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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0PxUs(0PxUs)Hatchling (f, F)3,0178671
UC7yb(UC7yb)Hatchling (m, F)3,0118151
KrwEL(KrwEL)Hatchling (m, F)2,9228361
iOIMGEternal FillyHatchling (f, F)4,1491,0786
u0alY(u0alY)Adult (m)4,9728902
uvStK(uvStK)Adult (f)4,6707731
xx3DR(xx3DR)Adult (m)3,5248172
rXiqUWish of TidesAdult (f)3,6761,1462
PET7U(PET7U)Hatchling (m, F)4,2371,0192
UPBaf(UPBaf)Adult (f)3,0309592
70165(70165)Adult (m)2,9999362
8kmA6(8kmA6)Hatchling (m, F)4,8678402
GeO5D(GeO5D)Adult (m)5,1118752
7ypug(7ypug)Adult (f)4,4158421
OTMZE(OTMZE)Adult (f)3,7879343
FqKLO(FqKLO)Adult (f)4,0129693
z7nOR(z7nOR)Adult (f)4,5218894
V8k7G(V8k7G)Adult (m)3,3341,0745
fbdr1(fbdr1)Adult (f)3,3141,0813
SPn8f(SPn8f)Adult (f)3,4971,0713
SA8UnGlint of DreamsAdult (m)3,5781,0854
bcWNm(bcWNm)Adult (f)3,3011,0613
dBMfWSky SageAdult (f)3,2811,0563
pCOOT(pCOOT)Adult (f)3,1011,0783
948mMDivinity MistAdult (f)3,4891,0691
sjwo7Magnificent IceAdult (m)3,5851,0522
QYJX5(QYJX5)Adult (m)2,9551,1762
ruQNh(ruQNh)Adult (f)2,7951,1642
UfD9ZPeppermint FlamesAdult (m)3,0241,1734
OjDq8Frosty JoyAdult (m)2,8931,1432
R0ODBEira RhosynAdult (f)3,0061,1542
BoZQYBrisk Breeze DelightAdult (f)2,0458992
EIQd4Starshine SnowflakeAdult (f)2,9311,1102
Lgvdw(Lgvdw)Adult (m)2,9821,2052
KtelK(KtelK)Adult (f)2,2058422
s1yFUSly FellaAdult (m)2,9461,0921
B6pE3Blessings and GallifreyAdult (f)2,8379704
efDcB(efDcB)Adult (f)2,6599502
xMTu2(xMTu2)Adult (f)2,7339422
Oloy8Olya ThuwedAdult (f)2,7759044
v0rdK(v0rdK)Adult (m)3,0349465
JFT2X(JFT2X)Adult (m)2,6119224
dlTu3(dlTu3)Adult (f)2,5438893
yjHha(yjHha)Adult (f)2,6599434
ROxQK(ROxQK)Adult (m)3,4281,0592
7MUNfZigadenusAdult (m)3,8178811
eFoTT(eFoTT)Adult (f)4,4319341
md7EF(md7EF)Adult (m)2,9619406
17Xpq(17Xpq)Adult (m)3,2368092
iaAjx(iaAjx)Adult (m)2,5097672
jO3D5(jO3D5)Adult (f)1,9718302
xIN7zSomething DastardlyAdult (f)2,1929012
gaZjg(gaZjg)Adult (m)3,9759145
SQgQ0Dryness FaceAdult (f)4,1881,1143
sXPdBFace DancerAdult (m)2,8611,0604
CxxKHSilence in ShadowAdult (m)3,8649372
x0vte(x0vte)Adult (f)3,2741,0152
6ObpyCinnamon SweetheartAdult (f)4,4991,1632
PkRuG(PkRuG)Adult (m)3,3329322
dVm4mJoseph's CoatAdult (m)4,2528505
AACEl(AACEl)Adult (f)2,9909241
Ymrc6(Ymrc6)Adult (f)3,4769852
