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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JJucB(JJucB)Adult (m)4,4647375
oU3ip(oU3ip)Adult (f)4,7928182
FI5bD(FI5bD)Adult (m)1,5374294
EDSQM(EDSQM)Adult (f)4,1311,0223
7aR1J(7aR1J)Adult (m)3,2418244
tEEIT(tEEIT)Adult (f)3,1198503
Ql2ln(Ql2ln)Adult (m)3,7719012
qYrzn(qYrzn)Adult (f)4,7247233
s8edS(s8edS)Adult (m)3,4397242
B7kH6(B7kH6)Adult (f)5,4351,0406
k6GokLL-7 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8401,0122
KONx0LL-14 Aug '19Adult (f)4,0199771
nSaPiLL-32 Aug '19Adult (m)3,5788142
6dHmvLL-43 Aug '19Adult (f)3,5948411
QTZLdLL-46 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2708294
650XoLL-53 Aug '19Adult (f)5,4279763
nzPDLLL-50 Aug '19Adult (m)5,3331,0023
dTtcYLL-59 Aug '19Adult (f)4,5828602
uWkUm(uWkUm)Adult (m)4,0028063
e6esPLL-73 Aug '19Adult (f)3,0537822
LTSsn(LTSsn)Adult (f)2,6108395
kTTak(kTTak)Adult (m)2,7347875
HuWtQ(HuWtQ)Adult (f)2,9588426
HG2mF(HG2mF)Adult (m)3,4658464
EhF2q(EhF2q)Adult (f)3,7108525
onrkR(onrkR)Adult (m)2,8898051
GCcTZ(GCcTZ)Adult (f)1,9867721
wNx1e(wNx1e)Adult (m)2,4148831
gzfCl(gzfCl)Adult (f)2,8677423
YAF65(YAF65)Adult (m)3,2759412
HeYvk(HeYvk)Adult (f)5,7599653
GJJh7(GJJh7)Adult (m)3,3711,0052
7KYzw(7KYzw)Adult (f)2,9927954
CmGla(CmGla)Adult (m)4,0321,0201
jVXKy(jVXKy)Adult (f)2,9868381
97v7T(97v7T)Adult (m)3,9641,0171
aLEMO(aLEMO)Adult (f)4,1507771
T0VcY(T0VcY)Adult (m)2,0476031
hKt5R(hKt5R)Adult (f)4,0011,0731
oyVPROy Lucky ViperAdult (m)4,7459363
w06B9(w06B9)Adult (f)3,9529610
0MllF(0MllF)Adult (m)3,5478022
cnDKxLL-26 Aug '19Adult (f)4,0438683
AJqj7LL-23 Aug '19Adult (m)4,7628092
HSgPJLL-28 Aug '19Adult (f)5,1047382
mYlv9LL-27 Aug '19Adult (m)4,1778513
z5kDuLL-38 Aug '19Adult (f)3,0478171
BQ6QkLL-44 Aug '19Adult (m)4,8908463
2xrTmLL-60 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4637792
roO1eLL-65 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9858502
fWBXDLL-97 Aug '19Adult (f)3,7908772
6B8j2Firefly FlutterAdult (f)3,7398956
eHCjIFirefly FlitterAdult (m)3,5759213
n7vme(n7vme)Adult (f)3,3597932
NoMKV(NoMKV)Adult (m)2,07074511
I2Irf(I2Irf)Adult (f)4,0918061
NVnee(NVnee)Adult (m)2,9235903
fvR0e(fvR0e)Adult (f)2,5885375
03mK2(03mK2)Adult (m)3,3737534
KmJjHLil' Baby GirlAdult (f)4,3458352
JYfrOTime To SpareAdult (m)3,6856884
ZXmWP(ZXmWP)Adult (f)3,1228997
BjRnNLL-5 Aug '19Adult (m)4,5636992
qGJQFLL-1 Aug '19Adult (f)2,5367183
Uo1mmLL-11 Aug '19Adult (m)3,3778632
