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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yxfDCrystal  SeaAdult (f)6,0561,71642
PiaYSea of LeavesAdult (f)2,49095327
eyIDSea of the IDAdult (f)3,2831,32323
RnnIRani of the SeaAdult (f)4,5861,42711
F3hVNew SeaAdult (f)3,1101,11915
NjZdXBig Blue SeaAdult (f)2,9967205
Q0Z4MSea of SnowAdult (f)2,4298131
nkPXnSea of TearsAdult (f)2,3406840
B6lM0Shivering SeaAdult (f)3,1428273
QLDjZFrightful SeaAdult (f)2,1656731
ZkNi1A Turbulent SeaAdult (f)1,8846733
DYn7FSea BlazeAdult (f)3,1057370
t6fvZSweetest SeaAdult (f)2,4167572
AfLfYChilly SeaAdult (f)2,8526860
VXhtKSea in the SunAdult (f)2,6055960
ztcwMSummer SeascapeAdult (f)3,3624553
4LucRSea of AmusementsAdult (f)2,9975002
ukSLxSea of GriefAdult (f)2,8726470
TEin4(TEin4)Adult (f)6,5589032
v5MnY(v5MnY)Adult (f)5,3337160
lHH2e(lHH2e)Adult (f)6,2466431
8SyVw(8SyVw)Adult (f)6,0286092
fjLzS(fjLzS)Adult (f)6,6886511
CXAMv(CXAMv)Adult (f)6,8707112
ngvHMidnight  OceanAdult (f)2,56164422
ZAQ0Moonlight OceanAdult (m)2,23266214
ZHBDStarlight OceanAdult (m)3,20592537
kEgDAnchor of the OceansAdult (m)2,37562718
3W6oSunlight OceanAdult (f)2,32353016
CCVHOcean of OceansAdult (f)3,21588532
AZ7YOcean of SeaweedAdult (f)2,79893213
fQPBOcean FutureAdult (f)3,03397627
JueYDeepest Darkest OceanAdult (f)3,29486624
HgirFoam on the OceanAdult (m)3,0321,10817
OHosOh Ho OceanAdult (f)2,50783440
2hUUtHut in the OceanAdult (m)3,31992613
u958ESummer's OceanAdult (m)2,4666543
HcJBCUnbroken OceanAdult (f)4,0658612
f6r0XOn the Endless OceanAdult (f)3,7548361
PrtmDOcean Spring TidesAdult (m)3,0687590
v4tV0Oceanic DepthsAdult (f)2,2616790
rlZPWOcean's ElevenAdult (f)2,3066641
tAeCQOcean GreyAdult (m)2,3346592
UINDuPowerful OceanAdult (f)2,2836590
9uBEASilver Bright OceanAdult (m)3,1265117
2SjEQOcean BrightAdult (f)2,2836650
LpBjbLights in the OceanAdult (f)2,0266680
SoUR7Thunder OceanAdult (m)2,6057142
m1k8lOcean TwinkleAdult (m)2,5186601
4oh3BScaled OceanAdult (m)1,8206110
EavMZOcean of HopeAdult (f)1,8546622
PTA4YPlay in the OceanAdult (f)1,9846850
VTiF0Ocean RollAdult (m)2,1336542
639s8Changeable OceanAdult (m)2,1936650
VDhFKSwollen OceanAdult (m)2,8537170
RdRuQOcean of PowerAdult (f)2,4686730
OiiGPBig Ocean BlueAdult (f)2,4916570
q1FVaInside the OceansAdult (f)2,1677031
4XkL4Peaceful OceanAdult (f)2,8975822
BKSrcFrothy OceanAdult (f)1,8006222
GW9XXColdest OceanAdult (f)2,6867163
HCc8XBleak OceanAdult (m)2,5737021
KcOHdOcean FountainAdult (m)2,5716600
Wju1LOceanis ElevenAdult (m)2,8304853
cw6zVOceancoveredAdult (f)4,0886362
5lrucOceansapphireAdult (m)3,0964592
