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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Mr2OKPearl FireAdult (f)2,9167502
GSotSPearl Silver RoseAdult (f)3,9258793
rZudXIced PearlAdult (f)2,6377361
NTbGKPerfect Black PearlAdult (f)2,5836470
VYMKaRain Soaked PearlAdult (f)2,5487220
nOK93Celestial Thuwed PearlAdult (f)2,4767491
PZTYgPearl FrillAdult (f)2,2637190
IDmLAPearl CharmAdult (f)2,2307032
7cGEOMoonshine PearlAdult (f)2,7437372
PjIimBlack and Gold PearlsAdult (f)1,9817213
ieLTBPure Snow PearlAdult (f)2,6166710
nlNEoPearl AsheraAdult (f)2,8756902
ROFouChristmas PearlsAdult (f)2,5526810
1eGU5Silver Valentine PearlAdult (f)3,1926562
iBFGKEaster PearlAdult (f)3,4218690
qurJHPearl CatcherAdult (f)3,2597972
kekTJCarved PearlsAdult (f)3,7154645
gODZwPearls of WonderAdult (f)3,8855214
r9pKnFiery Pearl ThuwedAdult (f)4,3908824
vDIi8Pearl in DarknessAdult (f)2,2576351
PjQZgBleak PearlsAdult (f)2,0306231
YsHLSUneasy Dark PearlsAdult (f)1,8106850
m2UOpPure Dark PearlAdult (f)2,5608140
MX8gnFlower PearlsAdult (f)3,1835061
6ufnVPearl BrightnessAdult (f)2,7968191
uDCwUTears of PearlAdult (f)2,8767481
T9w6hPearlloveAdult (f)4,5831,0414
7oOsLMagic PearlsAdult (f)5,7789542
hDqwoPearl GlimmerAdult (f)5,7427119
KiBvGPearl ShinesAdult (f)6,1209324
7XydfCoppers and Pearls xAdult (f)4,6059211
Rs1fO(Rs1fO)Adult (f)7,5525491
uXp6K(uXp6K)Adult (f)6,0416011
MLQGEBeefcake Pearl xAdult (f)6,1996345
WQ9dR(WQ9dR)Adult (f)6,4988410
4EM3DiamondcloudAdult (f)3,49852857
z3aBPearlpinkAdult (f)3,24688844
mPueClouds in a PearlAdult (f)2,42655836
oBT9Pearl in GraniteAdult (f)2,9021,01913
As9GSilver Sheened PearlAdult (f)3,2751,03337
9BFLWBlazing Bright PearlAdult (f)4,4046500
dcM2UGlossy Pearl RoseAdult (f)4,4916120
yzhSkFast PearlAdult (f)4,6577271
SnNHqPearls in the TreesAdult (f)5,5525781
teirJ(teirJ)Adult (f)6,5307911
mNvqV(mNvqV)Adult (f)6,4426112
s3MX2(s3MX2)Adult (f)6,0436694
eRIH8(eRIH8)Adult (f)6,1516973
ZebNH(ZebNH)Adult (f)5,6745774
YH8r8(YH8r8)Adult (f)5,7079272
oeAjh(oeAjh)Adult (f)5,1148763
ECTXG(ECTXG)Adult (f)5,0119633
DrgA3Merry PearlAdult (m)4,3906150
PLvELHappy PearlAdult (m)4,4976021
OvovMPearlrushAdult (m)5,1158241
B3LdIPearltumbleAdult (m)6,1726750
3V0HtBlue-Eyed PearlAdult (m)7,6846252
ZTbQy(ZTbQy)Adult (m)6,1076721
cePd7(cePd7)Adult (m)5,4069011
VxvKF(VxvKF)Adult (m)5,4356382
3EGqJ(3EGqJ)Adult (m)5,9346231
koEeY(koEeY)Adult (m)5,6876181
b4L0i(b4L0i)Adult (m)5,7465941
Z0Udm(Z0Udm)Adult (m)4,4414822
