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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zdzw1(zdzw1)Hatchling (m, F)2,8648009
PKvBY(PKvBY)Adult (f)3,6441,0222
9G4CnWintermint FrostAdult (m)4,4127384
tTwlh(tTwlh)Adult (m)4,5876574
TkFAi(TkFAi)Hatchling (f, F)4,0437463
Riq06Bronze IlluminationAdult (m)7,1027883
BFSgn(BFSgn)Adult (m)6,6391,0535
QqTON(QqTON)Adult (f)4,6037161
NfCl0(NfCl0)Adult (m)3,8157413
eZ65c(eZ65c)Adult (f)5,5479424
6FVvi(6FVvi)Adult (f)4,8587903
t9tOn(t9tOn)Adult (m)4,7137533
A5iwvPhantasia WaltzAdult (f)4,5578263
Kj6X1(Kj6X1)Adult (m)4,6468362
BdKNo(BdKNo)Adult (f)4,0257972
Z8SrG(Z8SrG)Adult (m)4,1417736
TpF4G(TpF4G)Adult (m)3,7957435
uTdhH(uTdhH)Adult (m)4,0658154
kUP6uCup of ComfortAdult (f)3,0556857
KsX23Chamaeleon's RevengeAdult (m)4,8358066
ivcm7(ivcm7)Adult (m)4,9548084
sxQYTLady of Lightning BoltsAdult (f)6,6549996
or3KT(or3KT)Adult (m)4,6267613
rRD4lBrazen Shadow DanceAdult (m)5,6089664
MlgQtEpic ChivalryAdult (m)4,0888156
9CNWE(9CNWE)Adult (m)4,0558163
sofoQ(sofoQ)Adult (f)3,7528333
ZCWIv(ZCWIv)Adult (f)3,7677633
tMlGt(tMlGt)Adult (f)5,5337762
o44WG(o44WG)Adult (m)5,84372912
5bSPZPiskie BlessingAdult (f)3,7587733
DdR4rWhirlwind HeartAdult (f)4,0107333
e7kJI(e7kJI)Adult (m)4,4606054
fNaoa(fNaoa)Adult (m)4,3897581
4MXg5(4MXg5)Adult (f)4,0577702
5vHSl(5vHSl)Adult (f)4,2828403
DfHaE(DfHaE)Adult (m)6,0857642
PDyme(PDyme)Adult (m)6,7311,0317
8BiSp(8BiSp)Adult (f)3,8027501
vVW4z(vVW4z)Adult (f)4,2267669
2hpvI(2hpvI)Adult (f)4,0128102
OBJkE(OBJkE)Adult (m)4,2407934
wdB7k(wdB7k)Adult (m)5,1467235
hoD0F(hoD0F)Adult (f)3,8307491
JAgGm(JAgGm)Adult (m)3,8007423
AflSV(AflSV)Adult (m)5,0339483
aKIgJ(aKIgJ)Adult (m)4,4568772
h9lQd(h9lQd)Adult (m)4,2598782
noHq8(noHq8)Adult (m)4,0218271
y4NqJ(y4NqJ)Adult (m)4,7188434
wtqdEGhost of  What Once WasAdult (m)4,6758344
PfJ8f(PfJ8f)Adult (f)4,6926922
46ZQ0(46ZQ0)Adult (m)2,6517863
H0b5C(H0b5C)Adult (f)3,5816702
BNfUE(BNfUE)Adult (f)4,8478394
hibWo(hibWo)Adult (f)4,0907901
aohgV(aohgV)Adult (m)5,3928502
VIY6g(VIY6g)Adult (m)5,3728502
CJFtH(CJFtH)Adult (m)5,1698092
m0R8u(m0R8u)Adult (f)5,0467832
8iulj(8iulj)Adult (m)5,9478853
4g10m(4g10m)Adult (m)3,8669454
OlWnO(OlWnO)Adult (f)3,6829083
RNz0h(RNz0h)Adult (m)5,0958001
1peEu(1peEu)Adult (f)3,1157722
