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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TVgP3Medieval RhapsodyAdult (m)3,6029782
IvCvnSwirling DepthsAdult (f)2,6998723
c6e9vViridian EssenceAdult (m)3,3149073
KnF6h(KnF6h)Adult (f)3,3957821
wbbE3(wbbE3)Adult (m)3,3418033
lugOwMystic OwlAdult (m)3,6949971
VGP1bSeian's DreamsAdult (m)3,6278276
6Livz(6Livz)Adult (m)3,6177674
GpTuWShining Birthday SongAdult (f)3,3247586
rALOw(rALOw)Adult (m)3,4097652
OezlT(OezlT)Adult (f)3,0258092
D8GYN(D8GYN)Adult (f)3,9337862
8RM7p(8RM7p)Adult (m)3,3607674
ugirw(ugirw)Adult (f)3,0608171
zylC5(zylC5)Adult (f)3,3467642
OPQ4V(OPQ4V)Adult (f)3,6048712
XFqMz(XFqMz)Adult (m)3,6487431
mBLP5(mBLP5)Adult (m)2,5498422
wyvKq(wyvKq)Adult (m)3,1306965
SpX6aMeirionAdult (m)2,8628842
6kaabFalcon KnightAdult (f)2,4427942
NWG1zMagical VerdigrisAdult (m)3,1097223
5k9yP(5k9yP)Adult (f)3,6628281
EFNT3(EFNT3)Adult (m)3,6278503
TTuVc(TTuVc)Adult (m)4,2361,0022
0VsEh(0VsEh)Adult (m)3,4897273
pptqK(pptqK)Adult (m)3,6368961
CrcfT(CrcfT)Adult (f)3,2947882
sWQeZ(sWQeZ)Adult (m)3,4498641
K50lZFoolish LogicAdult (f)4,0519532
t6N40(t6N40)Adult (f)4,6481,0053
ttyz5(ttyz5)Adult (f)2,7147671
Xngli(Xngli)Adult (m)7,4751,1002
7Pid7(7Pid7)Adult (f)3,5168401
319Qg(319Qg)Adult (f)3,6977761
B1NngBing BlingAdult (f)2,8587584
1cCgm(1cCgm)Adult (f)2,6057831
C72NQ(C72NQ)Adult (m)3,3527434
LbDwb(LbDwb)Adult (f)3,7938441
zof5O(zof5O)Adult (f)3,2308674
WWyojWyoming WheatAdult (f)4,4008921
6McH8(6McH8)Adult (m)3,8567913
JjkcO(JjkcO)Adult (m)3,8359682
i9iCs(i9iCs)Adult (m)3,2831,1981
z1oYY(z1oYY)Adult (m)3,5158693
E6FmJ(E6FmJ)Adult (m)3,5908744
cW9K4(cW9K4)Adult (m)2,2368632
K5ckP(K5ckP)Adult (m)3,3829273
EK6GvAnother NinjaAdult (m)2,3239821
pJgIzMoonshine GemAdult (m)3,1048972
Vcw3W(Vcw3W)Adult (m)2,7838041
hR7Zx(hR7Zx)Adult (f)2,8598545
mSCKa(mSCKa)Adult (f)2,7177977
aFHWB(aFHWB)Adult (m)3,1717432
Sudr5(Sudr5)Adult (m)2,8098491
4BYiH(4BYiH)Adult (m)5,0979644
iWpBq(iWpBq)Adult (f)3,3027491
Ysg9uMountain IllusionAdult (f)3,3969632
ioA98(ioA98)Adult (f)3,1917834
cOfxN(cOfxN)Adult (f)4,0541,0295
oWU0y(oWU0y)Adult (f)4,6011,1082
kDfCxRoyalty CourtAdult (m)5,1491,0402
PhrQn(PhrQn)Adult (f)4,8518943
jUznoMountain WatchAdult (m)2,9948502
Emtla(Emtla)Adult (m)2,5978212
JnXf1Starry JinxAdult (f)2,6547642
G3X8Y(G3X8Y)Adult (m)3,1587093
7Azl7(7Azl7)Adult (m)3,7697714
3btuS(3btuS)Adult (f)3,4059801
M9pUT(M9pUT)Adult (f)2,6326962
fTO0s(fTO0s)Adult (m)3,1678093
JFSQ4(JFSQ4)Adult (f)3,8599474
