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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sxMGH(sxMGH)Adult (f)3,8438675
zAgZw(zAgZw)Adult (m)4,2809196
KrTYD(KrTYD)Adult (f)4,9059274
hjfRG(hjfRG)Adult (f)5,9921,0396
kVrrk(kVrrk)Adult (f)4,4399522
PxinX(PxinX)Adult (m)3,9289203
KU40NAngelic RoyalsAdult (f)4,1099263
n7FLBCandlelit WaltzAdult (f)4,0928994
vNX59A Long Time ComingAdult (f)3,9209172
C2enK(C2enK)Adult (f)4,1738911
thbsY(thbsY)Adult (f)4,0038791
zk0go(zk0go)Adult (f)4,1258111
Nszqj(Nszqj)Adult (f)2,8497741
Dcsy9(Dcsy9)Adult (m)2,6236991
niXWA(niXWA)Adult (m)2,4516311
dG3kQ(dG3kQ)Adult (m)2,5366391
P0sD6(P0sD6)Adult (m)3,3516942
UF0Fl(UF0Fl)Adult (m)2,9977301
l2e2A(l2e2A)Adult (m)2,9187212
iGO7jFred HolywellAdult (m)3,8077722
MgbcE(MgbcE)Adult (f)3,0158441
aFepe(aFepe)Adult (m)2,8708221
VG9WM(VG9WM)Adult (f)2,7587752
7eSgx(7eSgx)Adult (m)2,5747382
tOXvD(tOXvD)Adult (f)3,3157542
mmzkV(mmzkV)Adult (f)2,9397954
4WV6Q(4WV6Q)Adult (m)3,7966962
OxM5h(OxM5h)Adult (m)2,8398192
Fq60XSecretive FlurryAdult (m)2,4877461
2RoD3(2RoD3)Adult (f)3,2337461
A9zej(A9zej)Adult (m)3,7037433
Xg8pO(Xg8pO)Adult (f)3,3727685
vZ2EI(vZ2EI)Adult (m)2,5528182
VV55t(VV55t)Adult (m)2,5078201
Nzdm0(Nzdm0)Adult (m)4,3507265
pqTCy(pqTCy)Adult (f)2,9847821
ycDJ5(ycDJ5)Adult (f)4,0527782
o6rM5(o6rM5)Adult (m)3,9657531
jBfp7(jBfp7)Adult (m)2,5958141
mMsyT(mMsyT)Adult (f)2,6778291
XdWM5Hearty LaughterAdult (m)3,6018821
p2Hbe(p2Hbe)Adult (f)5,7559141
Q5s4v(Q5s4v)Adult (m)2,3725773
uiyhK(uiyhK)Adult (m)2,5555623
Aj31B(Aj31B)Adult (m)4,9187284
tnZx3(tnZx3)Hatchling (f, F)5,0629313
my5U9(my5U9)Adult (f)3,9738643
HDnKyCelestial BlessingsAdult (m)3,8097681
e3ZFT(e3ZFT)Adult (f)3,4067472
5MpjVIlix ThrillAdult (m)3,5177572
UkhXi(UkhXi)Adult (f)3,4437491
NBfJc(NBfJc)Hatchling (F)1,7533906
8lqkQ(8lqkQ)Adult (f)3,8137762
rVZlMSparkling YuleAdult (m)3,8587782
MZqiE(MZqiE)Adult (m)3,4587641
oAJRLJoker's HallelujahAdult (f)3,2217572
31Ph2(31Ph2)Adult (f)3,6116964
bIS3tWinter BlestAdult (m)2,6258851
5GSaZ(5GSaZ)Adult (f)3,3927582
gADFh(gADFh)Adult (f)3,4017631
oDvpb(oDvpb)Adult (f)3,2898142
XyFGH(XyFGH)Hatchling (m, F)3,7336622
4TGeMForty GemsAdult (f)2,4418271
MaRyF(MaRyF)Adult (f)2,4738792
LT4ms(LT4ms)Adult (m)2,7527907
v5dI4(v5dI4)Adult (f)4,3799853
