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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RPiFCobweb of PearlsAdult (m)3,0396549
WBHSCursed-Rock CobwebAdult (f)3,02095627
8pD6Jade CobwebAdult (m)2,8561,12818
cTQXGolden CobwebAdult (m)1,78368423
Ya9vCobweb of SongsAdult (m)2,1561,02136
xvBlGlittering CobwebAdult (m)2,5721,21414
r00PCobweb of JewelsAdult (m)1,98674028
CX4DUnexpected CobwebAdult (m)3,21382911
i9uWBlue CobwebAdult (f)2,76097613
1PJaChalky CobwebAdult (m)1,97470421
lNLOHeavy CobwebAdult (m)2,6431,10623
uFeHFluttering CobwebAdult (f)4,2141,17515
Quh5Floaty CobwebAdult (f)4,3481,08524
VfkVGJagged CobwebAdult (m)5,40092213
sIWUtSolid CobwebAdult (m)2,7037442
0HfWZWinter CobwebAdult (m)2,5047081
rF5GZIce-Pebbled CobwebAdult (m)2,1836381
694WFCobweb in the RainAdult (m)2,1786324
AO8FFCobweb in the WindAdult (f)2,5587241
Au20iMelted Stone CobwebAdult (m)2,3207080
64chRMany CobwebsAdult (f)2,2745232
dLOjqFresh Spring CobwebAdult (f)2,2697191
Oc2sPFlighty CobwebAdult (f)3,5376164
hY7rmRain Drenched CobwebAdult (f)2,5127092
4FHJPFlickery CobwebAdult (m)2,5457702
R6lgkMilk-Splashed CobwebAdult (f)2,9617751
iGUogRidged CobwebAdult (f)2,9627281
SjELiCobwebs in the SnowAdult (f)3,2676330
v0G8BSpring CobwebsAdult (f)2,7775597
AlpMnCobwebbed GlitterAdult (m)2,9095802
PnbzSBillowing CobwebAdult (m)3,5376363
ve4BXHarsh CobwebAdult (f)4,4555251
89Xm0Impressionist CobwebAdult (f)2,7455925
TlhepCobweb TouchedAdult (f)3,0366392
mh0Q4Halloween CobwebsAdult (m)6,1607121
iGWtrCobweb of DesolationAdult (m)5,8198215
kkstJCobweb of FateAdult (f)5,9969670
YBddICobweb BlissAdult (m)6,3316444
ELmjJCamoflagued CobwebAdult (m)8,6746002
qjHw3(qjHw3)Adult (f)6,1016551
ypCek(ypCek)Adult (f)5,6836801
reN7h(reN7h)Adult (m)8,3957964
QUYGpRose-Grey Cobwebs xAdult (f)5,3456332
47kWD(47kWD)Adult (m)6,2721,1362
iXJIK(iXJIK)Adult (m)7,1711,1700
1SONHeart in the Right PlaceAdult (f)3,2861,06245
1nxA7Heart in the Left PlaceAdult (f)7,5351,1903
Qrj0Unfurling HeartAdult (f)4,19796434
6nbV0A Heart That DreamsAdult (f)5,3071,0372
mItvsBraced HeartAdult (f)5,8108132
74cQ7The Shadowed HeartAdult (f)6,9856323
HdNp9Pink Heart Green LeafAdult (f)3,6405713
BNxwdPearly HeartsAdult (f)3,3667881
XXVPCBright Flaming HeartAdult (f)5,7976072
EMIdVCanopy of HeartsAdult (f)5,5471,0361
jsdCEHeart of FuchsiaAdult (f)3,9816782
rMGaX(rMGaX)Adult (f)7,0111,3876
LPBZH(LPBZH)Adult (f)6,1821,3092
Hjwqj(Hjwqj)Adult (f)7,1501,1391
0gGN3(0gGN3)Adult (f)7,5291,1671
RfroB(RfroB)Adult (f)6,4421,0511
GLZwh(GLZwh)Adult (f)5,5451,0060
2o0oMerlin the SweetAdult (m)1,82863917
YHzmXArthur the SweetAdult (m)7,7531,2504
EobHGilli the SweetAdult (m)4,2881,00037
8DCxsThe Sweet NightingaleAdult (m)4,1941,0910
