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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
708ng(708ng)Adult (f)4,4788593
aKf2MTerror WalkAdult (m)4,4128002
2k1XP(2k1XP)Adult (m)6,2471,1501
XHrll(XHrll)Adult (m)4,7628813
LK7bj(LK7bj)Adult (f)5,80695453
QCmaE(QCmaE)Adult (m)5,0529292
Cj7o4(Cj7o4)Adult (m)5,0708684
RzVIa(RzVIa)Adult (m)5,8359071
MwoxR(MwoxR)Adult (m)5,8349151
3MWtHFocus of LuffyAdult (f)4,0447391
JoAvX(JoAvX)Adult (m)4,7627642
ySoCi(ySoCi)Adult (m)5,1979413
MAsdZ(MAsdZ)Adult (m)5,5219432
Ma8gt(Ma8gt)Adult (m)4,4317866
ATSul(ATSul)Adult (f)4,9978683
VSOZ9(VSOZ9)Adult (f)4,2938072
ajSry(ajSry)Adult (f)7,7469748
7spYg(7spYg)Adult (m)4,5788804
HnGX6(HnGX6)Adult (m)4,0927586
bZIre(bZIre)Adult (m)4,4018663
4CLdjEagle Nebula StarfyreAdult (f)4,8288084
gWQmyBittersweet LyricAdult (m)4,7517044
ea3vFShock and LuvAdult (m)4,0607773
45wE2(45wE2)Hatchling (m, F)4,0296474
m7sg6(m7sg6)Adult (m)5,2597446
lFkftBelegurelAdult (f)3,3466984
IbNLK(IbNLK)Hatchling (f, F)4,5158017
puTkt(puTkt)Adult (f)2,92780011
q5zNfReckless PrideAdult (m)3,1658344
2UOkEAncient Sky RadianceAdult (m)3,2059103
lSG1oOne GlowsAdult (m)3,5469937
7rdZzMagnificent KittenAdult (f)3,3839312
NlRYa(NlRYa)Adult (m)3,6789591
xAtCE(xAtCE)Adult (f)2,9337594
PqjE6(PqjE6)Adult (m)3,9079933
EN04O(EN04O)Hatchling (f, F)3,0966734
qQZKM(qQZKM)Adult (f)3,1878785
kzgJn(kzgJn)Adult (f)4,2571,0163
n3zUT(n3zUT)Adult (m)3,4839404
2aaDDDandy DawnAdult (m)3,6109782
yFIwwVenetian BelleAdult (f)3,2849252
BWafq(BWafq)Adult (m)3,9571,0944
n9zEE(n9zEE)Adult (m)3,9031,0534
7w3Vo(7w3Vo)Adult (f)6,1329342
sf1U7(sf1U7)Adult (m)4,0891,0661
u9R4q(u9R4q)Hatchling (f, F)3,6681,0191
RgdQuLonely Two StepAdult (m)3,6589444
7O78B(7O78B)Adult (m)3,5319292
4MYYf(4MYYf)Adult (f)3,6429222
cqeBs(cqeBs)Adult (m)3,9009993
aveQw(aveQw)Adult (f)4,7578492
JS7Bs(JS7Bs)Adult (m)3,7649537
3Now8(3Now8)Adult (f)3,9949973
CVT7M(CVT7M)Adult (m)4,0999066
VKXXF(VKXXF)Adult (m)4,3529944
ZCt69Found DelightAdult (m)4,3489853
VXbovHeart StudyAdult (f)4,3829629
6ENVe(6ENVe)Adult (m)2,8548073
308ynFound in EveningAdult (m)4,4878856
kYUy8Sundown FrolicAdult (m)4,07876512
QhjXT(QhjXT)Adult (f)4,1337187
hpJJz(hpJJz)Adult (m)5,4831,01912
iLkAN(iLkAN)Adult (f)5,4018836
