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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OX3sIn The Twilight ShadowsAdult (f)3,12085826
sjBiFractured TwilightAdult (f)2,65598524
3fgdtTwilight SisterAdult (f)4,7617363
ME4TzMeaty TwilightAdult (f)4,3536441
MXLhvTwilight NightskyAdult (f)5,4396661
NXHW4(NXHW4)Adult (f)7,1187612
7fs3c(7fs3c)Adult (f)5,1727002
Eyjs2(Eyjs2)Adult (f)5,4836871
omSWeTwilight DancingAdult (f)5,5967445
qsb0Twilight CloudsAdult (m)1,89997227
UuIMGold TwilightAdult (m)1,79357022
FnuXShadowtwilightAdult (m)2,45493026
iTXSTwilight OpalAdult (m)2,20877518
MqY6Twilight CurtainAdult (m)3,4111,21218
d2e9Twilight on the WingAdult (m)1,89764819
AYdDEAutumnal TwilightAdult (m)3,9387871
5X6Q8Knight of the TwilightAdult (m)8,6081,2243
SPX4lGracetwilightAdult (m)7,8416721
Cbt5qTwilight LadybirdAdult (m)5,4637832
577qz(577qz)Adult (m)6,6236562
I6nvG(I6nvG)Adult (m)6,1507552
H897e(H897e)Adult (m)6,7836740
lPKP9Clouded TwilightAdult (m)7,9827482
QOOEGTwilight JoysAdult (m)5,7798261
hiwMF(hiwMF)Adult (f)5,0007142
Buhft(Buhft)Adult (m)4,6357702
EOfif(EOfif)Adult (m)6,0966831
93Xte(93Xte)Adult (f)5,1157232
yU4LD(yU4LD)Adult (m)5,1846954
fnB21(fnB21)Adult (m)4,9607511
7bKCh(7bKCh)Adult (f)4,9897474
oeFs3(oeFs3)Adult (m)7,4756791
AfQ0E(AfQ0E)Adult (f)5,5907930
q5zPy(q5zPy)Adult (m)4,8568791
63EsxScarlet JasperAdult (f)2,9287193
AjIcFFire JasperAdult (m)2,7026713
5y26uGlorious JasperAdult (f)3,1808123
mZCtXStriped JasperAdult (m)3,5787701
SPYbwJasper GloryAdult (m)3,5087680
8rrFECloudy JasperAdult (m)3,9938481
mZryUJasper GloomAdult (m)4,2495171
701urJasper PowerAdult (f)2,3996962
MxkivCloaked JasperAdult (m)3,5207274
X3T0PJasper ShineAdult (m)2,6167190
2eNHDStarry JasperAdult (f)3,6045892
GU6tVJasper SwirlsAdult (f)2,7967200
aLKNNJasper QueenAdult (f)3,0717180
QyP82Jasper AmuletAdult (m)3,4691,0862
jU8TqJasper KingAdult (m)4,0871,2192
ZNjyVStrangejasperAdult (f)2,9358850
Evn8qSmooth JasperAdult (m)2,6256831
LmbMGJasper CloakedAdult (m)2,9317320
IG3EQJasper GentlemenAdult (m)5,1279751
A8In4Jasper NightAdult (f)4,5829661
nMOh5Jasper LimbAdult (f)4,4919142
CKwH8JasperjohnAdult (m)4,7421,0950
nhcLOJasperjewelAdult (f)6,0196812
mM0pNJaspergirlAdult (f)5,6396800
19eBg(19eBg)Adult (m)6,6068890
sWfTZ(sWfTZ)Adult (f)5,4879291
EdoUGJasper Ribbons xAdult (m)5,4399202
XrRwFlameflightAdult (f)3,15748338
f178FlamepieceAdult (m)2,87881133
IqLwFlamewhispererAdult (m)2,6631,17214
rISdQuilled FlameAdult (m)2,9141,16934
KOb1Hero's  FlameAdult (m)7,4831,55030
