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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wdZ6A(wdZ6A)Adult (m)4,1439213
k6fHy(k6fHy)Adult (f)4,1159273
yb3yV(yb3yV)Adult (m)4,19860615
Zp8tr(Zp8tr)Adult (f)3,6649411
YV1gZ(YV1gZ)Adult (m)4,6078402
Z0Hr9(Z0Hr9)Adult (f)3,0127422
GmWK9(GmWK9)Adult (m)4,3789092
EQbLH(EQbLH)Adult (f)3,5689511
N51ca(N51ca)Adult (m)3,6069551
yQYIP(yQYIP)Adult (f)3,6769442
de8J3(de8J3)Adult (m)3,6198044
h3We3(h3We3)Adult (f)3,4627282
AdNSS(AdNSS)Adult (m)3,2768692
dAEBo(dAEBo)Adult (f)5,1351,07215
vnSGj(vnSGj)Adult (m)2,5046542
UyBqs(UyBqs)Adult (f)3,3089003
PZwwp(PZwwp)Adult (m)3,2789303
1deAp(1deAp)Adult (f)3,8658632
uqM5P(uqM5P)Adult (m)3,2468222
dZge4(dZge4)Adult (f)3,1458172
BOv8Q(BOv8Q)Adult (m)3,9508634
ed1Ca(ed1Ca)Adult (f)4,1247834
ikCfc(ikCfc)Adult (m)6,0701,1232
9mpzB(9mpzB)Adult (f)5,0608613
Bu0eP(Bu0eP)Adult (m)4,1549261
84fRU(84fRU)Adult (f)4,2429361
s4GEl(s4GEl)Adult (m)6,1001,06918
ZcQQ1(ZcQQ1)Adult (f)3,9509102
fCjtJ(fCjtJ)Adult (m)3,9109012
3mDa1(3mDa1)Adult (f)3,30643910
n85jI(n85jI)Hatchling (f, F)4,0458621
eswTC(eswTC)Adult (m)3,9708681
wO2ca(wO2ca)Adult (f)4,9261,0152
VTgIL(VTgIL)Adult (m)4,8918592
RaUsr(RaUsr)Adult (f)4,2959806
yFBGF(yFBGF)Adult (m)3,9371,1521
F8AMi(F8AMi)Adult (f)3,9231,1322
YMkKG(YMkKG)Adult (m)3,0258751
haiLa(haiLa)Adult (f)2,9289481
xo62J(xo62J)Adult (m)3,0268291
im3Hp(im3Hp)Adult (f)3,2018172
EzRKC(EzRKC)Adult (m)3,7191,0651
sHRjP(sHRjP)Adult (f)3,5201,0762
pJHuI(pJHuI)Adult (m)3,3457042
W0D9I(W0D9I)Adult (m)3,5979213
NTJrn(NTJrn)Adult (m)3,2349344
9CEq0(9CEq0)Adult (f)3,4498831
7KyRv(7KyRv)Adult (m)3,0678352
uHuyI(uHuyI)Adult (f)3,1378011
HegsV(HegsV)Adult (m)3,2849993
NjiMC(NjiMC)Adult (f)4,3118531
TUqN7RhyomnoethAdult (f)4,4491,2632
FWabz(FWabz)Adult (m)3,3588031
sNUfP(sNUfP)Adult (f)3,1837921
1feviFevilorth DuskAdult (m)3,3689943
vK6eC(vK6eC)Adult (f)4,32998512
9RLUS(9RLUS)Adult (m)3,7718895
8m1TL(8m1TL)Adult (f)5,3147931
9c5SZ(9c5SZ)Adult (m)3,9528422
13pTX(13pTX)Adult (m)4,4607525
X7wBm(X7wBm)Adult (m)4,8529531
DkaC4(DkaC4)Adult (f)3,6628831
bNZYk(bNZYk)Adult (m)2,5858362
kAzyJKazy JAdult (f)3,3257043
br2jH(br2jH)Adult (m)3,3468002
HF9wl(HF9wl)Adult (m)2,97563173
fSunESunfeyith DuskAdult (f)3,3879932
3XOqZ(3XOqZ)Adult (m)3,9777222
9e9dX(9e9dX)Adult (f)4,6318281
Y2g5X(Y2g5X)Adult (f)4,3381,0432
Ikb8i(Ikb8i)Adult (m)3,7328203
1DGMQ(1DGMQ)Adult (f)2,6657031
kEk7r(kEk7r)Adult (f)4,2578443
Euxbk(Euxbk)Adult (m)3,7848605
yP1qs(yP1qs)Adult (m)3,9119501
iXeWF(iXeWF)Adult (f)4,9141,0477
607ZW(607ZW)Adult (m)4,4548205
QPeEEQewpie DollAdult (m)4,2598902
Elnsy(Elnsy)Adult (m)5,1209541
lZq5q(lZq5q)Adult (f)3,9068702
MUbG7(MUbG7)Adult (f)4,6809363
pJwjz(pJwjz)Adult (m)3,9478646
8fDmSCode Dragon MSAdult (m)5,0868122
