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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cCTFvThe Doctor's  Last WordsAdult (m)4,7828253
ZJROfThoughts and StoriesAdult (f)4,6597934
oPHXSTroubles and BlessingsAdult (m)6,2099751
AY4BOVictorious InterestAdult (m)4,5919012
1gvQQWondering TravellerAdult (f)5,0348153
SLeFaFair Days and GallifreyAdult (f)3,4269495
ARxeTGhosts of Christmas Past LineageAdult4,7888513
WVh1UHighland Tarn StarfyreAdult (m)2,8051,0482
lJsOJMidnight Loch StarfyreAdult (f)2,7911,0773
1FNTXReflections StarfyreAdult (m)2,6818691
fkTiBMisty Moonlight StarfyreAdult (f)3,3651,2314
TFQ22Still Water StarfyreAdult (m)2,6478734
GkKPLStillness StarfyreAdult (f)3,3531,1293
ACNSDNight on Bald MountainAdult (m)7,2001,2382
nSnZPRide  of the ValkyriesAdult (f)3,5111,0435
bNVbP(bNVbP)Adult (m)3,8217524
SAReoRio SaraAdult (f)3,3808773
qY2WE(qY2WE)Adult (m)2,6028102
1jYfV(1jYfV)Adult (f)2,5258182
HUMv2Highland StarfyreAdult (m)2,9357952
mCE3T(mCE3T)Adult (f)4,9329823
uUVH9(uUVH9)Adult (m)3,3319411
eAb9K(eAb9K)Adult (f)3,5548572
XTiuw(XTiuw)Adult (m)3,0257721
NdUMv(NdUMv)Adult (m)3,7067793
zr4cv(zr4cv)Adult (m)4,1109672
9zfOd(9zfOd)Adult (m)3,3377324
bjba0HirundinisAdult (f)2,7191,0065
jCHJT(jCHJT)Adult (m)3,9379222
uCFZDNiebla StarfyreAdult (f)3,0708927
bfpzO(bfpzO)Adult (m)2,9491,1002
tLr8pGhost of the PresentAdult (m)3,9259299
aFAc7ExtraordinaireAdult (m)2,7408433
hIKPm(hIKPm)Adult (m)1,52230957
jeGB6ArgennonAdult (m)3,1978982
xKz1IKallixtosAdult (m)3,5679773
TEmmBSilver TambourineAdult (f)4,8831,2137
sMdpKLong ShotAdult (f)3,6169342
urQ2qYour Cutie QAdult (f)1,26331195
tGQZX(tGQZX)Adult (f)3,0711,2022
mdSA0(mdSA0)Adult (f)3,9251,0181
mZ0k3(mZ0k3)Adult (f)6,6041,0179
nO7On(nO7On)Adult (f)3,3719259
X2EXJMystic BlessingAdult (m)3,5169974
u6Ahh(u6Ahh)Adult (f)3,2068723
NwhZN(NwhZN)Adult (m)4,9701,06011
CLnZS(CLnZS)Adult (f)5,3819064
H8APL(H8APL)Adult (f)5,7739878
hYvZg(hYvZg)Adult (f)3,2381,0674
mfs4B(mfs4B)Adult (f)3,3081,0505
fCCtSSigridAdult (f)4,7059808
cfWLNMysterius AuriAdult (m)4,333637140
TFTTaAdoreaeAdult (f)2,01567610
NNpp8(NNpp8)Adult (m)3,2109823
wehiAGwennelAdult (f)4,2741,0434
rKv2W(rKv2W)Adult (m)1,96342534
0zQToBringer of BalanceAdult (m)5,6461,1562
r6J9rApparition of HopeAdult (f)4,2041,4033
HdmsIStorm ChorusAdult (m)6,6389735
jTn9LPhantom HymnAdult (m)4,8901,1952
yRvEdStorm of ChangeAdult (m)4,9291,2336
7JZjdKrystle FrostAdult (f)3,9601,08515
z3wtgThe Way To GoAdult (f)3,3658217