N7LCD(N7LCD)Adult (m)6,8888894
xPOfFGlossy FoxgloveAdult (m)3,6191,1822
ZEbwVFolk FoxgloveAdult (m)2,5267742
Qn7IJShower of FoxglovesAdult (m)2,4507300
jrJLiFoxglove ChainAdult (m)2,9368532
CsEXMRegal FoxgloveAdult (m)2,3817540
HAzXWFoxglove FlaxAdult (m)2,3357340
feTtiScarlet FoxgloveAdult (m)2,2417130
EHhVGFoxglove FloodAdult (m)3,9338202
DHBrqFuchsia ThunderAdult (m)2,1297340
D5CgYFoxglove MysteryAdult (m)2,4227670
1r1XCFoxglove FeastAdult (m)2,4717840
I7bl6Foxglove GleamAdult (m)2,2577370
ZfL1lFoxglove StarsAdult (m)3,1529001
5NGHhFoxglove BerryAdult (m)2,7148492
5jSmpFoxglove DecorationsAdult (m)3,4467740
KOVJpFoxglove ClothedAdult (m)3,7196990
zNs70Foxglove VelvetAdult (m)2,7818190
3TbpIFoxglove CrownAdult (m)2,7117752
uleLtFoxglove ShineAdult (m)3,5176632
xaGerFoxglove TouchAdult (m)4,4761,1020
lSaamFoxglove DrinkAdult (m)4,1741,0901
6fOhiCrushed FoxglovesAdult (m)6,6357771
7VQQXFoxglovetouchAdult (m)5,7139281
3KrtY(3KrtY)Adult (m)5,9357081
KdmMT(KdmMT)Adult (m)4,9966573
BMi3hVelvet FoxgloveAdult (m)6,7307711
iGaz3Foxglove Kindess xAdult (m)6,9976931
1224B(1224B)Adult (m)5,0198822
cf5Gy(cf5Gy)Adult (m)4,4841,0121
k8NrAButterfly FoxgloveAdult (f)3,2001,0831
gTZeoFairy FoxgloveAdult (f)4,4201,4492
FH9bjTea of FoxgloveAdult (f)2,6518010
9jtMXFoxglove GlowAdult (f)2,5266255
6wHCiFoxglove SpeadAdult (f)2,3566902
9ooVcFoxglove FanAdult (f)2,2077060
NTOK3Foxglove SkyAdult (f)2,6558780
2tZGCFoxglove FlutterAdult (f)3,0148440
I2zagFoxglove FurAdult (f)2,1956231
0kUK0Summer FoxgloveAdult (f)2,0547021
Gqa5JPrideful FoxgloveAdult (f)2,7907782
cHD02Foxglove TreesAdult (f)3,5468505
CV1EbFoxglove QueenAdult (f)4,4838763
7ruxsFoxglove FlowerAdult (f)3,5675481
cD3zMFoxglove MountainAdult (f)3,8594873
Em509Gloom-Dark FoxgloveAdult (f)2,6228090
I4AmyAmy FoxgloveAdult (f)3,2056593
Int6rFoxglove RoseAdult (f)5,0997522
96YDqFoxglove GownAdult (f)6,3995823
laCmJ(laCmJ)Adult (f)5,6005912
7RjVC(7RjVC)Adult (f)6,1417180
0erT2(0erT2)Adult (f)6,5285751
UWkix(UWkix)Adult (f)7,2101,0931
h82RR(h82RR)Adult (m)5,9547331
nv8cH(nv8cH)Adult (m)5,7307202
3m0HQ(3m0HQ)Adult (m)7,0586901
1LsjU(1LsjU)Adult (m)7,0866860
Wr3Yw(Wr3Yw)Adult (m)6,0378110
qh1S1(qh1S1)Adult (m)6,1128082
miDGz(miDGz)Adult (m)6,3138162
3cFaY(3cFaY)Adult (m)6,1578211
8aC03(8aC03)Adult (m)6,1688254
yEoZE(yEoZE)Adult (m)5,8558284
svREX(svREX)Adult (m)4,8978221
2vBb6(2vBb6)Adult (f)5,9638146
C3aaV(C3aaV)Adult (f)7,0538641
jRxQU(jRxQU)Adult (f)7,3237691