OHh8y(OHh8y)Adult (m)3,8638502
wMpUc(wMpUc)Adult (f)3,9138362
AYcc7(AYcc7)Adult (m)3,3797876
B6bEw(B6bEw)Adult (f)1,9642899
Vu6vkLady of the SandsAdult (f)3,5441,1735
sqCvDElders and HonoredAdult3,1298764
iHOWlHowling WindsAdult (m)3,9404921
FmVf4Eye of the HurricaneAdult (f)3,2571,0813
OVh8nEmerald Ribbon BowAdult (f)2,2948094
SelSNGingerbread GlitterAdult (m)4,9601,20810
dHbZpKxasbcojaf'j ThuwedAdult (f)3,0909135
nXkKUWall to WallAdult (m)3,5621,2072
PnA8QTree Top TallAdult (f)2,8955883
OZRgeDorothy of OzAdult (f)3,4431,1433
AeEZKKowdragon SaluteAdult (m)3,0238757
iLf3vTreasured GiftAdult (m)3,1819417
mDIvBCalico DreamtimeAdult (f)3,2641,0925
eHOP0Hope and DreamsAdult (m)3,2871,0833
99Rug(99Rug)Adult (f)7,0291,1733
32HWYSummer HighwaymanAdult (m)5,3391,1158
eiCVzYou were Born to FlyAdult (m)2,9988973
1G4d2I Believe in the FutureAdult (m)4,2479333
8oGWNTake Me Home Country RoadsAdult (m)3,7369302
jbqVgStart Pygmy RoundupAdult4,0088391
KiE7LLL-83 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9328502
gt3CULL-84 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7157356
vPV2JLL-85 Aug '19Adult (m)3,6777932
1es0xLL-89 Aug '19Adult (f)4,6177794
e6esPLL-73 Aug '19Adult (f)3,0537822
pifAyLL-82 Aug'19Adult (m)4,1197413
j2WzaLL-86 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2056793
7mh9aLL-87 Aug '19Adult (f)4,4957035
NevZoLL-88 Aug '19Adult (f)4,6247222
W4556LL-37 Aug '19Adult (f)3,53176118
3iYZ5LL-25 Aug '19Adult (m)4,02281613
cvMN0LL-13 Aug '19Adult (m)3,3419181
cnH3mLL-3 Aug '19Adult (f)2,8578302
SVr7MLL-94 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4258376
fWBXDLL-97 Aug '19Adult (f)3,7908772
IW48nLL-42 Aug'19Adult (f)3,4217931
BQ6QkLL-44 Aug '19Adult (m)4,8908463
JlowFLL-45 Aug '19Adult (f)4,3698533
QTZLdLL-46 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2708294
h4zCNLL-47 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7467111
dQmPGLL-48 Aug '19Adult (m)3,4317171
nzPDLLL-50 Aug '19Adult (m)5,3331,0023
fjUftLL-51 Aug '19Adult (m)5,4231,0003
OsiKtLL-52 Aug '19Adult (f)5,5571,0173
650XoLL-53 Aug '19Adult (f)5,4279763
SEL9HLL-54 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9768623
ms0xQLL-55 Aug '19Adult (m)5,3498932
yHuvzLL-56 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1129381
jaGe0LL-57 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1789351
nCKNlLL-58 Aug '19Adult (m)4,0069373
7rONwLL-24 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7348862
sjtrWLL-12 Aug '19Adult (m)4,0068672
qGJQFLL-1 Aug '19Adult (f)2,5367183
nuTP6LL-2 Aug '19Adult (f)2,6317411
OBAWHLL-4 Aug '19Adult (f)4,2097461
BjRnNLL-5 Aug '19Adult (m)4,5636992
Lnwu2LL-6 Aug '19Adult (f)4,8849163
k6GokLL-7 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8401,0122
