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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RAnvFuchsia DiamondAdult (f)1,99757522
eCeRFuchsia FeatherAdult (f)3,36499341
Yun61Fuchsia in AutumnAdult (f)2,8617543
2WFHmSnowy FuchsiaAdult (f)2,8017501
lEsH8Winter FuchsiaAdult (f)2,4158324
TEONGFuchsia ThingsAdult (f)3,5678822
TQwydFuchsia BoundAdult (f)4,1935381
2iIUwFuchsia FlutterAdult (f)2,6067260
XPvoOFeatherfuchsiaAdult (f)5,6216810
SIJCH(SIJCH)Adult (f)5,6946133
iG6x3(iG6x3)Adult (f)7,1046764
gMu0C(gMu0C)Adult (f)5,8027915
D0dsNitrous  OxideAdult (m)2,7981,25433
HLXLCarbon  MonoxideAdult (m)1,48171420
SzdtEthylene DioneAdult (f)1,44446523
zdOcCarbon SuboxideAdult (m)4,2721,66135
tBJvPentacarbon DioxideAdult (f)2,44469129
2dEeDicarbon MonoxideAdult (f)3,40689430
Yd2CCarbon TrioxideAdult (f)2,43666437
C37rOxalic AnhydrideAdult (m)4,5141,27314
7THdDioxetane DioneAdult (f)2,62376720
EPsdDiazomethaneAdult (f)2,50284129
Zi08Arsenic PentafluorideAdult (m)2,82685729
ciFB5PhosphineAdult (f)2,4947035
ZP0QDHydrogen SulfideAdult (m)2,5977032
sPPVfPlatinum HexafluorideAdult (f)3,40065610
1Ub8RPhosgeneAdult (m)2,1836863
BRAPPPhosphoraneAdult (m)2,0966832
ncsGcCyanogen ChlorideAdult (f)3,3955643
Yo8XCPropeneAdult (m)2,3107381
Ce7AtHelium GasAdult (f)2,6006950
c95zpPhosgene OximeAdult (m)3,5986052
MdMLQSulfur HexaflurideAdult (m)3,3034031
9mxjj(9mxjj)Adult (m)2,9454321
eadj3(eadj3)Adult (m)7,4267782
oqlrAmethyrstAdult (f)3,33550655
GincAmefystAdult (f)3,3411,12732
DmrI6AmedestAdult (f)3,02882212
9XBDRAmedalaAdult (f)2,7547314
7Z7OeAmedyteAdult (f)2,5547112
0j0MpAmeletAdult (f)1,8786733
bE9jKAmelightAdult (f)2,1536511
ECP6WAmegloriAdult (f)2,8027080
lIFvTAmevalentiAdult (f)2,8046740
GH6OQAmehopeAdult (f)2,3757030
op5OJAmetharaAdult (f)3,6506591
C5KCrAmeayraAdult (f)3,9074866
ftwSRAmethatAdult (f)3,5334381
wncb0AmepaAdult (f)6,8446230
phjjAmetheyonAdult (m)3,9591,44027
LoPtAmeloptAdult (m)1,76869014
rJB9AmefyrionAdult (m)2,35876412
ITCdAmedrionAdult (m)2,03364927
jCiZlAmeyusAdult (m)2,3008001
5YBF4AmethreatAdult (m)2,1357063
BhPJMAmebrightAdult (m)2,1286772
sElm3AmethanAdult (m)2,9446572
zQTc2AmedrinAdult (m)2,6987332
VhKHLAmelayiAdult (m)5,0021,0130
b2Jln(b2Jln)Adult (m)5,5819050
294OY(294OY)Adult (m)6,3741,0051
iV3gSunOpalAdult (f)3,8381,09232
rKb0Hell's OpalAdult (f)3,2251,15124
PEhSFragmented OpalAdult (f)1,81972117
CeA4Star-filled OpalAdult (f)1,89967716
hfQEGlorious OpalAdult (f)1,42774217
QGrJClouded OpalAdult (f)1,56258619
k0cbGold-Backed OpalAdult (f)1,9436669
