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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
LAx3tSaltscrambleAdult (f)3,1108240
1Ae5FSalttouchAdult (f)3,1954323
k1B1ASaltsprinkleAdult (m)4,8664144
U22OlSaltglowAdult (m)2,2256870
FkGmTSaltrainAdult (f)2,3067292
RTgtKSaltrushAdult (m)2,3717590
3LXJbSaltskyAdult (m)3,3795082
7apBzSaltpinchAdult (f)3,4244971
QfT2MSaltflagAdult (f)2,6748593
uTMhBShining SaltAdult (m)3,4254180
FoO41SoresaltAdult (f)2,8514514
QxIh9Flecked SaltAdult (f)3,1116771
qgiRRMoneysaltAdult (f)3,8901,0121
H5YyKTrickle of SaltAdult (m)5,1131,0153
5PQlCStream of SaltAdult (f)6,9339031
LkNGkThe Love of SaltAdult (f)6,1146831
fdObf(fdObf)Adult (f)6,4377592
pDDumSaltytouchAdult (m)7,3946663
itcbQ(itcbQ)Adult (m)6,0717064
k4nxa(k4nxa)Adult (m)5,9049621
UM0Yx(UM0Yx)Adult (m)4,1506951
UyEDR(UyEDR)Adult (f)4,4507082
2tezU(2tezU)Adult (m)4,3837460
RTsK9(RTsK9)Adult (f)4,0856680
7OadY(7OadY)Adult (f)4,2306970
ZDSP1(ZDSP1)Adult (m)4,5037351
h53qt(h53qt)Adult (f)4,5667190
dIOUM(dIOUM)Adult (m)4,8757051
YCEdq(YCEdq)Adult (f)4,7967121
rzWOQ(rzWOQ)Adult (m)4,9167282
JFaFh(JFaFh)Adult (f)5,5397152
hAL3F(hAL3F)Adult (m)5,4837731
2wfqo(2wfqo)Adult (f)5,5007102
lnAm9(lnAm9)Adult (f)5,6257801
SRSG7(SRSG7)Adult (f)5,6177101
8VjVn(8VjVn)Adult (f)6,6546252
td1aO(td1aO)Adult (f)5,4856680
HpJT8(HpJT8)Adult (f)5,8581,1264
gJzrG(gJzrG)Adult (m)5,3217573
Mp61E(Mp61E)Adult (f)4,8757482
nVaul(nVaul)Adult (m)4,8546493
RQIoJ(RQIoJ)Adult (f)4,7987480
4pnMt(4pnMt)Adult (m)5,2237061
rKjZk(rKjZk)Adult (m)6,1666212
UiLKX(UiLKX)Adult (m)5,2298011
RbOCP(RbOCP)Adult (f)5,4327881
uwXqm(uwXqm)Adult (m)4,8089082
ybiSj(ybiSj)Adult (f)5,3197572
8mbOB(8mbOB)Adult (f)5,1547411
bwPXe(bwPXe)Adult (f)5,3329843
UfkAw(UfkAw)Adult (m)5,0197211
Er7at(Er7at)Adult (f)7,3916913
2GJWH(2GJWH)Adult (m)7,2646791
xAxkN(xAxkN)Adult (m)7,5999200
Bu8IMilky ScalesAdult (m)1,43362322
JC4iMilky   WayAdult (m)2,11257718
o2QBMilky WhiteAdult (f)3,42096636
LJtYMilky StoneAdult (f)2,34093827
0r3lMilky WingAdult (m)2,62558616
0fkIStarry MilkAdult (f)4,9551,08038
8akeBaked MilkAdult (m)2,45294524
J7ZiBlack MilkAdult (f)1,68661522
qvT7eMilk in the VeinAdult (f)5,5409891
8k0OZSweet Sugar MilkAdult (m)3,1397812
SYta3Cream and MilkAdult (f)3,7144765
1e1ubFrosted MilkAdult (m)2,1827080
UtSoFFresh MilkAdult (m)2,5357452
UYPjqHeart MilkAdult (f)3,5314793
vIJjfMilk RippleAdult (f)4,5586544
IWUMGMilkfallAdult (m)3,6024820
OaaHi(OaaHi)Adult (m)6,5508553