UrhGVPastel Pink SweetAdult (m)4,5651,1152
rclDJDreamingly SweetAdult (m)4,4981,0900
3flDySoft Sweet BreezeAdult (m)7,2545605
ujdofThe Sweetness of DreamsAdult (m)7,5105841
zBzfBWhite Alabaster SweetsAdult (m)7,2505782
EijfIThe Sweet ShadowsAdult (m)7,0115942
uJTJySweet and GloomAdult (m)4,9107590
FqdIOSweetness of Dark StarsAdult (m)5,5256382
Q6Tz0Sweet Moonstone SugarAdult (m)6,7921,2594
EG1AG(EG1AG)Adult (m)7,4741,2904
AcNDYgraine's RoseAdult (f)4,5681,01032
mMUlNimueh's RoseAdult (f)1,97994431
mj4XtGolden Christmas RoseAdult (f)4,2251,0903
rVSgoMoonstone Studded RoseAdult (f)5,5969152
eFyj7Shimmering Rose PetalsAdult (f)6,5628171
h3lG1Vivid Purple RoseAdult (f)4,0581,0470
lRNnPCold Gold RoseAdult (f)7,1145792
6aIzdDream-Perfumed RosesAdult (f)7,2765994
PHU94Royal Blue Moon RosesAdult (f)1,3706906
8fWTbThe Guardian of the RosesAdult (f)1,8967252
lwbTeLegendary RosesAdult (f)4,3627673
WEpbmRoses in the Shadow GardenAdult (f)5,7545481
AtgrKBright Pink RosesAdult (f)6,0505412
NcBVUAmethyst RosecrownAdult (f)5,9641,0323
oCE9KDark Sweet RosesAdult (f)3,9496992
mRMyhLightning-Struck RoseAdult (f)4,2396071
Nof0w(Nof0w)Adult (f)7,0261,4203
JwplR(JwplR)Adult (f)6,6091,2112
Lz1hw(Lz1hw)Adult (f)6,8321,2305
Qk46e(Qk46e)Adult (f)6,5091,3321
OXy2t(OXy2t)Adult (f)5,8771,0711
h6OQ0Elyan's HeartAdult (m)3,0986041
0TTegLeon's HeartAdult (m)2,7565570
3R5skA Heart's DreamAdult (m)4,0561,0443
tK4EzNight in the HeartAdult (m)5,6998783
CEiwTDeep Dreams of the HeartAdult (m)2,1967152
gha29Springing HeartAdult (m)3,2986332
NLq44Heart of OpalsAdult (m)4,3154494
vITcMHeart's VictimAdult (m)4,4134533
NLSI8Gold-Crafted HeartAdult (m)4,1477631
61bFc(61bFc)Adult (m)7,5561,2463
KqvNK(KqvNK)Adult (m)7,4091,4342
xsZ1D(xsZ1D)Adult (m)7,1371,2823
OjyRB(OjyRB)Adult (m)5,0331,0003
6w09Y(6w09Y)Adult (m)5,2919641
IQve1Hunith's KindnessAdult (f)3,6434912
XYpMjAnnis's KindnessAdult (f)3,2885074
popLaPoplar's KindnessAdult (f)3,9751,0631
ITAYOSpecks of KindnessAdult (f)6,1268964
dUC5PMoonbright KindnessAdult (f)4,1201,0680
a9TTxGemstone KindnessAdult (f)2,1977271
DwX4sKindness of StarsAdult (f)2,0997432
dhYX7Kindness in the WindAdult (f)1,0596612
cfDL9Moonstones and KindnessAdult (f)4,3417711
4zeu1Alabaster-Carved KindnessAdult (f)6,3976102
mPqYWTsunami of KindnessAdult (f)4,7941,0342
MUCqt(MUCqt)Adult (f)6,3611,3081
qsT7O(qsT7O)Adult (f)5,7781,0221
LnFKv(LnFKv)Adult (f)6,3121,0302
AisaJ(AisaJ)Adult (f)5,9351,0641
DizQR(DizQR)Adult (f)6,1561,0691
jAuA0Blake's AngelAdult (m)7,5875413
6VgE1Avon's AngelAdult (m)7,4775400
sLhNrBrutal AngelAdult (m)7,1335751
ic1fwDestiny AngelAdult (m)2,2617122
XeMVySilver-Maned AngelAdult (m)8,4946990
2nFlrLegendary Guardian AngelAdult (m)5,9935722
