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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iKLqWMacaroon RyuAdult (m)3,2278771
VXosX(VXosX)Adult (f)4,3158696
tzVTT(tzVTT)Adult (f)3,7771,0193
BFyaE(BFyaE)Adult (m)2,9818391
QX54W(QX54W)Adult (f)3,9531,0052
HwA4N(HwA4N)Adult (m)4,1078691
7DolD(7DolD)Adult (f)3,5157932
MUaxR(MUaxR)Adult (m)3,7397574
zm3qn(zm3qn)Adult (f)4,2128276
TXmGE(TXmGE)Adult (m)4,2008124
yrb6a(yrb6a)Adult (f)4,7659165
s8vgd(s8vgd)Adult (m)6,5528393
96jDx(96jDx)Adult (f)5,3468293
cNGWT(cNGWT)Adult (m)5,4328422
Js7ko(Js7ko)Adult (f)4,1368542
CMEa2(CMEa2)Adult (m)5,5127751
ZwpGa(ZwpGa)Adult (f)5,1007002
JDnob(JDnob)Adult (m)4,9716893
En4iC(En4iC)Adult (m)6,1141,1322
Av7EY(Av7EY)Hatchling (f, F)3,4628272
1r4NPFrilled D'Hennegel ThuwedHatchling (m, F)3,8938211
pbmVG(pbmVG)Adult (m)4,1917992
oygnl(oygnl)Adult (f)4,6796881
GqJ14(GqJ14)Adult (m)4,4537901
Fctaq(Fctaq)Hatchling (m, F)3,1917183
HumKm(HumKm)Adult (f)2,9649734
aOasjOasis TreasureAdult (m)3,3009322
Tuka8Tuka GoldenscaleAdult (f)3,8448903
8EtLTKragleth DiamondAdult (m)3,4569437
it1sPIezhinth  BrightwingAdult (f)3,2378103
OFqGr(OFqGr)Adult (m)3,2769265
7AF70Maia AlcyoneAdult (f)3,3769301
QPPoB(QPPoB)Adult (m)3,9118783
KoNYh(KoNYh)Adult (f)3,5859944
KeSFrKryizieth DiamondAdult (m)3,6637476
ZIOuH(ZIOuH)Adult (f)3,0537301
P0xdu(P0xdu)Adult (m)2,6398473
To0gW(To0gW)Adult (f)3,0531,3483
kHQ6tQuyath Tiger's EyeAdult (m)3,5919244
I4VVv(I4VVv)Adult (f)5,1708292
lvnWS(lvnWS)Adult (m)2,9198594
GTAs4(GTAs4)Adult (f)5,4248942
6ZeHn(6ZeHn)Adult (m)2,7638232
Hvr6h(Hvr6h)Adult (f)3,5569242
c5aOB(c5aOB)Adult (m)2,8278302
Up9QU(Up9QU)Adult (f)4,7559981
vw5p5(vw5p5)Adult (m)2,7568483
QPguY(QPguY)Adult (f)4,8389981
l9vnG(l9vnG)Adult (m)3,1541,3514
8Loos(8Loos)Adult (f)3,4259052
kCkXS(kCkXS)Adult (m)3,2258493
KVmCa(KVmCa)Adult (m)2,5288594
qA3tH(qA3tH)Adult (m)3,9031,0021
ItmeP(ItmeP)Adult (m)4,3138997
JxQUN(JxQUN)Hatchling (m, F)5,1911,0381
3a0T5Otaiyth SilverlightAdult (f)2,5148007
WDlge(WDlge)Adult (m)3,3669713
2anX9Elloath AmberwingAdult (f)4,4471,0452
SxJqc(SxJqc)Adult (m)2,9399341
MPVnXIabliyth CrystalAdult (f)3,1898435
HmM5R(HmM5R)Adult (m)4,9279162
SOX41(SOX41)Adult (f)3,3659321
X4ytjWhy for TJAdult (m)5,3859272
qXDxy(qXDxy)Adult (f)2,9408992
u1evRAuspicabilisAdult (m)4,1108773
cy8at(cy8at)Adult (f)4,1281,1034
