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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
39n8b(39n8b)Adult (f)3,1518302
I9TJkCode Dragon 9TAdult (m)4,0868093
B7f5z(B7f5z)Adult (f)4,1017913
XCnOu(XCnOu)Adult (m)7,1448551
rD8yG(rD8yG)Adult (f)5,8451,0933
No43f(No43f)Adult (m)3,8798813
pcWON(pcWON)Adult (f)4,6299191
1Xqk4(1Xqk4)Adult (f)2,5777543
SbbUD(SbbUD)Adult (m)3,6328025
yvVl2(yvVl2)Adult (f)3,7988126
SQNkKStatue of a FoolAdult (m)3,4649916
LlDiN(LlDiN)Adult (f)2,1917931
5LnfhToken of EsteemAdult (m)2,7014592
VV9WXTwisted FawkesAdult (m)2,5558952
Y3vE0(Y3vE0)Adult (f)2,5168952
uYMDi(uYMDi)Adult (m)2,7419022
qllZE(qllZE)Adult (f)3,2288263
RtTNE(RtTNE)Adult (m)3,2848232
VCS61(VCS61)Adult (f)2,6288701
I6J98(I6J98)Adult (m)2,3414816
imofk(imofk)Adult (f)5,9541,1002
FPtDbLily of DawnAdult (f)3,2551,1921
Be5Vn(Be5Vn)Adult (m)1,9397991
8F8Uv(8F8Uv)Adult (f)3,4398823
9ALqG(9ALqG)Adult (m)4,5284612
UR8bm(UR8bm)Adult (f)4,4599183
tt3yR(tt3yR)Adult (m)2,4688804
hWA7l(hWA7l)Adult (f)4,4955943
3CRDYChallenge CryAdult (m)3,7889633
53h82(53h82)Adult (f)3,8789253
E2Byo(E2Byo)Adult (m)3,8748827
eQc8U(eQc8U)Adult (m)5,4058272
rGc7e(rGc7e)Adult (m)4,0878895
x438dBonus dragon 5Adult (m)3,9367651
2zsJS(2zsJS)Hatchling (f, F)3,4196852
wlZfE(wlZfE)Adult (f)2,5488651
xuGIv(xuGIv)Adult (m)4,3429094
Xmh3Z(Xmh3Z)Adult (f)3,8478953
vVmwO(vVmwO)Adult (m)4,8097953
LPBQY(LPBQY)Adult (f)3,9008183
XeRlt(XeRlt)Adult (m)6,0798432
vcVFl(vcVFl)Adult (f)3,7635581
9atiJ(9atiJ)Adult (m)4,3828702
ikbja(ikbja)Adult (f)3,4328104
GFQutCruisinAdult (f)6,1901,0664
a8Pd6(a8Pd6)Adult (m)4,3757722
TXDoIBonus dragon 2Adult (f)4,6887234
KvZKO(KvZKO)Adult (m)2,8506813
7iZIQ(7iZIQ)Adult (m)3,6541,1341
zN6zmCatwoman StrikesAdult (f)2,7781,1502
tqyfJ(tqyfJ)Adult (m)2,7541,1282
wqL0e(wqL0e)Adult (f)2,9091,1172
44j3l(44j3l)Adult (m)3,3848032
OuyobMidnight ReignAdult (f)2,1116361
Egff4New Moon RhapsodyAdult (m)2,6195591
eqHm7EyffysthAdult (f)3,0449604
i7ilsJupiter's MoonAdult (m)4,36588410
53oaCOaclesthAdult (f)4,4371,1305
1wwVU(1wwVU)Adult (m)3,5118622
PqqlB(PqqlB)Adult (f)2,8639203
iks8n(iks8n)Adult (f)4,3749991
nNQq5(nNQq5)Adult (m)4,6329962
Bsm1m(Bsm1m)Adult (f)4,5029881
1EGJJ(1EGJJ)Adult (m)3,7828512
xeE69(xeE69)Adult (f)4,3719852
AJP2y(AJP2y)Adult (m)4,4859802
dhqpW(dhqpW)Adult (f)4,9959881
