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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Vu6vkLady of the SandsAdult (f)3,5441,1735
sqCvDElders and HonoredAdult3,1298764
iHOWlHowling WindsAdult (m)3,9404921
FmVf4Eye of the HurricaneAdult (f)3,2571,0813
OVh8nEmerald Ribbon BowAdult (f)2,2948094
SelSNGingerbread GlitterAdult (m)4,9601,20810
dHbZpKxasbcojaf'j ThuwedAdult (f)3,0909135
nXkKUWall to WallAdult (m)3,5621,2072
PnA8QTree Top TallAdult (f)2,8955883
OZRgeDorothy of OzAdult (f)3,4431,1433
AeEZKKowdragon SaluteAdult (m)3,0238757
iLf3vTreasured GiftAdult (m)3,1819417
mDIvBCalico DreamtimeAdult (f)3,2641,0925
eHOP0Hope and DreamsAdult (m)3,2871,0833
99Rug(99Rug)Adult (f)7,0291,1733
32HWYSummer HighwaymanAdult (m)5,3391,1158
eiCVzYou were Born to FlyAdult (m)2,9988973
1G4d2I Believe in the FutureAdult (m)4,2479333
8oGWNTake Me Home Country RoadsAdult (m)3,7369302
jbqVgStart Pygmy RoundupAdult4,0088391
cDvGI(cDvGI)Adult (f)3,9149112
7JWbP(7JWbP)Hatchling (f, F)4,3319061
ugIu2(ugIu2)Adult (m)4,0478573
ybgoY(ybgoY)Adult (f)3,8228082
hsB5d(hsB5d)Adult (m)3,7428521
LN0hr(LN0hr)Adult (f)3,6128861
ckZ4P(ckZ4P)Adult (m)3,7538991
cwywA(cwywA)Adult (f)3,7348803
3FSm6(3FSm6)Adult (m)3,6858611
5uJDu(5uJDu)Adult (f)4,0379002
ehR1U(ehR1U)Adult (m)4,1658422
DovfG(DovfG)Adult (f)3,5318341
Gvdth(Gvdth)Adult (m)3,9138551
pSP3q(pSP3q)Adult (m)3,7698251
jyCXo(jyCXo)Adult (f)3,7918401
HfE9L(HfE9L)Adult (m)3,8689051
YHRG6(YHRG6)Adult (f)3,8009041
Piz9A(Piz9A)Adult (m)3,7148832
rfL0f(rfL0f)Adult (f)3,7489063
ofa7C(ofa7C)Adult (f)4,2709721
8hMho(8hMho)Adult (m)4,1729372
O7fsB(O7fsB)Adult (f)3,9328243
VGrc1(VGrc1)Adult (m)3,9968493
A1Gdv(A1Gdv)Hatchling (m, F)4,1087602
6P3cT(6P3cT)Adult (f)4,3848284
7S2tX(7S2tX)Adult (m)4,5297763
rzeZp(rzeZp)Hatchling (f, F)3,7569281
gt3CULL-84 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7157356
7mh9aLL-87 Aug '19Adult (f)4,4957035
3iYZ5LL-25 Aug '19Adult (m)4,02281613
SVr7MLL-94 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4258376
dQmPGLL-48 Aug '19Adult (m)3,4317171
ms0xQLL-55 Aug '19Adult (m)5,3498932
Lnwu2LL-6 Aug '19Adult (f)4,8849163
vHmOwLL-41 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2218273
vh489LL-15 Aug '19Adult (f)2,3976751
IKm6oLL-17 Aug '19Adult (m)5,6771,1494
wPa8TLL-21 Aug '19Adult (f)4,2519402
gnVg0LL-10 Aug '19Adult (m)2,8968321
DbvQFLL-93 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4527462
dvYFZLL-96 Aug '19Adult (f)4,3037694
Vzzx7LL-98 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8458332
peHeHLL-62 Aug '19Adult (m)5,2271,0503