re5IGolden OpalAdult (f)3,1301,09216
h2kIOpal FeatherAdult (f)3,03890444
BCZq1Opal TwirlAdult (f)3,9061,07218
rhYLjGlimmering OpalAdult (f)4,2551,18623
MmppPSparkling Summer OpalAdult (f)4,3909262
KTZInGlittering OpalAdult (f)2,4586931
rkiZZOpal SunAdult (f)2,6577302
Z0JfoLight OpalAdult (f)3,1507522
JFlXvAutumn OpalAdult (f)3,6038331
nkN4fGold Glittered OpalAdult (f)2,6367454
VJjRAPink OpalsAdult (f)2,3556994
jSOl9Circle of OpalsAdult (f)2,3986572
np69YOpal EyesAdult (f)2,2116502
rXo4YAutumn Fire OpalAdult (f)3,7537333
7s5naGolden Opal SongAdult (f)4,2447582
1MLn4Purple OpalAdult (f)3,2926432
cBRUaAutumn Coloured OpalAdult (f)2,4926792
jNBKhOpal GustAdult (f)3,4506492
FUZ4FOpal GlimmerAdult (f)2,2477142
XNJkeCrystalised OpalAdult (f)2,2836801
K7sIpWinter OpalAdult (f)3,2888233
JDsoeOpal RushAdult (f)1,9076742
tkvL3Swamp OpalAdult (f)3,0397481
AIbulChocolate and OpalsAdult (f)2,1086241
RfPMqHearts and OpalsAdult (f)2,5896572
JX31kSpring Rains and OpalsAdult (f)2,0116451
Yip3bRipple on an OpalAdult (f)2,2357090
W9t9ESmashing OpalAdult (f)2,4567360
E6YoLOpal StatueAdult (f)2,3737683
6fB98Opal StreamAdult (f)2,4387220
SE4TlMay's OpalAdult (f)2,3387520
Ab6prOpal SunlightAdult (f)2,4217683
jK7rOJune's OpalAdult (f)2,2786750
BOMQvOpal CurvesAdult (f)2,4786172
QsOADOpal JoyAdult (f)2,1396610
QcJl5Rope of OpalsAdult (f)2,2917400
4F5EQCursed OpalAdult (f)2,3916972
fGILrOpal ShineAdult (f)2,4417500
S1M8rOpal ThunderAdult (f)2,5157140
UDXHcOpal CrystalAdult (f)3,1926602
ho7LhOpal FlipAdult (f)2,0216671
et9nBOpal TeardropAdult (f)2,5337140
nbS6nOpal GraceAdult (f)2,3306310
MQhPfCoiled OpalAdult (f)2,3486892
B50LASweet Opal ThuwedAdult (f)1,8176861
iN9q5Opal SheetAdult (f)2,8057230
uvBtePink Thuwed OpalAdult (f)3,2998014
92V48Wood Full of OpalsAdult (f)2,9337300
X0i0pOpal SnowcloudAdult (f)2,9797072
1anlrOpal GoddessAdult (f)2,8727072
UK0G9Stunning Sheet of OpalsAdult (f)3,1606990
DAodWSilken Glimmer OpalAdult (f)2,9526531
sGZNlSparkling Diamond OpalAdult (f)3,3057122
5Tkj3Glimmering Opal RemainsAdult (f)3,0246671
bBERvTrembling OpalsAdult (f)2,5636732
rMnRGDangerous OpalAdult (f)2,7206900
bTVGDOpal AdornmentAdult (f)2,3036664
w1SigOpal ShimmersAdult (f)3,7319003
JtfIWPinch of OpalsAdult (f)3,1054472
0ZaP5Glassy OpalAdult (f)2,5336650
hha03Opal SunshineAdult (f)3,6288240
P9m4uSet OpalsAdult (f)3,1237831
p47blOpal ChainsAdult (f)4,1996392
B97FROpal BlossomAdult (f)3,2247770
avPrcOpal GlitterAdult (f)3,3695250
8S76XOpal PleasantriesAdult (f)2,1026864
NEadINeedle OpalsAdult (f)2,1637061
