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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ou7er(ou7er)Adult (f)3,4737232
fZnfR(fZnfR)Adult (m)4,4608202
hHeXfLittleHexAdult (m)4,4189981
h5YjBLittleGreeAdult (f)3,2487238
o0sGxNot the Mint you are looking forAdult (m)3,1847601
N10CH(N10CH)Adult (f)4,6519023
9b2j9(9b2j9)Adult (m)4,0808261
nWygXCuriously Half Upside DownAdult (m)4,0099204
UZrzX(UZrzX)Adult (f)4,0291,0233
pJN5e(pJN5e)Adult (m)4,1178143
tWWnC(tWWnC)Adult (f)2,7378563
YFaDtFlipping GravityAdult (m)3,5559173
EbXbX(EbXbX)Adult (f)3,9619225
pUfFv(pUfFv)Adult (m)3,2738072
8J6h5TopsyTurvy FoolHatchling (f, F)5,6379384
Lkkk3(Lkkk3)Adult (m)4,8161,0812
3zgG1(3zgG1)Adult (f)4,6131,0082
UJ9tn(UJ9tn)Adult (m)3,7698263
C7BjgVertigo CeilingAdult (f)4,1337944
PPFuI(PPFuI)Adult (m)4,7061,0702
pnnjk(pnnjk)Adult (f)3,7187852
X5Vq4(X5Vq4)Adult (m)3,3087573
jraaZ(jraaZ)Adult (f)4,1158372
wjOq7(wjOq7)Adult (f)4,5498934
2mWWmHelpful Mander of TrotskyAdult (m)4,4691,0595
0Hqxb(0Hqxb)Adult (m)5,0078241
ijJsV(ijJsV)Adult (f)4,0587751
4IPBJCode Dragon IPAdult (m)4,6367653
kCI54(kCI54)Adult (f)3,6628643
eEeuq(eEeuq)Adult (f)4,1208173
vjKC0(vjKC0)Adult (f)4,3697771
duvst(duvst)Adult (m)3,2877414
kiops(kiops)Adult (f)3,0379084
2eeck(2eeck)Adult (m)2,5218412
p3HMg(p3HMg)Adult (f)3,4046646
hFB2s(hFB2s)Adult (m)3,3638823
6MhFY(6MhFY)Adult (f)3,8801,0957
h74rM(h74rM)Adult (m)4,0041,1051
HhmHj(HhmHj)Adult (f)5,4648432
rQmGV(rQmGV)Adult (m)4,9471,1662
kCKCv(kCKCv)Adult (f)3,3251,0932
KybrZ(KybrZ)Adult (m)5,1821,2704
UYng9(UYng9)Adult (f)4,1507191
lsAjh(lsAjh)Adult (m)4,7981,0792
8ZBcd(8ZBcd)Adult (f)4,9127953
huEWG(huEWG)Adult (m)2,85277510
DW15B(DW15B)Adult (f)3,7097043
vUyB7(vUyB7)Adult (m)2,6127336
uhtr1(uhtr1)Adult (f)3,5327803
xAe7e(xAe7e)Adult (m)3,8831,0021
iVAjN(iVAjN)Adult (f)3,9936294
DAF3r(DAF3r)Adult (m)4,4879445
yT1oe(yT1oe)Adult (f)6,0991,1762
NcfJDBonus Dragon 3 Code JDAdult (m)4,5187532
ywAtrBonus dragon 1Adult (f)4,7666422
oM90xBonus dragon 6Adult (m)3,9837781
grp05Bonus dragon 7Adult (f)3,5017762
4uhELBonus dragon 8Adult (m)4,5478222
pD1vMBonus dragon 9Adult (f)4,6028362
ULrisUlrisAdult (m)2,8448473
foIoJIojoilthAdult (f)4,6361,3832
Stey6EsteveAdult (m)3,1359345
qKNhJAymmiathAdult (f)4,2369374
RJarS(RJarS)Adult (m)3,0361,0531
