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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cbKdcEmbers of MarrowAdult (m)1,9635744
F4bXzGold Glowing EmbersAdult (m)2,4967130
uMcDKRose in EmbersAdult (m)5,6229991
G6x3vChristmassy EmbersAdult (m)6,5917131
iiQ4URibbons of EmbersAdult (m)6,0317731
KdCZKCold Autumn EmbersAdult (m)2,7508983
pcLaFWitchlight Ember xAdult (m)6,7616791
dQGTs(dQGTs)Adult (m)6,2435973
o8thBrassy StarsAdult (f)3,2051,04754
FMNlkBronzed StarsAdult (f)2,9336414
6WkchMulticoloured StarsAdult (f)2,6987240
3pCceStars of ChristmasAdult (f)3,0966561
u94OdSummercloud of StarsAdult (f)2,1377211
McNi6Music of StarsAdult (f)3,2117384
zQ19XSilver Fire StarsAdult (f)3,4177621
G25IAStars in DarknessAdult (f)3,3604511
vuKhrAmber-Caught StarsAdult (f)2,8828660
XWPu0Firework of StarsAdult (f)4,0476732
oLJ57Crust of StarsAdult (f)2,7665812
RC2ABLances of StarsAdult (f)5,1109562
U747BSparkling Amber StarsAdult (f)4,5269150
kptUkTumbles of StarsAdult (f)4,9529552
pZw82Command of StarsAdult (f)7,1026571
cK7AtBlankets of StarsAdult (f)3,8597221
XjmMWDesert of StarsAdult (f)5,0215951
fgERM(fgERM)Adult (f)5,3607202
jpmAw(jpmAw)Adult (f)6,1066637
xy2o3(xy2o3)Adult (f)4,8889331
RH1DCloud of StarsAdult (f)1,81668831
klUfMilk of StarsAdult (f)2,7071,05529
ZQlfSet of StarsAdult (f)2,5361,23829
CcPdGlitter of StarsAdult (f)1,24056620
XP0pElectric-Made StarsAdult (f)3,36384210
UQ5jGold in the StarsAdult (f)3,16581615
VCBeFlurry of StarsAdult (f)2,14290337
Zopb9Fan of StarsAdult (f)3,9229517
U5FVnTurquoise StarsAdult (f)4,0569721
A1BSdGlow of StarsAdult (f)2,1186250
9MSdRStars in MagmaAdult (f)2,7297173
FkhJnStars in VelvetAdult (f)2,5827962
DRgvaLake of StarsAdult (f)2,8688692
TQMFsFirework StarlightAdult (f)4,3921,0162
hJXEEGlaze of StarsAdult (f)4,8971,0182
upvKvTree of StarsAdult (f)7,0356772
9yiQIFrostystarAdult (f)7,7925721
3qeAdSky of Stars and BlueAdult (f)6,2115321
SQoQuSpringystarAdult (f)6,5138600
R44wmStarryhopeAdult (f)7,0008521
vAwms(vAwms)Adult (f)7,1836502
uarfW(uarfW)Adult (f)7,8778601
XAdK9(XAdK9)Adult (f)6,3696971
R41py(R41py)Adult (f)7,8251,2993
pUcW6(pUcW6)Adult (f)5,7729972
dVMNC(dVMNC)Adult (f)7,3499593
1W8eSwirl of StarsAdult (m)2,19592830
e4FePowder of StarsAdult (m)1,75065923
QZN1Rose of StarsAdult (m)2,39288419
0V2mRefresh of StarsAdult (m)3,7891,18814
SALNOpal of StarsAdult (m)2,60193019
EMUVFill of StarsAdult (m)4,5151,33517
1EimShine of StarsAdult (m)2,0056876
9e0GSkyfield of StarsAdult (m)2,07376410
7VkQAIndigo's StarAdult (m)2,0626193
