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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tYKkaSlender FlightAdult (m)4,0634432
kltRP(kltRP)Adult (m)5,8876036
NJMtSlender WingAdult (f)2,15064323
XaYeSlenderiforusAdult (f)3,31293826
CMbpSlender SwallowtailAdult (f)2,63499325
T5bsSlender BlueAdult (f)4,4421,16825
sbW8oSlender BackAdult (f)3,9381,12215
8bBaCSlender DelightAdult (f)2,94485610
IJgpRSlender SurpriseAdult (f)2,8187401
C6DHXSlender FrostAdult (f)2,7538341
MBvoeSlender TreatAdult (f)3,6721,2382
e6NTISlender CurvesAdult (f)4,1226432
pOnHpSlender SilverAdult (f)3,6876842
V4EHpSlender CurveAdult (f)3,6565066
tY7dhSlender PrincessAdult (f)3,6635670
mXxvnSlender TwotailAdult (f)5,6849080
tJlbp(tJlbp)Adult (f)6,2415901
ljGmtScarlet CoralAdult (f)4,2747472
sU0r3Coral FireAdult (f)2,3918111
RJaCVCoral GloryAdult (f)2,6568160
3tlvFWintercoralsAdult (f)3,0527283
77xzwJagged CoralAdult (f)3,0628271
ugKkECoralpinkAdult (f)3,1167700
CSmCACoral DiamondsAdult (f)2,9366271
ANA2cCoral ApplesAdult (f)3,1096202
Wz3R2Coral CupAdult (f)4,2869391
zfy7FCoral CakeAdult (f)3,2129750
fNzGeCoral TouchAdult (f)4,1889052
w5JvaCoral CloakDead Adult (f)3,1758080
FOnvmCoralleaperAdult (f)7,3656891
79lBDCrimson CoralsAdult (m)2,2658012
WNJLtCoral CoalsAdult (m)3,2778860
G6w14CoraltouchedAdult (m)2,5136511
WgXQ7CoralsheetsAdult (m)1,9447021
VyiaFCoral SpongeAdult (m)3,0608510
1A0j9CoralcupAdult (m)3,0747520
45417Coral RingAdult (m)3,3665352
Lj2TkCoral BlockAdult (m)3,0765381
5gtwV(5gtwV)Adult (m)5,2659600
4pGDwCoralbobAdult (m)4,3781,0160
ZJRxqCoral CrestAdult (m)3,4611,0360
xz4Cr(xz4Cr)Adult (m)2,6966960
MN4sL(MN4sL)Adult (m)5,8537112
vYcbGSheet of SapphiresAdult (f)5,4766350
0zV6VSprinkled in SapphiresAdult (m)5,0676190
xZm8OSapphire EmbraceAdult (m)5,4546200
M0OKzFlowers of SapphiresAdult (f)5,3736260
abVOJSapphiresheenAdult (f)5,2956240
fpzh6SapphirecoatAdult (m)5,4026270
4cAaSJungle of SapphiresAdult (m)5,0085840
MrEa2Star-Spangled SapphireAdult (f)4,8287080
IZrwpSapphireheartsAdult (m)4,8447080
UgQK2SapphireDesertAdult (m)5,2916280
O2pv3Sapphire FallingAdult (m)4,5907251
Pq6jSFrozenSapphiresAdult (m)3,9956751
tGieH(tGieH)Adult (m)5,1836463
PQKctSapphireCatAdult (f)7,2956191
W8uhrSapphire EruptionAdult (m)6,6696083
L3h4JSapphire Witchlight xAdult (f)6,2256891
xDrmn(xDrmn)Adult (m)6,6785901
5Y0G7Rain-Sprinkled SapphiresAdult (f)6,1656512
F5JuGMistletoe and Sapphire xAdult (m)5,4606133
ZhPcCPurple Sapphires xAdult (m)6,9516712
b3CJK(b3CJK)Adult (f)6,0768333
