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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
a36WWProjects in ProgressAdult3,9709195
7HFRi(7HFRi)Adult (f)4,4378081
N0HNs(N0HNs)Adult (m)4,6808422
wT3Sp(wT3Sp)Adult (m)3,5418532
BirKL(BirKL)Adult (f)5,3541,0145
EpjpZBh0jkocco ThuwedAdult (f)3,8758582
WXdcvAlpine TrailAdult (m)3,3069593
V8aS4Alpine TwilightAdult (m)2,9518153
252hcGarden ElfAdult (m)2,1178582
0CIzQMountain FogAdult (m)2,9808192
b5HsJ(b5HsJ)Adult (f)3,3239454
xA9Am(xA9Am)Adult (f)4,1278901
87QWZDappled-SunAdult (f)4,0077612
2mga6Mystical MountainAdult (m)3,8799122
E5CJW(E5CJW)Adult (m)2,8047554
rxYGOBelle of the MistAdult (f)3,9668331
fupmEElven WineAdult (m)3,0657514
nQdVWPineSilkAdult (m)3,5407973
sqCOY(sqCOY)Adult (m)3,3518183
V1MVm(V1MVm)Adult (f)4,1677713
AowhA(AowhA)Adult (f)3,8198005
XSVT8(XSVT8)Adult (m)5,0278006
ge0sR(ge0sR)Adult (f)4,6937763
LUwmo(LUwmo)Adult (m)3,7119092
Ti54E(Ti54E)Adult (m)3,6867094
zxOzF(zxOzF)Adult (m)3,4348753
yj5ZCTears of the 7thAdult (m)3,7048771
JC4NECandyCane KissAdult (m)5,1268071
m8Fl7Farewell HugAdult (m)3,7487692
wqK3ZSpirit ChakramAdult (m)3,9719372
w1yei(w1yei)Adult (m)3,4838273
NHPeeBlue Eyed MaryAdult (f)3,4359425
ZFjLdBear GrassAdult (m)3,3589501
RDCKV(RDCKV)Adult (m)2,4638881
euptjBeloved ThaaliaAdult (f)3,7821,0181
RZu0KUther BladeAdult (m)3,7791,0201
uL8ehFyrethorneAdult (f)4,6358632
LKpiZGwennolAdult (f)5,3801,0251
nQVHf(nQVHf)Adult (f)2,5728554
e1jVl(e1jVl)Adult (f)6,1148943
rnPk3(rnPk3)Adult (f)4,5207593
kMCCL(kMCCL)Adult (f)4,1669127
n9SmD(n9SmD)Adult (f)4,3698814
xwZ8e(xwZ8e)Adult (m)1,9616812
WgDba(WgDba)Adult (m)3,6731,0231
CpOw9(CpOw9)Adult (m)2,7597942
sTIit(sTIit)Adult (m)3,6517181
6uUI8(6uUI8)Adult (m)3,7649902
SSw42(SSw42)Adult (m)3,6339671
2MNyO(2MNyO)Adult (m)5,7429083
5srNd(5srNd)Adult (m)3,8218494
YYo76(YYo76)Adult (m)3,9247825
ZWTZc(ZWTZc)Adult (m)3,5597922
XUxLX(XUxLX)Adult (m)4,7487839
sPpZk(sPpZk)Adult (m)4,8729612
QC8uV(QC8uV)Adult (m)5,0639124
dkxsn(dkxsn)Adult (m)5,1569293
hr7ho(hr7ho)Adult (m)4,5318803
mBlcz(mBlcz)Adult (f)3,8419793
z930Q(z930Q)Adult (f)3,3529854
ijV4J(ijV4J)Adult (f)3,5959375
eZapB(eZapB)Adult (f)3,0939062
a6fby(a6fby)Adult (f)2,8357793
RzpLN(RzpLN)Adult (f)3,4599283
hOhwy(hOhwy)Adult (f)3,9309631
EOD9E(EOD9E)Adult (f)3,6109234
