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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UBfTk(UBfTk)Adult (m)5,6706000
CPWjEWrapped in TimeflightAdult (m)3,6268821
SQ40uWrapped Ice FlightAdult (m)4,0245840
PLp7ZScarlet Wrapped FlightAdult (m)6,0741,0153
pB9qFJenna's JewelAdult (f)3,9738262
mWOoOCally's JewelAdult (f)4,0578121
IDSqA(IDSqA)Adult (f)4,3888601
nW7HPJewels in the StarsAdult (f)5,7177363
5htL4Rosy-Winged MilkAdult (f)2,8848840
b83EjJewels of the MoonAdult (f)4,7011,1203
GUoTC(GUoTC)Adult (f)5,6831,0093
xUjVd(xUjVd)Adult (f)6,5741,0693
dloZnCrystal Cream JewelAdult (f)6,6757153
xLbWrJewel of the SolsticeAdult (f)4,6478904
tbB2jJewel of MilkAdult (f)4,7318812
hnnnOJewels of BrineAdult (f)4,4049053
Mg2hoJewels of Ice and SnowAdult (f)5,8237421
SkbdQGlittering OpaljewelAdult (f)3,1388220
PQCvzGemstone JewelAdult (f)3,5798300
PYiQmJewelled CandlesAdult (f)4,6751,1292
Kfc36(Kfc36)Adult (f)5,1839543
0p1bpAnna's MistletoeAdult (f)4,0033833
9l9HdServalan's MistletoeAdult (f)4,0663950
W9mJnFirey MistletoeAdult (m)4,3578603
GAfD7Mistletoe in the DarkAdult (f)4,8088100
duR4ISnowberry MistletoeAdult (f)2,7478881
eWf0DMistletoe BrownieAdult (f)4,4661,1136
8cByvSnow White MistletoeAdult (f)4,6171,1394
tY2MTMistletoe and Jungle VineAdult (f)5,0341,1292
kpF3YGlassfire MistletoeAdult (f)4,5851,1342
wJdYYMistletoe ThymeAdult (m)4,6871,1444
yCV40Mistletoe WatermagicAdult (f)5,0001,2373
xomJvMalevolent MistletoeAdult (f)4,5391,0401
y0GmPMistletoe Beneath the MoonAdult (f)4,5391,0721
HJ4b0Shimmering Gold MistletoeAdult (f)4,4971,0543
bAh6lScarlet Berried MistletoeAdult (f)4,5291,0532
HgcUGMistletoe CarolsAdult (f)4,7581,0502
2oo8lHeart of MistletoeAdult (f)6,8931,4132
3ZsxLSilver and Crystal MistletoeAdult (f)7,3311,3722
6WfiV(6WfiV)Adult (m)5,7111,3612
CKRAYSapphire Mistletoe GlimmersAdult (f)5,9131,3822
gzt32Mistletoe and BlackberryAdult (f)5,5071,1413
uFpXxThe Mistletoe RangerAdult (f)6,1691,2643
IFv0CMistletoe JasperAdult (m)5,4691,2653
YNtEj(YNtEj)Adult (f)6,2731,1851
62u9P(62u9P)Adult (f)5,5171,0871
POAWA(POAWA)Adult (f)5,9861,0603
C5bf5(C5bf5)Adult (f)5,6681,0431
NYtzU(NYtzU)Adult (f)5,3209751
bAsn9Charles's ShineAdult (m)3,1498371
PJAerHank's ShineAdult (m)3,0308580
9u5i5Shine of PearlsAdult (m)5,5329866
RtWsYCold Moonstone ShineAdult (m)5,3701,0183
qXdSBSilver Shine of the IceAdult (m)5,4091,0473
vJG8rShining Chirstmas DiamondAdult (m)4,5941,1434
0tBIjShine on the FellAdult (m)4,6801,1543
r76wVShining Christmas GuardianAdult (m)4,4991,1071
AQxcWShine on the LeavesAdult (m)4,8421,1391
OLMAzShine of AngerAdult (m)5,0801,2434
Q6JIhMalevolent ShineAdult (m)5,1361,1932