QqCu2(QqCu2)Adult (f)6,0886930
WbTnp(WbTnp)Adult (m)6,6441,0012
wpWsf(wpWsf)Adult (f)7,6101,0162
a56w4(a56w4)Adult (f)6,3261,1241
5q1pv(5q1pv)Adult (f)5,2261,0462
ON7hN(ON7hN)Adult (m)4,6388322
WfIzB(WfIzB)Adult (m)6,8981,1641
aoMmc(aoMmc)Adult (m)6,2581,1810
wabaM(wabaM)Adult (m)5,0059921
rOl9b(rOl9b)Adult (f)5,0341,0311
gRVB3(gRVB3)Adult (f)5,0581,0480
cZvMA(cZvMA)Adult (m)5,4139131
RIGiI(RIGiI)Adult (f)5,5559472
TZCPw(TZCPw)Adult (f)5,2621,0523
8EgCd(8EgCd)Adult (m)5,0938460
LHst8(LHst8)Adult (m)5,5138891
blCYM(blCYM)Adult (m)4,7569922
zoczD(zoczD)Adult (f)4,7891,0241
83ZKV(83ZKV)Adult (f)6,3961,1200
Q39q1(Q39q1)Adult (f)6,3781,0841
7MlhY(7MlhY)Adult (f)5,8611,0660
6sjM6(6sjM6)Adult (f)5,6431,0071
dy32x(dy32x)Adult (m)6,9091,0910
X77Y3(X77Y3)Adult (m)4,7328720
uTRNf(uTRNf)Adult (f)5,0359241
jTl1N(jTl1N)Adult (m)4,5008512
tsyVtBlackcapped GoldwingAdult (f)4,6611,1442
jBO3FSleek GoldwingAdult (f)3,2601,3292
1WntRScented GoldwingAdult (f)5,2547804
ClX0ZGalloping GoldwingAdult (f)2,9257911
wLS99Sparkling GoldwingAdult (f)3,8844883
ZD6kgSkipping GoldcapAdult (f)2,1586990
JPp0EFeathered GoldwingAdult (f)2,1267370
XVMcyPrancing GoldwingAdult (f)2,4227152
nTKeFGoldwing SkybrightAdult (f)3,2447254
MPJ2wGoldwing GlideAdult (f)2,5237801
vJIwoBounding GoldwingAdult (f)5,6129191
LAdXF(LAdXF)Adult (f)7,2946553
ULL7qDancing GoldwingAdult (m)4,9411,1593
609McGreen-Sheened GoldwingAdult (m)4,8001,1873
xKaXkSlender GoldwingAdult (m)5,6081,4602
MvKA4Suntouched GoldwingAdult (m)2,6126470
IaEM7Redeyed GoldwingAdult (m)2,1617230
NhF6CGlamourous GoldwingAdult (m)2,0727471
dJVcVCloudy GoldwingAdult (m)3,1717581
t5P9kLemon ShieldAdult (f)4,3067663
QsYNQLemon ShelterAdult (f)4,0137540
qtP2BLemon SkipAdult (f)2,2066880
aiqeGLemonsilkAdult (f)2,3786973
dS9QgLemon BandAdult (f)3,0807380
P5h9CLemon DancerAdult (f)3,4104511
YQWt7LemonlickAdult (f)2,4965323
MvavbLemonleapAdult (f)2,5816413
rC07WZest LemonAdult (f)3,3869450
8WVEiLemondanceAdult (f)6,4588782
5VSqa(5VSqa)Adult (f)6,1476476
uNLo2Lemon UmbrellaAdult (m)2,2997941
V5E1ILemon TouchedAdult (m)2,4138161
D5LdSLemonclipAdult (m)3,4927361
BdatZLemonfernAdult (m)3,6038116
Nn7dCLemon LightAdult (m)2,6688441
Tz5CmLemon DripAdult (m)4,4428092
o9hOsLemon BreakAdult (m)4,6411,0101
4o7VK(4o7VK)Adult (m)5,2766392
K42D3Tang of LemonsAdult (m)6,2916162
vqag8(vqag8)Adult (m)7,0696273
bQ4lC(bQ4lC)Adult (m)2,9928641
I1RlW(I1RlW)Adult (m)3,7758550
Zqc59Lucky Holly GirlAdult (f)3,6585251
ilAFeGhostly Holly BerriesAdult (f)4,3117772
yThYVCorbie HollyAdult (m)4,3947663
