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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bR1SJoyous LeafAdult (f)1,91664917
T2haDancing Dorkface LeafAdult (f)2,51385120
1ZiUWarm-Hearted LeafAdult (f)2,24885313
gmlWLeaf PinkAdult (f)6,0361,17126
J3QIDeb LeafsterAdult (f)2,2311,08827
aMs1Free-Floating LeafAdult (f)2,40370528
ZZIIQSweet LeafAdult (f)3,31599513
tra4uBlazing Autumn LeafAdult (f)2,6456801
NQJCNBudding Spring LeafAdult (f)2,2016500
v7cHPTumbling Spring LeavesAdult (f)2,1587062
gc3ZnOrganic LeavesAdult (f)2,2567200
1NQmIRain-Drenched LeavesAdult (f)2,3337342
X3VKESpring Leaves in the RainAdult (f)2,3667441
3g66hLeaf SongAdult (f)2,7545945
X80rLWet Spring LeafAdult (f)3,1315921
samnYDecaying LeavesAdult (f)2,1996711
uJWQQEvergreen LeavesAdult (f)3,2294313
1uQwALeaves in SnowAdult (f)3,4146441
6GHtSHeated LeavesAdult (f)3,5996123
TqjA6Band of LeavesAdult (f)2,9464421
EMgSBLeafchangeAdult (f)3,7274803
gN1qYBlanket of LeavesAdult (f)2,7567531
gXtTDWet Leaf StormAdult (f)7,6718711
JKqQ4Cloaked in LeavesAdult (f)4,1841,0410
94JNK(94JNK)Adult (f)6,3836441
hCaAL(hCaAL)Adult (f)6,9797063
mn9xo(mn9xo)Adult (f)7,9886792
HY7os(HY7os)Adult (f)6,4526712
PWuMS(PWuMS)Adult (f)6,2086521
mGWjForest FernAdult (m)2,15169123
S86QSilver  FernAdult (m)2,38759920
rWojFrost FernAdult (m)1,60650824
PgjMFine FernAdult (m)1,46858427
eReuSoft FernAdult (m)2,91296027
HGOTtHot FernAdult (m)2,83284914
Nq0eWSummer FernAdult (m)2,6327201
Xmqv9Sun Splashed FernAdult (m)2,9947182
tMPjXEvergreen FernAdult (m)2,5237120
NFL5oFurling FernAdult (m)2,0096940
dp8t8Tickling FernAdult (m)2,1487120
XCjPUShimmering FernAdult (m)3,0676712
AiVmrSatiny FernAdult (m)2,6367768
VLVUqSnow FernAdult (m)2,6257671
kY3YHHiding FernAdult (m)3,6275945
12HIYCurving FernsAdult (m)4,1674950
0X78CFern StrandsAdult (m)4,3524123
Bh5vaFernfallAdult (m)6,1626772
ezeE0(ezeE0)Adult (m)5,9526642
Gv16gSoulstone of the Ferns xAdult (m)5,4566773
wrT01(wrT01)Adult (m)6,6975824
fj2mFragile FernAdult (f)2,73174019
ZLurWood FernAdult (f)2,03463420
pAiFApril Fool's FernAdult (f)1,1617127
O6cZFresh FernAdult (f)1,62475615
0iqlWinter's FernAdult (f)3,2871,08521
f9dBYellow Striped FernAdult (f)2,57288832
XjXIFWide-Winged FernAdult (f)2,1706931
PirSfCold FernAdult (f)2,6727561
OrRgfEmerald Green FernAdult (f)1,9246691
0uofBLight FernAdult (f)2,4866670
vLkEYFlickering FernAdult (f)2,0286571
UiIEPCooling FernAdult (f)2,7607880
6KdXLCrumbling FernAdult (f)3,1165184