babLwStripes and ShinesAdult (m)3,7487443
7a19cShine on the RiverAdult (m)6,7651,4095
euc0cShining CinnamonAdult (m)5,7721,1963
xFiQeShines of the DiamondsAdult (m)5,9551,4132
5IJgJBrightest Pink ShineAdult (m)5,6721,3052
kKU56Enhanced Moonstone ShineAdult (m)5,6101,2814
OpiCwShine of the FlameAdult (m)5,3081,2601
IdL6i(IdL6i)Adult (m)6,3601,2192
I25Fd(I25Fd)Adult (m)5,2691,0301
KIhMlCelestial ShinesAdult (m)5,9521,0123
A2ZaV(A2ZaV)Adult (m)5,1729241
LxpEBScott's CharmAdult (m)5,4811,1594
SAdN0Kurt's CharmAdult (m)5,1181,2442
Xwb1fPale Pink CharmAdult (m)6,8461,3892
aQvbFCharms and ScriptsAdult (m)6,6691,3944
jZKiUCharm of EmbersAdult (m)6,8841,4432
Qm8knCharm of FernsAdult (m)7,1991,4224
xt4wEHoney CharmsAdult (m)7,6961,3303
fMVJvAlabaster CharmsAdult (m)5,6911,2083
VALcSAzure CharmsAdult (m)6,0251,2303
kt7gHPsylocke's GarlandAdult (f)4,1318771
SLGwAEmma's GarlandAdult (f)4,1799002
fQ2ORose from ThornsAdult (f)3,43452346
gh1fRose in DiamondsAdult (m)3,15887827
GEJ2Rose in Autumn LeavesAdult (m)2,61865834
yi6JRose in CrystalAdult (f)3,3791,11640
I8eaRose in CloudsAdult (m)7,5871,65647
90FsRose Touched with GoldAdult (m)2,8501,20935
lvVTBurnished Gold RoseAdult (m)2,13775739
3wGyRose in a MistAdult (f)1,82677730
mGwORose in a DreamAdult (f)1,65866430
8DNZMoon-Streaked RoseAdult (f)1,68349421
4KdSRose 4KidsAdult (m)2,03461526
18OMThe Greenie RoseAdult (m)1,4534532
570YRose on the BriarAdult (f)1,99261922
UDUaUndulating RoseAdult (f)3,7411,31815
8e1LThe Milk RoseAdult (f)2,08965314
Fds3The Dorkface RoseAdult (m)1,87874835
FlNNRose-Finn DorkfaceAdult (m)4,20983424
GmsXFresh Grown RoseAdult (m)2,96594525
hX2eFresh Spring RoseAdult (f)2,56980123
I8gEhWinter White RoseAdult (m)2,4267132
EmFLmTangled Rose BriarAdult (f)6,6481,8904
bvcO6The Summer RoseAdult (m)2,2177770
UYiZFLucky RoseAdult (f)2,7735132
oq6boSnaproseAdult (m)2,3196250
BioJmSnow Encrusted RoseAdult (m)2,8416840
89NRARose of GloryAdult (m)2,8597010
wgthUSilksoft RoseAdult (f)3,2078042
mAJWMRosy LeeAdult (f)3,3728472
YQNhdRings of RosesAdult (f)4,6368763
7g4SGDoublediseal RoseAdult (f)2,2417102
xBssMThe Windy RoseAdult (m)3,4678630
9hEeoScattered RosesAdult (f)3,1816880
vk4pbSnappy RoseAdult (f)2,5527800
fSaXpSugar RosesAdult (m)2,9034746
SCOx4Blossoming RoseAdult (m)4,7564003
FspGISunroseAdult (f)3,0137933
4w259Sprinkled Rose PetelsAdult (f)3,6334832
oocrGWinter-Edged RoseAdult (m)2,9704756
NoUd7Long-Forgotten RoseAdult (m)3,9833207
yvGVRSweet Spring RoseAdult (f)2,9027710
UV3JgBranched RosesAdult (f)4,0304885
7gQBeChequered RoseAdult (f)3,5357620
jxYEPRose in GlassAdult (m)4,0389260
2pKupScarlet RosebudsAdult (f)3,0628020
8IkXRSilkghost RoseAdult (f)3,8337532