TEhGZ(TEhGZ)Adult (m)3,4178362
W2RdEWrapped in a RibbonAdult (f)5,1191,0598
unwzG(unwzG)Adult (f)3,7007873
cGcN5Cirion's ShadowAdult (m)3,8907502
duaGl(duaGl)Adult (f)4,1127404
eBEIZ(eBEIZ)Adult (m)4,6128863
Tq8Xg(Tq8Xg)Adult (m)5,2509462
iPYhL(iPYhL)Adult (f)5,4641,1903
dcYMa(dcYMa)Adult (m)4,3969143
eANK9(eANK9)Adult (m)3,6758612
7CsSm(7CsSm)Adult (f)4,3219842
Ga26H(Ga26H)Adult (m)4,7269221
GER7y(GER7y)Adult (m)6,0741,0551
Lso8S(Lso8S)Adult (f)3,4138437
oY5HxDrakovineAdult (f)3,0557523
BX53p(BX53p)Adult (m)5,0738791
Leyjh(Leyjh)Adult (m)4,6548514
SRQaG(SRQaG)Adult (f)6,0231,3554
1OEyW(1OEyW)Hatchling (m, F)4,8959091
S1gDx(S1gDx)Adult (m)4,9679273
nPTC8(nPTC8)Adult (f)4,9288661
hX57Z(hX57Z)Adult (f)5,1739963
ZzSrrTranquility's ShadowAdult (f)3,5858062
d01W3Wandering MoonlightAdult (m)3,4908204
D4SyXEpic Fern ShadowHatchling (f, F)3,3737692
JGul8(JGul8)Adult (f)3,7988522
SlkOD(SlkOD)Adult (m)3,4198152
SRXCHSmoldering KissAdult (m)3,3648512
IsMGKIs MagickAdult (m)3,6588133
LfPhc(LfPhc)Adult (m)3,4418563
dJniO(dJniO)Adult (f)2,7178611
mYPAw(mYPAw)Adult (f)2,7738333
zblyJA  CappellaAdult (m)2,9909143
22a1o(22a1o)Adult (f)3,0859462
RO8sC(RO8sC)Adult (m)2,8958561
RHQGf(RHQGf)Adult (f)3,0498813
X8j6Q(X8j6Q)Adult (f)3,0989572
ujDr5Time's MessageAdult (f)3,6219461
wqTO1(wqTO1)Adult (f)3,5329681
9o6ov(9o6ov)Adult (m)3,6719601
ZrYbm(ZrYbm)Adult (m)2,8679823
qgjhVMoonlit SilenceAdult (m)3,5089232
E8dBu(E8dBu)Adult (m)2,6468913
KLweWPhantom MemoriesAdult (f)3,2461,1003
MxDlQ(MxDlQ)Adult (f)3,3531,0742
ZipIH(ZipIH)Adult (m)3,0811,0662
IXCci(IXCci)Adult (m)2,5028953
Gfmnm(Gfmnm)Adult (f)3,6661,1983
DLEvc(DLEvc)Adult (m)2,3668703
pKQkJShadowed SurfAdult (m)2,3638761
XTyrxTyr the BoldAdult (m)3,1311,0351
ffYjb(ffYjb)Adult (f)2,3768844
JjfuoWhat Ice CreamAdult (f)2,4388911
hJeOY(hJeOY)Adult (f)2,1077142
ehNUF(ehNUF)Adult (f)2,9051,0102
slNeR(slNeR)Adult (m)2,8981,0301
UjeNN(UjeNN)Adult (m)3,0781,0184
Pasve(Pasve)Adult (f)2,9381,0452
pIwAg(pIwAg)Adult (f)3,0099621
kgH7I(kgH7I)Adult (m)2,7138362
EHjOo(EHjOo)Adult (m)3,5059702
tGdpvPickpocket HeartAdult (m)3,3489632
XUjTwPhules GoldAdult (f)3,3019522
VSbBt(VSbBt)Hatchling (f, F)2,5457425
sfom2Blue Moon GhostAdult (f)3,3848732
t0mf9Tom-fooleryAdult (m)5,1749141
JETyD(JETyD)Adult (f)2,9051,0332