sjbOrFerngoldAdult (f)4,2275302
oa2RxFerns in the SunAdult (f)3,3784821
8ScHKWrappedfernAdult (f)5,9316382
PCr28Fern and MossAdult (f)8,5155681
4PlVk(4PlVk)Adult (f)4,8246113
KFQrwChristmas Ferns xAdult (f)6,4277731
J7hb2(J7hb2)Adult (f)5,2249282
veRDMinty VerdeAdult (m)2,7851,11542
P7NTMint PintAdult (m)3,4201,40720
sqdcMint SquidAdult (f)2,25570224
gXihMint OceanAdult (m)2,7451,35918
iPN9Mint PingAdult (m)2,15466219
HqUZMint Adler ThuwedAdult (f)3,5931,00821
9RhXWSummery MintAdult (m)3,02086315
robn5Minty RobinAdult (f)2,6186841
4HbdKCool Winter MintAdult (m)3,9817153
Y1mv7Sugar Mint CakeAdult (f)3,1097653
LvtXJCrunchy MintAdult (m)2,1386381
Tpr47Spring Green MintAdult (m)2,5397242
lHKZPMint AngelightAdult (f)2,6417332
EvFKmMay MintAdult (f)3,0255420
aUkn3Minty MeatAdult (f)2,0296570
Q2q6RMint TasteAdult (m)2,5836890
nn73WSpeedy MintAdult (f)3,1755041
GKwYlMint RibbonsAdult (f)4,2156844
JjdJ1Minted SkyAdult (m)3,8546402
eKHKkMintgloomAdult (m)3,3253873
R6pP8Gloomy Winter MintsAdult (m)3,1758780
QaRU0Black MintsAdult (m)2,7568741
A4rYSlippery MossAdult (f)2,2971,04926
TNDYSlippery TandyAdult (f)2,7751,24122
eoinSlippery LightAdult (f)5,6621,61017
LKUoSlippery GrassAdult (f)3,0071,11913
hDbqSlippery HornsAdult (f)4,7891,09628
AhsF2Slippery SummerAdult (f)4,3001,05214
qFa6MSlippery TuftAdult (f)3,5907424
69JUvSlippery LeapAdult (f)3,2517322
eWPkZSlippery GreennessAdult (f)2,6007304
nn5XRSlippery ShineAdult (f)2,3479715
r5UkdSlippery PressAdult (f)2,9437840
JTfl3Slippery PineAdult (f)3,6657543
O1dadSlippery Ol DadAdult (f)5,0855894
hOOFv(hOOFv)Adult (f)5,7447152
dCmQSlippery LichenAdult (m)2,01794221
2dAWSlippery JackdawAdult (m)2,3211,02316
oYhSYes SlipperyAdult (m)1,88873627
nABBSlippery NabbedAdult (m)3,36386018
OPknSlippery MarbleAdult (m)2,57599621
1HuXpSlippery GreenAdult (m)2,98184522
IjSbvSlippery GlossAdult (m)4,0797342
feRGESlippery FergeAdult (m)3,6237541
3e77tSlippery SpringAdult (m)4,4337242
xgVXKSlippery SunbeamsAdult (m)4,9996842
KEeTrSlippery VerdantAdult (m)3,2577373
YdbL4Slippery PearlAdult (m)10,3189212
jmDenOlive MustAdult (f)2,2467282
QYe4qOlive DarkAdult (f)3,2067332
ebv3ZOlive AloneAdult (f)2,1816581
t4LDZOlive WinchesterAdult (f)2,3306840
VddjYOlive LightAdult (f)2,4706652
sW8YBOlive LadyAdult (f)2,5136740
vn883Olive DarknessAdult (f)3,4287500
0niH0Olive CarvingAdult (f)2,1857803
Se58OOlive SweepAdult (f)2,0746662
KlKT0Olive LostAdult (f)1,6936732
FYYieBurning OliveAdult (f)3,4578530
UEX4hOlive FireAdult (f)2,7427423