qIZoFlamejewelAdult (f)6,8321,09943
gWgtSunset's FlameAdult (f)2,3451,15931
hItsFlameHitAdult (m)1,68580416
iM5XLime FlameAdult (f)2,43566720
bDXcSilver   FlameAdult (m)2,85666619
vO18FlamepearlAdult (m)3,19484824
NldMPearl in FlamesAdult (f)1,95949219
PJvSFlameclusterAdult (f)1,80061111
jaSFJewel of the FlamesAdult (f)3,3601,01626
4uSsFlames for UsAdult (f)3,7621,23326
p9XsFlame in the GemAdult (m)3,1331,11122
CVboThe Sacred FlameAdult (m)3,99690421
HNa0Fluttering FlameAdult (m)2,96788234
gcdvFuriously FlamingAdult (f)2,53681130
6afR0Secret FlameAdult (m)2,41282813
C6hsSThe Summer FlameAdult (m)2,53777117
99lYlSharp Scarlet FlameAdult (f)2,11668321
AVdRNFine FlamesAdult (f)2,9007942
vjcDuMagma-Cherry FlameAdult (f)3,7527941
b7AEIGhost of a FlameAdult (m)3,3398141
9pOpDSarden FlamesAdult (f)3,5469462
clcAGMorginflameAdult (m)3,8178014
nPGPUSnow FlameAdult (m)1,9706771
PGKCgDarkstar FlameAdult (m)1,7016502
cdSYvPoison Pen Flames of LancasterAdult (f)3,5547782
NiWWaForgotten FlameAdult (m)2,4396561
e6VWaRaging Crimson FlamesAdult (f)2,2186890
hbbdvHeather FlameAdult (f)1,9236741
cWF9RFlames in the SpringAdult (m)2,1666840
Fnn13Fela's FlamesAdult (f)2,4606682
JirdfFlames in MagmaAdult (m)2,6227870
e0EteRoasting FlamesAdult (m)2,2946290
KXYcGFlames of SadnessAdult (f)2,5417582
DOmVmFlames of DoomAdult (m)2,9287870
7vckoFlames that FlickerAdult (f)2,3276571
AQivqFlames Burning HighAdult (m)2,2937191
tDAJlFlame VelvetAdult (m)2,6197420
hPqufFlame BrightAdult (f)2,0347200
OVnavShadow FlamesAdult (m)1,7716591
GKfQYFlames of WhiteAdult (f)2,7036710
22JW7Get Flaming at the LemonsAdult (m)1,5966201
42lbjGhost of FlamesAdult (f)2,1897501
VttHHDark Green FlamesAdult (m)2,9817382
GRnqrFlames and AshesAdult (f)3,0116783
0DTOdTime Travelling FlamesAdult (f)3,1146696
VSrJlGold and Black FlamesAdult (f)2,2226140
1RyUVClever FlamesAdult (m)2,9496780
NBNtRDouble FlamesAdult (f)3,0667143
0K0VcSteps of FlamesAdult (m)3,8926612
BT2xBDripping FlamesAdult (f)3,8314956
4sJ86Rich FlamesAdult (m)2,4146161
axmf5Spring FlamesAdult (f)3,0527842
AjPJlUnstoppable FlamesAdult (f)3,1706083
61dB1Fire was Red it Flaming SpreadAdult (f)4,9183772
UKo4fA Flame of HopeAdult (m)2,4997040
IPHFGSoft FlamesAdult (m)2,4847120
4VcAyGush of FlamesAdult (f)3,9918440
ta28kVolcano FlamesAdult (m)3,6334553
phcOZGraceful FlamesAdult (m)3,7268434
3QTRHFlaming on the HeightAdult (f)3,8839783
5tyS7Wind-Blown FlamesAdult (m)2,8846970
NNPHhGlass-Blown FlamesAdult (f)2,4176592
syyMICloudflameAdult (f)2,6677121
ClpO9Flames from NightAdult (m)3,7215193