2noGFLL-8 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8669902
YgQTFLL-9 Aug'19Adult (m)3,8159821
KONx0LL-14 Aug '19Adult (f)4,0199771
cnDKxLL-26 Aug '19Adult (f)4,0438683
mYlv9LL-27 Aug '19Adult (m)4,1778513
EI7O0LL-36 Aug '19Adult (m)3,2078325
z5kDuLL-38 Aug '19Adult (f)3,0478171
aJStjLL-39 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8308203
h2siSLL-40 Aug '19Adult (f)4,3208363
vHmOwLL-41 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2218273
6dHmvLL-43 Aug '19Adult (f)3,5948411
NvAdILL-49 Aug '19Adult (m)3,5138942
vh489LL-15 Aug '19Adult (f)2,3976751
IKm6oLL-17 Aug '19Adult (m)5,6771,1494
w4BaULL-22 Aug '19Adult (f)4,2308231
AJqj7LL-23 Aug '19Adult (m)4,7628092
jKiPzLL-30 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7988951
h6m02LL-16 Aug '19Adult (f)4,8479012
BGALrLL-18 Aug '19Adult (f)4,6299393
cycy5LL-19 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7448934
pmEXsLL-20 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1398932
wPa8TLL-21 Aug '19Adult (f)4,2519402
gnVg0LL-10 Aug '19Adult (m)2,8968321
Uo1mmLL-11 Aug '19Adult (m)3,3778632
YDPkxLL-92 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4427502
DbvQFLL-93 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4527462
U4dkGLL-95 Aug '19Adult (m)4,3347313
dvYFZLL-96 Aug '19Adult (f)4,3037694
Vzzx7LL-98 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8458332
OVGxmLL-99 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8108282
dTtcYLL-59 Aug '19Adult (f)4,5828602
2xrTmLL-60 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4637792
Fd2TILL-61 Aug '19Adult (f)3,6228272
peHeHLL-62 Aug '19Adult (m)5,2271,0503
jxtdjLL-63 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1438412
DFQxJLL-64 Aug '19Adult (m)4,0818572
roO1eLL-65 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9858502
NB2XKLL-66 Aug '19Adult (f)3,6667783
764d3LL-67 Aug '19Adult (f)3,3878102
W3TdfLL-68 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4678032
PY9E9LL-69 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9928802
XOhTdLL-70 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7179384
EDmbPLL-71 Aug '19Adult (f)5,2279723
qir0pLL-72 Aug '19Adult (f)3,6269131
E4aRULL-74 Aug '19Adult (m)4,1378292
zbaRvLL-75 Aug '19Adult (f)3,5059063
mX6zXLL-76 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8098723
upiujLL-81 Aug '19Adult (m)3,5198851
HSgPJLL-28 Aug '19Adult (f)5,1047382
PqtIHLL-29 Aug '19Adult (m)3,2147561
FsbP8LL-31 Aug '19Adult (f)5,1016658
nSaPiLL-32 Aug '19Adult (m)3,5788142
XPBqHLL-33 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2547932
iHRRPLL-34 Aug '19Adult (f)5,7358576
ViQBELL-35 Aug '19Adult (m)4,6968724
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