P1FNl(P1FNl)Adult (m)4,5109551
qcdfl(qcdfl)Adult (f)4,1238713
dUJGq(dUJGq)Adult (m)4,1058882
zaiV2(zaiV2)Adult (f)3,9568872
Fqbk2(Fqbk2)Adult (m)3,7929181
FxZ6R(FxZ6R)Adult (f)3,9338752
1Kcjf(1Kcjf)Adult (m)3,6418852
URzyg(URzyg)Adult (f)3,8738802
c7W7i(c7W7i)Adult (m)3,6638991
VsYD8Watcher at the Lava PoolAdult (f)2,5476432
YqR4eChallenge at the Lava PoolAdult (m)3,7501,1094
kob77Kobeth of CharAdult (f)3,0801,0147
Qe5QNWraurhuzth of CharAdult (m)3,1959974
Yg0YI(Yg0YI)Adult (f)3,7938273
3NnUu(3NnUu)Adult (m)3,6549126
3J2Z1(3J2Z1)Adult (f)3,3098175
F7Vs6(F7Vs6)Adult (m)2,1024833
G5Tog(G5Tog)Adult (f)2,0336175
iaFgr(iaFgr)Adult (m)4,8559294
hGUn3(hGUn3)Adult (f)3,5608752
nTres(nTres)Adult (m)5,2577872
kv0wx(kv0wx)Adult (m)3,7799262
E3TWbWezhithAdult (m)6,4401,5885
KHtZAKoalisthAdult (f)3,4271,04412
Bht6fThoablithAdult (m)4,3531,0615
1RtcvJaettiathAdult (f)4,2261,1033
R3SPMReiggarthAdult (m)4,4681,0429
RVuV3(RVuV3)Adult (f)5,5331,2323
F7YBb(F7YBb)Adult (m)3,6848113
52oHj(52oHj)Adult (f)4,2708276
UXTyc(UXTyc)Adult (m)3,8361,0133
Obt2v(Obt2v)Adult (f)3,4208253
bEf40EosysthAdult (f)3,4921,1963
s7qLZQuaissyzthAdult (m)3,3511,1884
jcUBtBonus Code Dragon JCAdult (f)2,7968503
C0674CloikkolthAdult (m)4,3581,3042
Ip9lLBonus Double Code Dragon IP  LLAdult (f)5,8681,0126
VJqv2Bonus Code Dragon QVAdult (m)4,8529284
AQaMW(AQaMW)Adult (f)3,5675954
rXbY7(rXbY7)Adult (m)7,0688395
3CDnMUmnysthAdult (f)3,9031,1873
tHTNUThriuflurthAdult (m)3,9061,1922
Cdi8THaiwyethAdult (f)4,3301,3154
EuR37What a WrapAdult (m)2,8087793
KnlU4Marvelous DarlingAdult (f)2,35087310
xTDsU(xTDsU)Adult (m)5,8128936
xki9R(xki9R)Adult (f)2,1785525
wmKjs(wmKjs)Adult (m)5,5449434
MVw4r(MVw4r)Adult (f)5,3779403
iEAWM(iEAWM)Adult (m)5,9111,0155
Gb2zl(Gb2zl)Adult (f)5,8139827
gvvgw(gvvgw)Adult (m)5,3838505
uSSct(uSSct)Adult (f)5,1219184
4URfB(4URfB)Adult (m)4,8359992
r7s5Y(r7s5Y)Adult (f)5,2129104
deR7CChyinaithAdult (f)5,5221,3573
EYOWTYollunthAdult (m)3,6391,0436
RjJheEchithAdult (f)2,9391,0272
KCfJk(KCfJk)Adult (m)3,2337985
gRQEjI've Been EverywhereAdult (f)4,8342,739100
LWe6X(LWe6X)Adult (m)3,9618531
egqu8(egqu8)Adult (m)6,1128122
9oWVoThoowryethAdult (m)6,8391,4312
ZfhFGZhoyrurthAdult (f)6,7551,4326
GwZ65(GwZ65)Adult (m)2,4308485
OTaZF(OTaZF)Adult (f)2,4667632
Y4wII(Y4wII)Adult (m)3,7688569