gEZ1nBlitzkrieg FlamesAdult (f)3,2106053
KqO7LTowering FlamesAdult (m)2,7658160
U5zZQMolten Lava FlamesAdult (m)4,9229353
CqdgoPokeflameAdult (m)3,9919140
20CicSteel FlamesAdult (m)3,8881,3262
zSPVBFlamecracklerAdult (f)3,8091,4482
jAuzWFlamechainAdult (m)2,4806680
1F5ASRingflameAdult (f)2,9098720
4sMgWClouds of FlameAdult (m)3,0088470
vByNEFlamebruiseAdult (f)2,9168960
gKNYHFlamehairAdult (f)2,9848540
2omrtFlowerflameAdult (f)4,9763581
PIetQFlamelaceAdult (m)2,2236860
5Jr6aVictory FlamesAdult (m)2,4386922
6PTu2FlamefernAdult (f)2,2427180
hfxnUFlamecaughtAdult (m)2,4596433
Zgr2DCandleflamesAdult (f)2,5607640
mCa0YMcCoy's FlamesAdult (m)1,9636651
GgDclBloodhorn FlamesAdult (m)3,4034803
YTE0LFlameheatAdult (f)2,6397840
aNrBWRed Flame TesterAdult (f)2,0007090
2ehuYFlameheightAdult (m)2,2837231
ljJ8AFlames on the MoonAdult (m)3,0777001
4TAZwStrangeflameAdult (f)2,2447050
cN9kVFlamepainAdult (f)2,5138210
tEiO3Trees AflameAdult (f)2,9616622
CSmyzSky of FlamesAdult (f)3,2826542
eiH5PFlamesourceAdult (f)2,6497450
F32jAFar-Away FlamesAdult (f)2,5638340
oJ8I0FlamebankAdult (m)3,2177980
LOag2Warming FlamesAdult (m)4,0436831
VSnMsFlamerushAdult (m)1,8115851
lTd8vFlamegloryAdult (f)2,6658652
iABdAFlameglitterAdult (f)2,6067131
6EjBhWillowflameAdult (m)2,7367093
wjvhHFlamelakeAdult (m)2,7477342
IU5H7Lush FlamesAdult (f)5,9318560
CK5VLPosionflame xAdult (m)6,2257790
XyGvRIn Flame We TrustAdult (m)5,8735891
JuPrsCurls of FlameAdult (m)7,7436191
EvUxyVolcanicflameAdult (f)4,6788242
O2BOGFlamecappedAdult (f)6,7546610
ble1g(ble1g)Adult (m)5,8669023
lSGRN(lSGRN)Adult (f)4,9325774
CzQjqFlames of the Heart xAdult (f)5,7056071
xpscM(xpscM)Adult (f)5,1557370
MeOOk(MeOOk)Adult (f)6,1766865
kRFwQFlames of the YulelogAdult (f)5,9857495
pY5YR(pY5YR)Adult (m)6,9037532
ntsGH(ntsGH)Adult (f)5,4796291
6Z2uB(6Z2uB)Adult (f)6,8646631
GFCBP(GFCBP)Adult (m)7,2246622
BOujcAutumnal Flames and FiresAdult (f)7,7457551
w1Nu4(w1Nu4)Adult (m)5,4327812
RuIQO(RuIQO)Adult (m)5,6197971
8rafmOmen in FlamesAdult (f)6,1989062
lWtUx(lWtUx)Adult (m)5,6689082
Jgumx(Jgumx)Adult (m)6,0787790
7umEt(7umEt)Adult (f)6,0488581
BYLSj(BYLSj)Adult (f)8,1181,1710
PO4kT(PO4kT)Adult (m)7,7981,1961
EDj2K(EDj2K)Adult (m)6,4429691
ARX34(ARX34)Adult (m)5,4839791
BHP9d(BHP9d)Adult (m)5,3958971
vk0V7(vk0V7)Adult (m)5,0328961
WgrYr(WgrYr)Adult (f)7,1001,2192
hZlUZ(hZlUZ)Adult (m)6,2201,0811
DSLPh(DSLPh)Adult (f)6,6691,0601
Oi69z(Oi69z)Adult (f)4,5691,0221
aou1M(aou1M)Adult (f)5,2487801
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