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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XDsxFrozen JadeAdult (m)3,6371,38831
XSSmJade's DelightAdult (f)2,2481,00836
Q0n8JadebeadAdult (f)2,04682135
njUZLimejadeAdult (f)2,36355736
WrdvJade SpaceAdult (f)2,09248619
8kK5JadespiceAdult (f)2,40273419
3KYZNew JadeAdult (f)2,9181,06213
u2NaFresh JadeAdult (m)2,30978918
KHd7Jaded PassionsAdult (m)1,57762325
dhMWSecond-Best JadeAdult (m)2,07868119
M45OThird Jade LuckyAdult (m)1,46755221
X3a8Jade Goes FourthAdult (m)2,09771615
rKSBJade PavilionAdult (f)1,91461514
iM10Jade TowerAdult (m)2,12978121
TDVVJade LightsAdult (f)2,84398519
R8NPJade DarksAdult (m)2,41771621
BPUtVJade PineAdult (m)2,6507304
luPiZWillow JadeAdult (f)3,2117372
TsIkuJade ChestnutAdult (f)2,8906882
ProN0Jade OakAdult (m)2,7796782
Kv8p2Jade PatternAdult (m)2,4266963
klo2WJade DesignAdult (f)3,5188983
8GGPFDirty JadeAdult (m)5,2941,3682
D8hSFPainted JadeAdult (m)2,5277453
2ITXMColoured JadeAdult (f)3,1897753
2muRnBlue JadeAdult (f)2,5416784
5iqgXRose JadeAdult (m)2,4357190
eKM3QFlower JadeAdult (f)2,3037060
Z0eAYThuwed JadeAdult (m)1,6066560
jGpQ8Jade PebblesAdult (m)2,3786601
sPxOTJade SpotsAdult (f)2,8156381
KMracJade SwanAdult (m)3,7294941
XbcAlJade LakeAdult (f)3,2554452
zxNtvSkyjadeAdult (f)4,6143804
mujlNJade TearsAdult (f)4,2464631
aIBj5Jade BladeAdult (f)3,2235492
znvDHJade HiltAdult (f)3,0534941
lws7XJade SheathAdult (m)3,1854613
5bg5TJade PommelAdult (f)2,8118081
XjIEeJade VolcanoAdult (f)6,1177202
TzwRVJadecarveAdult (m)5,0351,0002
nhS7GMetal JadeAdult (f)5,5716260
HnMDCJadebrightAdult (f)7,2207359
nRXcP(nRXcP)Adult (f)5,5606622
sF4br(sF4br)Adult (f)7,0307091
8qrl8(8qrl8)Adult (f)5,4639271
pqBoKWings of Jade xAdult (f)7,4589053
w8PqL(w8PqL)Adult (m)7,8119332
lC5Lh(lC5Lh)Adult (m)5,6399321
63XMF(63XMF)Adult (m)5,8738871
c8LMl(c8LMl)Adult (m)6,6618930
ZAyYB(ZAyYB)Adult (m)5,9848811
4rCrJ(4rCrJ)Adult (m)6,8179562
LaiKG(LaiKG)Adult (m)6,8177921
xTOlt(xTOlt)Adult (m)7,4437561
9FrLR(9FrLR)Adult (f)5,8769041
vmtF9(vmtF9)Adult (f)5,6849091
KP8Wm(KP8Wm)Adult (f)6,1778882
ShZE1(ShZE1)Adult (f)7,2128671
2Lo6X(2Lo6X)Adult (f)6,8028030
ADb5F(ADb5F)Adult (f)5,4349244
rlIet(rlIet)Adult (f)6,0348372
7iB8T(7iB8T)Adult (f)6,1608882
PaA6n(PaA6n)Adult (f)6,3409231
c8iGF(c8iGF)Adult (f)6,3959181
4y2xA(4y2xA)Adult (f)6,8248040
