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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RWOJQ(RWOJQ)Hatchling (m)4,6559051
OjyRB(OjyRB)Hatchling (m)4,3939143
GLZwh(GLZwh)Hatchling (f)5,0279430
fjRgQ(fjRgQ)Hatchling (f)4,8699031
6w09Y(6w09Y)Hatchling (m)4,6068591
AisaJ(AisaJ)Hatchling (f)4,4299161
DizQR(DizQR)Hatchling (f)4,5399261
M1v3z(M1v3z)Hatchling (f)4,3558502
3ZDil(3ZDil)Adult (m)5,7201,0652
JpS87(JpS87)Adult (f)6,0361,0931
dZj7r(dZj7r)Adult (f)5,9001,0891
OXy2t(OXy2t)Adult (f)5,8771,0711
qTq2r(qTq2r)Adult (m)6,2571,0892
PzVeg(PzVeg)Adult (m)5,7791,0801
1Szui(1Szui)Adult (m)5,6941,0881
flaKN(flaKN)Adult (m)5,7731,0532
bykO5Liberator ZombieAdult (m)3,5619081
iI92OCerebro ZombieAdult (m)5,6185791
0ApQF(0ApQF)Adult (m)7,0067172
JHJZGOrac ZombieAdult (f)2,2746641
TaO1(TaO1)Egg (F)
VTdcShe is the Lady of the LakeAdult (f)3,3621,37769
aUyxqOnce and Future King Arturus RexAdult (m)9,3607737
3ZPe0Morgan Queen of Air and DarknessAdult (f)7,0939810
XpnxK(XpnxK)Adult (f)5,3131,1810
pff9D(pff9D)Adult (m)5,7371,1110
ucc7V(ucc7V)Adult (m)6,6031,0580
zoD67(zoD67)Adult (f)8,9308002
sWjNC(sWjNC)Adult (f)8,2978533
XTJlX(XTJlX)Adult (m)8,8208073
874xn(874xn)Adult (m)5,3501,1742
PF2MC(PF2MC)Adult (f)5,9351,1230
tkdAG(tkdAG)Adult (m)8,8741,0323
dpgEZ(dpgEZ)Adult (f)7,2249080
Whudp(Whudp)Adult (m)7,2479050
bQcor(bQcor)Adult (m)7,2209210
id0gD(id0gD)Adult (f)6,7981,0051
vFnJD(vFnJD)Adult (f)9,2218361
tTTeV(tTTeV)Adult (m)6,5269583
SKWzU(SKWzU)Adult (f)6,8659680
blPH6(blPH6)Adult (f)5,9211,1000
3zLIP(3zLIP)Adult (m)8,3638981
ajRTHThe Power RangerAdult (m)
q8KeGThe Mighty RangerAdult (m)
AsvvmThe Super RangerAdult (m)
YRtQIThe Glorious RangerAdult (m)
NNF3NThe Incredible RangerAdult (m)
qtJiFThe Superb RangerAdult (f)
6D2IWThe Magnificent RangerAdult (f)
WMcdnThe Clever RangerAdult (m)
gBoOfThe Impressive RangerAdult (m)
qPmm4The Thoughtful RangerAdult (m)
NELhsThe Excellent RangerAdult (f)
2WUlR(2WUlR)Adult (f)
YwjN1(YwjN1)Adult (m)
muY31(muY31)Adult (f)
qxucFThe Sapphire RangerAdult (f)7,7631,0252
ygIc0The Azure RangerAdult (m)6,8591,0711
2kPdlThe Blue Ranger xAdult (m)8,0878522
B7i3rThe Cobalt RangerAdult (f)9,0848850
Q7ofFThe Lavender RangerAdult (m)7,4719352
AZ46XThe Turquoise RangerAdult (f)9,3857653
mc7FtThe Robin Egg RangerAdult (m)7,5149330
SDQr1The Cerulean RangerAdult (f)9,5207702
BT0IfThe Periwinkle RangerAdult (m)6,6209993
5QdfyThe Lapis Lazuli RangerAdult (m)7,6858571
NNZXrThe Navy Blue RangerAdult (f)9,5847421
qri39The Sky Blue RangerAdult (m)7,7817571
