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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EpeK5Mighty MoonstoneAdult (m)2,8437892
ac5GsMerry MoonstoneAdult (m)2,6597552
CMZ1sMoonstone GhostAdult (m)2,7987653
MNohJDark MoonstonesAdult (m)2,0536510
tc6fuMagic MoonstoneAdult (m)2,1717331
JFLK2Gleaming MoonstoneAdult (m)1,9226440
9W07aHeavy MoonstoneAdult (m)2,3256831
40LUkSunny MoonstoneAdult (m)2,7787620
qIIdsFine MoonstoneAdult (m)2,5337540
FMdT7Rich MoonstoneAdult (m)2,7167050
r7f5FComplicated MoonstoneAdult (m)5,2363503
Z8SoJMoonstone RibbonsAdult (m)3,1116640
ZIQ5gShiny MoonstonesAdult (m)3,2027550
e4PFtBlack Heart's MoonstoneAdult (m)4,6934072
uDcHOMountain of MoonstonesAdult (m)7,8527092
l79iVMoonstone Shadow GlowAdult (m)2,1136670
Xrb7cAutumn MoonstonesAdult (m)2,4856272
ftnqUMoonstone PainAdult (m)2,0156951
staCZStacks of MoonstonesAdult (m)2,9207851
uuvqvShadows and MoonstonesAdult (m)2,5226832
TRmRq(TRmRq)Adult (m)6,6488230
3cJLM(3cJLM)Adult (m)6,0508392
wuHRmSwoops of Moonstones xAdult (m)5,4959270
TSsep(TSsep)Adult (m)5,9076885
SPgwc(SPgwc)Adult (m)5,3147921
ifAQASmooth MoonstoneAdult (f)2,2166403
84b1TLight of the MoonstoneAdult (f)2,1336462
fogRbMoonstone in FogAdult (f)2,1816372
F8c35Mist Wreathed MoonstoneAdult (f)2,2916873
2pvEHTumble of MoonstonesAdult (f)3,0178632
uYUNpStunning MoonstoneAdult (f)2,3026811
lv74kSummer MoonstoneAdult (f)4,8871,0592
JLjIGMoonstone's GlowAdult (f)2,1536551
67jR1Bleak MoonstoneAdult (f)2,6266831
5LXWoMoonstone's ThunderAdult (f)2,2796323
Gt60OThunderstorm of MoonstonesAdult (f)2,5376692
K6d8QAutumn MoonstoneAdult (f)1,9806412
hU4tuMoonstone FlameAdult (f)2,6486851
u2QFEMisty MoonstoneAdult (f)1,9846322
CWdT2Mooonstone FireAdult (f)3,4986621
lXBrpMoonstone MountainAdult (f)2,3667071
Qle18Gilded MoonstoneAdult (f)3,1087582
LYMOWSleepy MoonstoneAdult (f)2,9748552
eivYgSweep of MoonstonesAdult (f)3,4668612
DSJXGMoonstone of the HeartAdult (f)2,9147611
G67s3Snow Drenched MoonstoneAdult (f)2,4827102
84pd3Fogged MoonstoneAdult (f)3,2988102
LlbTLIron MoonstoneAdult (f)2,8547481
q5ERFMysterious MoonstoneAdult (f)2,7177121
YVqp6Chilly MoonstoneAdult (f)2,2587002
8npO7Warming MoonstoneAdult (f)2,5036301
eRiYIGlowing Storm of MoonstonesAdult (f)2,2526441
il0M9Spring MoonstoneAdult (f)2,6207683
Vp6rcRaindrop MoonstoneAdult (f)2,5576672
YHC2nMoonshiny MoonstoneAdult (f)2,3797280
MZkqQShattered MoonstoneAdult (f)2,0797071
N59lDClear Blue MoonstoneAdult (f)2,0587071
9cYl0Moonstone RingAdult (f)2,3186341
W6NQqMoonstone SheenAdult (f)3,3827230
MJNHkGlazed MoonstoneAdult (f)1,8287251