k3QL7Muddle of StarsAdult (m)4,4759857
HTILATapestry of StarsAdult (m)2,2815813
ef0bcRipple of StarsAdult (m)3,2556381
9s5UWPurple of StarsAdult (m)2,3895952
bPzuJRibbons of StarsAdult (m)4,4646333
uRlHCSparkle of StarsAdult (m)1,9696622
zyOnTSword of StarsAdult (m)2,8146304
khluHSupernova of StarsAdult (m)2,4737302
2J1sLHorsehead of StarsAdult (m)4,8379341
uhHuQSheet of StarsAdult (m)5,3759430
LDtvZStars of the HeartAdult (m)6,2051,1848
p5SjyChild of Stars and ShadowsAdult (m)5,7326596
3sp5dPlum-Coloured StarAdult (m)4,3317811
lBRqCHeather-Spray of StarsAdult (m)5,2086583
lb6rT(lb6rT)Adult (m)8,8901,1772
AO2WC(AO2WC)Adult (m)3,6294730
yq0ls(yq0ls)Adult (m)8,8169622
x7tU8(x7tU8)Adult (m)4,2936501
n6GjGrass Green StarsAdult (m)2,77592139
NKeFkSummer of StarsAdult (m)2,3407449
ibb4QGreen Nebula StarAdult (m)2,7887731
AVEN8Shatter of StarsAdult (m)2,1276652
sXMDPSnowing StarsAdult (m)2,2576820
nQK5tEvergreen StarsAdult (m)4,4786675
9pNAETumbling Emerald StarsAdult (m)2,7967812
R6WFyLightning of StarsAdult (m)3,9625404
knuHRJangle of StarsAdult (m)2,6886730
gXTkOJealous StarsAdult (m)3,5745332
j9d3PSeafoam of StarsAdult (m)5,0948471
UchY2Pear Coloured StarsAdult (m)3,6777366
JOp2lSilver and Purple StarsAdult (m)5,7618884
SnqjGLeaf-Green StarsAdult (m)4,4849271
Qx1xlMossy StarsAdult (m)5,3176000
DmpdISeaweedy StarsAdult (m)6,0586460
u0FS1(u0FS1)Adult (m)5,3317721
wG6M7(wG6M7)Adult (m)5,8379483
LgpvE(LgpvE)Adult (m)6,5161,0992
10opP(10opP)Adult (m)6,0901,0730
bHEIM(bHEIM)Adult (m)6,8931,1661
FNjJC(FNjJC)Adult (f)4,2666981
MqZBw(MqZBw)Adult (f)4,3546973
1HMLg(1HMLg)Adult (f)5,6157293
2OeXi(2OeXi)Adult (f)5,3947652
tTrpZ(tTrpZ)Adult (f)4,9517562
UDtEE(UDtEE)Adult (f)4,9577410
RiycZ(RiycZ)Adult (f)8,7789411
ONeIV(ONeIV)Adult (m)4,5557352
pMbgD(pMbgD)Adult (m)4,1347101
lFcFX(lFcFX)Adult (m)5,2056473
0m95E(0m95E)Adult (m)4,8666672
gzWQa(gzWQa)Adult (m)4,8387084
NGYpy(NGYpy)Adult (m)6,0271,1002
09nsT(09nsT)Adult (m)7,7309174
Cs4h0(Cs4h0)Adult (f)4,6148152
NzhLG(NzhLG)Adult (f)6,7715900
TRsdO(TRsdO)Adult (f)5,0326951
LRKQi(LRKQi)Adult (f)3,7653581
5Quko(5Quko)Adult (f)4,5588801
ORqqk(ORqqk)Adult (f)3,2909492
5XAuQ(5XAuQ)Adult (f)4,2289901
dOPhH(dOPhH)Adult (m)5,4756730
g6uuR(g6uuR)Adult (m)5,6316822
YQNSF(YQNSF)Adult (m)4,4118110
RyAMb(RyAMb)Adult (m)3,2819440
6vIjv(6vIjv)Adult (m)4,0508642
XeszY(XeszY)Adult (m)4,0699921
dY5QSlender TailAdult (m)2,96485523
Nt1sSlender NeckAdult (m)2,37485926
MgJGSlender StarAdult (m)2,33787329
bKNrSlender RedAdult (m)3,7481,19629
Sk97Slender LightAdult (m)2,18765930