GuEmVThe Ultramarine RangerAdult (f)8,6478041
Fi9eH(Fi9eH)Adult (m)7,6908737
XFlgH(XFlgH)Adult (f)10,4328191
16DiO(16DiO)Adult (f)10,0108661
7Kcp8(7Kcp8)Adult (f)10,4077022
ybse2(ybse2)Adult (f)8,2141,0251
6pvUXThe Scarlet RangerAdult (m)7,9091,0171
cpYpcThe Crimson RangerAdult (f)7,1649491
JlTnXThe Carmine RangerAdult (m)7,9868903
ILwckThe Luck RangerAdult (f)8,0688962
vSw5ZThe Red Ranger xAdult (f)9,0688081
Hob20The Garnet RangerAdult (m)7,3579081
LBsO2The Ruby RangerAdult (f)7,0378821
xPhOGThe Red Rose CollectorAdult (f)10,2847002
1DedSThe Burgandy RangerAdult (m)8,3467482
ejDI4The Apple RangerAdult (m)6,4469692
72zAt(72zAt)Adult (f)8,9567081
wbThE(wbThE)Adult (f)8,5899011
WPwiI(WPwiI)Adult (f)8,7479402
JGMvo(JGMvo)Adult (m)7,4679211
B7mokThe Jet RangerAdult (m)6,8111,0132
BDiDdThe Midnight RangerAdult (f)8,0371,0301
3scSwThe Black Ranger xAdult (f)8,0198621
dnXJFThe Ebony RangerAdult (f)7,0268821
g8JhKThe Noir RangerAdult (m)7,1938680
IMCcnThe Onyx RangerAdult (m)9,0598091
h6vHpThe Charcoal RangerAdult (f)10,5487353
CYtxCThe Coal RangerAdult (m)10,2927150
CbhPPThe Taupe RangerAdult (m)8,9988683
ZzF5uThe Soot RangerAdult (f)8,8608601
XY1gCThe Vantablack RangerAdult (f)9,4168581
K8nvbThe Chocolate RangerAdult (f)10,4748020
plOje(plOje)Adult (m)7,3808835
A2y7p(A2y7p)Adult (m)9,0499590
0cyec(0cyec)Adult (f)8,8279362
ETIMB(ETIMB)Adult (f)8,5379703
KYKaAThe Shocking RangerAdult (f)7,1171,0582
Rxz90The Rose RangerAdult (m)7,3948411
TaKNEThe Pink Ranger xAdult (f)8,4548433
8Tl0xThe Champagne RangerAdult (f)8,6589061
7jXsCThe Coral RangerAdult (m)7,1648732
nrUnCThe Bubblegum RangerAdult (m)6,3329892
g8vnWThe Star Ranger xAdult (f)10,5157774
vEOz6The Rosewood RangerAdult (m)11,0417511
hpR9TThe Cherry Blossom RangerAdult (f)9,9758212
vC5e1The Pompadour Pink RangerAdult (f)8,9228501
KQYZw(KQYZw)Adult (m)9,2319125
0hJhtThe Shimmering Pink Ranger xAdult (m)10,1557615
1AKdq(1AKdq)Adult (m)8,1788151
1pY59The Witchlight Ranger xAdult (f)9,5907853
z2qXF(z2qXF)Adult (m)8,3229751
4Ys6g(4Ys6g)Adult (f)7,5381,0120
9NgdGThe Snow RangerAdult (f)6,7501,0420
n5WSFThe Ivory RangerAdult (m)6,0839481
2bKn1The White Ranger xAdult (f)8,1016822
8vPMqThe Bleak Ranger xAdult (m)7,5408611
TrI21The Eggshell RangerAdult (m)7,4409231
FiM4bThe Vanilla RangerAdult (f)9,1048483
z5XI8The Ice RangerAdult (f)6,6871,0883
NzYIQThe Glimmering Ranger xAdult (f)8,5118283
fYi5wThe Seashell RangerAdult (m)9,7108592
MMnW0The Flying Ranger xAdult (m)9,2038673
U1v5kThe Icicle Ranger xAdult (f)7,8979131