2Ds5L(2Ds5L)Adult (f)3,8361,0673
5Won1(5Won1)Adult (m)3,5218971
iBvFEElandrialAdult (f)4,0438781
6nLmL(6nLmL)Adult (m)3,3457554
d8tnL(d8tnL)Adult (f)3,5607603
CQmHd(CQmHd)Adult (m)3,7338602
JYMDW(JYMDW)Adult (f)4,9109862
oOtZM(oOtZM)Adult (m)3,3927854
Ww0nL(Ww0nL)Adult (f)4,1887601
1g2Rh(1g2Rh)Adult (m)3,4228156
IWoNZ(IWoNZ)Adult (f)3,3707413
8GvLAUp to the HighestAdult (f)3,1678107
kgTCmLass of LanteisAdult (f)3,2909506
giEmZ(giEmZ)Adult (m)4,9937433
ztTMM(ztTMM)Adult (f)3,8238725
MNodv(MNodv)Adult (m)4,0418205
7AVL0(7AVL0)Adult (f)4,0949647
EE3Oi(EE3Oi)Adult (m)3,8881,1981
g68Fv(g68Fv)Adult (m)4,7637393
rS8hP(rS8hP)Adult (f)5,8565608
4eLgT(4eLgT)Adult (f)4,4218844
5Sy6l(5Sy6l)Adult (m)4,9759095
Oc6aL(Oc6aL)Adult (f)3,8898592
195el(195el)Adult (m)4,2409252
eMXZf(eMXZf)Adult (f)4,4648331
Y4Hmo(Y4Hmo)Adult (m)4,7988332
xOQRp(xOQRp)Adult (f)5,4029442
6FATWSix FatesAdult (m)6,5621,0242
r7c2C(r7c2C)Adult (f)1,8714894
4B66o(4B66o)Adult (m)3,3764144
lpCxN(lpCxN)Adult (f)4,8969011
mI3VB(mI3VB)Adult (m)5,1721,0163
eNkmZ(eNkmZ)Hatchling (m, F)4,6928943
YLxAU(YLxAU)Hatchling (f, F)3,6708813
WzTqN(WzTqN)Adult (f)3,9467642
S8KqC(S8KqC)Adult (m)4,1778262
W1KEM(W1KEM)Adult (m)4,9059542
jMV5n(jMV5n)Adult (f)5,4989644
MqVib(MqVib)Adult (m)5,4149563
j3irJ(j3irJ)Adult (f)6,1681,0582
QtEs6(QtEs6)Adult (m)6,2401,0534
zsQGP(zsQGP)Adult (f)7,7251,0461
gYWO8(gYWO8)Adult (m)4,7608803
D0CQ9(D0CQ9)Adult (f)5,0969403
oYAQ8(oYAQ8)Adult (m)6,5631,2313
C0JO5(C0JO5)Adult (f)7,7781,1882
qGEJM(qGEJM)Adult (m)5,2011,1163
4p9A2(4p9A2)Adult (f)6,6131,0931
KwUhs(KwUhs)Hatchling (m, F)4,8509051
7PIDD(7PIDD)Hatchling (f, F)7,2209952
bnUg1(bnUg1)Adult (m)6,1429565
CJWwS(CJWwS)Adult (m)6,3188901
5nXSu(5nXSu)Adult (f)5,2479904
7d56N(7d56N)Adult (m)5,1359863
IZiu0(IZiu0)Adult (f)5,8359341
4eslT(4eslT)Adult (m)5,6011,0481
weah9(weah9)Adult (f)5,3501,0412
JmNjO(JmNjO)Adult (m)6,8998433
jk6qp(jk6qp)Adult (f)4,8369712
VyBSy(VyBSy)Adult (m)4,7169863
xJUCZ(xJUCZ)Adult (f)6,2751,2304
8quGc(8quGc)Adult (m)6,4441,2906
WzgMD(WzgMD)Adult (f)5,8271,0422
itdiP(itdiP)Adult (m)5,8219542
avaOO(avaOO)Adult (f)5,1679762
yUNek(yUNek)Adult (m)6,1281,1043
jpUOwLin the SlyAdult (f)5,3851,0381
GKd6g(GKd6g)Adult (m)6,0839701
2lpIh(2lpIh)Adult (f)4,6488962