a2VeS(a2VeS)Adult (m)5,1369622
1arWy(1arWy)Adult (f)2,8699194
IhR3y(IhR3y)Adult (m)3,3628532
QC8o8(QC8o8)Adult (f)2,9638733
v2cYi(v2cYi)Adult (m)4,6508124
fdaEm(fdaEm)Adult (f)3,6587983
yY9EF(yY9EF)Adult (m)4,1649741
P2Dhf(P2Dhf)Hatchling (f, F)3,6187855
aMi51PhebeAdult (f)3,2871,0994
mKprj(mKprj)Adult (m)3,4137972
e06fC(e06fC)Adult (f)4,1198252
rO4l4(rO4l4)Adult (m)3,7509716
MfxE0(MfxE0)Adult (f)5,5907884
pOqDE(pOqDE)Adult (m)5,5597683
IqcZn(IqcZn)Adult (f)5,0868582
Q1Ltc(Q1Ltc)Adult (m)4,6928522
4n6Nw(4n6Nw)Adult (f)3,3037993
bu5tX(bu5tX)Adult (m)5,4171,0871
lnGvh(lnGvh)Adult (f)3,2078313
AdbEQ(AdbEQ)Adult (m)4,6138014
NuCm3(NuCm3)Adult (f)3,9928341
eJRkp(eJRkp)Adult (m)5,5508811
KzS9V(KzS9V)Adult (f)5,5448051
g9GSZ(g9GSZ)Adult (m)4,5148623
0zRKsOzarksAdult (m)2,6138442
dVb4i(dVb4i)Adult (f)5,3279644
J9awB(J9awB)Adult (m)5,2148022
xKq4x(xKq4x)Adult (f)4,50385511
je5ed(je5ed)Adult (f)4,5178712
0JS6R(0JS6R)Adult (m)3,8707495
sDEZn(sDEZn)Adult (f)3,9798923
wGsHT(wGsHT)Adult (m)3,5458432
GEvE8LiberalitatisAdult (f)3,3158841
EtXfK(EtXfK)Adult (m)4,0937905
xhExA(xhExA)Adult (f)4,1248394
clVsM(clVsM)Adult (m)3,1117792
N7ZgJBryttanth JetAdult (m)3,1911,0213
9SY6J(9SY6J)Adult (f)3,3197841
2JW6OTiaslaeth  AmberwingAdult (f)2,6988554
4IBtm(4IBtm)Adult (m)2,8578098
OIXej(OIXej)Adult (m)3,3487742
l71sjMakoto JadeAdult (m)3,5761,1543
hLr94(hLr94)Adult (m)3,6287821
sj0vjPeculiar TruthAdult (m)3,9791,1792
54FFz(54FFz)Adult (f)3,4787962
Be1tkBeli d'HanraAdult (m)2,8731,0622
hccJO(hccJO)Adult (f)2,7628422
ZmtRP(ZmtRP)Adult (f)4,5068992
v0T9t(v0T9t)Adult (f)3,8627122
tZCTV(tZCTV)Adult (f)3,8027401
Th5oi(Th5oi)Adult (f)5,5688272
A99i5Avec EtonnementAdult (f)3,4661,1284
WJeNKWjenkylth Lapis LazuliAdult (m)3,2461,0454
Qjrt7Festive AngelwingAdult (f)2,8659705
hDaPkZhaofynth DawnwingAdult (f)5,2111,3148
UAL66Ualyzth Yule GreenAdult (m)5,8269424
CFLBgVeoklith Yule GreenAdult (f)3,3611,1214
86isCSparrow's ChameleonAdult (m)5,6631,0477
2rUdSMythical LoveAdult (f)5,1111,0327
E3jmIRobyn HodeAdult (m)6,8871,5165
p9h3YTiger's TaleAdult (m)3,2556558
QXlSDLucianusAdult (m)3,6771,1707
S6TnXChantilly  LaceAdult (f)3,6471,2083
qfSJ0(qfSJ0)Adult (m)2,8758822
M6VCHEcho of SilverAdult (m)3,3701,1534
sLGfpAngel of GaladrianAdult (f)3,4771,03910
vn4mZOlivia's SongAdult (f)6,7911,2262
8osIrEosirulth Moonlight S'aarAdult (m)2,94995811