QnjWn(QnjWn)Adult (m)3,1959342
B9ypt(B9ypt)Adult (m)3,7201,0442
NKNEd(NKNEd)Adult (f)3,6189038
zePPe(zePPe)Adult (f)1,6097722
fDG2j(fDG2j)Adult (m)2,8631,0016
ZerGVZerg VictoryAdult (f)2,6209392
a4GYVAsh GraveyardAdult (m)3,2579032
A7ngzFlames of AngstAdult (f)2,5819262
OOQlI(OOQlI)Adult (f)3,1588743
24Zry(24Zry)Adult (m)2,5729322
BwazhBwahaAdult (m)3,4589343
IKeht(IKeht)Adult (m)2,8209122
TCU62Angel's ShadowsAdult (f)4,1621,1291
eKiAF(eKiAF)Adult (f)3,3179672
PhnjM(PhnjM)Adult (f)3,7639842
Ha91C(Ha91C)Adult (m)3,9659884
komTK(komTK)Adult (m)3,8051,1012
JamF7(JamF7)Adult (m)3,7081,0812
mecOg(mecOg)Adult (m)3,2419323
yb6Vh(yb6Vh)Adult (f)3,4239322
bgOI4(bgOI4)Adult (m)1,38935814
9T1sr(9T1sr)Adult (m)1,4223637
TlZ2rBourbon Street TalesAdult (m)3,3267483
Axx8bDevilish LuckAdult (f)3,8807544
GL1IoChocolate VanillaAdult (m)3,2169223
n2ybrWealth of CoinsAdult (f)3,2539354
k7R3HCopper RosieAdult (f)2,9569182
uk1H8Rainbow PolishAdult (f)3,1468583
X7RQgKikkyouAdult (m)3,3169094
vyzX1(vyzX1)Adult (m)3,6911,0853
ZwDdW(ZwDdW)Adult (f)3,3569332
ckitO(ckitO)Adult (f)3,0979081
Mzjwg(Mzjwg)Adult (f)3,2069021
varN8(varN8)Adult (m)3,6279284
4MPUdGrim SpookAdult (m)3,5928032
TDNpi(TDNpi)Adult (m)3,1158684
eEDMhHeed MeAdult (f)4,0579732
IKEyMI'm KeyAdult (m)3,3858622
ZLgtUZe LightningAdult (f)4,6868622
Gyc7G(Gyc7G)Adult (m)4,5238103
y8rLy(y8rLy)Adult (f)4,7389132
yac0g(yac0g)Adult (m)4,5268225
BMsiu(BMsiu)Adult (f)4,0709596
FmCWt(FmCWt)Adult (m)4,4337616
OYqXB(OYqXB)Adult (f)5,8199732
cj9zs(cj9zs)Adult (m)5,6681,0023
djTra(djTra)Adult (f)2,5978861
R5gjY(R5gjY)Adult (m)5,2549103
6tYlS(6tYlS)Adult (f)3,3797626
9uYHO(9uYHO)Adult (m)4,5628453
SbZ5r(SbZ5r)Adult (f)4,7998276
Lvt9Z(Lvt9Z)Adult (m)3,2656805
Z9mdO(Z9mdO)Adult (f)3,8218652
4Qs3SCoral BelleAdult (f)4,6929576
xkBsfOcean RhythmAdult (m)4,4649234
Fed8l(Fed8l)Adult (f)4,2378675
yZU0aTriton's TrumpetAdult (m)3,6078814
hUC6q(hUC6q)Adult (f)5,0399448
AzNoX(AzNoX)Adult (m)4,4639182
xUbZM(xUbZM)Adult (f)3,2798096
ZRJJd(ZRJJd)Adult (m)3,4797474
qpzNY(qpzNY)Adult (f)4,6617704
VeFuv(VeFuv)Adult (m)3,6647372
zmjIz(zmjIz)Adult (f)3,2248623
afn4y(afn4y)Adult (m)4,4327422
eRlbo(eRlbo)Adult (f)4,2158584
4FiqF(4FiqF)Adult (m)4,7299562
dXLzx(dXLzx)Adult (f)5,3639924
NqbiE(NqbiE)Adult (m)4,0869134