jxtdjLL-63 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1438412
W3TdfLL-68 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4678032
PY9E9LL-69 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9928802
EDmbPLL-71 Aug '19Adult (f)5,2279723
mX6zXLL-76 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8098723
PqtIHLL-29 Aug '19Adult (m)3,2147561
iHRRPLL-34 Aug '19Adult (f)5,7358576
ViQBELL-35 Aug '19Adult (m)4,6968724
Phg14LL-80 Aug '19Adult (m)4,1139214
T5X4KLL-90 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4308453
0XwCC(0XwCC)Hatchling (m, F)3,2258172
VaEgI(VaEgI)Hatchling (m, F)3,8607541
9L4uV(9L4uV)Adult (m)3,1978692
cbusk(cbusk)Adult (m)3,2279032
qSYKq(qSYKq)Hatchling (f, F)4,3577442
RiQyB(RiQyB)Adult (f)3,2929024
Q0jF4(Q0jF4)Adult (f)3,2438783
0l15e(0l15e)Adult (m)4,0679522
4fhqJ(4fhqJ)Adult (m)3,8798293
lOtqh(lOtqh)Adult (f)4,0409001
kk3as(kk3as)Adult (f)4,0259601
z2WHT(z2WHT)Adult (f)5,0019732
dUlge(dUlge)Adult (f)3,4068058
L9YUF(L9YUF)Adult (m)4,2269512
wSN2A(wSN2A)Adult (f)4,1369552
kHH5P(kHH5P)Adult (m)4,0519292
QJt1Q(QJt1Q)Adult (f)3,8201,0053
1GAmT(1GAmT)Adult (m)3,0449494
4RRAO(4RRAO)Adult (m)3,6608523
u440m(u440m)Adult (f)3,9679511
iVTp8(iVTp8)Adult (m)3,8219542
XKLWg(XKLWg)Adult (f)3,2009192
Tu2X1(Tu2X1)Adult (f)3,3309212
TlikL(TlikL)Adult (f)3,2937991
oftgE(oftgE)Adult (m)3,0428943
bnLqWEnchanted OatsAdult (f)2,4948682
O63de(O63de)Adult (f)2,3938813
PCeuhJackie's PumpkinAdult (f)3,2967935
s1Dpw(s1Dpw)Adult (m)3,2439472
yjsVp(yjsVp)Adult (m)3,2987536
ksp2E(ksp2E)Adult (f)4,0627791
Y3vvw(Y3vvw)Adult (f)6,6119514
5WqIY(5WqIY)Adult (f)3,7178704
VP06M(VP06M)Adult (m)3,2377023
6eeD2(6eeD2)Adult (f)5,3088182
8KdoT(8KdoT)Adult (f)4,6028352
5ri7R(5ri7R)Adult (m)5,1968763
yuZkY(yuZkY)Adult (f)4,6948462
4ypVb(4ypVb)Adult (m)5,1297282
pgcfJ(pgcfJ)Adult (f)3,9957742
O0zhq(O0zhq)Adult (f)3,8858012
jIstY(jIstY)Adult (f)4,5558703
0eg7e(0eg7e)Adult (m)5,4719734
a83KT(a83KT)Adult (m)3,5407202
Y4Zt9(Y4Zt9)Adult (m)3,3898395
JfvUnCode Dragon JF VUAdult (f)5,3978111
nY3gS(nY3gS)Adult (f)5,2958203
zrngu(zrngu)Adult (f)4,3807273
h0QLm(h0QLm)Adult (f)3,9987501
AZ681(AZ681)Adult (f)3,6019362
BJUc2(BJUc2)Adult (m)3,2798204
bEJk9(bEJk9)Adult (f)4,2599092
e3mcmWalkabout HomeHatchling (m, F)2,3013413
rgDPuStop Pygmy RoundupAdult3,8257786
7HW6fTiny PurebredAdult4,1017884
LTt8NSanta Ninja's MisfitAdult (f)4,9311,6396
MQO1TMr MagooAdult (m)3,0989211
daIfP(daIfP)Adult (f)3,0539123
TZGA0(TZGA0)Adult (m)3,9137001
dnXud(dnXud)Adult (f)4,6987252
lR7hk(lR7hk)Adult (m)1,8307631
5PARX(5PARX)Adult (f)3,4788661
Y8gA3(Y8gA3)Adult (m)4,5009515
CgbG9(CgbG9)Adult (f)3,9948981