Gaqdn(Gaqdn)Adult (f)4,0018743
IQgoZJustifiably UnbelievableAdult (f)2,5838581
JW9Bq(JW9Bq)Adult (m)3,1718414
q4SKJ(q4SKJ)Adult (f)3,0378453
bDZI3Spring's Tigar ThuwedAdult (m)3,0098311
i7gxqAdmiratio DorkfaceAdult (f)2,6548595
XNbzr(XNbzr)Adult (f)3,7547673
R1DEv(R1DEv)Adult (f)3,4577823
LnA57Darkluck GalaxyAdult (f)3,3658282
v9K3N(v9K3N)Adult (m)2,8698633
PFOYq(PFOYq)Adult (f)2,7888505
ZyvJB(ZyvJB)Adult (f)2,9989204
1446S(1446S)Adult (f)2,9588767
nIYIQUlric of li-saAdult (m)3,2968743
rePKP(rePKP)Adult (f)2,3208573
EuwGQ(EuwGQ)Adult (m)2,6649032
6O4oOValentine DashAdult (m)2,8089751
cOy5o(cOy5o)Adult (f)2,8438784
w7Ceo(w7Ceo)Adult (m)2,0907202
qTj93Cour d'AleneAdult (f)2,6618912
Gd7CR(Gd7CR)Adult (f)3,1138424
IqJqY(IqJqY)Adult (f)3,7549403
6ChmrThe CharmerAdult (m)3,7799824
l1ValValentine McGillycuddyAdult (m)3,8498621
gMiAo(gMiAo)Adult (f)2,2759062
l9VcJ(l9VcJ)Adult (f)2,3019023
igDlW(igDlW)Adult (m)3,6918246
4bNAkXecc0 Whispyr Thuwed DagnirAdult (m)2,4688408
eCYVfSonic ThuwedAdult (m)3,5967882
INn4LNight's Whispyr ThuwedAdult (m)2,56190310
91sb2Blessing of ChristmasAdult (m)3,3498131
2l7To(2l7To)Adult (f)3,3919323
ADKXHDawn's BeaconAdult (f)2,9958433
cGX4cShadowed DawnAdult (f)3,0328186
lO2qW(lO2qW)Adult (f)3,0338664
HlAS6Sundew Dracoflora RexAdult (m)2,8567963
na66bBeribboned ElpisAdult (f)3,1339494
uGiTlIceBrandy MeverrAdult (m)4,2451,0785
Su4QZMiliarius AdultaAdult (m)3,4419454
18ZNv(18ZNv)Adult (m)3,1167914
l36W2(l36W2)Adult (f)3,4938693
PJYct(PJYct)Adult (m)3,2987677
YNUa0(YNUa0)Adult (f)3,3879875
h83IbHoliday IceAdult (m)3,1999005
V9lv1(V9lv1)Adult (f)3,7851,03110
iM9rS(iM9rS)Adult (m)2,6678451
s5fN4Agent McPinkersonAdult (f)3,3948802
6UUrpSpring RapidsAdult (m)4,5359275
tBWM6(tBWM6)Adult (m)3,2639458
vX42k(vX42k)Adult (m)2,8391,0163
qDm6PShining in the DarkAdult (f)3,4001,1404
hn8BVFirehouse SeasonsAdult (f)3,3601,1984
8dhf5Black Magic RazzmatazzAdult (m)3,5021,2142
F3FoeBlack Magic De ProxyAdult (f)3,6521,1203
avCVuNorthern Lights FireAdult (m)2,9919697
mPihMLady FirerubyAdult (f)3,4391,0642
Vb4gYFiery Noel ThuwedAdult (m)2,9811,2094
iTAjuBlack Magic MaestroAdult (m)3,7249693
aeNBmShadow SeasAdult (f)2,8039205
G6PhvLight Heart StarfyreAdult (f)3,1881,0395
bdEKiShadows at SunsetAdult (f)3,0851,0983
7NKkZAirruothAdult (f)3,3371,2334
5bsNRThere's a Zombie in the GardenAdult (f)3,2771,1604
g5n1sChilling ThrillsAdult (m)2,5081,0621
d67mASpooky NighttimeAdult (f)3,6338631
NFp6dXun of Drakul FallsAdult (m)5,4501,0105
Jl2CG(Jl2CG)Adult (f)3,0837792