p6z4O(p6z4O)Adult (f)3,9368611
Aak1l(Aak1l)Adult (m)4,1701,0532
NrHXXReflective WisdomAdult (f)3,8179242
LOYexLove of KnowledgeAdult (m)3,2098772
nKf9O(nKf9O)Adult (f)3,9238455
PUrXvPurr of EpiphanyAdult (m)3,9328244
p2u0z(p2u0z)Adult (f)4,9009584
tjrod(tjrod)Adult (m)4,3869123
J2BTK(J2BTK)Adult (f)4,0338915
kMceo(kMceo)Adult (m)5,44685410
2I5mX(2I5mX)Adult (f)3,9587915
C86xb(C86xb)Adult (m)3,9748565
kYMIH(kYMIH)Adult (f)4,3128284
Fe4gP(Fe4gP)Adult (m)4,8649751
omSbH(omSbH)Adult (f)4,8019573
5RsGV(5RsGV)Adult (m)4,7671,0371
XQfLK(XQfLK)Adult (f)4,4488714
cmrf4(cmrf4)Adult (m)4,9681,1063
4jQdpTimeless IrisAdult (f)3,8249072
Difb2The TimelessAdult (m)3,8659492
OT8euMiss Tickle TailAdult (f)4,1061,0293
5jz4mKitty KeeperAdult (m)5,6511,1832
tqRdT(tqRdT)Adult (f)4,6949502
68rVM(68rVM)Adult (m)4,7739245
w9aRg(w9aRg)Adult (f)4,4208774
FGqqB(FGqqB)Adult (m)4,0268213
tiyAX(tiyAX)Adult (f)6,8117801
mhQM0(mhQM0)Adult (m)3,9027935
3LGKm(3LGKm)Adult (f)7,9228723
Q9M2YTime's VisionAdult (m)4,4498084
8uJG4(8uJG4)Adult (f)7,0201,0725
gOZT5(gOZT5)Adult (m)5,1859552
0cpoq(0cpoq)Adult (f)4,5818494
Z1Ra7(Z1Ra7)Adult (m)4,4338814
KQXnr(KQXnr)Adult (f)3,9849574
9PWk4(9PWk4)Adult (m)4,0128141
Wr1ej(Wr1ej)Adult (f)3,8529312
AnSLV(AnSLV)Adult (m)4,8639953
iNFAx(iNFAx)Adult (m)4,8658572
5eMJ9Wyld AppleAdult (f)4,0599051
1X51tJohnie AppleseedAdult (m)3,2469593
qtNQ8WyldOrchidAdult (f)3,5259029
NefvZAspenGloAdult (m)4,1108541
22QRfSweet-GumAdult (f)4,3259133
I5Wza(I5Wza)Adult (m)6,1168534
FMB8B(FMB8B)Adult (f)5,8587684
NP00c(NP00c)Adult (m)4,8987782
8PHeK(8PHeK)Adult (f)4,2579724
mpygD(mpygD)Adult (m)6,2761,0553
D7ZDa(D7ZDa)Adult (f)5,8799666
0U136(0U136)Adult (m)4,3029112
iqvia(iqvia)Adult (f)4,7028996
9BHEv(9BHEv)Adult (m)4,3878712
u8pLT(u8pLT)Adult (f)4,8769073
5FTIZ(5FTIZ)Adult (m)3,8339493
J5FJP(J5FJP)Adult (m)2,4747912
ZxMSA(ZxMSA)Adult (f)3,3869102
Dwsd9(Dwsd9)Adult (m)4,1519792
piplQ(piplQ)Adult (f)4,9619162
DymqH(DymqH)Adult (m)4,4709523
SB61o(SB61o)Adult (f)5,5269014
rBaTj(rBaTj)Adult (m)4,8065459
JXtpE(JXtpE)Adult (f)3,2367703
3C7s0(3C7s0)Adult (m)3,4098544
Gx9W2(Gx9W2)Adult (f)4,7918334
MR2kk(MR2kk)Adult (m)4,0957145
vQNqD(vQNqD)Adult (f)4,6797942
Og3EQ(Og3EQ)Adult (m)4,8827781
lEIZY(lEIZY)Adult (f)4,2019985
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