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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8rKch(8rKch)Adult (f)8,0871,0982
mXmMO(mXmMO)Adult (f)5,3741,1411
f74NO(f74NO)Adult (f)5,5471,1831
0vWkr(0vWkr)Adult (f)5,6868662
LxBH1(LxBH1)Adult (m)3,8878060
kgajw(kgajw)Adult (m)5,4321,1681
TUbyx(TUbyx)Adult (m)4,8661,0850
3sLfNLady BlueflamesAdult (m)4,9731,0692
WVrVZBlueflame Grave xAdult (m)5,1711,1286
OSj2fStrong BlueflameAdult (m)5,5497630
XSAKpBlueflame SwoopAdult (m)5,3826530
0bCM0Shimmering BlueflamesAdult (m)6,2745691
TNgXuTowering BlueflameAdult (m)6,8906371
BD5qI(BD5qI)Adult (m)8,1321,1910
HaIxIBlueflame FlickersAdult (f)5,2717423
w1g9HDesolated Blueflame xAdult (f)5,7009895
PZJknQueen BlueflameAdult (f)4,5329340
VlsKUTouched with BlueflameAdult (f)5,8577281
nVt6QBlueflame SkyAdult (f)5,2569500
qQMcKQuick BlueflamesAdult (f)5,9587090
FTEvcWings of BlueflameAdult (f)5,8357210
7TXBtBlueflame GloryAdult (f)5,7587321
j5jhClouded ShadowAdult (f)3,76959145
vFRCShadow in the SkyAdult (f)2,98896350
uNfbShadows in a DiamondAdult (f)3,4561,03239
BdAbSilvered ShadowAdult (f)2,63052410
bnmsShadow CherryAdult (f)4,6111,41044
Z16oShadow in GoldAdult (f)2,7151,18332
6ak3Sunrise of ShadowsAdult (f)1,80283840
nMcGPearl of ShadowsAdult (f)1,88373721
JIp5Sweet  ShadowsAdult (f)3,20174923
6LWQNoctura ShadowAdult (f)1,86168012
rYbVShadow RavineAdult (f)6,45968410
sugkQuicksugar ShadowAdult (f)1,94762430
jBWFFruit of ShadowsAdult (f)2,53759228
XNKMLori's ShadowAdult (f)2,95389728
UcpkHShadow BrightAdult (f)1,9646044
QQWVLSilky ShadowAdult (f)3,0206593
i1ucTIllicit ShadowsAdult (f)2,4647003
uYdJcRayvn ShadowAdult (f)2,2515456
QZKpjUrsula's ShadowAdult (f)1,8366167
QACTbBlack Shadow GhostAdult (f)2,9167103
HaVsxShadow on the SnowAdult (f)2,6607231
jjNotChild of ShadowsAdult (f)2,8327820
WMrTKShadowy DescentAdult (f)2,3156161
EaudlEquinox ShadowsAdult (f)4,3686092
BI4inTorn ShadowAdult (f)4,9383744
6kRFPThick-Set ShadowsAdult (f)3,3714603
rt7ZsGold Touched ShadowsAdult (f)3,7104633
fJbP9Flickering ShadowAdult (f)2,0345932
rMqEJShadow GreenvineAdult (f)2,9745383
6VegdSnatched ShadowAdult (f)3,3354993
q8S3VDark Chocolate ShadowsAdult (f)3,6843663
nC8BlShadow GownAdult (f)2,3407040
mML4xShadow DiveAdult (f)1,9606081
YF3NoThe Lady's ShadowAdult (f)3,0137760
lGUHbShadow PlungeAdult (f)2,7974603
LF4xBDeep Blackened ShadowAdult (f)2,4904542
9BJwcGhosting ShadowsAdult (f)2,6038962
8A6AdShadow on the WingAdult (f)2,3547901
adHpiWaterfall of ShadowsAdult (f)2,8427821
niL8mShadowglazeAdult (f)2,7868352
ghTW5ShadowblanketAdult (f)2,9396200
