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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CzQjqFlames of the Heart xAdult (f)5,7056071
xpscM(xpscM)Adult (f)5,1557370
MeOOk(MeOOk)Adult (f)6,1766865
kRFwQFlames of the YulelogAdult (f)5,9857495
pY5YR(pY5YR)Adult (m)6,9037532
ntsGH(ntsGH)Adult (f)5,4796291
6Z2uB(6Z2uB)Adult (f)6,8646631
GFCBP(GFCBP)Adult (m)7,2246622
BOujcAutumnal Flames and FiresAdult (f)7,7457551
w1Nu4(w1Nu4)Adult (m)5,4327812
RuIQO(RuIQO)Adult (m)5,6197971
8rafmOmen in FlamesAdult (f)6,1989062
lWtUx(lWtUx)Adult (m)5,6689082
Jgumx(Jgumx)Adult (m)6,0787790
7umEt(7umEt)Adult (f)6,0488581
BYLSj(BYLSj)Adult (f)8,1181,1710
PO4kT(PO4kT)Adult (m)7,7981,1961
EDj2K(EDj2K)Adult (m)6,4429691
ARX34(ARX34)Adult (m)5,4839791
BHP9d(BHP9d)Adult (m)5,3958971
vk0V7(vk0V7)Adult (m)5,0328961
mUWTRust RubyAdult (m)2,6161,18220
o8bxRust RoseAdult (f)3,2621,35122
pTB8Rusted TwilightAdult (f)1,48653823
G6m7Rust RedAdult (m)4,5249574
9DQKWSummer RustAdult (f)3,5818943
dSRWJRusted OverAdult (f)2,1756742
6bQKdRust SkyAdult (f)2,2986621
LE7bgRust SwordAdult (f)2,2887480
GpXWfSun RustAdult (f)1,7446951
VjljSWinter's RustAdult (m)2,5806601
FtFkTRust FinnedAdult (m)2,8946782
KG8cLRusted SilverAdult (m)3,7224842
YpkRcRustberry xAdult (f)7,1275062
IUZi2(IUZi2)Adult (m)9,7459080
Znw9Indigo  CrystalAdult (f)2,8821,23729
9CNrIndigo SabinekAdult (f)2,9941,30934
fFJAIndigo  TwilightAdult (f)2,04556029
l2SQCIndigo TreatAdult (m)3,8797235
Grs7PIndigo WarmthAdult (m)2,1776521
kpa7vIndigo PatternAdult (f)1,6556530
m1q4QIndigo FrillAdult (m)3,3676773
MP8XhZen IndigoAdult (m)1,8896522
NRs6hIndigo PrincessAdult (f)3,4705802
h4jZgIndigo BoyAdult (m)3,5755803
qVYqOIndigo CloveAdult (f)3,2414312
OhL80Indigo SweetsAdult (f)2,6067380
HHm4MIndigo LingererAdult (f)5,3659660
IWpjkIndigocloakAdult (f)5,2169780
hYX1zIndigoroseAdult (m)5,0447390
9iNde(9iNde)Adult (f)7,0157441
emJg1(emJg1)Adult (f)4,0996610
FNky0(FNky0)Adult (f)4,2127291
DfIRd(DfIRd)Adult (f)4,2497350
9BVhQ(9BVhQ)Adult (f)4,0997552
PgY7V(PgY7V)Adult (f)5,2976770
HXDPl(HXDPl)Adult (f)5,8226282
x1wZQ(x1wZQ)Adult (f)7,2216380
0Ctf6(0Ctf6)Adult (f)5,9886390
GsAaU(GsAaU)Adult (f)4,5837610
YauCs(YauCs)Adult (f)5,2617943
Kp3u0(Kp3u0)Adult (f)6,2669711
RACVt(RACVt)Adult (f)6,2166391
18OwI(18OwI)Adult (f)7,3336790
rpfim(rpfim)Adult (m)4,2356430
ySaWs(ySaWs)Adult (m)4,3556390
bERon(bERon)Adult (m)4,0547541
UPan8(UPan8)Adult (m)5,5856301
gZqZm(gZqZm)Adult (m)5,5886330
B1aIl(B1aIl)Adult (m)5,9656361
wt475(wt475)Adult (m)6,4976120