hoNMA(hoNMA)Adult (m)4,3208695
bmDaF(bmDaF)Adult (m)4,8168731
zrUa0(zrUa0)Adult (m)4,6808934
aMxvF(aMxvF)Adult (m)5,2801,0715
vY9OY(vY9OY)Adult (f)4,5259072
GiH3d(GiH3d)Adult (f)4,2888593
mNmbq(mNmbq)Adult (f)4,4109552
Av1Cj(Av1Cj)Adult (f)3,5819513
x00poBrass PrancerAdult (m)4,1659644
TUqj0(TUqj0)Adult (f)4,9621,0174
Y3WCX(Y3WCX)Adult (f)4,6491,0403
7tQo3(7tQo3)Adult (m)4,4349244
3kYcN(3kYcN)Adult (m)4,5319386
wsJPz(wsJPz)Adult (f)4,7269564
bZu3i(bZu3i)Adult (f)3,8508974
Id4Hu(Id4Hu)Adult (f)4,5549703
NExZaJungle WhispersAdult (f)4,9659573
oRUS8O'RussAdult (m)5,3238864
ZcuPI(ZcuPI)Adult (m)4,3898355
7Zj91(7Zj91)Adult (f)3,4308533
7rqQm(7rqQm)Adult (f)4,1609605
Eimmq(Eimmq)Adult (m)3,6798542
x6xSP(x6xSP)Adult (m)3,2638525
JFfEe(JFfEe)Adult (m)3,3518362
FAkyt(FAkyt)Adult (f)4,4839634
bfuT0(bfuT0)Adult (m)3,7308982
tFS9P(tFS9P)Adult (f)3,9678883
ifbbk(ifbbk)Adult (f)4,0507881
uGnX1(uGnX1)Adult (f)5,1778641
XSfZ3(XSfZ3)Adult (m)3,1938102
COEvn(COEvn)Adult (f)5,1301,1262
cm0qS(cm0qS)Adult (m)5,2131,1532
GiCOjSultry Hot PinkAdult (f)3,5648821
4CLnx(4CLnx)Adult (m)3,6699022
4ebSO(4ebSO)Adult (m)3,2938415
gBXpF(gBXpF)Adult (m)6,6219576
2TfnI(2TfnI)Adult (f)6,7969293
En52D(En52D)Adult (m)4,9227864
tB5mX(tB5mX)Adult (f)3,2788891
NHfxQForever StarAdult (m)4,9761,3746
uBe0OKrazy KatHatchling (f, F)4,0799581
S4NEASerenity SeaAdult (m)6,4491,3494
bB377(bB377)Adult (f)4,9341,1183
eRAQxChatty KathyAdult (f)4,4869202
43MhZ(43MhZ)Hatchling (m, F)1,9346342
35xYiJubilant GemAdult (f)4,2286798
hATDKSilly HatHatchling (f, F)4,0589571
fim5n(fim5n)Hatchling (m, F)2,0237911
tpyPD(tpyPD)Adult (m)2,2027833
6IvAr(6IvAr)Adult (m)3,5966872
0PxUs(0PxUs)Hatchling (f, F)3,0178671
UC7yb(UC7yb)Hatchling (m, F)3,0118151
KrwEL(KrwEL)Hatchling (m, F)2,9228361
iOIMGEternal FillyHatchling (f, F)4,1491,0786
u0alY(u0alY)Adult (m)4,9728902
uvStK(uvStK)Adult (f)4,6707731
xx3DR(xx3DR)Adult (m)3,5248172
rXiqUWish of TidesAdult (f)3,6761,1462
PET7U(PET7U)Hatchling (m, F)4,2371,0192
UPBaf(UPBaf)Adult (f)3,0309592
70165(70165)Adult (m)2,9999362
SOOYD(SOOYD)Hatchling (m, F)4,9051,1156
8kmA6(8kmA6)Hatchling (m, F)4,8678402
GeO5D(GeO5D)Adult (m)5,1118752
7ypug(7ypug)Adult (f)4,4158421
OTMZE(OTMZE)Adult (f)3,7879343
FqKLO(FqKLO)Adult (f)4,0129693
z7nOR(z7nOR)Adult (f)4,5218894
V8k7G(V8k7G)Adult (m)3,3341,0745