SvBbtCurves of ShadowsAdult (f)4,1739291
YvAeUDaughter of Shadows xAdult (f)6,0296701
b8WvlShadow Arrowhead xAdult (f)6,1518501
ApZ1Q(ApZ1Q)Adult (f)4,9836493
zfMDKShadows on the Water xAdult (f)5,7256357
N6iTh(N6iTh)Adult (f)4,3197954
wRXoShadowed DiamondAdult (m)2,62269632
uvT7Halo of ShadowsAdult (m)8,0141,20961
YfknShadowed SunriseAdult (m)1,82985526
JpqIShadow on the SunAdult (m)2,6181,05139
P0NTShadow PointAdult (m)2,6401,21424
6sTXGolden   ShadowAdult (m)1,6094418
GA6nShadow's SunAdult (m)3,34591527
5kdsShadow 5Kids xAdult (m)1,59759525
cAn9Canyon ShadowAdult (m)3,2011,18622
0va3Fur ShadowAdult (m)2,58375721
FRSDpBlackest ShadowAdult (m)3,5637664
aCjvgRising ShadowAdult (m)3,3739071
ZlA5kMessy ShadowAdult (m)4,2584865
thdo8Shadowy SilverAdult (m)2,0657213
HRbdBSplendid ShadowAdult (m)2,6717310
aS1DEAside the ShadowsAdult (m)3,3081,5985
0uiauGloom ShadowAdult (m)2,7987772
EbiDjWinter's Dramatic ShadowAdult (m)1,8536544
RY0diNight-Black ShadowsAdult (m)2,3527850
3agg6Musical ShadowsAdult (m)4,5554103
iUWfZDrenched in ShadowsAdult (m)2,9935814
3ERS6Soaked in ShadowsAdult (m)4,0899312
vT6dVSee-Through ShadowsAdult (m)3,4284232
b0pwvShadows in FluxAdult (m)3,2045614
1rBppSurprise ShadowAdult (m)2,3056212
itAPUShadowgloryAdult (m)3,7901,4300
fzHN4Darth ShadowAdult (m)3,4465182
yU2XzShadow AttackAdult (m)4,2519582
dbq49Bad Gloom ShadowsAdult (m)4,2439223
N55IePink-Silver ShadowsAdult (m)3,8154303
1P7OFShadows of the RingAdult (m)4,4637072
jyGkzThief in the ShadowsAdult (m)3,9614732
eKitMShadow's KingAdult (m)2,1307770
Qs9EdShadow GleamAdult (m)2,2235294
ccfsUSpiteful ShadowAdult (m)3,6967390
i3plbScreaming Shadows in the FireAdult (m)2,7318860
B9WEcShadowsirAdult (m)2,6935191
HmsXlEssence of ShadowsAdult (m)2,8895840
Siz3aIce Cold ShadowsAdult (m)4,4908011
9kPb2Death ShadowsAdult (m)4,4961,0783
j9lcIDiamondblack ShadowsAdult (m)4,5541,0182
QohiSRainy ShadowsAdult (m)5,2009210
JP60tShadow Nightingale xAdult (m)5,7131,1020
ZSfq0Springing ShadowsAdult (m)3,8549272
QtS1LOctober ShadowsAdult (m)6,3109650
hquCOCoppershadow xAdult (m)5,8907952
bwwERBower of ShadowsAdult (m)6,0167632
xKBVbShadowstreakAdult (m)5,8107842
aRAEtArranged ShadowsAdult (m)4,3816124
WZ03zColdshadowsAdult (m)5,1647602
MRVWnHotshadowAdult (m)5,9304084
9Lt7CLaddie of ShadowsAdult (m)6,7386552
Vs9c4(Vs9c4)Adult (m)5,8416737
moT66(moT66)Adult (m)7,8741,2702
p7VFKDesolation Shadows xAdult (m)6,3636343
9WRuYShadows of Night and DayAdult (m)6,6516454
IGWlY(IGWlY)Adult (m)6,4176961
DgAhW(DgAhW)Adult (m)6,3469930
N7UEOrigin of ShadowsAdult (f)1,73571424
OwJaOnyx  ShadowAdult (f)2,06086325