lFsZFSurprise OliveAdult (f)1,7558876
YDlHKOlive StrikeAdult (f)4,4036322
gKUyPOliveeyesAdult (f)4,2323123
4qdOvChilled OliveAdult (f)3,4534074
jUGOGOlive TouchAdult (f)3,8704982
J1wTzCrown of OlivesAdult (f)3,6764872
x931NWarm OliveAdult (f)5,8588981
WCD85OlivewatchAdult (f)4,3316220
7r1ZJOlive DustAdult (m)2,1727690
L6WZQOlive CurvesAdult (m)2,2687471
M8p1MOliver StonesAdult (m)2,9781,0032
Es32LOlive SpringAdult (m)2,0766530
Icpi5Olive FlickerAdult (m)2,1216320
kAdVPOlive JawAdult (m)2,3796841
E5llpOlive FeastAdult (m)3,2177311
e0OecOlive DesireAdult (m)2,3227132
1lRcuOlive RidgeAdult (m)1,8856052
NTR4SOlive DropsAdult (m)2,0446892
GvPaZOlive CloudAdult (m)1,5786721
DCRpOLittle OlivesAdult (m)3,3444512
xJ6d4OlivespikerAdult (m)4,9476192
XOS9Lady  LilyAdult (f)2,13966318
0htjGrey  LilyAdult (f)2,36768724
asoNChampion LilyAdult (f)2,89576620
gnf1Lord LilyAdult (m)4,42799122
cM7jCream LilyAdult (m)2,06254911
n8RILily SailAdult (f)3,1681,00920
mCXiLily WalksAdult (f)2,67496920
6lgBLily PaddlingAdult (m)2,32786120
O5tUALily LitAdult (f)2,9787282
bVUeeLily on WaterAdult (m)1,6416520
Hh2vaLost LilyAdult (m)2,2197040
sET2BGangly LilyAdult (m)3,4905030
KVhX1Delicate LiliesAdult (f)3,8645262
dqv4iLily BundlesAdult (m)3,4115872
Vn0aLTouchlilyAdult (m)4,3598514
kSN7pLilyglazeAdult (f)3,6775113
fxgryLilyflickerAdult (m)3,2074836
vrKiYLily from the ValleyAdult (f)3,2354780
JEet2Jet LilyAdult (m)3,0267420
PtIdcPicture of LilliesAdult (f)3,5545783
MUSLzMusty LilyAdult (f)3,6275052
yCoaFLily PatchAdult (f)3,3875663
fdpIDLily BranchAdult (m)2,9051,2330
DV9O7Lily FlamingoAdult (f)6,7806412
9G8S0LilystreakAdult (f)6,2686161
0mjvRLily Witchlight xAdult (m)7,3486572
IzzHg(IzzHg)Adult (f)4,7874301
ZbH0O(ZbH0O)Adult (f)7,7748761
08Zdn(08Zdn)Adult (f)5,5021,1133
XP57y(XP57y)Adult (f)6,8687615
oY1OZ(oY1OZ)Adult (f)2,8618912
dGAaG(dGAaG)Adult (f)5,3258232
KiX9p(KiX9p)Adult (f)5,2717942
PCpub(PCpub)Adult (f)5,5458456
g3B4l(g3B4l)Adult (f)4,5818070
hw7Eq(hw7Eq)Adult (f)6,8626380
JqaiI(JqaiI)Adult (f)5,5637461
zTJ8K(zTJ8K)Adult (f)8,8381,1746
MCCFU(MCCFU)Adult (f)5,4267411
krVu7(krVu7)Adult (f)4,2747435
nNpm5(nNpm5)Adult (m)5,5751,2947
9qr7d(9qr7d)Adult (m)4,9168730
s02mM(s02mM)Adult (m)5,0278182
klTc9(klTc9)Adult (m)5,9268454
yccDT(yccDT)Adult (m)5,8818650
uasgr(uasgr)Adult (m)5,1248530
bs7DU(bs7DU)Adult (m)7,7167584
pKUtx(pKUtx)Adult (m)5,9488500
Y0xZ4(Y0xZ4)Adult (m)7,0237540
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