SjQ6F(SjQ6F)Adult (m)6,5445890
vxaAb(vxaAb)Adult (m)4,2717892
NEHfy(NEHfy)Adult (m)5,0146041
vbgA2(vbgA2)Adult (m)5,7648561
XN24Night  MareAdult (f)2,01463519
GMllNight's MirrorAdult (f)2,03557334
EhYPNight's  FireAdult (f)2,45573618
Y3rqNight Born of FireAdult (f)2,73780026
F7QoBurning Through the NightAdult (f)2,41058615
7qRINight OpalAdult (f)2,24170117
0okCNight LookAdult (f)2,12291221
IKtMOpal NightsAdult (f)1,48667722
KjUqNight BeginsAdult (f)1,94390325
2LauWildrose NightAdult (f)2,57579111
fXm8Night of the ApocalypseAdult (f)2,67280933
4aJGSDark Winter NightAdult (f)2,8228511
57Kk0Night ThrillsAdult (f)3,6788941
cCfThDark Valentine NightAdult (f)4,4008753
2IruLThe Night's HeartAdult (f)2,7367562
RGePhNight SightsAdult (f)2,2427010
L3A9jNight FallingAdult (f)3,0545629
OJhLXNautical NightAdult (f)2,1917120
oAo9aFears in the NightAdult (f)4,36779713
9htgERaining NightAdult (f)2,3767551
3UT9GSilvery Spangled NightAdult (f)2,7475932
SsrNmBlush of NightAdult (f)3,4235752
ReVlnSpringnightAdult (f)4,6418373
JhIPCSatiny NightAdult (f)7,0997182
mniH7(mniH7)Adult (f)5,7256591
4msE0(4msE0)Adult (f)5,7417213
Zucfi(Zucfi)Adult (f)7,2806512
7FoeC(7FoeC)Adult (f)6,6156022
0KhPj(0KhPj)Adult (f)5,8865962
aVm29(aVm29)Adult (f)6,9846871
4VQvA(4VQvA)Adult (f)6,0028743
F6YfNight  StallionAdult (m)2,33575924
aZt5Firelit NightAdult (m)2,21565129
oiQuNight HellAdult (m)2,09984315
47eLBrand New NightAdult (m)2,48173222
CX1eNight SparklesAdult (m)1,95477027
hqTYRich Purple NightAdult (m)2,22575517
jnJr3Dark Summer NightAdult (m)2,38277011
G4RSLUnexpected NightAdult (m)2,4546862
BtskQNight EmberAdult (m)2,6936761
Y0ecGNight PonyAdult (m)3,7525033
3Oa2BNight's Dark HopesAdult (m)2,1826060
zRE7LSafenightAdult (m)2,3997490
XWz30Rosenight's BreathAdult (m)5,7229711
477JvAll the Roses of the Night xAdult (m)5,2261,0013
BlhHPNight's Rippling ShadowsAdult (m)5,8326902
PCNgDThe Sky of NightAdult (m)6,9416543
LuISp(LuISp)Adult (m)5,5836071
eL9wdNight Ribbons xAdult (m)7,4306483
687mx(687mx)Adult (f)6,0801,9192
ePPeABlackberry IndigoAdult (f)5,5276593
XQCW1Velvet BlackberryAdult (m)4,3987293
uHVvjBlackberry BrightAdult (f)5,0786913
yAcJABlackberry CrunchAdult (m)4,7888001
rMWRfBlackberry LightAdult (m)4,9657991
KHSiwDark BlackberryAdult (f)4,5177750
ImJGXBlackberry IceAdult (m)4,9171,0642
yn7kJ(yn7kJ)Adult (f)6,4879771
B5yKzBlackberry FringeAdult (f)4,2751,1700
6KFrF(6KFrF)Adult (m)5,8661,0643
mn88I(mn88I)Adult (m)5,5011,0631
OBLu3BlackberryblackAdult (f)4,9016277