UcF5j(UcF5j)Adult (m)3,6469322
XKVMw(XKVMw)Hatchling (f, F)3,9859523
gMsXg(gMsXg)Adult (m)4,9691,2343
7CTLD(7CTLD)Adult (m)1,5373141
1LyN4Lynn the FairAdult (f)3,4217892
7Pynq(7Pynq)Adult (m)2,9276732
OYnvJSacred Meres StarfyreAdult (f)3,4457752
Ch2P5(Ch2P5)Adult (m)6,1058325
zAgN1(zAgN1)Hatchling (f, F)3,7667781
7z8tp(7z8tp)Adult (m)4,4758295
oElCR(oElCR)Adult (m)4,0727831
J2mW8(J2mW8)Adult (m)4,4708382
iON0Y(iON0Y)Adult (f)3,5817411
OBIjx(OBIjx)Adult (f)3,5957431
WjzRh(WjzRh)Hatchling (m, F)3,5317481
JggoZ(JggoZ)Adult (f)4,2567721
eSlWO(eSlWO)Adult (m)3,9347913
8fSmw(8fSmw)Hatchling (m, F)4,0557834
iPz1W(iPz1W)Adult (f)4,1397494
xRFWd(xRFWd)Adult (m)4,0138322
ANmLM(ANmLM)Adult (m)3,5348181
BAw16(BAw16)Adult (f)3,4637994
f58nd(f58nd)Adult (f)3,8958841
DAGM5(DAGM5)Adult (f)5,3288613
0YR2F(0YR2F)Adult (f)3,8867192
F9qaG(F9qaG)Adult (f)3,9758242
yDuGv(yDuGv)Adult (m)4,6628731
6sByp(6sByp)Hatchling (m, F)3,4197732
kJ4mR(kJ4mR)Adult (m)5,4897323
KH2kw(KH2kw)Adult (m)4,0877932
TIoO3(TIoO3)Hatchling (f, F)3,2307333
ZCGPI(ZCGPI)Adult (m)3,8008082
RDDIB(RDDIB)Adult (f)3,5458053
ah3OT(ah3OT)Adult (f)4,7387363
UbE0I(UbE0I)Adult (m)4,6947363
0ftlY(0ftlY)Adult (f)3,4438373
KdqfR(KdqfR)Adult (m)3,7628001
li0pg(li0pg)Adult (m)2,9497422
YRob4(YRob4)Adult (m)3,4037355
vuAtC(vuAtC)Adult (f)3,0927894
I4iij(I4iij)Adult (f)3,3097272
r2dm8(r2dm8)Adult (m)3,5798733
ogDot(ogDot)Adult (m)6,1791,08025
PzitT(PzitT)Adult (f)3,1448403
X5vNM(X5vNM)Adult (m)3,3567213
O0KN6(O0KN6)Adult (f)3,5437664
0TQmu(0TQmu)Adult (f)4,4248011
MnHodMount  HoodAdult (m)3,4187973
SZGz2(SZGz2)Adult (m)4,5587634
XJfbp(XJfbp)Adult (f)4,4558053
tcw1f(tcw1f)Hatchling (m, F)3,73479917
HbOoa(HbOoa)Adult (m)3,3928592
eWu5u(eWu5u)Adult (m)3,3778175
ssZ9S(ssZ9S)Adult (f)3,7368324
lnFdWLotus of BedlamAdult (f)5,2351,0245
b0psu(b0psu)Adult (f)3,9318523
7RZA6(7RZA6)Adult (m)3,9498583
Sr6OL(Sr6OL)Adult (f)3,5457143
dG0zxBurning CharmAdult (m)4,3617993
1i2x4Hypnotic ArmyAdult (f)4,3878273
tLslr(tLslr)Adult (f)4,3198182
fM3nIWisdom KeyAdult (m)5,6441,0042
JSSgf(JSSgf)Adult (m)4,7957286
I7aoi(I7aoi)Adult (m)4,6437753
4YgrM(4YgrM)Adult (m)3,5346984
6uZvT(6uZvT)Adult (m)4,5516902
ZnWYK(ZnWYK)Hatchling (f, F)7,1818643
PJZgq(PJZgq)Adult (f)3,9886587
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