Adult (f)3,9218803
27DTM(27DTM)Adult (m)4,3148062
a4bfm(a4bfm)Adult (f)3,5978601
6EkdeIdiotic DebateAdult (m)4,0448982
ZqXXOThrowaway FashionAdult (f)3,8248842
LzYhl(LzYhl)Adult (m)3,5479814
y65C1(y65C1)Adult (m)3,7109062
RvnMo(RvnMo)Adult (f)5,1371,0181
wdMcb(wdMcb)Adult (m)4,4878098
Z02NO(Z02NO)Adult (m)5,0608523
HCbUk(HCbUk)Adult (m)4,3848093
zmYXp(zmYXp)Adult (m)3,8378442
HDzTj(HDzTj)Adult (f)3,4328112
RaEyV(RaEyV)Adult (f)3,7337441
rxZNu(rxZNu)Adult (f)4,2348212
yi9hy(yi9hy)Adult (f)4,5208892
2AV4G(2AV4G)Adult (f)4,5591,0092
bFDEe(bFDEe)Adult (m)3,5687643
Q3DknLegend of DorkfaceAdult (m)3,8358401
wFeT0(wFeT0)Adult (f)4,0068733
HGQ5l(HGQ5l)Adult (f)5,5588266
Kiv6bLong Years Splits WaitedAdult (m)3,8309532
EMt602nd of 7 Dragons on 7th BirthdayAdult (f)4,2109021
W7pp9Hooktalons ArrivedAdult (f)3,7038572
foosZA year has past andAdult (m)3,99691122
Gnlae(Gnlae)Adult (f)3,7219692
b7gaHWas Release Day Biome ErrorAdult (f)3,5238141
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