U6sbk(U6sbk)Adult (f)3,5778475
p8FfU(p8FfU)Adult (m)5,0079612
KaX08(KaX08)Adult (m)3,9601,08223
9rjLb(9rjLb)Adult (f)5,1891,0924
kBcZL(kBcZL)Adult (m)5,6311,0623
01h4X(01h4X)Adult (f)5,0571,1833
QfeIXTime Waits for No HollyAdult (f)5,7561,0963
7to7s(7to7s)Adult (f)4,8161,1493
rKkgC(rKkgC)Adult (f)5,5281,0563
h1taQ(h1taQ)Adult (f)5,0201,1113
iBZgk(iBZgk)Adult (f)5,3391,2072
ADHZF(ADHZF)Adult (f)5,0401,2292
vcKzCAmethyst HolliesAdult (m)4,7459883
iM9dhAlabaster Holly TreeAdult (m)4,7491,0592
AgkZf(AgkZf)Adult (f)3,7157511
hxAYaHollyfallsAdult (m)6,8261,3784
psigBFall of Stars and HollyAdult (m)6,8581,4029
ycPvsLightning HollyAdult (f)5,7231,2175
NBMLJCreamy Holly BeautyAdult (m)5,9001,3953
4q9ZZ(4q9ZZ)Adult (m)5,8481,3724
mDGMMMarshmallow and HollyAdult (m)5,8621,2522
BlPHU(BlPHU)Adult (m)6,4601,1945
T47Ql(T47Ql)Adult (m)6,2421,1753
59CEQ(59CEQ)Adult (m)6,2101,1942
k8T3d(k8T3d)Adult (m)5,4361,0422
CD3zx(CD3zx)Adult (f)5,3079801
HX2gNo HellAdult (m)2,99694236
qJgsS(qJgsS)Adult (m)5,8821,4072
OjqzNNo Hell on EarthAdult (m)3,5771,0652
owbc8Golden Glimmering YulesAdult (m)5,1418233
uZF5jAlabaster YuleAdult (m)4,5859153
AOCHmOpal YuleAdult (m)6,0107481
P5EtoSweet Striped YuleAdult (m)5,7477401
dfKoQGuardian of the Dark YuleAdult (m)3,9548611
fXQzGYuletime DarknessAdult (m)5,8571,0593
VIk9Morgana's GiftAdult (f)2,16581119
elq5Guinevere's GiftAdult (f)2,18780723
ScwuAGifts of FireAdult (f)3,1911,0242
G6Hr1Alabaster GiftAdult (f)3,1241,0291
jmoB4Gifts of IceAdult (f)3,6321,0191
PifBaGift of CloudsAdult (f)3,6291,0842
dxdioAmethyst GiftAdult (f)6,6027272
cKBXbWhip of the GiftAdult (f)5,7506171
7yTW7GiftSoulAdult (f)3,5318573
m16HiStripe GiftAdult (f)4,0625880
8G5BFreya's RibbonAdult (f)2,07574114
XWt2Elena's RibbonAdult (f)2,04372117
BPtCFRibbons in the WaterAdult (f)2,9301,0341
iHHPJTide RibbonsAdult (f)3,1251,0240
NfJx0RidgeribbonsAdult (f)3,6041,0641
cFCoFMintribbonAdult (f)6,6177414
9P0xdBeribboned CoralsAdult (f)5,9627431
51whuEmber RibbonAdult (f)5,5676253
8ULnPRibbon NebulasAdult (f)5,4216311
jg7WmRibbons and BalloonsAdult (f)3,9856341
eproLVineribbonAdult (f)3,5236331
SiEmvGwaine's GloryAdult (m)2,1905581
4e1JVPercival's GloryAdult (m)2,6716331
H6zTbMisted GloryAdult (m)3,2331,0370
tZMofGlory of ShimmersAdult (m)3,8679511
CMPcCGlories of the DawnAdult (m)3,5889552
ElVo5Glory IceAdult (m)6,1367201
7aX3bPillowed GloryAdult (m)6,6947263
kUkmRGlory FrostAdult (m)5,1928982
04pPeBreezes of GloryAdult (m)4,8888941
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