aixsL(aixsL)Adult (m)4,1861,0842
ISowi(ISowi)Adult (f)6,2781,0332
hoo55Five ElementsAdult (f)2,6778324
Z7XMbSeven SeaAdult (m)3,0109237
45c4YLaughing OtterAdult (f)3,1769344
9pLE7Ocean DancerAdult (m)2,9348755
rHStCDelightful NorikoAdult (f)4,1539335
V99IDKingfisher VladAdult (m)2,3588393
zgI40(zgI40)Adult (f)3,9229253
PBkWw(PBkWw)Adult (m)3,9569122
BABHx(BABHx)Adult (f)3,3349862
0c3Ue(0c3Ue)Adult (m)3,6058533
eq1n3(eq1n3)Adult (f)3,6459974
bVdeh(bVdeh)Adult (m)3,2937555
3iawv(3iawv)Adult (f)3,1279524
0XKlqHaigunthAdult (m)3,4321,1692
BJeBT(BJeBT)Adult (f)4,5989501
kTlIz(kTlIz)Adult (m)2,8527553
aARY6(aARY6)Adult (f)4,9999953
4cMKu(4cMKu)Adult (m)5,6809903
7AXF5(7AXF5)Adult (f)1,9317287
C16u1(C16u1)Adult (m)4,9621,0212
RJUtUBlue MystyicAdult (f)3,7351,0135
jTZ32(jTZ32)Adult (m)3,0697964
yyUWISea Spray PearlAdult (f)4,4717566
vUfkb(vUfkb)Adult (m)3,8319303
DQFE0Classical SuiteAdult (f)2,8735337
a3UeU(a3UeU)Adult (m)4,5948727
HGtXl(HGtXl)Adult (f)6,9181,1621
bIhrd(bIhrd)Adult (m)6,3508004
TPiaQ(TPiaQ)Adult (f)7,2828351
UO2H6(UO2H6)Hatchling (f, F)2,9359056
gskEuOcean SingerAdult (f)2,87981412
7QU8N(7QU8N)Adult (f)4,8199613
QUlL8Ocean QuillAdult (m)2,6118733
c350rFair SkyAdult (f)3,3479256
dd5LE(dd5LE)Adult (m)3,1738768
7VyyM(7VyyM)Adult (m)4,1417803
eK2uq(eK2uq)Adult (f)4,0548344
zGFOzStructured EGHatchling (m, F)4,9969742
E1POU(E1POU)Adult (f)2,2967345
MpJrI(MpJrI)Adult (m)4,5868602
zrdBE(zrdBE)Adult (f)4,9677392
EGM6u(EGM6u)Adult (m)4,0818833
jO3sMDo the Time WarpAdult (f)5,0671,07211
vjDAx(vjDAx)Adult (m)3,1989931
icanW(icanW)Adult (f)3,6251,0092
TYVbv(TYVbv)Adult (m)2,6687322
qxDcS(qxDcS)Adult (f)3,2708362
5EVp9(5EVp9)Adult (m)2,9687751
FTUpI(FTUpI)Adult (f)3,17990910
T5pnm(T5pnm)Adult (m)3,7639074
eJGoS(eJGoS)Adult (f)4,1669906
pblI9(pblI9)Adult (m)4,4758794
M4CMF(M4CMF)Adult (f)4,3497703
o5j5x(o5j5x)Hatchling (m, F)4,1828254
SReIu(SReIu)Hatchling (f, F)3,6297432
r0nut(r0nut)Adult (m)3,6941,0791
bSsJG(bSsJG)Adult (m)3,2179131
xLW8B(xLW8B)Adult (m)3,1008102
L0TXO(L0TXO)Adult (m)3,7951,0662
vutN5Spirit BlessingAdult (m)4,9288222
aj8ZY(aj8ZY)Adult (m)3,7449204
EXrFE(EXrFE)Adult (m)2,7138381
62GKc(62GKc)Adult (m)3,5288501
mYY5A(mYY5A)Adult (m)3,6768156
dvfeE(dvfeE)Adult (f)3,5491,0091
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