cxICd(cxICd)Adult (m)4,4279154
Z8zGV(Z8zGV)Adult (m)4,4069405
iXmbnCentauri BellAdult (m)4,9399474
3ncQO(3ncQO)Adult (f)4,1958122
U8W0Q(U8W0Q)Adult (f)3,0219522
h64ffStars of the KingAdult (m)4,2799503
IYnFMTime of MysticsAdult (f)4,1568942
mgVKk(mgVKk)Adult (f)4,7139073
7aAU9(7aAU9)Adult (f)5,3498132
5uIcd(5uIcd)Adult (f)7,4289424
dUCDgOrtus SolisAdult (m)3,9521,1665
RHuUMRumbaAdult (f)2,8029862
YWT29Lion Heart SpiritAdult (f)7,6571,1154
NUSBIPaeanisAdult (m)3,6381,1683
dh7iaSongstressAdult (f)2,6148717
8U8Y3(8U8Y3)Adult (m)2,83381715
DSADC(DSADC)Adult (f)3,0851,0164
W2ZWhLittle PaeanAdult (m)2,3569152
LZePSMelodistAdult (f)3,3598785
slRBVSilent Gold ShadowAdult (m)3,7918457
IoCZn(IoCZn)Adult (m)3,0088371
haOPaMisbehaving DancerAdult (f)2,6068446
YbYcNShining RebelAdult (f)2,33688112
xPednElemental SongAdult (m)2,2048333
IyKukStill MisbehavingAdult (f)3,7631,0144
cMAR6Shadowy WaltzAdult (f)3,7949283
NK2OKLittle Timmy ThorngateAdult (m)2,7671,1807
kEvbDAurora Borealis SkiesAdult (m)2,7091,0902
UlPveSpirit of Winter MagicAdult (m)2,7071,1111
vYJ5f(vYJ5f)Adult (f)2,5117932
4e8KkMystical GiftingAdult (f)3,2091,1645
eW2VlTime of HappinessAdult (m)3,6821,0788
buLPi(buLPi)Adult (f)4,3951,09710
XoPl8(XoPl8)Adult (m)5,6571,0264
u33PLFestival DancerAdult (f)2,9739087
qIdj0(qIdj0)Adult (m)3,8309237
kbKUB(kbKUB)Adult (f)4,3776684
Vu8M1(Vu8M1)Adult (m)3,0218503
ja3Zx(ja3Zx)Adult (f)2,9338982
4IDV9SveinAdult (m)3,0189247
gGv2B(gGv2B)Adult (f)2,8189104
L9Znb(L9Znb)Adult (m)2,6178562
QHBPWAspen in StarlightAdult (f)3,1139174
DluUD(DluUD)Adult (m)2,6128635
EPuxRMayaroAdult (f)3,2701,0771
Xjhnw(Xjhnw)Adult (m)3,4659333
Iyv2IIvy LaurelAdult (f)3,6571,0416
QKeqeLord of SlievemoreAdult (m)6,4941,2521
BAkBz(BAkBz)Adult (f)3,5331,0721
vhmSi(vhmSi)Adult (m)4,1931,0042
TnRdW(TnRdW)Adult (f)5,7519693
u9UfF(u9UfF)Adult (m)5,8151,2426
70Wst(70Wst)Adult (f)3,3221,15114
KW9V3(KW9V3)Adult (m)2,8066142
Gh8YG(Gh8YG)Adult (f)3,4187411
cJzZ5IustinusAdult (m)3,8247782
hwWnH(hwWnH)Adult (f)4,7879361
WwD3R(WwD3R)Adult (m)5,6249496
jdER5(jdER5)Adult (f)3,0199276
KMFl3(KMFl3)Adult (m)4,1297511
l1hVH(l1hVH)Adult (f)3,2707711
FvIDq(FvIDq)Adult (m)3,2248448
A7g7ZThe Shadow's GoldAdult (m)3,2788262
bRY47CelamentiAdult (f)3,6201,0058
JieN3Jie JunAdult (m)3,0238702
btE0SLucky GrouchAdult (m)4,5828613
dpyfl(dpyfl)Adult (m)3,4948972
ZKsD5Crocina SertaeAdult (f)2,5091,05813
BCeKECharmidaeAdult (m)8,2041,2524
J47PO(J47PO)Adult (m)8,9931,1735
