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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rPQCNGlorious LightningAdult (f)3,9974953
0e0LZLightning's GraceAdult (f)2,5257730
AEaHl(AEaHl)Adult (m)4,5951,0753
VAdFC(VAdFC)Adult (m)5,6686840
dxStY(dxStY)Adult (m)6,7945871
0ZBMe(0ZBMe)Adult (f)6,6997680
zdukeLightning DukeAdult (m)5,3967970
mkjv7Lightning Slashed SkyAdult (f)5,7306851
O4bC8(O4bC8)Adult (m)5,3577110
WjIl7(WjIl7)Adult (f)5,5467160
Wu5MQ(Wu5MQ)Adult (m)6,8177640
C4Su1(C4Su1)Adult (m)5,8287685
694h8(694h8)Adult (m)6,1567741
Gsq8m(Gsq8m)Adult (m)5,2118503
6YOPT(6YOPT)Adult (f)5,1088542
oOMQj(oOMQj)Adult (m)5,5597061
QTBSi(QTBSi)Adult (f)6,6975822
xCEvn(xCEvn)Adult (f)5,7816463
ufN6S(ufN6S)Adult (m)6,4656172
JE3cq(JE3cq)Adult (m)7,4816841
y0MI2(y0MI2)Adult (f)7,4017201
OsuFElectric SparklerAdult (f)2,43992718
MST4Electric CrystalAdult (f)2,64989218
QTW3Electric StarringAdult (f)2,20067517
TlipElectric StarboltsAdult (f)3,0491,10624
RaJbElectric BodyAdult (f)2,9071,08933
WYfAHElectric StingAdult (f)3,6541,01818
DGkapQuick ElectricAdult (f)3,6436165
Q9PWPElectric WiringAdult (f)4,1036161
hdQJhRosy Electric GlowAdult (f)3,3374404
8WTM3Electric WinterAdult (f)2,2906822
toLepElectric CrackleAdult (f)2,6617780
pq88oElectric AndroidAdult (f)3,4417947
rH6gUElectric TreatAdult (f)3,5245855
aVavmElectric FlawsAdult (f)2,5247180
uIQ5HElectric ShimmerAdult (f)3,3395933
x8pBQSkyElectricAdult (f)4,0789902
IUm3Electric RushAdult (m)2,22875424
LtCtDorkface Electric BlossomAdult (m)2,23379522
0WNZBuzz of ElectricAdult (m)4,0261,34237
gqfVElectric RaverAdult (m)2,39587523
cKdsSing the Body ElectricAdult (m)2,19682723
R8aqKElectric SummerAdult (m)4,5711,03412
Oef6aElectric AutumnAdult (m)3,3588434
aA7u7Electric IciclesAdult (m)2,7957762
sDumDElectric BrightAdult (m)3,2169723
8VJ6oElectric SpringAdult (m)2,3766710
6TpvtElectric ZagsAdult (m)3,6173934
Eaams(Eaams)Adult (m)6,6576881
vgvDZ(vgvDZ)Adult (m)7,8438021
K1TEq(K1TEq)Adult (m)3,8895173
VMS4Q(VMS4Q)Adult (m)5,0338922
e1gOJFever GreenAdult (f)4,0188750
Cd7jxFire of FeverAdult (m)4,1409501
vEhhR(vEhhR)Adult (m)4,2218691
ECK5b(ECK5b)Adult (m)4,6788742
CIAUg(CIAUg)Adult (m)3,7449241
W3wW9(W3wW9)Adult (f)3,0388801
3wBzR(3wBzR)Adult (m)4,1338490
Lkf9y(Lkf9y)Adult (f)5,5928131
mpxcS(mpxcS)Adult (m)5,5998080
V9NCq(V9NCq)Adult (f)4,1799940
CPfr0(CPfr0)Adult (m)4,0091,0080
DlL33Mistletoe's FeverAdult (m)6,6236111