jMlTT(jMlTT)Adult (m)3,1727181
L3s4ASuzuranAdult (f)2,6949897
k3IhiKin YuAdult (m)5,6161,0515
GsUn3(GsUn3)Adult (f)2,9018333
GOwDJ(GOwDJ)Adult (f)4,3798183
BU1e1(BU1e1)Adult (m)4,0811,0121
ChbKT(ChbKT)Adult (m)3,8618141
ilKFw(ilKFw)Adult (f)2,4151,0572
zCGYO(zCGYO)Adult (f)4,9388332
IXG2USundew Tangle IvyAdult (m)3,6401,0984
Iv8QQSundew Tears IvyAdult (f)4,9821,2777
nqVVV(nqVVV)Adult (m)3,4969315
n4KGl(n4KGl)Adult (f)2,6518624
gIfiu(gIfiu)Adult (m)3,4331,1501
vUHFQ(vUHFQ)Adult (f)3,1849091
CJVdg(CJVdg)Adult (m)2,5497565
11qcPToxicoscordionAdult (f)2,6368346
mHa3F(mHa3F)Adult (m)3,9699062
GMdfV(GMdfV)Adult (f)2,8469121
5AOkrSundew OakleafAdult (m)2,4657015
V8yiL(V8yiL)Adult (f)3,3938214
felS3(felS3)Adult (m)3,5811,1103
lJZDo(lJZDo)Adult (f)3,9818373
qSPGe(qSPGe)Adult (m)4,7289443
9fa7K(9fa7K)Adult (m)2,9629671
VgSKu(VgSKu)Adult (m)2,90183413
5h67D(5h67D)Adult (m)3,4498476
XpRRO(XpRRO)Adult (m)3,6387892
0Lo9f(0Lo9f)Hatchling (f, F)4,3055914
B9fHe(B9fHe)Adult (f)4,9019192
6WR8F(6WR8F)Adult (f)5,3748235
ltul1(ltul1)Adult (f)2,5716003
PHVw3(PHVw3)Hatchling (m, F)4,5758192
J9lGrSundew Rose GlimmerAdult (m)2,9947223
62kgcSundew GlamourAdult (f)4,4991,9747
c4SYeSundew Mighty CaseyAdult (m)1,77254113
NaUtVSundew Natalie WooAdult (f)3,3999727
1RcQ1Sundew VenidiumAdult (m)2,5439887
tFgQrSundew Tiger LilyAdult (f)2,86795513
ITRQ0Sundew Wonderful RaindropsAdult (m)5,1799556
qE6B3Sundew Fine Sterling TwistAdult (f)5,0671,7375
Xs6JYSundew ArundoAdult (m)1,4226089
Wh1UV(Wh1UV)Adult (f)3,1048896
CVtnZ(CVtnZ)Adult (m)4,2209547
HVp6d(HVp6d)Adult (f)3,6098641
bdhSWScratchy GroveAdult (m)4,1555983
S9hTlSundew MuskroseAdult (f)1,8986991
NN886(NN886)Adult (m)4,3548015
SdtYx(SdtYx)Adult (f)4,5339472
rqJHX(rqJHX)Adult (m)3,9444742
fGhTN(fGhTN)Adult (f)4,4637632
hpOu4(hpOu4)Adult (m)2,3885513
RKUg5(RKUg5)Adult (f)3,6507994
Wg9z1(Wg9z1)Adult (m)4,5439093
HjjnY(HjjnY)Adult (f)4,5569131
XSUyt(XSUyt)Adult (m)5,9071,0595
n6CuI(n6CuI)Adult (f)6,3668091
MC31P(MC31P)Adult (m)5,4398734
Kc3wy(Kc3wy)Adult (f)4,1557914
tR2FN(tR2FN)Adult (m)3,1925812
sMNN0(sMNN0)Adult (f)5,2349465
pPo8r(pPo8r)Adult (m)3,9899232
U5VC4(U5VC4)Adult (f)5,7628732
n1SDB(n1SDB)Hatchling (f, F)2,2483975
7WdGEHide The PrincessAdult (m)4,0029301
3gpTV(3gpTV)Adult (f)4,8298952
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