f4vAV(f4vAV)Adult (m)5,7459692
AANdp(AANdp)Adult (f)4,1448134
8Irpd(8Irpd)Adult (m)3,7128925
daeLC(daeLC)Adult (f)5,0218183
T2HAe(T2HAe)Adult (m)3,6507631
cnH3mLL-3 Aug '19Adult (f)2,8578302
2noGFLL-8 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8669902
pmEXsLL-20 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1398932
7rONwLL-24 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7348862
W4556LL-37 Aug '19Adult (f)3,53176118
XPBqHLL-33 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2547932
yHuvzLL-56 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1129381
NvAdILL-49 Aug '19Adult (m)3,5138942
jaGe0LL-57 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1789351
fjUftLL-51 Aug '19Adult (m)5,4231,0003
5R8tkLL-77 Aug '19Adult (f)3,9087293
E4aRULL-74 Aug '19Adult (m)4,1378292
LwhaRLL-78 Aug '19Adult (f)4,0458542
KiE7LLL-83 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9328502
hcO6wLL-91 Aug '19Adult (f)4,0819083
OFcrMLL-100 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2068622
IdUOl(IdUOl)Adult (f)3,4137386
OWAoJ(OWAoJ)Adult (m)3,4819495
2XO2i(2XO2i)Adult (f)2,5137937
eEmYV(eEmYV)Adult (m)3,3608475
FV30u(FV30u)Adult (f)3,4198918
mnYn5(mnYn5)Adult (m)3,2921,0491
R10Pu(R10Pu)Adult (f)5,7441,0594
Qk4Up(Qk4Up)Adult (m)5,1249419
cvMN0LL-13 Aug '19Adult (m)3,3419181
EI7O0LL-36 Aug '19Adult (m)3,2078325
U4dkGLL-95 Aug '19Adult (m)4,3347313
Xu3EX(Xu3EX)Hatchling (f, F)4,4101,0771
lvV00(lvV00)Hatchling (m, F)3,7619181
Y0Lbr(Y0Lbr)Adult (f)2,9337924
Og8l3(Og8l3)Adult (m)3,4928217
psejb(psejb)Adult (f)3,8098362
qsWbK(qsWbK)Adult (m)2,9337632
nuTP6LL-2 Aug '19Adult (f)2,6317411
sjtrWLL-12 Aug '19Adult (m)4,0068672
w4BaULL-22 Aug '19Adult (f)4,2308231
h4zCNLL-47 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7467111
JlowFLL-45 Aug '19Adult (f)4,3698533
j2WzaLL-86 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2056793
NB2XKLL-66 Aug '19Adult (f)3,6667783
NevZoLL-88 Aug '19Adult (f)4,6247222
VGxll(VGxll)Hatchling (f, F)3,6687501
BGALrLL-18 Aug '19Adult (f)4,6299393
DFQxJLL-64 Aug '19Adult (m)4,0818572
IW48nLL-42 Aug'19Adult (f)3,4217931
XOhTdLL-70 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7179384
764d3LL-67 Aug '19Adult (f)3,3878102
aed9z(aed9z)Adult (m)5,0199023
g8DIT(g8DIT)Adult (f)3,5678963
lmVyl(lmVyl)Adult (m)3,6828913
fDA3F(fDA3F)Adult (m)3,1938763
gE7z9(gE7z9)Adult (f)4,6738313
ONtXa(ONtXa)Adult (m)4,6647562
JdStU(JdStU)Adult (f)3,5936965
whfDE(whfDE)Adult (f)3,1506983
UGewK(UGewK)Adult (m)3,4738462
Y20N7(Y20N7)Adult (m)3,7137524
hZ0Kf(hZ0Kf)Adult (f)3,2528406
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