OBAWHLL-4 Aug '19Adult (f)4,2097461
cycy5LL-19 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7448934
h6m02LL-16 Aug '19Adult (f)4,8479012
aJStjLL-39 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8308203
FsbP8LL-31 Aug '19Adult (f)5,1016658
SEL9HLL-54 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9768623
h2siSLL-40 Aug '19Adult (f)4,3208363
nCKNlLL-58 Aug '19Adult (m)4,0069373
OsiKtLL-52 Aug '19Adult (f)5,5571,0173
iJ5qPLL-79 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7468212
zbaRvLL-75 Aug '19Adult (f)3,5059063
OVGxmLL-99 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8108282
sXbNY(sXbNY)Adult (f)3,4909164
qfLIq(qfLIq)Adult (m)3,9198741
sRVM5(sRVM5)Adult (f)3,0158504
uxY0V(uxY0V)Adult (m)3,6219592
WzhsY(WzhsY)Adult (f)3,0628433
kWvuL(kWvuL)Adult (m)2,9688131
6BROX(6BROX)Adult (f)3,6658072
Crsps(Crsps)Adult (m)3,4728171
HsCQo(HsCQo)Adult (f)4,6458592
HYKsL(HYKsL)Adult (m)3,3207423
Qimn9(Qimn9)Adult (f)6,6087873
lAnVh(lAnVh)Adult (m)5,0917364
PimnB(PimnB)Adult (f)5,2608253
TI8xs(TI8xs)Adult (m)5,2338015
YDPkxLL-92 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4427502
vPV2JLL-85 Aug '19Adult (m)3,6777932
pifAyLL-82 Aug'19Adult (m)4,1197413
W7y0E(W7y0E)Adult (f)3,7288482
uKoGg(uKoGg)Adult (m)4,3129251
YtyVm(YtyVm)Adult (f)4,1308791
BaEcd(BaEcd)Adult (m)4,0048482
Fd2TILL-61 Aug '19Adult (f)3,6228272
jKiPzLL-30 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7988951
1es0xLL-89 Aug '19Adult (f)4,6177794
WxCb8(WxCb8)Hatchling (m, F)1,9525564
fTJLL(fTJLL)Adult (f)4,2458351
GDyhq(GDyhq)Adult (m)4,0968263
k6t7s(k6t7s)Adult (f)3,9558371
KV3X7(KV3X7)Adult (m)3,8858592
qir0pLL-72 Aug '19Adult (f)3,6269131
upiujLL-81 Aug '19Adult (m)3,5198851
5DsTU(5DsTU)Adult (m)4,5728262
YUPSD(YUPSD)Hatchling (m, F)5,2798252
9TE85(9TE85)Adult (f)4,3809311
FWZUO(FWZUO)Adult (m)4,8031,0123
xg76C(xg76C)Adult (f)5,6319181
dygeD(dygeD)Adult (m)5,5898942
Zaet1(Zaet1)Adult (f)3,4808926
YgQTFLL-9 Aug'19Adult (m)3,8159821
2TfHTBlue Lace SparrowAdult (f)3,2941,0393
FMpnSCornflower SparrowAdult (m)3,2081,0742
I3n1U(I3n1U)Adult (f)2,3228993
0eDBV(0eDBV)Adult (m)4,1297817
etQmXBen Franklin'sAdult (f)5,6678512
FI8b1(FI8b1)Adult (m)4,5691,0192
zJwt8(zJwt8)Adult (f)4,0348271
hHDwT(hHDwT)Adult (m)3,7837213
tJKNe(tJKNe)Adult (m)3,9349723
2SqUm(2SqUm)Adult (f)2,6787582
S977V(S977V)Adult (m)3,2628531
zd1Qr(zd1Qr)Adult (f)3,9129902
Y61LpSpice Pumpkin GenieAdult (f)4,9011,4606