kB8RJInky ShadowAdult (f)3,3798281
5PP9HMagnificent ShadowAdult (m)2,8147272
WaCvJDeep in ShadowAdult (m)2,4496792
88BlCShadowed StarsAdult (m)2,5467092
i9oQvGhost and ShadowAdult (m)2,8357566
vkGfoPool of ShadowsAdult (m)3,1694533
K45Kd(K45Kd)Adult (f)5,1701,0004
LCXxe(LCXxe)Adult (m)5,4749613
e21ez(e21ez)Adult (m)4,7691,0011
dGGEW(dGGEW)Adult (f)4,3798891
QMutt(QMutt)Adult (f)4,7491,0031
0UnbH(0UnbH)Adult (m)5,0541,0141
QPHt0(QPHt0)Adult (f)5,8531,0351
47Xjn(47Xjn)Adult (m)6,3581,1011
FKTFz(FKTFz)Adult (f)6,5831,1012
93Xgs(93Xgs)Adult (m)5,8071,0510
rghoQ(rghoQ)Adult (f)6,2811,0161
jfw6i(jfw6i)Adult (m)6,1201,0380
w07jS(w07jS)Adult (f)5,0529472
lJXP9(lJXP9)Adult (m)7,0371,1240
DfgYh(DfgYh)Adult (f)4,7199060
yygvX(yygvX)Adult (f)6,5541,1023
TAV66(TAV66)Adult (m)6,3881,0231
aDZib(aDZib)Adult (f)6,1631,0101
rZ2uZ(rZ2uZ)Adult (f)4,3958093
DjoKs(DjoKs)Adult (m)4,8257972
Rez3H(Rez3H)Adult (f)3,9628083
4Jaux(4Jaux)Adult (m)5,4361,0333
lJX60(lJX60)Adult (f)5,3811,0392
KOEsb(KOEsb)Adult (m)6,9561,0713
7uepj(7uepj)Adult (m)4,9929482
Ikq9Ember-ellaAdult (f)4,0771,10611
3dlbFresh EmberAdult (f)2,08664116
PW9UTapped EmberAdult (f)2,16566416
2j2CHoneyemberAdult (f)2,65383513
9laGRidged EmberAdult (f)3,0051,01022
TFW1LightEmberAdult (f)3,9141,19119
XnDJEmberbrightAdult (f)1,84262426
ji9gOnyxemberAdult (f)1,98491228
TpC6EmbershadowsAdult (f)2,86580125
XLJTOrigin EmberAdult (f)1,83757315
WuB0VCrystal EmbersAdult (f)3,4048012
nYa6PEmbergraceAdult (f)3,0188542
vQcYUEmberblackAdult (f)2,4446902
rusgcEmber GlowAdult (f)2,6176742
tRcYLEmbers Blazing BrightAdult (f)2,4797613
eN8AQEmbers in the MarrowAdult (f)2,7217481
4p3JJEmbers in the GloomAdult (f)2,7857651
RbB51Ring of EmbersAdult (f)4,3377262
dFb0XSummer of EmbersAdult (f)3,3274731
umKZ9Pretty Summer EmbersAdult (f)6,6466350
PP3SEmberusAdult (m)2,9821,06124
C9MCEmbersweetAdult (m)2,2601,01621
JMcWWoodemberAdult (m)2,5021,07216
T9lfEmbernessAdult (m)1,55868221
t9QMEmberbloodAdult (m)1,88353021
abcAAlphabetical EmberAdult (m)3,93999618
FvUDEmber IceAdult (m)2,40989420
Ap2hEmber ThuwedAdult (m)2,78589036
qofVUther's EmberAdult (m)4,9921,40633
fJBFFrosty EmberAdult (m)3,6271,20329
EAOWThuwed Ember DuskAdult (m)2,33690528
YPZlfAutumn's EmberAdult (m)2,5977712
ufajSBlack Leaf EmbersAdult (m)2,4896722
tFAv7Arthur's EmberAdult (m)3,7308733
deJJ8Ember MagmaAdult (m)2,9998431
GIiSuEmber CoppersAdult (m)2,5317891
nNEoDStripey EmberAdult (m)2,9067613
ejlntEmber HellhoundAdult (m)4,4087424
su96VSolid EmberAdult (m)2,7447211
oe1gGShining EmberAdult (m)2,8897254
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