QeHLO(QeHLO)Adult (f)5,8355421
SJmaf(SJmaf)Adult (f)5,8337284
kZ3Nt(kZ3Nt)Adult (m)5,5481,7392
aRAnH(aRAnH)Adult (m)5,2821,0121
5sWsz(5sWsz)Adult (m)5,9238581
dcVkY(dcVkY)Adult (m)5,7108260
topQ6(topQ6)Adult (m)5,7957311
MOmvv(MOmvv)Adult (m)6,0058510
aAIa6(aAIa6)Adult (m)7,6127812
kFto4(kFto4)Adult (m)6,8616803
wVjqZ(wVjqZ)Adult (m)5,5489650
gzBdk(gzBdk)Adult (m)5,3309040
VjRAF(VjRAF)Adult (f)5,9248530
Q3SHP(Q3SHP)Adult (f)3,9811,0570
hkk5U(hkk5U)Adult (f)6,6746690
opUkl(opUkl)Adult (f)5,8948290
6GQkk(6GQkk)Adult (f)4,5666861
146C3(146C3)Adult (f)5,9658802
JppFR(JppFR)Adult (f)8,1681,2232
ePWyO(ePWyO)Adult (f)5,8396090
BQ9GW(BQ9GW)Adult (m)5,7546040
hmlnZ(hmlnZ)Adult (m)5,8156150
AXQMC(AXQMC)Adult (m)6,1916401
WiwAS(WiwAS)Adult (m)5,8676280
K11Co(K11Co)Adult (f)5,9846830
IXOh9(IXOh9)Adult (f)5,6956471
beujDancing WitAdult (m)2,06956530
tUMdDancing WhipAdult (m)2,47179929
OFpvDancing OnwardsAdult (m)1,78976913
FcOcBeautifully DancingAdult (m)2,93796133
hdh4Gently DancingAdult (m)3,5361,26235
orhJSpringing DancerAdult (m)2,14587536
MbXHdMidsummer Night's DancerAdult (m)2,89889214
nNUXqPainted DancerAdult (m)2,8547705
3scDcMorris DancingAdult (m)2,3347194
ehOSSDelicate DancerAdult (m)3,4579643
KscibDancing on IceAdult (m)2,9796991
QCoJZTumbling DancerAdult (m)4,4391,3582
VHJZFDancing RoyaltyAdult (m)1,8836580
sWSFsRidged DancingAdult (m)2,1256761
bi0NSDancing for SpringAdult (m)3,0697652
1JmyfDance for PowerAdult (m)4,3176471
91ojdDancing in SunbeamsAdult (m)3,7205021
VvJrNDancing RainbowAdult (m)2,2187820
CWNlIDancing VisionsAdult (m)4,2889411
koN6JDancingBirdAdult (m)7,0176731
lv4pY(lv4pY)Adult (m)5,8686363
lzjzW(lzjzW)Adult (m)7,3829432
XDaaAmazing DancerAdult (f)1,7699309
2Xl2Delightful DancerAdult (f)2,03188017
9HQJUnknown DancerAdult (f)2,8771,03013
Fe0qJumping DancerAdult (f)1,56765418
cG9lDancing AnewAdult (f)1,56767215
INlABright DancerAdult (f)1,70763816
AWNHIDancing HopeAdult (f)2,27082116
QdPiqDancing RushAdult (f)2,6486714
QMaK2Dancing on the LeavesAdult (f)2,4296563
jZfnkChristmas DanceAdult (f)2,8586802
0B3QLSurprise DancerAdult (f)2,2034156
7a6RFTwirling DanceAdult (f)2,7357241
84QbkDancing SummercloudAdult (f)2,2796571
L49CNDancing in the MorningAdult (f)2,1707200
vocH7Dancing LadyAdult (f)4,4539413
ZWuH5Dancing in RibbonsAdult (f)3,1264613
1YIGJDancing ForeverAdult (f)3,3575861
PmvUS(PmvUS)Adult (f)6,8539720
29w0VDancing For Love xAdult (f)6,5896322