dK3l6(dK3l6)Adult (m)5,2019001
3xFJo(3xFJo)Adult (m)6,0178211
hEwUe(hEwUe)Adult (m)5,9388961
nLz61(nLz61)Adult (m)6,4909250
uPiO4(uPiO4)Adult (m)6,6358573
DwhPB(DwhPB)Adult (m)6,4938722
KgCAH(KgCAH)Adult (m)5,4909053
hfwj4(hfwj4)Adult (m)5,7689101
FWMye(FWMye)Adult (m)6,6408891
0oBig(0oBig)Adult (m)6,0029202
PPvGU(PPvGU)Adult (m)6,2268781
Sy1OR(Sy1OR)Adult (m)7,0897241
0QRJy(0QRJy)Adult (m)6,4119161
HE2WB(HE2WB)Adult (m)6,9568952
FlYsv(FlYsv)Adult (f)5,2489012
p2GIF(p2GIF)Adult (f)6,0527971
FS47f(FS47f)Adult (f)6,6239011
9mGjx(9mGjx)Adult (f)6,1818962
WHqwn(WHqwn)Adult (f)6,1249070
JaweS(JaweS)Adult (f)6,1998981
TnDhf(TnDhf)Adult (f)6,1058880
KGCSm(KGCSm)Adult (f)6,7797861
avjsBluestone MarbleAdult (m)2,54295231
hn1PGlittering MarbleAdult (m)2,51188225
1HEFMarble ValentineAdult (m)6,9301,38555
X2sgShining MarbleAdult (m)1,69864625
19OMXMaximum MarbleAdult (m)4,3061,19115
oDQcZMarbleheartAdult (m)2,9367182
DcB1UShadows on MarbleAdult (m)2,0076733
vm7HDShadow of MarbleAdult (m)2,3716871
Hg0aPMarble TreatAdult (m)3,6275513
c1Lf3Marble ArchAdult (m)1,6385152
OPITWMarble SaluteAdult (m)2,7804982
wnW3r(wnW3r)Adult (m)8,4399692
dKoFd(dKoFd)Adult (m)4,8938710
chaKChalky MarbleAdult (f)2,25589017
lErIRegal MarbleAdult (f)2,00687828
et9sClean MarbleAdult (f)3,60289731
6ojqCAutumn MarbleAdult (f)2,5776351
5mpPBBright-Eyed MarbleAdult (f)4,3457394
gsGYVCold MarbleAdult (f)3,1916051
KDiUdMoon on MarbleAdult (f)3,3294674
ZuPXLPatterned MarbleAdult (f)2,8196683
fu3wzQueen MarbleAdult (f)3,7514252
O8EVI(O8EVI)Adult (f)5,9027061
CBx5B(CBx5B)Adult (m)5,0106720
gkJnI(gkJnI)Adult (m)4,4207290
G5iIh(G5iIh)Adult (f)5,8816741
j48CR(j48CR)Adult (m)5,7668080
yOwkA(yOwkA)Adult (m)5,6738040
Bv5mC(Bv5mC)Adult (f)5,9197362
adrKU(adrKU)Adult (f)6,1127960
WUlCh(WUlCh)Adult (f)5,6188420
shM4W(shM4W)Adult (m)4,4146453
bX8xo(bX8xo)Adult (f)5,2587681
XZKOV(XZKOV)Adult (f)3,7807591
voy4Q(voy4Q)Adult (m)4,3776771
AtCb5(AtCb5)Adult (f)4,2236582
6TIBi(6TIBi)Adult (m)3,9817062
ZDpft(ZDpft)Adult (m)3,8687411
BaolZ(BaolZ)Adult (m)3,9077604
O4wKn(O4wKn)Adult (f)4,1347252
I57yy(I57yy)Adult (m)5,3246310
pVvMz(pVvMz)Adult (m)6,9629894
ntdU5(ntdU5)Adult (m)3,7068020
KX274(KX274)Adult (f)3,7627990
3Z5r4(3Z5r4)Adult (m)3,0119060
R0QLw(R0QLw)Adult (f)3,5589161
IZMFN(IZMFN)Adult (f)5,2316950
Jf7pZ(Jf7pZ)Adult (f)6,0418560
QhRxS(QhRxS)Adult (f)6,0446211