Bj8CFMoonstone StudsAdult (f)2,7507450
cgmNUGaspingly Ugly MoonstoneAdult (f)2,6506900
dXkhhMusical MoonstoneAdult (f)3,8056924
DinRQ(DinRQ)Adult (f)5,5379570
b4WV8Moonstone Music xAdult (f)6,0348191
5ugIZ(5ugIZ)Adult (f)4,6749180
oV426(oV426)Adult (f)7,2617231
ACJFJ(ACJFJ)Adult (f)6,3486342
RXeZe(RXeZe)Adult (f)6,3026452
j8Hny(j8Hny)Adult (f)7,3881,2394
Z5Xmo(Z5Xmo)Adult (f)5,8509533
vSE97(vSE97)Adult (f)5,6475740
8g5ms(8g5ms)Adult (f)4,6643151
h5WuP(h5WuP)Adult (f)5,0825991
BxJZX(BxJZX)Adult (f)5,0666130
MZuh3(MZuh3)Adult (f)6,4186482
N476e(N476e)Adult (f)5,4187100
MJtnK(MJtnK)Adult (f)5,9997163
KNcYl(KNcYl)Adult (f)7,0646131
56xUq(56xUq)Adult (f)6,0331,0172
xukry(xukry)Adult (m)5,6485770
EBAAC(EBAAC)Adult (m)4,2262881
a0Ys2(a0Ys2)Adult (m)5,0385970
HNcOn(HNcOn)Adult (m)5,3136020
y0t6I(y0t6I)Adult (m)5,4896460
zAPsE(zAPsE)Adult (m)5,4656231
0oVR1(0oVR1)Adult (m)5,3117141
h2OKi(h2OKi)Adult (m)4,7888766
VR6wP(VR6wP)Adult (m)5,4259421
GyjH0(GyjH0)Adult (m)6,5116900
kkU7L(kkU7L)Adult (f)6,5146692
DE0qZ(DE0qZ)Adult (f)6,2306601
ELjpD(ELjpD)Adult (m)3,7099240
FsBSF(FsBSF)Adult (f)5,6747332
1eeig(1eeig)Adult (f)5,7397350
j0Txy(j0Txy)Adult (m)4,5328060
Hj2XB(Hj2XB)Adult (m)5,5797530
Kvm7w(Kvm7w)Adult (f)4,3648080
w94xG(w94xG)Adult (m)4,1859001
bQhO4(bQhO4)Adult (f)4,3449200
nDkjZ(nDkjZ)Adult (f)4,4959290
HGbco(HGbco)Adult (f)4,5089330
HbnUI(HbnUI)Adult (f)5,8336271
7cJvu(7cJvu)Adult (f)7,1056141
Q516I(Q516I)Adult (f)6,4586515
o8jSM(o8jSM)Adult (m)6,2066562
ziUtJ(ziUtJ)Adult (f)6,0427033
8KSnf(8KSnf)Adult (f)5,4877122
36ZXK(36ZXK)Adult (m)5,4728003
HxcFP(HxcFP)Adult (f)5,5066291
JPYiR(JPYiR)Adult (f)6,8396032
Urr4l(Urr4l)Adult (m)6,6976912
prO3b(prO3b)Adult (m)5,3499561
BvHcV(BvHcV)Adult (f)5,4479482
OsGwH(OsGwH)Adult (m)5,6061,0620
oMlOG(oMlOG)Adult (f)5,3808854
ZIaTG(ZIaTG)Adult (f)6,3759122
xfMpq(xfMpq)Adult (m)6,5811,1572
wXvySky after the StormAdult (m)3,41757663
YUMQStormless SkyAdult (m)3,38096128
r9w2Storm of HeroesAdult (f)5,1141,08038
H9h9Storm of FireAdult (f)2,9801,07710
LrvLStorm in a CrystalAdult (m)1,95691414
iynuGold FirestormAdult (f)2,00087117
j9iJStorm ThuwedAdult (f)2,13572216
LsWFStorm of ThuwedAdult (m)2,37963726
KsD0The Oncoming StormAdult (m)2,23473227
ZHFjWinter Snow StormsAdult (f)1,97964222
t4NWSudden Sprout StormAdult (m)2,18184132
3J1nSudden Spring StormAdult (f)2,06475222
A0qjLGreat Stormy SkyAdult (f)5,07291716
iITJKStunning Summer StormAdult (m)4,4831,14715
oomrmRoom of StormsAdult (m)2,3817369
Z4aqqSwift Grown StormAdult (f)5,3818174
XFvBaDark and Terrible StormAdult (m)3,1377445
HN4sNBleak StormAdult (m)4,4449102