26aPySun-Soaked OceanAdult (f)2,9415494
mMGF9OceancrushAdult (f)3,3725053
50rGEOcean GloriesAdult (f)2,8747031
q5MNp(q5MNp)Adult (m)3,1271,1970
gdjrv(gdjrv)Adult (m)8,0655551
AhnZ8(AhnZ8)Adult (m)3,9561,0742
2etWt(2etWt)Adult (m)5,2997061
AjU8V(AjU8V)Adult (f)5,6566631
7iXxm(7iXxm)Adult (f)6,0516761
cbJSE(cbJSE)Adult (f)6,1916382
VK7Z8(VK7Z8)Adult (f)5,8967231
46tt1(46tt1)Adult (f)5,9179910
XiDLASilk GreenwingAdult (m)3,9858694
8nO0jBlue-Black SilkAdult (m)4,0958903
4pG4KMerry SilkAdult (f)4,5671,0145
OgAQZGreen-shot SilkAdult (m)3,2947552
glVpuFlying SilkAdult (f)2,9607331
L9UIoSilks and SatinsAdult (f)2,8777481
jc94ESilk FleshAdult (f)3,5338181
dtiILClinging SilkAdult (f)4,0648641
DMPcIWrapped in Winter SilkAdult (f)2,4757161
Csb5iThreads of SilkAdult (f)5,5139871
u4sg8Spring SilkAdult (m)2,6927290
qmmMTSheet of SilkAdult (m)2,8257432
ZYTH1Silk FestoonAdult (f)2,0016930
8c2VFShimmer of SilkAdult (f)2,7007712
hKPROFlood of SilkAdult (f)2,2656600
coEtUAutumn SilkAdult (f)2,2536822
GhXlaFluttering SilkAdult (m)2,1126602
6koj0Woven SilkAdult (f)1,7896522
FUTnCCold SilkAdult (f)3,0545166
AD8DESilk GreeneryAdult (f)2,1636873
slBa1Christmas SilkAdult (m)3,2427303
hYUZ4Special SilkAdult (f)3,5265361
AMspNSilky FrillAdult (m)2,7976750
uoLg5Silk Covered SnowAdult (f)3,3825881
V39GWSheeted SilkAdult (f)4,5036041
AsopNHeat Soaked SilkAdult (f)4,2176571
w3Hu5Silk and CottonAdult (m)3,3885331
kRNq0SilkcaughtAdult (f)2,4067950
qtajjSilklockedAdult (m)2,6684992
2APbvSilk BowerAdult (f)4,9423804
47VK0Silk CurlsAdult (m)2,5597731
9nPWr(9nPWr)Adult (m)6,2156441
G71SRCoils of SilkAdult (f)7,7947024
kKFNy(kKFNy)Adult (m)7,0666742
6O497(6O497)Adult (m)5,7845812
XZtKz(XZtKz)Adult (f)6,7727972
5Fa2X(5Fa2X)Adult (m)6,0338512
ptEOu(ptEOu)Adult (f)6,8026731
6EXPIncandescent HellfireAdult (f)2,14289537
mG0AIncandescent FuryAdult (f)2,2541,09427
ho3dIncandescent HoldAdult (f)2,7831,34123
c895Incandescent IcicleAdult (f)3,0369664
RlELIncandescent FlurryAdult (f)1,71884820
40rnIncandescent SkyAdult (f)4,2941,01423
CooveIncandescent RageAdult (f)3,1707756
nWk7fIncandescent BlaiseAdult (f)2,3776922
W0MCjIncandescent StrikeAdult (f)3,8206742
1brCTIncandescent SummerAdult (f)3,8948362
AOV07Incandescent BluenessAdult (f)1,9986942
QNunaIncandescent LadyAdult (f)2,8157161
Lp2B2Incandescent IceAdult (f)3,4617152
blCbWIncandescent ThunderAdult (f)2,6207031
l4gCZIncandescent PearlAdult (f)2,2867102
0NQFUIncandescent WinterAdult (f)3,6948953
mOqQ5Incandescent FrostAdult (f)2,7098685
DjLg8Incandescent ChillAdult (f)2,3617992
oGTFYIncandescent MorningAdult (f)2,6597251
MmbXRIncandescent LightsAdult (f)2,0806881