8Pq7PWintermilkAdult (m)4,4497291
R5H71Pastel SpeckleAdult (m)4,0317205
hBFV1Sweet SpecklesAdult (m)1,8185513
jl7RrMottle SpeckleAdult (m)2,3347161
VR3c2Speckled FlamingoAdult (m)3,4474454
IGu2vSpeckled GloryAdult (m)3,3574501
t3tPvWinged SpeckleAdult (m)3,8644881
Bl3KUSpeckle-Dashed SilverAdult (m)3,3725312
xoT1iSpeckled SilverspringAdult (m)3,9934705
tnwa9SpeckleblueAdult (m)2,1787240
mYhO4Speckled and TarnishedAdult (m)3,0854520
5uwwkSpeckled LovingAdult (m)6,7517960
KjwTNSpeckled KindnessAdult (m)4,7558021
fY1xP(fY1xP)Adult (m)6,8826791
bNNr4Glittering SpecklesAdult (f)4,2887653
lbxHXCrested SpecklesAdult (f)1,9245773
p0c0HAmber SpecklesAdult (f)2,7997122
L11IVRaindrop SpecklesAdult (f)4,8365520
lC7JyCopper SpecklesAdult (f)2,0826460
7uE6QGlimmer SpeckleAdult (f)2,4696812
PHqSeSpeckled TanbreezeAdult (f)3,3534191
cYo6wSpecklebandAdult (f)2,7837302
I39J4SpeckleredAdult (f)2,0887810
fp6X3SpecklespringAdult (f)3,2855271
oC9anSpeckled DiamondAdult (f)2,6266481
4Yn7sSpeckle CoilAdult (f)2,5947961
UodX9(UodX9)Adult (f)6,3747113
2Cp9Pale PearlAdult (m)2,10886028
OTlXFlowering PearlAdult (m)2,23684334
necYPower PearlAdult (m)2,06978622
YQFPPearl Amongst FlowersAdult (m)2,40558917
5CMiPrincely PearlAdult (m)2,5711,12721
gI5KPetalled PearlAdult (m)1,9906959
RluBMetallic Pink PearlAdult (m)1,87454223
j0OnBriar Pearl of Mount DoomAdult (m)5,0411,23418
luXT7Lustrous PearlAdult (m)2,0356793
6AF1XLittle Winter PearlAdult (m)2,0597103
JcBrSPerfect PearlAdult (m)2,7757142
QuXMBValentine's PearlAdult (m)2,4197261
1cv5NGlossy PearlAdult (m)2,7807321
ZIBS0Dark Pearl FlamesAdult (m)2,4335863
6Nk29Lightning PearlsAdult (m)1,9516900
V4s0wMars PearlAdult (m)3,9446463
YfvY6Musical PearlAdult (m)2,9906281
LnTiaLatin PearlAdult (m)2,9788113
wHegEIcy PearlAdult (m)2,1916412
wJKEOPearl DropsAdult (m)2,3937332
hxdLnPearl CloudsAdult (m)2,1646254
sRQctGloomy PearlsAdult (m)3,5675500
RxxiRPearl of FaithAdult (m)2,6627271
8OkOgPearl GlutAdult (m)2,6098140
z0ZFICavern PearlAdult (m)3,6397874
K3vSlWoven PearlsAdult (m)2,7349143
AUVAzNightmare PearlsAdult (m)3,2584404
VBr3NPearl ClaspedAdult (m)2,5917970
8FX0aPearl FantasticAdult (m)2,0317440
qQAzaLord of PearlsAdult (m)2,1347400
1omQoDeep Dark PearlsAdult (m)2,0446331
JkSw2Light of PearlAdult (m)2,6877680
RcDSrGloom-Touched PearlAdult (m)2,5557252
koVuz(koVuz)Adult (m)5,9456161
0IOM6(0IOM6)Adult (m)6,5587953
6q0wGold Glinted PearlAdult (f)2,4921,02838
MssWMiss W PearlAdult (f)1,57646128
IEonPearl in GoldAdult (f)2,03157617