gtxZW(gtxZW)Adult (f)4,3399851
Y7ZD8(Y7ZD8)Adult (m)4,4918961
51v6r(51v6r)Adult (f)4,7848922
8nPZv(8nPZv)Hatchling (m, F)3,9908534
i0sNk(i0sNk)Hatchling (m, F)6,1071,1902
pBRL8(pBRL8)Adult (m)4,2099142
CBc7M(CBc7M)Adult (m)4,2067203
iancyI FancyHatchling (f, F)8,7541,0442
oxeeR(oxeeR)Adult (m)5,6578531
OCBpx(OCBpx)Adult (m)5,7188731
sfV56(sfV56)Adult (m)5,8508931
YFd27(YFd27)Adult (f)6,0148541
UiDgw(UiDgw)Adult (f)3,8481,0371
8JseA(8JseA)Adult (f)2,1821,0051
w7NPj(w7NPj)Adult (m)5,5747801
g2gQf(g2gQf)Adult (m)7,4621,00510
MaJhO(MaJhO)Adult (f)7,2229943
XYvEL(XYvEL)Adult (m)5,9448111
9yeM3(9yeM3)Adult (m)6,0328281
8Opmo(8Opmo)Adult (m)4,01971633
NZFYi(NZFYi)Adult (f)5,1488332
ExQ50(ExQ50)Hatchling (m, F)5,2528241
LFm7k(LFm7k)Hatchling (m, F)5,0978402
tVz7g(tVz7g)Adult (m)5,6908384
WLfpT(WLfpT)Adult (f)5,3398022
HmvP1(HmvP1)Adult (m)5,2978031
Ummxd(Ummxd)Adult (f)5,2768071
J3Oio(J3Oio)Adult (f)6,6589555
MHjLS(MHjLS)Hatchling (f, F)7,6839071
NNk7T(NNk7T)Adult (f)7,2899651
5qXkY(5qXkY)Adult (f)9,8571,0422
bdJqq(bdJqq)Adult (f)5,3368621
3SF4z(3SF4z)Adult (m)5,3338402
d56Op(d56Op)Adult (f)5,3048521
QaxX7(QaxX7)Adult (m)5,2448352
zJpLH(zJpLH)Adult (m)5,3818532
vchOE(vchOE)Adult (m)6,4539022
NsnAPSnappy ToesAdult (m)6,9541,0893
1cEpnKingly Toe RingAdult (m)6,9881,0583
iiHml(iiHml)Hatchling (f, F)6,0678532
hM7GE(hM7GE)Adult (f)5,8837792
ateMa(ateMa)Adult (m)4,7758342
LAThH(LAThH)Adult (m)8,5811,0643
g3a3t(g3a3t)Adult (m)7,7209572
C3blL(C3blL)Adult (m)6,6937851
Ouitg(Ouitg)Adult (f)6,8168052
3PZQ8(3PZQ8)Adult (m)7,9187525
pFt5v(pFt5v)Hatchling (f, F)4,6748354
xy5Tu(xy5Tu)Adult (f)8,0841,16010
qztl3(qztl3)Adult (m)7,3371,0971
UrCRB(UrCRB)Adult (f)4,4027941
AAWuI(AAWuI)Adult (m)4,5358201
0g0nF(0g0nF)Adult (f)3,5559473
O4L67(O4L67)Hatchling (m, F)2,8757831
SZUsR(SZUsR)Adult (f)4,5709851
XAgFr(XAgFr)Adult (f)7,7281,0452
f1ImN(f1ImN)Adult (m)8,0741,0324
ZsFKy(ZsFKy)Adult (f)8,0581,0403
DTw2d(DTw2d)Adult (m)8,4741,0312
ziVsw(ziVsw)Adult (m)6,7571,0464
uhBA2(uhBA2)Adult (m)5,4349151
NK1AR(NK1AR)Adult (f)5,4059372
sZHuOShu LanAdult (f)5,4849141
Bn9zT(Bn9zT)Adult (f)7,3779101
Ob1ET(Ob1ET)Adult (m)7,4209206
dAgCL(dAgCL)Adult (f)7,5099124
yhcut(yhcut)Adult (m)7,6239252
xOxtO(xOxtO)Adult (m)7,4249282
cm5DwHidden Dragon SpiritAdult (m)4,0969803