fbdr1(fbdr1)Adult (f)3,3141,0813
SPn8f(SPn8f)Adult (f)3,4971,0713
SA8UnGlint of DreamsAdult (m)3,5781,0854
bcWNm(bcWNm)Adult (f)3,3011,0613
dBMfWSky SageAdult (f)3,2811,0563
pCOOT(pCOOT)Adult (f)3,1011,0783
948mMDivinity MistAdult (f)3,4891,0691
sjwo7Magnificent IceAdult (m)3,5851,0522
QYJX5(QYJX5)Adult (m)2,9551,1762
ruQNh(ruQNh)Adult (f)2,7951,1642
UfD9ZPeppermint FlamesAdult (m)3,0241,1734
OjDq8Frosty JoyAdult (m)2,8931,1432
R0ODBEira RhosynAdult (f)3,0061,1542
BoZQYBrisk Breeze DelightAdult (f)2,0458992
EIQd4Starshine SnowflakeAdult (f)2,9311,1102
Lgvdw(Lgvdw)Adult (m)2,9821,2052
KtelK(KtelK)Adult (f)2,2058422
s1yFUSly FellaAdult (m)2,9461,0921
B6pE3Blessings and GallifreyAdult (f)2,8379704
efDcB(efDcB)Adult (f)2,6599502
xMTu2(xMTu2)Adult (f)2,7339422
Oloy8Olya ThuwedAdult (f)2,7759044
v0rdK(v0rdK)Adult (m)3,0349465
JFT2X(JFT2X)Adult (m)2,6119224
dlTu3(dlTu3)Adult (f)2,5438893
yjHha(yjHha)Adult (f)2,6599434
ROxQK(ROxQK)Adult (m)3,4281,0592
7MUNfZigadenusAdult (m)3,8178811
eFoTT(eFoTT)Adult (f)4,4319341
md7EF(md7EF)Adult (m)2,9619406
17Xpq(17Xpq)Adult (m)3,2368092
iaAjx(iaAjx)Adult (m)2,5097672
jO3D5(jO3D5)Adult (f)1,9718302
xIN7zSomething DastardlyAdult (f)2,1929012
gaZjg(gaZjg)Adult (m)3,9759145
SQgQ0Dryness FaceAdult (f)4,1881,1143
sXPdBFace DancerAdult (m)2,8611,0604
CxxKHSilence in ShadowAdult (m)3,8649372
x0vte(x0vte)Adult (f)3,2741,0152
6ObpyCinnamon SweetheartAdult (f)4,4991,1632
PkRuG(PkRuG)Adult (m)3,3329322
dVm4mJoseph's CoatAdult (m)4,2528505
AACEl(AACEl)Adult (f)2,9909241
Ymrc6(Ymrc6)Adult (f)3,4769852
QnjWn(QnjWn)Adult (m)3,1959342
B9ypt(B9ypt)Adult (m)3,7201,0442
NKNEd(NKNEd)Adult (f)3,6189038
zePPe(zePPe)Adult (f)1,6097722
fDG2j(fDG2j)Adult (m)2,8631,0016
ZerGVZerg VictoryAdult (f)2,6209392
a4GYVAsh GraveyardAdult (m)3,2579032
A7ngzFlames of AngstAdult (f)2,5819262
OOQlI(OOQlI)Adult (f)3,1588743
24Zry(24Zry)Adult (m)2,5729322
BwazhBwahaAdult (m)3,4589343
IKeht(IKeht)Adult (m)2,8209122
TCU62Angel's ShadowsAdult (f)4,1621,1291
eKiAF(eKiAF)Adult (f)3,3179672
PhnjM(PhnjM)Adult (f)3,7639842
Ha91C(Ha91C)Adult (m)3,9659884
komTK(komTK)Adult (m)3,8051,1012
JamF7(JamF7)Adult (m)3,7081,0812
mecOg(mecOg)Adult (m)3,2419323
yb6Vh(yb6Vh)Adult (f)3,4239322
bgOI4(bgOI4)Adult (m)1,38935814
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