GI9PvEugene RykerAdult (m)5,3219906
Slyqv(Slyqv)Adult (f)4,6067787
jL1bF(jL1bF)Adult (m)4,8068515
frUACBeloved ZephyrAdult (m)5,4908946
JdCmt(JdCmt)Adult (m)5,4508585
GasYB(GasYB)Adult (m)5,4549146
cYyvJ(cYyvJ)Adult (f)5,4567116
AKI2K(AKI2K)Adult (f)5,0738614
mq2kOSmoky ForestAdult (m)5,4149814
XUcL3(XUcL3)Adult (f)5,2888734
aT8HR(aT8HR)Adult (m)4,5838735
IH1lV(IH1lV)Adult (m)5,6929805
EoH25(EoH25)Adult (m)6,8521,1417
Y91C8(Y91C8)Adult (f)6,8461,1268
i5Ur6(i5Ur6)Adult (m)5,8647104
oIdGZOld  GeezerAdult (f)5,6578727
MaIjX(MaIjX)Adult (f)5,5248295
8Nt3nCandor NoviluniumAdult (m)4,9198446
Fv6HX(Fv6HX)Adult (m)3,4737113
G0x3S(G0x3S)Adult (m)7,5261,2216
ArxxK(ArxxK)Hatchling (m, F)3,5607255
Mn3EV(Mn3EV)Adult (m)4,4929505
30TY5(30TY5)Adult (f)5,87288112
XTiiPLady XochitlAdult (f)3,7518957
Qe6fD(Qe6fD)Adult (m)3,9108956
TgyMK(TgyMK)Adult (m)3,5478285
z4YCo(z4YCo)Adult (f)3,8218725
NDDOn(NDDOn)Adult (m)3,5558156
WePaS(WePaS)Hatchling (m, F)3,5388565
f78tY(f78tY)Hatchling (f, F)3,4318763
FbMHn(FbMHn)Adult (f)4,63095810
e697T(e697T)Adult (f)3,9919266
SAuZISzczesnyAdult (m)3,6908204
DCX55(DCX55)Adult (m)4,0258775
1E8ZC(1E8ZC)Adult (m)4,0748635
e9onAMotley TemperAdult (f)4,6599265
5Xxbm(5Xxbm)Adult (m)3,2907446
yQmTO(yQmTO)Adult (f)3,6508567
VT5Gi(VT5Gi)Adult (f)3,9748597
au5zv(au5zv)Adult (m)4,5228884
9PcL8(9PcL8)Adult (f)3,9218075
YQ6sB(YQ6sB)Adult (m)3,8248394
JjI2l(JjI2l)Adult (m)4,0748408
gqPTY(gqPTY)Adult (f)5,2201,0116
GaIXYGalaxy of CheerAdult (f)4,9699396
9Eot5(9Eot5)Adult (m)2,5677834
XuaXq(XuaXq)Adult (m)2,2757605
P8Se9(P8Se9)Adult (m)4,2628834
OYHT9(OYHT9)Adult (f)5,6699714
QfRCS(QfRCS)Adult (m)4,8981,0014
cQuPTYule TwistAdult (f)4,8579694
5jU6xMint SnowballAdult (m)4,7589106
HMIXi(HMIXi)Adult (f)4,2548939
e0s5GJoyful SnowmanAdult (m)6,1561,15810
mlpItAdorable JingleAdult (f)4,2259317
fZSV7(fZSV7)Adult (f)4,1529446
a3jpA(a3jpA)Adult (f)5,05489310
lsDnX(lsDnX)Adult (m)4,48696810
fz1YT(fz1YT)Adult (m)3,6208918
TyDgb(TyDgb)Adult (m)3,2738348
KyuohKyuohAdult (f)3,1718526
IcVHv(IcVHv)Adult (m)3,9429046
UTT9JFaded LossAdult (f)3,3429534
X1cje(X1cje)Adult (f)3,4059515
Co2TXSanta's Moon ClauseAdult (m)3,4769424
qsVsq(qsVsq)Adult (f)3,5938944
4m2my(4m2my)Adult (f)3,3279295
wwXDjMirrored TruthAdult (f)3,6429615