jlC6H(jlC6H)Adult (m)3,7537747
2BJUETo BijouAdult (f)3,26480810
71LEq(71LEq)Adult (m)1,9208061
d7lYi(d7lYi)Adult (f)1,4245382
G6PPE(G6PPE)Adult (m)3,0147221
nudvp(nudvp)Adult (f)2,3958562
AxcjY(AxcjY)Adult (m)4,6218302
rKDH9(rKDH9)Adult (f)3,0508791
MgItZ(MgItZ)Adult (m)2,5825157
9OnP0(9OnP0)Adult (f)4,8098971
uWgDUPiers AnthonyAdult (m)3,93872818
XljBa(XljBa)Adult (f)4,9747894
n6trh(n6trh)Adult (m)4,2117851
drXBQ(drXBQ)Adult (f)4,2897962
Dzdaw(Dzdaw)Adult (m)4,0628228
ch7H1(ch7H1)Adult (f)4,6258363
SWSRpGreatx3 Grandpappy was MurderedAdult (m)4,2671,2008
u1pV1Lucy and the TardisAdult (f)4,1468171
hPJeV(hPJeV)Adult (m)2,7318013
IdMF3I am the Impossible GirlAdult (m)4,1239953
06b3rSo This is WhyAdult (f)2,8249693
G0UByJust  This OnceAdult (m)2,7498042
OiGRtDoctor Who  LineagesAdult2,8937815
WHOPTPint Size WhoAdult (f)2,9616536
u7WhO(u7WhO)Hatchling (m, F)3,80486810
IOwho(IOwho)Adult (f)5,0578628
zwRpaWhovian BarbarianHatchling (m, F)3,2137682
oPRFQA Letter  To  The DoctorAdult (f)4,9588213
9oKLIA lonely   GodAdult (f)5,1011,0301
cicxnA Time Lord  Has 13 LivesAdult (f)4,3677624
INB9TAll of you -  so smallAdult (m)4,6619451
89QU1Am  I   GingerAdult (m)4,8568663
GobniBow Ties  Are  CoolAdult (m)4,6657955
AAikpCan   Stop  ItAdult (m)6,4271,0101
odyJGEvery Time   We MeetAdult (f)4,5548072
PxUEsx  Exterminate  xAdult (f)4,6519151
A7UCcGoodbye  Old ChapAdult (m)3,1561,0151
dGCNMI Travelled  Across  The  WorldAdult (m)4,2599179
LuKzSIn  All  My TravellingAdult (m)5,3888701
cIT6NLike     SavagesAdult (f)4,8598564
VqaHxMidnight   -   SkyAdult (f)4,9168534
TpmyRNot in the name of  the DoctorAdult (f)3,7848313
Kt2FPPlanet     EarthAdult (f)4,4097784
g8VEcAbominable SnowmenAdult (f)3,2479832
0tIJOThe Anger Of A  Good ManAdult (m)4,0728512
hDe9sThe    BeastAdult (f)4,8418344
lX7OOThe  Dawn  of TimeAdult (m)4,7069521
tuDX6The Doctor  Made Sure We DidAdult (f)3,8668401
Lk2V0The  Planet's   GoneAdult (m)5,0058263
tK4jaTwin DilemmaAdult (m)3,2299449
4fCMWWe  Waited   HereAdult (f)5,4318183
YDTcbWelcome   You Are UnauthorisedAdult (m)4,8078554
wJkBvYou Can't Need  MeAdult (f)6,4801,0161
fODgPDangerous DebtsAdult (m)6,5691,0091
1TrHwDarkness and EternityAdult (m)3,8018601
JcddoEvidence of DarknessAdult (m)3,6019056
p9gdcGinger TearsAdult (m)4,0698252
kMYXPLonely  HeartAdult (m)4,1678572
MCV5JLost  and FoundAdult (f)3,9618191
fLWsFNot Ginger's DanceAdult (f)4,7919501
R5jaeOnce upon a UniverseAdult (f)3,2291,1013
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