YfPwq(YfPwq)Adult (f)5,3906024
pCP9l(pCP9l)Adult (m)5,9318932
3UpRW(3UpRW)Adult (f)6,0618601
3Dz0F(3Dz0F)Adult (m)6,4127972
iFvKs(iFvKs)Adult (f)6,3048781
iIYyD(iIYyD)Adult (f)6,4279271
KTGww(KTGww)Adult (m)5,9859111
Jj7eR(Jj7eR)Adult (m)6,0438911
OdbrW(OdbrW)Adult (f)6,3309050
IMWG3(IMWG3)Adult (f)6,7318912
tnEWs(tnEWs)Adult (m)6,7727180
N9cIG(N9cIG)Adult (m)6,0689014
Ygxzz(Ygxzz)Adult (m)6,4249350
1jkMt(1jkMt)Adult (f)5,6438830
uCIvM(uCIvM)Adult (f)8,0597222
DlCZt(DlCZt)Adult (m)7,2126923
LTEXWave LeaperAdult (m)3,2021,24517
3cSLSweeping WaveAdult (f)1,79595111
SnfbWave RusherAdult (f)1,63275420
vgWDSplashing in the WavesAdult (f)1,73059620
doBHWave of BlackAdult (m)1,7786585
YTddWave of the TidesAdult (f)3,0721,1158
S69LTropical WavesAdult (m)1,90784210
cZJ0Wave on the SandAdult (f)3,1051,01133
6YNBSpring WaveAdult (m)2,19369328
ibEgWThe Summer WaveAdult (f)2,5946955
UsUEoSparkling WaveAdult (f)2,8821,1133
ck2oVViolent WavesAdult (f)3,7884903
63HkiWave of PainAdult (f)2,3866920
C66kRFree WaveAdult (m)2,2016631
JMAclWave of GriefAdult (m)2,5037580
LSPuMWave of SandAdult (f)2,5548063
CJZceWave of ShadowsAdult (f)2,7685832
OUsc5Disturbing WavesAdult (f)2,3087560
bfg5MHaunted WaveAdult (m)2,2317743
gIbuBWaves of UncertaintyAdult (f)2,5846691
7lPndWaves of DizzinessAdult (m)2,4016535
F7AdKCurls of the WavesAdult (f)2,7154828
HQNyaGusted WavesAdult (f)3,0184812
nhNIbWaves of FearAdult (f)4,2156772
RoLBbWaves of HeatAdult (f)2,2796663
nndAaRain WavesAdult (m)3,8395981
sTqsFWitchlight Waves xAdult (m)6,9627081
kFRtL(kFRtL)Adult (f)5,6735721
1E4sF(1E4sF)Adult (m)4,8257090
DvGxu(DvGxu)Adult (m)4,4576220
lNsPe(lNsPe)Adult (f)5,7555880
YeRbC(YeRbC)Adult (m)4,6577230
6inGF(6inGF)Adult (f)3,9436913
GwaxV(GwaxV)Adult (f)5,3576480
R82XZ(R82XZ)Adult (f)7,3906794
5YsEY(5YsEY)Adult (m)5,6995672
FdDc2(FdDc2)Adult (f)5,2377811
TgQld(TgQld)Adult (f)5,0438941
8F4DVRoyal ReflectionAdult (f)2,8227613
pAe8eReflection of DarknessAdult (f)2,8647811
stVU5Reflection of HopeAdult (f)3,2307623
PiScbReflection of FireAdult (f)2,4917441
8R2ofReflection of GloryAdult (f)2,6738071
G7NfEReflection of LonelinessAdult (f)3,0126585
dXaL2Reflection of SincerityAdult (f)2,5247203
d2tUPReflection of ReliabilityAdult (f)2,5077532
4NLbdReflection of SunshineAdult (f)2,6447491
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