lkEoBWyld SkiesAdult (m)3,4419535
O0p7U(O0p7U)Adult (f)3,6319836
Eyyef(Eyyef)Adult (f)3,6469716
yDLHuWinter Spirit ThuwedAdult (m)2,4767864
Gquo0(Gquo0)Adult (f)2,5827675
2pcat(2pcat)Adult (f)2,5717605
0aZapOh a ZapAdult (m)3,2808305
Q2oHIQ says HiAdult (m)2,9458225
niXRi(niXRi)Adult (f)3,5398665
elOsR(elOsR)Hatchling (f, F)3,1897343
j2uXQ(j2uXQ)Hatchling (m, F)4,6234628
agEsC(agEsC)Adult (m)4,2119293
fbSfaLaughing LeprechaunAdult (m)5,5441,13414
HEGhLHege ThuwedAdult (f)3,6848273
10GKU(10GKU)Adult (f)4,0748733
WjLzL(WjLzL)Adult (f)3,1528356
mTbOc(mTbOc)Adult (f)3,2188015
FhpOW(FhpOW)Adult (m)4,0478988
UDxCv(UDxCv)Adult (f)3,9668867
QYMxZ(QYMxZ)Adult (f)6,4761,21910
yLU16(yLU16)Adult (f)4,15283810
xuZBaEnchanted StarfyreAdult (m)4,8489419
GjHLs(GjHLs)Adult (f)3,9989192
1UV5j(1UV5j)Adult (f)4,2007744
x6k30(x6k30)Adult (f)4,0238952
51DrFLilting MelodyAdult (f)6,3921,1954
0sZdT(0sZdT)Adult (f)3,7058982
7nm3j(7nm3j)Adult (m)3,6998873
MQr6g(MQr6g)Adult (f)3,7608004
1lTXQSassy AngelAdult (f)4,2069023
nptW2All the ReasonsAdult (m)4,4289533
BdLAmAncient BedlamAdult (f)3,71572758
oBi4kWild GardenAdult (f)3,8468751
KfTvSCorvishaAdult (f)3,3539132
eTS5vEscape from DoomAdult (f)3,2611,1533
NXlZFEternal StarrAdult (m)3,9818873
hI22rCordial WallflowerAdult (f)3,6809033
JNVytLast WaltzAdult (m)3,8098972
CtW66(CtW66)Adult (f)3,8419382
MzIijFioralba OmbraAdult (f)3,4638782
YeqU4Vale LordAdult (m)2,9328372
Ga7sd(Ga7sd)Adult (m)3,0588661
uvnrmCavortingAdult (m)3,3119822
IY5ON(IY5ON)Adult (f)3,3069493
jMKIf(jMKIf)Adult (m)2,3437651
Skt3aPhantom WisdomAdult (m)2,0547755
dc5wT(dc5wT)Adult (m)8,0561,0604
IAqGuSkillful HymnAdult (m)4,7687952
jiu4A(jiu4A)Adult (m)3,1898575
kh1JN(kh1JN)Adult (m)2,8618324
V9HZvA Long-Long TimeAdult (m)3,1131,0824
IhbU9Rebel of the ValeAdult (m)3,1881,0623
xv8Mi(xv8Mi)Adult (f)4,5568781
4xXeV(4xXeV)Adult (m)4,5058662
gc9HW(gc9HW)Adult (m)4,3697971
IESLA(IESLA)Adult (m)3,9158032
tYVvs(tYVvs)Adult (f)4,9358422
ddUJ5(ddUJ5)Hatchling (f, F)6,3661,09651
zLMhm(zLMhm)Adult (f)4,8929394
6khcA(6khcA)Adult (m)4,2308344
oMCrpErik Angel of MusicAdult (m)5,81197018
kUSjU(kUSjU)Adult (m)5,0219602
xppv8(xppv8)Adult (f)4,9537663
1NBkOBurning PromiseAdult (m)4,7548554
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