oh7atDouble-Tailed SlenderAdult (m)2,1946561
sg82jSlender TransparencyAdult (m)2,5206371
lDAILSlender DialAdult (m)2,8167751
amgnsPrimary SlenderAdult (m)2,7316610
tYKkaSlender FlightAdult (m)4,0634432
kltRP(kltRP)Adult (m)5,8876036
NJMtSlender WingAdult (f)2,15064323
XaYeSlenderiforusAdult (f)3,31293826
CMbpSlender SwallowtailAdult (f)2,63499325
T5bsSlender BlueAdult (f)4,4421,16825
sbW8oSlender BackAdult (f)3,9381,12215
8bBaCSlender DelightAdult (f)2,94485610
IJgpRSlender SurpriseAdult (f)2,8187401
C6DHXSlender FrostAdult (f)2,7538341
MBvoeSlender TreatAdult (f)3,6721,2382
e6NTISlender CurvesAdult (f)4,1226432
pOnHpSlender SilverAdult (f)3,6876842
V4EHpSlender CurveAdult (f)3,6565066
tY7dhSlender PrincessAdult (f)3,6635670
mXxvnSlender TwotailAdult (f)5,6849080
tJlbp(tJlbp)Adult (f)6,2415901
ljGmtScarlet CoralAdult (f)4,2747472
sU0r3Coral FireAdult (f)2,3918111
RJaCVCoral GloryAdult (f)2,6568160
3tlvFWintercoralsAdult (f)3,0527283
77xzwJagged CoralAdult (f)3,0628271
ugKkECoralpinkAdult (f)3,1167700
CSmCACoral DiamondsAdult (f)2,9366271
ANA2cCoral ApplesAdult (f)3,1096202
Wz3R2Coral CupAdult (f)4,2869391
zfy7FCoral CakeAdult (f)3,2129750
fNzGeCoral TouchAdult (f)4,1889052
w5JvaCoral CloakAdult (f)3,1758080
FOnvmCoralleaperAdult (f)7,3656891
79lBDCrimson CoralsAdult (m)2,2658012
WNJLtCoral CoalsAdult (m)3,2778860
G6w14CoraltouchedAdult (m)2,5136511
WgXQ7CoralsheetsAdult (m)1,9447021
VyiaFCoral SpongeAdult (m)3,0608510
1A0j9CoralcupAdult (m)3,0747520
45417Coral RingAdult (m)3,3665352
Lj2TkCoral BlockAdult (m)3,0765381
5gtwV(5gtwV)Adult (m)5,2659600
4pGDwCoralbobAdult (m)4,3781,0160
ZJRxqCoral CrestAdult (m)3,4611,0360
xz4Cr(xz4Cr)Adult (m)2,6966960
MN4sL(MN4sL)Adult (m)5,8537112
vYcbGSheet of SapphiresAdult (f)5,4766350
0zV6VSprinkled in SapphiresAdult (m)5,0676190
xZm8OSapphire EmbraceAdult (m)5,4546200
M0OKzFlowers of SapphiresAdult (f)5,3736260
abVOJSapphiresheenAdult (f)5,2956240
fpzh6SapphirecoatAdult (m)5,4026270
4cAaSJungle of SapphiresAdult (m)5,0085840
MrEa2Star-Spangled SapphireAdult (f)4,8287080
IZrwpSapphireheartsAdult (m)4,8447080
UgQK2SapphireDesertAdult (m)5,2916280
O2pv3Sapphire FallingAdult (m)4,5907251
Pq6jSFrozenSapphiresAdult (m)3,9956751
tGieH(tGieH)Adult (m)5,1836463
PQKctSapphireCatAdult (f)7,2956191
W8uhrSapphire EruptionAdult (m)6,6696083
L3h4JSapphire Witchlight xAdult (f)6,2256891
xDrmn(xDrmn)Adult (m)6,6785901
5Y0G7Rain-Sprinkled SapphiresAdult (f)6,1656512
F5JuGMistletoe and Sapphire xAdult (m)5,4606133
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