e4u7Q(e4u7Q)Adult (f)6,1649051
c1Rre(c1Rre)Adult (f)5,7337210
YWt0X(YWt0X)Adult (f)6,5887541
CPOXI(CPOXI)Adult (f)7,0816990
YbJJL(YbJJL)Adult (f)6,2338411
ufDjn(ufDjn)Adult (f)5,9608090
qwPhH(qwPhH)Adult (f)6,1288470
xvuGn(xvuGn)Adult (f)6,0901,0011
mCFem(mCFem)Adult (m)4,3316970
u1fSO(u1fSO)Adult (f)4,1456990
wNSkr(wNSkr)Adult (m)5,6725670
2q2TZ(2q2TZ)Adult (f)5,5795920
eACiC(eACiC)Adult (f)5,9175791
3oYbK(3oYbK)Adult (m)5,7395672
9J4xa(9J4xa)Adult (f)6,0197752
froUK(froUK)Adult (m)3,9017041
MZkjB(MZkjB)Adult (m)6,3435460
jLo91(jLo91)Adult (m)6,8576864
Gk4mN(Gk4mN)Adult (m)6,5575872
KZp3j(KZp3j)Adult (m)5,5677627
DN8mt(DN8mt)Adult (f)6,7259944
MQ8uf(MQ8uf)Adult (f)5,9858592
XqAIA(XqAIA)Adult (m)6,6247041
WulAg(WulAg)Adult (m)4,0338841
KN5vJTough CherryAdult (m)3,3498221
oKxYpCherryspringsAdult (f)3,1428250
UNv0CCherrycrashAdult (f)3,2359160
lUZOcCherry DisplayAdult (f)5,0066880
P95neCherry PainAdult (m)4,8119391
rJk4xCherryredsAdult (m)4,8799670
jV2DsCherrychunksAdult (m)6,0978752
v6zcSCherry Delight xAdult (m)6,1607181
xvNhPJunglecherryAdult (f)5,8105460
5yoQrCherryflyAdult (m)6,1715882
XWWQECherrywildAdult (f)7,8256042
zFdUACherryglowsAdult (m)6,5596272
Bw0w2CherrypolishAdult (f)7,0716912
sex71CherryaskAdult (f)5,8466344
GbnkWMerry CherrynessAdult (m)6,1347953
pZACRCherry Fire xAdult (m)6,9757232
9FJj1(9FJj1)Adult (m)5,7076211
N1KNV(N1KNV)Adult (f)5,7246123
ISA65Wicked Cherries xAdult (m)6,3926162
lfnHY(lfnHY)Adult (f)7,1426661
4zBY9(4zBY9)Adult (f)5,6689282
Uui1Fuchsia WingAdult (m)2,6488796
MeH1Fuchsia RageAdult (m)3,73483317
3QMEFuchsia DanceAdult (m)2,67989816
vdcjBlack FuchsiaAdult (m)1,74071725
s9elMFuchsia HeatAdult (m)2,2336602
urFsQIce FuchsiaAdult (m)2,5637261
ceVCdFrost FuchsiaAdult (m)2,8567691
doIFGFuchsia in SpringAdult (m)2,5277123
DMDroFuchsia BoyAdult (m)2,2896540
GiZOSFuchsia CoilAdult (m)2,6247501
kLf5IFuchsia GlowAdult (m)3,3586042
nxe4KFuchsia FearAdult (m)3,1645381
KDW8vFuchsia FuryAdult (m)3,3965122
UtojD(UtojD)Adult (m)5,8996481
A3F1o(A3F1o)Adult (m)5,5909014
VLprFuchsia CurlAdult (f)2,54895218
v19aFuchsia DelightAdult (f)3,18295327
aOgUFuchsia BlossomedAdult (f)2,87379013
RAnvFuchsia DiamondAdult (f)1,99757522
eCeRFuchsia FeatherAdult (f)3,36499341
Yun61Fuchsia in AutumnAdult (f)2,8617543
2WFHmSnowy FuchsiaAdult (f)2,8017501
lEsH8Winter FuchsiaAdult (f)2,4158324
TEONGFuchsia ThingsAdult (f)3,5678822
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