5GMUbDark Thundering StormAdult (m)2,8057433
btX4qFirst Storm of AutumnAdult (m)2,5486492
sW7JoBlack Boiling StormAdult (m)2,4766683
vHVvnMoon StormAdult (m)2,6446901
Q8EH3Storm on the MoonAdult (m)4,4637652
L5rJYSweeping StormsAdult (m)3,4416542
tnX9nStorm over the Autumn MoonAdult (m)2,5597292
25rXUGlow of the StormAdult (m)2,7706991
Tho0pStorm of Moon and FogAdult (m)2,6396831
fqLB2Moonblue StormAdult (m)2,2927762
jFRCsIce Hail StormAdult (m)2,8617422
laf6DBoiling Fire StormAdult (m)3,3538791
l2rONFrozen Iron StormAdult (m)3,9388721
qXQFqRush of the StormAdult (f)3,2458631
82ITSNightly StormAdult (m)3,4788522
OtjrOSnowstorm SkyAdult (m)2,3608233
NWZkoA Storm of the HeartAdult (m)3,2158182
KcZWSGale StormAdult (m)3,1337771
g4mglFirst Spring StorrmAdult (m)3,0655794
XTfAaFireflash StormAdult (m)2,6277970
fvs0fHeat StormAdult (f)2,4717671
Jnr47The Endless StormAdult (f)1,8856570
JOrGYStorm of GoldAdult (f)6,2141,5207
nX434Grey Storm CrowAdult (f)1,8777582
7TeEsChristmas Storm CloudsAdult (f)3,2836001
fQBcsBlanket Snow StormAdult (m)2,2247031
mDnpfStorm of LuckAdult (f)3,3875502
CDabAShocking StormAdult (m)3,0566933
dlq5JDancing StormcloudsAdult (f)3,0266289
I4KF0StormdarkAdult (f)3,6524953
j0iOrStorm of WordsAdult (m)4,6834703
TpDSdSummer Heat StormsAdult (f)2,9445244
iMjylSummer Storm WitchAdult (f)3,8144332
r43XgStorm of HopesAdult (m)3,6976050
AlruiAlrui StormsAdult (f)4,0554424
JQmsoSwirling Lord of StormsAdult (m)3,8215312
344MZAutumn Lightning StormAdult (f)3,5034741
aGesdConstant StormAdult (m)6,3879111
tQ5CB(tQ5CB)Adult (m)4,8719171
j5gAu(j5gAu)Adult (f)6,3916033
qzK5L(qzK5L)Adult (f)6,7987052
PbiDM(PbiDM)Adult (f)5,3078062
J9iC0(J9iC0)Adult (m)5,9117273
XOBXx(XOBXx)Adult (m)6,7176371
e4pAz(e4pAz)Adult (m)6,6386862
dkDZLThe Meaty Malevolent StormAdult (f)6,8056294
oRVxJ(oRVxJ)Adult (f)5,9966141
zhvBY(zhvBY)Adult (f)5,3336083
L6UWqDesolation Storm xAdult (f)5,4068615
CkI7EStorms in the WorldAdult (f)6,6811,0241
RYZx8Stormy WateryAdult (m)6,1449983
jZMqG(jZMqG)Adult (f)8,9341,0012
ZBcdQ(ZBcdQ)Adult (f)5,9091,0591
AyYoY(AyYoY)Adult (f)4,9558802
WjbAHeart of IciclesAdult (f)3,34087528
6qYMI Want Your IciclesAdult (f)6,90960211
gBjQIcicle ThuwedAdult (f)2,24483527
lgsTThawing Thuwed IciclesAdult (m)2,55987524
q1WkQuick-Moving IcicleAdult (m)1,74660140
lt8DShining Icicle ThuwedAdult (m)1,99883428
EhmhIncandescence of IciclesAdult (m)2,6921,02915
rNasReflecting IciclesAdult (f)2,8261,10046
hfFbkIcicle GhostAdult (m)2,3637933
3JuYaIcicle MistAdult (m)2,3456400
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