CWBUWNecklace Nebula StarfyreAdult (m)3,4441,1153
lkAR8Icarus DraconnaAdult (m)2,8619244
EdXpKDance of IceAdult (m)2,8678473
0JgFOAbietariiAdult (m)3,5329146
UaCGp(UaCGp)Adult (m)5,0429175
HMdl1ViatoriumAdult (m)5,4841,0806
YLSU2(YLSU2)Adult (m)3,9561,0087
M3ai5(M3ai5)Adult (f)2,4698363
OHL9tWeight of My ChainsAdult (m)4,0801,2248
dmO41(dmO41)Adult (m)3,0021,0871
ZIKPCChristmas RedemptionAdult (f)4,0841,1596
nCplvDance of ForgetfulnessAdult (m)8,9891,2306
ATONe(ATONe)Adult (f)3,3991,0712
mG6iKSolstice MagikAdult (f)3,3231,0642
BDB2aFrosty AzureAdult (m)2,7068612
jyJxpSweet FernAdult (f)3,5768651
VMOwvAzure RoarAdult (m)4,0631,0562
0fQSa(0fQSa)Adult (m)3,0148634
0fBAXMarquess of BaxAdult (m)3,3681,1265
CdD0n(CdD0n)Adult (m)4,44473411
pmaKH(pmaKH)Adult (m)4,4111,0203
pwK1y(pwK1y)Adult (m)3,7147772
ZL2bpSpirited MusicAdult (m)2,9098115
xS2Xm(xS2Xm)Adult (m)2,9028153
CdgytMusic of AngelsAdult (m)4,0618987
KrgK6Krylania StarfyreAdult (f)3,0759982
edrXf(edrXf)Adult (f)3,7298714
3iWS6(3iWS6)Adult (f)4,5968236
C7mMsVisions in ShadowAdult (f)3,6219196
TT1oG(TT1oG)Adult (f)3,6469824
00QJf(00QJf)Adult (f)3,5259114
HKm2e(HKm2e)Adult (f)3,4428952
JFA9JRosie HugAdult (f)3,6647754
7Z4ij(7Z4ij)Adult (m)4,7739159
3VOBBRedeeming FadeAdult (f)3,8701,0202
Egode(Egode)Adult (m)3,6288654
Te43sGhosts of Xmas CheckersAdult3,7638317
dvGgqTwilight StarfyreAdult (f)3,5461,0345
rMdP4Hidden ElementalAdult (m)4,0658648
h90L0Sir HolographAdult (m)4,7301,0563
XDwsNLady StarheartAdult (f)4,2568553
x6DLf(x6DLf)Adult (m)2,9409045
1zecDFortune's ChildAdult (f)1,4693946
ylkbJWinter's HeroAdult (m)3,2339311
xuD8gMerry NoelAdult (f)5,1468062
KyFed(KyFed)Adult (m)3,3081,0536
Ve4uL(Ve4uL)Adult (f)2,9811,1661
IAiIq(IAiIq)Adult (m)3,2301,0671
vTLYlTaenia BallatioAdult (f)4,6871,0656
0FPv5Felix AurumAdult (m)3,4061,0492
TuHBaSeason's SpiritAdult (f)3,3739784
ERNFw(ERNFw)Adult (m)3,2211,0773
CsT0s(CsT0s)Adult (m)4,7567893
1tzM7(1tzM7)Adult (m)2,9578762
XD7Hy(XD7Hy)Adult (m)3,2691,1371
5yaPB(5yaPB)Adult (m)3,3821,0603
Qn7pFTimeless CelebrationAdult (f)3,6991,0063
Nxfg8(Nxfg8)Adult (m)4,5868488
5AgVoRibbon SheafAdult (f)2,9891,2055
7XOMXTaste of JoyAdult (m)3,7419615
T9SufJoy of EireAdult (f)4,3499034
ITgLF(ITgLF)Adult (m)4,3369427
VHMy6(VHMy6)Adult (f)4,6391,0679
KmMpDSomewhere TogetherAdult (f)4,0721,1095
MvDEvI've Got a QuarterAdult (m)3,5579644
xQ23tJubilumAdult (f)2,9741,1341
teBkPCourageous ArmyAdult (m)4,4988508
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