ZQrlMCloak of RosesAdult (f)2,6876781
zJda3Red Rose of LancasterAdult (f)3,5867832
pNW9hUnfolding RoseAdult (m)2,1526660
LzAFQSun-Touched RosesAdult (m)2,6908190
AgltnWhite Rose of YorkAdult (m)2,8634822
ouf73RosetreatAdult (f)2,8845584
hVnTMDew-Soaked RoseAdult (f)3,9113693
Ic4BQVinerosesAdult (m)2,4556760
bVcmVCurl of Winter RosesAdult (m)4,5611,1032
84ATiShadow-Loving RoseAdult (f)4,5721,0910
yMgFQ(yMgFQ)Adult (m)5,3619900
JE5WS(JE5WS)Adult (m)3,9791,0382
c6ssLPurple-Gloomed Roses xAdult (f)4,7611,0482
Yff70Vined Roses xAdult (m)3,2103762
yathCRoses of the DarkAdult (f)6,3098600
SGOTR(SGOTR)Adult (f)5,3911,0274
YK4XjCurls of RosesAdult (m)7,3056143
AWzjF(AWzjF)Adult (m)5,6626462
1XuIT(1XuIT)Adult (f)7,3826241
h06E8Wet RosesAdult (f)5,2268203
eymsQ(eymsQ)Adult (f)6,3571,0722
8cQNQ(8cQNQ)Adult (m)5,6319511
GOEI4Malevolent Roses xAdult (m)6,2539442
ajLTRose in GoldAdult (m)2,68961636
h5PjRose from the SkyAdult (m)2,9211,56233
nSKtCrystaline RoseAdult (f)2,22176637
AD6sRose StarAdult (m)2,05749018
qPWjRose in IceAdult (f)2,74385328
pm1GjGloom-Dark RoseAdult (m)2,6007562
9uGkqMist-Wreathed RoseAdult (f)3,0097077
gmskbGreen Christmas RosesAdult (f)3,4044534
RAH5Z(RAH5Z)Adult (m)5,3721,0550
RVwD0(RVwD0)Adult (f)5,2461,0100
qXltc(qXltc)Adult (m)5,2791,0501
B0DLS(B0DLS)Adult (f)6,5278070
4DAEp(4DAEp)Adult (m)6,2258031
ozMqX(ozMqX)Adult (m)4,5077310
P8Xj5(P8Xj5)Adult (m)4,1306990
V3JyU(V3JyU)Adult (f)4,4256851
Q97wp(Q97wp)Adult (m)5,6845780
w9hEV(w9hEV)Adult (f)5,5418142
Kjabq(Kjabq)Adult (f)5,2228053
k5Vi5(k5Vi5)Adult (m)4,4936940
42T8k(42T8k)Adult (m)7,3229345
LZckL(LZckL)Adult (f)5,2597312
nX0Ox(nX0Ox)Adult (m)5,1827061
oiFlR(oiFlR)Adult (f)5,6096072
rnyGl(rnyGl)Adult (f)5,6209832
UEj3m(UEj3m)Adult (f)5,3618892
uxw8e(uxw8e)Adult (f)6,6071,0203
NKzVv(NKzVv)Adult (m)6,0839362
6arbRustling GrassesAdult (f)4,8781,31046
LSWeRustling GownAdult (f)2,9751,16530
SOj7Rustle of SkycloudsAdult (f)4,6601,38930
pqFsRustling SilkAdult (f)2,4721,14422
2JyyRustling LaceAdult (f)3,0521,30018
Pr5LRustling VelvetAdult (f)1,93148418
Ym8CSilver RustlesAdult (f)2,62064523
1MUfoExcited RustlesAdult (f)4,5576150
sbRRlDancing RustlesAdult (f)4,7097021
LMTVq(LMTVq)Adult (f)6,7857053
h0cUf(h0cUf)Adult (f)5,7396512
CgEUf(CgEUf)Adult (f)6,6595614
mbOsS(mbOsS)Adult (f)6,4156553
J0rx6(J0rx6)Adult (f)7,0706832
p4niQ(p4niQ)Adult (f)6,1187870
RHWBiRustling Flight xAdult (f)6,0606402
uknOP(uknOP)Adult (f)6,0596313
eVaLh(eVaLh)Adult (f)5,6296151
fGCD0Maximum RustlesAdult (f)5,7396161
DXZJdRustle of the RainAdult (f)4,6895952
Odi0c(Odi0c)Adult (f)6,1948293
f4vEO(f4vEO)Adult (f)5,9275752
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