iiIFIffy PearlAdult (f)1,56357126
iHTLPearl of the ValleyAdult (f)2,15087921
EToDPearl de BrillerAdult (f)2,40179933
ObpKPearl ThuwedAdult (f)3,50796326
LL1LPearl DorkfaceAdult (f)2,8711,14024
6DLbUFresh PearlAdult (f)4,2071,03714
Mr2OKPearl FireAdult (f)2,9167502
GSotSPearl Silver RoseAdult (f)3,9258793
rZudXIced PearlAdult (f)2,6377361
NTbGKPerfect Black PearlAdult (f)2,5836470
VYMKaRain Soaked PearlAdult (f)2,5487220
nOK93Celestial Thuwed PearlAdult (f)2,4767491
PZTYgPearl FrillAdult (f)2,2637190
IDmLAPearl CharmAdult (f)2,2307032
7cGEOMoonshine PearlAdult (f)2,7437372
PjIimBlack and Gold PearlsAdult (f)1,9817213
ieLTBPure Snow PearlAdult (f)2,6166710
nlNEoPearl AsheraAdult (f)2,8756902
ROFouChristmas PearlsAdult (f)2,5526810
1eGU5Silver Valentine PearlAdult (f)3,1926562
iBFGKEaster PearlAdult (f)3,4218690
qurJHPearl CatcherAdult (f)3,2597972
kekTJCarved PearlsAdult (f)3,7154645
gODZwPearls of WonderAdult (f)3,8855214
r9pKnFiery Pearl ThuwedAdult (f)4,3908824
vDIi8Pearl in DarknessAdult (f)2,2576351
PjQZgBleak PearlsAdult (f)2,0306231
YsHLSUneasy Dark PearlsAdult (f)1,8106850
m2UOpPure Dark PearlAdult (f)2,5608140
MX8gnFlower PearlsAdult (f)3,1835061
6ufnVPearl BrightnessAdult (f)2,7968191
uDCwUTears of PearlAdult (f)2,8767481
T9w6hPearlloveAdult (f)4,5831,0414
7oOsLMagic PearlsAdult (f)5,7789542
hDqwoPearl GlimmerAdult (f)5,7427119
KiBvGPearl ShinesAdult (f)6,1209324
7XydfCoppers and Pearls xAdult (f)4,6059211
Rs1fO(Rs1fO)Adult (f)7,5525491
uXp6K(uXp6K)Adult (f)6,0416011
MLQGEBeefcake Pearl xAdult (f)6,1996345
WQ9dR(WQ9dR)Adult (f)6,4988410
4EM3DiamondcloudAdult (f)3,49852857
z3aBPearlpinkAdult (f)3,24688844
mPueClouds in a PearlAdult (f)2,42655836
oBT9Pearl in GraniteAdult (f)2,9021,01913
As9GSilver Sheened PearlAdult (f)3,2751,03337
9BFLWBlazing Bright PearlAdult (f)4,4046500
dcM2UGlossy Pearl RoseAdult (f)4,4916120
yzhSkFast PearlAdult (f)4,6577271
SnNHqPearls in the TreesAdult (f)5,5525781
teirJ(teirJ)Adult (f)6,5307911
mNvqV(mNvqV)Adult (f)6,4426112
s3MX2(s3MX2)Adult (f)6,0436694
eRIH8(eRIH8)Adult (f)6,1516973
ZebNH(ZebNH)Adult (f)5,6745774
YH8r8(YH8r8)Adult (f)5,7079272
oeAjh(oeAjh)Adult (f)5,1148763
ECTXG(ECTXG)Adult (f)5,0119633
DrgA3Merry PearlAdult (m)4,3906150
PLvELHappy PearlAdult (m)4,4976021
OvovMPearlrushAdult (m)5,1158241
B3LdIPearltumbleAdult (m)6,1726750
3V0HtBlue-Eyed PearlAdult (m)7,6846252
ZTbQy(ZTbQy)Adult (m)6,1076721
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