3fA8CAeon AngelAdult (m)5,5065953
Ke7bYRadiant Moon AngelAdult (m)5,3556312
nn2wRAzure AngelsAdult (m)4,9926632
fJqO3Angel in the FireAdult (m)5,4096662
ynDOtPale Alabaster AngelAdult (m)5,8676392
mRRYJMerry Angel of MistletoeAdult (m)4,2647021
BDmxbSlender Blue AngelAdult (m)4,0316911
l9jbCAngel of the FireGraveAdult (m)4,3757011
HBsE1Gemstone AngelAdult (m)4,3856041
GbqZW(GbqZW)Adult (m)6,6901,2003
3ZDil(3ZDil)Adult (m)5,7201,0652
qTq2r(qTq2r)Adult (m)6,2571,0892
WMqoDDayna's SwoopAdult (f)6,8155493
8IaSPSoolin's SwoopAdult (f)6,6085641
R3zBBSwoops of GemstonesAdult (f)6,4106041
vknIzCelestial SwoopAdult (f)5,6465931
cOQRxBeautiful SwooperAdult (f)5,8165312
mtnxgSwirls and Swoops of TimeAdult (f)5,8095731
B7Z0RJoyful Holiday SwoopingAdult (f)6,2796081
53t0GSwooping FireflyAdult (f)3,9516171
sWDlV(sWDlV)Adult (f)7,1501,2322
Wd2pX(Wd2pX)Adult (f)6,7241,1984
JpS87(JpS87)Adult (f)6,0361,0931
dZj7r(dZj7r)Adult (f)5,9001,0891
M1v3z(M1v3z)Adult (f)4,9599672
yukVPErik's HopeAdult (m)3,2254071
qzO30Peter's HopeAdult (m)3,2094040
IQRrnOpal HopesAdult (m)5,7945982
0sRcsJade HopeAdult (m)5,6745962
IpNSfPurple-Winged HopeAdult (m)6,0875451
gQs6ZRidges of HopeAdult (m)5,0975543
gtsvVThe Lights of HopeAdult (m)5,6025881
hdhHCHope Beneath the BloodmoonAdult (m)6,0255782
UchKJTwilight HopesAdult (m)6,0236112
j8zSZBrutal HopesAdult (m)6,2166052
2kPf4SalthopeAdult (m)3,8107101
X2db6Hopes of a Blue MoonAdult (m)4,3066111
RPnDFBearsark Moon HopesAdult (m)4,2446091
mngbAThe Hopes of DawnAdult (m)3,9866012
qLao4Emerald Green HopesAdult (m)4,1306083
i1qFTHope and BrineAdult (m)6,9671,2814
ZuqpTLeafy HopesAdult (m)7,3591,2563
sLXtlDiamond and HopeAdult (m)6,7811,1974
yPzpMSalty HopeAdult (m)6,5871,3392
PzVegBalloons of HopeAdult (m)5,7791,0801
1Szui(1Szui)Adult (m)5,6941,0881
flaKN(flaKN)Adult (m)5,7731,0532
RWOJQ(RWOJQ)Adult (m)5,1849661
67l81Raven's SoulstoneAdult (f)4,3036003
n42DtJean's SoulstoneAdult (f)4,7766693
ydZzGScripts of the SoulstoneAdult (f)6,8391,3324
by06EReflection of SoulstoneAdult (f)6,4791,2413
5JFLdPyroclastic SoulstoneAdult (f)7,9391,3326
RvSVPDiamond SoulstoneAdult (f)6,9911,4074
gEOTAElectric SoulstoneAdult (f)6,5091,1653
WjskmGuardian SoulstoneAdult (f)6,3671,1632
v1i0jSnow-Covered SoulstoneAdult (f)6,9531,2333
EjyruSoulstone in TimeAdult (f)7,5411,3083
xcj7yCharm SoulstoneAdult (f)6,4821,1092
fjRgQMoongold SoulstoneAdult (f)5,3899601
wgmD9Logan's FlowerAdult (m)5,8059591
lfHdIAlex's FlowerAdult (m)5,8589521
uSktRipe Wicked PlumAdult (f)2,41188951
Xsg4The Dear OneAdult (f)2,52776240
4rsZAlternate WillowAdult (f)1,84264326
F0VlA Month of SundayAdult (f)2,8361,05227
mRAqInharmonious HarmonyAdult (f)1,58463627
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