5hh0W(5hh0W)Adult (f)8,6938853
QvTtV(QvTtV)Adult (m)7,6999662
9L00r(9L00r)Adult (f)8,3408212
cUMTy(cUMTy)Adult (f)9,0251,0390
LhvljThe Amber RangerAdult (m)6,5831,0880
phr11The Yellow Ranger xAdult (m)8,1108893
piFWXThe Lemon RangerAdult (f)9,0639030
tDoutThe Bronzed RangerAdult (f)6,8438772
yAfo2The Celestial Ranger xAdult (m)8,4389092
4hYt8The Primrose RangerAdult (f)7,3479115
VCW6PThe Butterscotch RangerAdult (m)6,3279550
eaINhThe Lemon Chiffon RangerAdult (m)10,3238271
HfAKoThe Daffodil RangerAdult (m)7,9328211
M3IwhThe Translucent Ranger xAdult (m)7,1758182
T0ZuHThe Electric Ranger xAdult (f)10,9357293
gpPKM(gpPKM)Adult (m)8,7478411
3Yr9w(3Yr9w)Adult (m)8,2138531
F2uaV(F2uaV)Adult (f)7,4579321
IMpgs(IMpgs)Adult (f)7,6989162
kyweJ(kyweJ)Adult (f)4,6596320
MFADf(MFADf)Adult (m)5,0728012
F33Ch(F33Ch)Adult (f)6,0946422
y84EP(y84EP)Adult (f)7,0466791
dTN9t(dTN9t)Adult (m)5,9576342
seeG4(seeG4)Adult (m)5,4306104
Ka5Mf(Ka5Mf)Adult (f)6,9997510
ekFkN(ekFkN)Adult (m)6,6458361
mXlqh(mXlqh)Adult (f)4,4856480
KBzzc(KBzzc)Adult (m)4,2487943
7REsi(7REsi)Adult (f)6,8646955
HAISL(HAISL)Adult (m)5,8797352
Vi8TN(Vi8TN)Adult (f)4,8996961
EIiIm(EIiIm)Adult (f)4,4206320
e5RIK(e5RIK)Adult (m)4,6175871
4R2MH(4R2MH)Adult (f)6,4376022
dHKn6(dHKn6)Adult (m)7,2678741
W45VX(W45VX)Adult (m)5,6868521
uQckJ(uQckJ)Adult (f)6,3317412
Ie7sY(Ie7sY)Adult (m)4,9475942
4rlZ7(4rlZ7)Adult (f)5,0408371
p5Trd(p5Trd)Adult (f)5,3347155
ozOms(ozOms)Adult (f)5,3947850
ORn7p(ORn7p)Adult (f)6,2157462
NnS0B(NnS0B)Adult (m)8,6226283
abioW(abioW)Adult (m)7,2496582
vu9eT(vu9eT)Adult (f)4,9705780
pEsry(pEsry)Adult (m)7,5825062
vj6Fs(vj6Fs)Adult (f)4,9129043
mfKHN(mfKHN)Adult (m)7,3676724
Uc1yB(Uc1yB)Adult (f)6,2066613
4wnD3(4wnD3)Adult (m)5,8847512
Jpiln(Jpiln)Adult (f)4,7706280
EgzpB(EgzpB)Adult (m)5,3138052
ZbPQa(ZbPQa)Adult (f)6,0717411
6aq3A(6aq3A)Adult (m)8,4489533
cBzmDeuxFaceAdult (m)3,90181546
TNUVLucius and NarcissusAdult (m)2,7261,22520
3LErJulian and SandyAdult (m)1,63078017
thg0Noggin and Thor NogsonAdult (m)2,33265332
fZIkSherlock and MycroftAdult (m)2,48785425
2g3OOHappiness and PeaceAdult (m)3,3438304
Ub3LEThunderbolt and LightningAdult (m)2,5086643
dP2kuBlacked and BlueAdult (m)4,4599903
XdDXSJames and VernonAdult (m)2,5796724
IWWp1Ian and StevenAdult (m)2,2197560
hRtFlBen and JamieAdult (m)2,6707040
igup8Alistair and MikeAdult (m)2,4006590
JnZpNJohn and HarryAdult (m)6,4206651
lRyaSalted and PepperedAdult (f)3,11156229
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