9uZn5(9uZn5)Adult (f)6,0976532
jD9XQ(jD9XQ)Adult (f)6,0556153
rDALO(rDALO)Adult (f)3,9568743
13MT5(13MT5)Adult (f)5,6661,0730
9u6EuLimes of SummerAdult (m)3,7268663
cSIRvLime on the VineAdult (m)5,0771,0174
VrmoBSolid Little LimeAdult (m)4,0437373
Sld8YAutumn LimeAdult (m)3,7988522
XOodpCrisp LimeAdult (m)3,8118352
UbHLTCordial LimeAdult (m)2,5887282
OIfHqChilled LimeAdult (m)2,1936874
khTLULime TreeAdult (m)2,6096285
RL89ZSpring LimeAdult (m)3,3477282
mtN9LLime StreakAdult (m)2,1857262
V1eg2Spiced LimeAdult (m)2,3026550
r1EojLime GloryAdult (m)4,2097312
cCba3Lime SoursAdult (m)2,3647422
vtNP0Sugared LimeAdult (f)4,3539875
sJj7fSparkling Lime JuiceAdult (f)3,3297722
ndl9kDime LimeAdult (f)4,1538691
87KYILime ChaserAdult (f)2,8057052
rUf2sSharp Tangy LimeAdult (f)2,2666571
jc7OULime and LemonAdult (f)2,5797202
XO4IfLime SpritzerAdult (f)2,9347391
LcrhBLime BellAdult (f)2,1066791
h3H4bLime TeaAdult (f)1,8266880
h94FXLime CurveAdult (f)4,2498582
92FBMLimegraceAdult (f)3,6765041
5Xf9J(5Xf9J)Adult (f)7,1126751
Nuo0p(Nuo0p)Adult (f)7,1726811
2yo9B(2yo9B)Adult (f)5,8325432
INuQs(INuQs)Adult (f)4,8518991
Vla75(Vla75)Adult (f)5,7386760
Xl3le(Xl3le)Adult (f)5,7066302
AVneP(AVneP)Adult (f)5,7697250
LitNt(LitNt)Adult (f)5,4358421
U8Zhm(U8Zhm)Adult (f)6,1797940
DaUrk(DaUrk)Adult (f)5,3947250
kDusJ(kDusJ)Adult (f)8,0866961
KkyY2(KkyY2)Adult (f)6,3729513
5Kcyk(5Kcyk)Adult (f)5,5081,1602
Hjomd(Hjomd)Adult (m)5,8097170
avxQk(avxQk)Adult (m)5,9107300
48KZp(48KZp)Adult (m)5,6468310
df6py(df6py)Adult (m)5,8817151
hOf9k(hOf9k)Adult (m)5,3667293
Wlb9X(Wlb9X)Adult (m)6,2587833
4p8gR(4p8gR)Adult (m)2,6776812
CgycJadepieceAdult (m)3,19351741
jPKaFlamejadeAdult (m)3,58474740
q5VMCobwebbed JadeAdult (f)3,14275149
ySgiHeroic JadeAdult (f)2,9781,18432
VeZ7JademoonAdult (m)3,12063028
XDsxFrozen JadeAdult (m)3,6371,38831
XSSmJade's DelightAdult (f)2,2481,00836
Q0n8JadebeadAdult (f)2,04682135
njUZLimejadeAdult (f)2,36355736
WrdvJade SpaceAdult (f)2,09248619
8kK5JadespiceAdult (f)2,40273419
3KYZNew JadeAdult (f)2,9181,06213
u2NaFresh JadeAdult (m)2,30978918
KHd7Jaded PassionsAdult (m)1,57762325
dhMWSecond-Best JadeAdult (m)2,07868119
M45OThird Jade LuckyAdult (m)1,46755221
X3a8Jade Goes FourthAdult (m)2,09771615
rKSBJade PavilionAdult (f)1,91461514
iM10Jade TowerAdult (m)2,12978121
TDVVJade LightsAdult (f)2,84398519
R8NPJade DarksAdult (m)2,41771621
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