IkitYBlackberry TowerAdult (f)4,6891,1401
2IDSi(2IDSi)Adult (f)3,1678601
JRVQO(JRVQO)Adult (f)4,4488313
UmAfU(UmAfU)Adult (m)3,8488450
daPf0(daPf0)Adult (f)7,7607232
F96TA(F96TA)Adult (f)7,0106802
3XPmY(3XPmY)Adult (m)7,2377113
4x62nSmouldering SnowAdult (f)3,3541,2121
wWMsPSmouldering BlueAdult (f)2,2086040
erBJNSmouldering ShineAdult (f)4,6336685
0KhMwSmouldering ChillAdult (f)2,1937002
TI9CtSmouldering WhiteiceAdult (f)2,3167141
GFajlSmouldering StepsAdult (f)3,4342757
HmhlaSmouldering FrostAdult (f)2,3647132
WbWEUSmouldering ForestAdult (f)6,5187300
I66oqSmoulders and PowersAdult (f)3,4073702
o3bSuSmoulder GloryAdult (f)5,8537720
wQ6OHSmouldering WingsAdult (m)3,0911,1922
yO5IfApocalyptic SmoulderAdult (m)2,4157273
3Fo23Smouldering AutumnAdult (m)3,3588143
lthqBSmouldering FearsAdult (m)2,1036830
vXmj3BlazesmoulderAdult (m)2,4497390
hi2W9Smouldering GloryAdult (m)2,5998002
lToPaSmouldering NightstormsAdult (m)2,5966242
FaqNvSmouldering ShowerAdult (m)4,8641,0402
s6ZDWSmouldering DarkAdult (m)5,2459963
V1FC6FlickersmoulderAdult (m)6,9556852
3qRte(3qRte)Adult (m)6,6036601
MRZLS(MRZLS)Adult (m)5,6969033
9RBqBreeze of StarsAdult (f)2,5125369
TFmoBreeze LilacAdult (f)2,54184313
nd6KBreeze of GloryAdult (f)1,80275917
GfpoFlight of BreezeAdult (f)3,0311,11015
mB8YRefreshing BreezeAdult (f)2,61499130
U5UJBreeze of the WildroseAdult (f)1,89766317
40A9Star and BreezeAdult (f)2,07660624
TiJsHBreeze of WinterAdult (f)3,3756826
PusBGSweet Scented BreezesAdult (f)5,02445512
29pATSummer Hot BreezeAdult (f)2,1686670
348qCPrancing BreezeAdult (f)2,6347382
8A7jWRainy BreezeAdult (f)1,9805970
1GTOPSnow White BreezeAdult (f)2,9496772
pi9XRCold Winter BreezesAdult (f)5,6249660
XVHUpBreezes of SpringAdult (f)6,5176985
eNTqsWild Rainy BreezesAdult (f)6,4826912
gM6q4(gM6q4)Adult (f)5,9857532
lbNPb(lbNPb)Adult (f)6,8636392
wa6Z4(wa6Z4)Adult (f)7,0057081
2BuFl(2BuFl)Adult (f)6,6578222
HPNRBendy BreezeAdult (m)1,40267516
vLEcBreeze in the StarsAdult (m)2,59587325
Ebv9Wing of the BreezeAdult (m)2,76977618
Ymo6Bright BreezeAdult (m)2,62172524
H1khFresh Winter BreezeAdult (m)1,97081218
umvEgHot Summer BreezeAdult (m)3,56996516
MevC1Breezy WonderAdult (m)4,0689753
gDkQVOn-Coming Spring BreezeAdult (m)3,2895562
HZJ72Gusting BreezeAdult (m)1,9806940
K93ajGloomy BreezeAdult (m)2,3267100
k44RSBreezing ThroughAdult (m)3,1536680
L1R63Icy Winter BreezeAdult (m)2,7206891
kktjxTangled BreezesAdult (m)2,88256811
mIfXqBillowing BreezeAdult (m)4,1144253
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