hJmWaIncandescent SnowAdult (f)3,3848001
ecWTOIncandescent GlitterAdult (f)3,0186100
4D8yvIncandescent BlueholeAdult (f)3,4764727
xZQQJ(xZQQJ)Adult (f)5,1069990
EZpIIncandescent GloryAdult (m)2,25595215
v86vIncandescent FireAdult (m)2,3771,04025
q1YNIncandescent GlassAdult (m)2,57594919
1hsUIncandescent FlashAdult (m)1,86676423
jHsbIncandescent FlightAdult (m)1,81865816
HWSMIncandescent LilacAdult (m)1,82860911
CpmDIncandescent FlickerAdult (m)2,1441,03033
t6dWIncandescent SpringAdult (m)3,42284429
83tBIncandescent ScarletAdult (m)4,3651,13426
BnY6VIncandescent AttackAdult (m)2,7227403
E1WnEIncandescent WineAdult (m)5,3741,1203
t7QcZIncandescent AutumnAdult (m)3,0437692
ZC75QIncandescent BronzeAdult (m)2,2256173
kWhd4Incandescent SilverAdult (m)2,8886942
Ah548Incandescent PowerAdult (m)2,2497312
GvK5XIncandescent ShimmerAdult (m)3,0178742
jbmROIncandescent SpikeAdult (m)2,7727390
QeBn9Incandescent RainstormAdult (m)2,3546440
7AJrQIncandescent StormsAdult (m)2,0796550
oRvWeIncandescent WinterfireAdult (m)2,9646330
vtBvdIncandescent FrustrationAdult (m)4,0629381
WRxVIIncandescent KingAdult (m)3,4246830
WXPdE(WXPdE)Adult (m)4,1339240
knz7q(knz7q)Adult (m)5,9296961
5m2RtMalevolent Incandesce xAdult (m)5,1246661
NoaoQ(NoaoQ)Adult (m)7,1771,0940
fnpgWAmber FireAdult (m)2,5766694
Z5dEQAmber BlazeAdult (f)2,5766553
bR3YSBlunt AmberAdult (m)2,7426623
P2aacAmber ShineAdult (f)2,7116802
0FRM9Amber FlankAdult (f)3,7619345
kkiu7Amber DesertAdult (m)4,2969612
gcZKPAmber GlassAdult (f)4,3779572
RVcPMSmooth AmberAdult (f)2,8666602
CgB6NAmber's LightAdult (f)2,6317192
j23mDAmber FlashAdult (f)3,0637721
28fdiAmber SapAdult (m)3,8158702
dQ6ZtAmber GlobeAdult (f)2,3267124
KPkMFAmber StatueAdult (m)2,9006842
ljZieAmber SyrupAdult (m)2,5566793
3vfGvAutumn AmberAdult (m)2,7528151
3N2HJAmber PowerAdult (f)2,2417391
vTmQOAmber IceAdult (m)2,6927812
VMKo8Amber SpikeAdult (m)2,9897402
AYrVZGlistening AmberAdult (f)3,2584782
h5AYGCool AmberAdult (f)2,3966232
SeZq0Sugar AmberAdult (m)2,5426932
AcYaoAmber TreatAdult (f)3,4324843
SQcVEAmber RobinAdult (m)2,1085280
Fn1HfAmber HornsAdult (f)2,0307083
4eQIPUnusual AmberAdult (m)2,0646461
4R9FBAmber FlightAdult (m)2,2246720
iosNuFrustrations in AmberAdult (f)2,2246670
oJAdHAmber WaterAdult (f)2,4477361
s0io0Amber CavesAdult (f)2,3506560
OE318Sand AmberAdult (m)2,2657120
DQDcoAmber WeightAdult (f)2,7676720
pxd8sAmber BellsAdult (f)2,7586772
HEcJzAmber BlindAdult (f)3,9504802
LjMMlAmber MysteryAdult (f)2,5776705
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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