olp4sThe Four OpalsAdult (f)3,0336782
gE6OPSoft-sounding OpalAdult (f)3,3616632
7uFeWOpal FlutterAdult (f)2,2726930
6Cm8TOpalskipAdult (f)3,8066211
jbjO0Opal ChimesAdult (f)3,2595333
Rd30kOpalplayAdult (f)5,6826831
5EvIiOpalsongsAdult (f)5,8046973
iK36POpalcupAdult (f)7,3141,0074
R8srzOpalsummerAdult (f)5,8297422
6gh9v(6gh9v)Adult (f)7,3479292
9oHOD(9oHOD)Adult (f)6,6191,3263
n8bItHolly OpalAdult (f)4,8879402
YsTGrWrapped in OpalsAdult (f)5,2039532
rQqGHeaven's OpalAdult (m)1,74257415
tFFKFractured OpalAdult (m)1,77777817
aOk6Sun-filled OpalAdult (m)2,2841,03827
Y4scShimmering Sun OpalAdult (m)2,79292011
WtlXMerry OpalAdult (m)2,1857339
quZMStar-Studded OpalAdult (m)4,80797016
sgt1Opal StallionAdult (m)1,57475725
jirnStar-Sparkled OpalAdult (m)1,71566718
vVmDOpalwingsAdult (m)3,4131,26825
Q6W2Star Sprinkled OpalAdult (m)2,78892727
7a1lEOpal in the OceanAdult (m)2,21475216
coLhuSummer OpalAdult (m)2,31780918
avS83Rattling OpalsAdult (m)4,1469162
hftSALight in the OpalAdult (m)4,4159212
PBXa2Majestic OpalAdult (m)3,8357033
LNOKCAmazing OpalAdult (m)2,8207241
eYaGfTower of OpalsAdult (m)2,4306992
rYc9nRain of OpalsAdult (m)2,8467372
ZRsDfOpal RibbonsAdult (m)2,5726502
X8JZBMany-Flashed OpalAdult (m)2,3296650
YbTPnOcean of OpalsAdult (m)2,4396892
5d0n8Goldset Star OpalAdult (m)2,4296872
YRqOACool OpalAdult (m)2,8806902
XQNEDOpalbandAdult (m)2,9927542
QTH4ISnow of OpalsAdult (m)2,8387541
1sDFGWinter Glitter OpalAdult (m)2,7516871
1ktZ8Song of the OpalAdult (m)2,9548061
D3n2aHollow OpalAdult (m)4,9768014
2nmukFebruary's OpalAdult (m)3,6189012
DEuUhOpals All OverAdult (m)2,1306721
VBYZkOpal FlowersAdult (m)2,2976990
WeVFeFascinating OpalAdult (m)5,2588842
q1G1NMarch's OpalAdult (m)2,5997193
0cW6XDiamond Faceted OpalAdult (m)1,9466661
0iVp1Sparkling Spring OpalAdult (m)2,0177162
ojnsHGreen-Eyed OpalAdult (m)2,6957390
5ZsbESilken OpalAdult (m)2,4907040
3P3doScattering of OpalsAdult (m)2,7086940
dscTSOpal SpectacleAdult (m)2,4817110
5HM76Smatterings of OpalsAdult (m)2,5917322
mnXlAMuch Viewed OpalAdult (m)7,3561,74411
PirTXPretty OpalAdult (m)2,3846911
ppFeMSprinkled OpalAdult (m)2,1376781
A1A7aSunny OpalAdult (m)2,7416820
WZiMROpal AttackAdult (m)2,5907610
t5tvNOpal LightsAdult (m)2,1007040
v9HTPOpal StunnerAdult (m)2,4286521
i1k3YOpal GlowAdult (m)2,2686300
h6MglOpal in SummerAdult (m)1,8626762
Um0lJOpal RichesAdult (m)2,2066690
V8aYmOpal DistractionAdult (m)2,4886490
HSWABOpal CoilsAdult (m)2,0215761
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