6E4lSTodd BeetlejuiceAdult (m)4,3609753
c6eaMScarlet WintersAdult (f)3,7379526
NCiic(NCiic)Adult (m)4,7379554
2Wnj4(2Wnj4)Hatchling (m, F)5,9309463
XlrLBSpirit of Glad TidingsAdult (f)5,0589354
2GIBOMystic WildernessAdult (f)4,4799313
jB6vF(jB6vF)Adult (m)3,8099613
BTcis(BTcis)Adult (f)3,9109552
MFPFC(MFPFC)Adult (f)4,6739511
C4Ik3(C4Ik3)Adult (m)4,6681,0581
Qq4vI(Qq4vI)Adult (f)4,6101,0641
lwS3p(lwS3p)Adult (m)4,0589792
nyA8gSomnio AureaAdult (f)4,1519501
ZrrLkTale of ChristmasAdult (f)4,3149972
20mIRTwenty MirrorsAdult (m)4,3301,0321
otSHDStarsong PoltergeistAdult (m)3,8539973
HgZMSMidnight WalkingAdult (f)3,8781,0412
kfWBa(kfWBa)Adult (f)3,0239252
xGGRk(xGGRk)Adult (f)2,9659232
9TFQTSpirit VisitationAdult (m)3,5391,0373
8UIYHNiveus PhantasiaAdult (m)2,5233884
TqsVN(TqsVN)Adult (f)3,4929252
IeFhb(IeFhb)Adult (f)3,4688801
4vuoz(4vuoz)Adult (m)7,6121,1246
TUujXSpirit of JourneyAdult (f)3,5579132
EhORCWhispering OrcAdult (f)3,4319153
nbuR3(nbuR3)Adult (f)3,3379033
M24TzMisted BraidAdult (m)2,4647902
av2ua(av2ua)Adult (f)3,2061,0083
m6beE(m6beE)Adult (f)3,3509861
XWEhy(XWEhy)Adult (m)3,1129721
2MiVq(2MiVq)Adult (m)3,2219841
6TANO(6TANO)Adult (m)4,2139414
rOByB(rOByB)Adult (m)3,7549672
ldJXr(ldJXr)Hatchling (m, F)5,0487497
EfP6B(EfP6B)Adult (f)4,5976322
gm6y3For freezing - keepHatchling (m, F)4,0616063
OkMXx(OkMXx)Adult (f)3,0538533
lzoiULooking Glass GhostAdult (m)2,9728512
51NEY(51NEY)Adult (f)3,2229731
0zNoE(0zNoE)Adult (f)3,0849792
gAs6L(gAs6L)Hatchling (f, F)4,0847626
eG9oc(eG9oc)Adult (f)3,7277845
A17lu(A17lu)Adult (f)4,2528274
CfCi8(CfCi8)Adult (m)3,9858052
IyZrN(IyZrN)Adult (f)3,9017854
RCrOZ(RCrOZ)Adult (m)3,9027812
EKIMx(EKIMx)Adult (m)3,7948575
ItZZl(ItZZl)Adult (m)2,9869302
zOakzOld OaksAdult (m)2,9519531
a9If0(a9If0)Hatchling (f, F)3,0267343
eV0Gh(eV0Gh)Hatchling (f, F)4,3799004
VL9Q1(VL9Q1)Hatchling (m, F)4,2438493
2aspT(2aspT)Adult (f)7,7241,0947
dIFyQ(dIFyQ)Adult (m)7,4041,2653
tubnD(tubnD)Adult (f)5,1961,1153
Shzg7(Shzg7)Adult (m)6,4229455
IgoZj(IgoZj)Adult (f)6,2349525
V99CG(V99CG)Adult (f)6,2979512
B6qKH(B6qKH)Adult (f)5,2338553
77n0h(77n0h)Adult (f)5,1758462
OA3aNFireside NoelleAdult (f)5,1149051
qXnLZ(qXnLZ)Hatchling (m, F)7,2801,1254
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