LqmXEDjinn of the LanternAdult (m)5,4751,8264
gkNfq(gkNfq)Adult (f)3,1021,0435
aiPWEHarvest LuckAdult (m)4,7551,4234
eb0OoEcho B0OoAdult (m)4,2131,2701
bfHrFMystery of the MystAdult (f)3,8631,3042
aVm33(aVm33)Adult (m)4,7658751
6vvQA(6vvQA)Adult (f)5,3128161
LCP8e(LCP8e)Adult (m)4,2958865
Fykzq(Fykzq)Adult (f)4,2778991
zVCdL(zVCdL)Adult (m)5,3881,0932
tKEoE(tKEoE)Adult (f)4,9667863
AbRad(AbRad)Adult (m)3,9979153
1MuT7(1MuT7)Adult (f)5,6866652
n1ApJAllegro Sea BreezeAdult (m)4,3301,3804
CFeOmSoaring Sea SprayAdult (f)4,0711,2105
a6fQQ(a6fQQ)Adult (m)3,2498165
TfrprAquamarine BreathAdult (f)2,7057682
Ud7Nd(Ud7Nd)Adult (m)5,2109842
pcizn(pcizn)Adult (f)3,0941,0061
5RNCn(5RNCn)Adult (m)4,2319142
Gslt9(Gslt9)Adult (f)4,8467852
vB1qL(vB1qL)Adult (m)4,0907821
vQdwm(vQdwm)Adult (f)3,8828225
yVJ2e(yVJ2e)Adult (m)4,1259242
7bU14(7bU14)Adult (f)4,6018652
9BUtl(9BUtl)Adult (m)4,3158851
6nWqD(6nWqD)Adult (f)4,1378611
Ppc8s(Ppc8s)Adult (m)3,4797812
Gw0iS(Gw0iS)Adult (f)3,4227881
M5AMb(M5AMb)Adult (f)5,5587866
SOiThSunbold TookAdult (m)3,2969347
9onOB(9onOB)Adult (f)4,1319081
5Wrns(5Wrns)Adult (m)4,9718251
iAu5GVinr SunbeamAdult (f)3,6908486
DBRV5(DBRV5)Adult (m)4,1328282
Fvl7D(Fvl7D)Adult (f)4,0647992
FKbP3Rejjmud'j Cejk ThuwedAdult (m)3,9618435
dbfrYSunlit Little LeafAdult (f)3,4921,1451
uI87d(uI87d)Adult (m)3,7528551
d1WIT(d1WIT)Adult (m)4,0398943
c58z2Don't Worry - Be HappyAdult (f)3,1568031
gvYBlHorrified GavinAdult (m)4,7487961
0Ywbd(0Ywbd)Adult (f)4,5708835
UXFjJ(UXFjJ)Adult (m)4,5378294
Wz3NE(Wz3NE)Adult (f)3,4457822
7YwRq(7YwRq)Adult (m)3,8078484
cOeV9(cOeV9)Adult (m)3,9188033
x6bA0(x6bA0)Hatchling (m, F)3,9338802
x8D0k(x8D0k)Adult (f)3,9638241
fgTBc(fgTBc)Adult (m)3,8588163
4TAE5(4TAE5)Adult (f)3,9888402
9XxdO(9XxdO)Adult (m)3,9608342
gR4N0(gR4N0)Adult (f)4,3049636
ZbN6i(ZbN6i)Adult (m)3,5579132
04tmy(04tmy)Adult (f)3,7378941
KmCib(KmCib)Adult (m)3,6168253
LquVd(LquVd)Adult (f)4,5418052
kE5FU(kE5FU)Adult (m)4,1148482
0glvu(0glvu)Adult (m)3,5198085
OmaHgFiery FlareAdult (m)3,8788115
UX99JFireball CatAdult (f)3,5037892
l3XsU(l3XsU)Adult (m)3,9929293
iIA75(iIA75)Adult (f)5,0858984
SUFCY(SUFCY)Adult (m)3,9628112
eLoGO(eLoGO)Adult (f)3,8518992
jwquf(jwquf)Adult (f)5,3651,0092
w275H(w275H)Adult (m)4,9158191
Dqqp5(Dqqp5)Adult (f)4,0189232
ldp1XTranquil Lunar De KnightAdult (m)4,9141,7607
GJJOXJoxie's LanternAdult (f)3,0719733
YDvvb(YDvvb)Adult (f)3,0229703
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