ziLjn(ziLjn)Adult (f)3,9108424
PDTNN(PDTNN)Adult (m)4,6907193
7B9emAll I got was a Lousy TinselAdult (f)2,9557692
trlzMAt the Alter of the SunHatchling (f, F)4,0408011
XN7ejTyibruethAdult (m)3,9911,2213
HSBsgMaeghixthAdult (f)3,3821,1013
FjubuJubufozthAdult (m)3,1201,0901
Kj5KaNiammauthAdult (f)2,9761,0493
vhurE(vhurE)Adult (m)3,0757433
ONjo0OnjoulthAdult (f)3,0821,0781
yv1Qr(yv1Qr)Adult (m)5,7721,1462
XRNYwRomancing the StoneAdult (f)1,3565464
UDarUDon't Tell my HeartHatchling (m, F)4,1318611
w8xYl(w8xYl)Adult (m)3,0446313
1aDZ5(1aDZ5)Adult (f)4,7598185
SGqbg(SGqbg)Adult (m)3,5077585
jFyNX(jFyNX)Adult (f)3,7988014
cvp4hMy Lost Shaker of SaltHatchling (m, F)3,9068201
i7DekSilent Visage DrekAdult (m)3,1947772
plhRpAngel Vision RaeAdult (f)3,3417703
23ODQ(23ODQ)Adult (f)4,2819383
pgqci(pgqci)Adult (m)2,9259972
qfdjI(qfdjI)Adult (f)3,4638201
8BEZN(8BEZN)Adult (m)4,0089711
G1deq(G1deq)Adult (f)4,8721,0482
i08bW(i08bW)Adult (m)4,4731,0094
Dlmvr(Dlmvr)Adult (f)4,7069671
RWJzq(RWJzq)Adult (m)3,8361,1701
95jd2(95jd2)Adult (f)6,2827463
WHghK(WHghK)Adult (m)4,7498933
Vpl9k(Vpl9k)Adult (f)4,6339381
a8SzS(a8SzS)Adult (m)5,9691,0332
2Y4z0(2Y4z0)Adult (f)5,4998172
Vq9Gg(Vq9Gg)Adult (m)3,5786147
fMbYB(fMbYB)Adult (m)3,8749026
L6smK(L6smK)Adult (f)4,4879922
d8VXz(d8VXz)Adult (m)4,0189492
jCoga(jCoga)Adult (f)3,7701,1812
FdGI0(FdGI0)Adult (m)3,6791,1853
bnCss(bnCss)Adult (f)5,1209723
7Gnhk(7Gnhk)Adult (m)4,9951,2002
NDGPH(NDGPH)Adult (f)4,7939562
PmbGP(PmbGP)Adult (m)3,9528734
L8MQTNeon RoseAdult (f)4,2949881
VXNo3Bold NeonAdult (m)6,1518565
TW2YtHot Pink BarbieAdult (f)3,6941,1862
Tec6iStar-StoneAdult (m)4,0889813
UWTl8(UWTl8)Adult (f)4,4569586
1ZK89(1ZK89)Adult (f)3,8417785
x9qGX(x9qGX)Adult (f)3,0498791
DsGFb(DsGFb)Adult (m)4,4161,0432
P9w03(P9w03)Adult (f)4,1678372
C8j1C(C8j1C)Adult (m)4,3448323
xXUmW(xXUmW)Adult (m)2,2319974
xAZyL(xAZyL)Adult (f)1,6157471
3CRhW(3CRhW)Adult (m)4,1637453
HDztC(HDztC)Adult (f)4,9718403
C7DGt(C7DGt)Adult (f)4,2501,0204
V502O(V502O)Adult (m)4,7741,1046
dNakV(dNakV)Adult (f)4,3821,0482
do6uj(do6uj)Adult (m)4,4151,0553
KEig8Draco Brutum KeigAdult (m)3,1529152
byNc9(byNc9)Adult (f)3,3349102
5jHt0(5jHt0)Adult (f)2,7459311
hQYkY(hQYkY)Adult (m)2,7589781
qdSIl(qdSIl)Adult (m)3,6869092
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